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The Quebec Mercury
- Cork ships

Updated 14 August 1999

Transcribed by Laurel Baker and posted here with her kind permission.

I've been reading The Quebec Mercury and came across dates for several Cork ships so thought I'd pass them along. Unfortunately only cabin passengers were mentioned by name, and very few of those.

Format is Date of paper, port of arrival, date cleared or arrived, rig, vessel name, captain, port of origin, consigned to, cargo. Some of the vessels with no listed cargo have named passengers elsewhere so just because no head count of passengers is shown, you should not assume there were no passengers.

Tuesday, June 14, 1836, Quebec,
-arrived 11th June, Bark, Abercromby, Ford, Cork, Symes & Co, salt, 234 passengers (no names shown)

June 21, 1836, Quebec,
-cleared 18th June, Bark, Recovery, Simkin, Cork, "do" (the only problem is is doesn't say what the ditto refers to as ship is 2nd on list and prior says ditto also)
-cleared 18th June, Bark, Dominica, Bowman, Cork, Price & Co.

June 23, 1836, Quebec,
-arrived 19th June, Brig, Barbadoes, Lee, Cork, LeMesurier & Co, ballast, 145 settlers

June 25, 1836, Quebec,
-arrived 23rd June, Ship, Thomas Worthington, Johnson, Cork, Symes & ross, general cargo, 336 passengers
-cleared, 24th June, Ship Urania, Clarke, Cork, Price & Co

June 30, 1836
-(date and arrived or cleared is missing on this list), Bark, Pons AElii, Havelock, Cork, Curry, Brueber & Co.

14 July, 1836
-cleared 13th July, Ship, John Francis, Bonnyman, Cork, Curry & Co.
-cleared 13th July, Brig, Richard & Ann, Gray, Cork, Curry & Co.

19 July, 1836
-cleared 18th July, Bark, Clifton, Johnston, Cork, Gilmour & Co.
-Passengers in the Joseph Wheeler from Cork, Three Misses Lane

I'll post further vessels as I come across them (I'm just getting started on the microfilm). The paper also lists a few births, deaths and marriages for Upper and Lower Canada with an occasional Ireland event - so far nothing identifiable as Cork.

A note of caution for anyone ordering the Quebec Mercury microfilm through interlibrary loan - the National Archive of Canada on-line catalog makes it appear there's just the one film for years 1804 through late 1800's, but there are actually many rolls. I ordered the film thinking to check out the 1855 issues and instead received 'the first 16 rolls' covering 1804 through 1849. If you order any film for this newspaper you need to make sure your library specifies year(s) needed in addition to the film request number.


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