Updated 22 Jan 2000
Transcribed from public records by Eugene Donnelly and posted here with his kind permission.

Census of Ireland 1901
Form B1 House & Building Return.
Parliamentary Div:-East Cork,
Poor Law Union :-,,Midleton,
District Electoral Div. :- Rostellan
Barony :-,Imokilly
Civil Parish :-Aghada, Rostellan & Garranekinnefeake

"Public House,"
"School, Church"
Is House
No. of
in the House.
Name of the
Head of each Family
in the House.
No. of
by each
Number of
in each
Name of the
Landholder on
whose Holding the
House is situated.
1Private DwellingYes1John Cody32Henrey Smyth
2Private DwellingYes1Mary Barry25Henrey Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1Michael Sullivan22Henrey Smyth
4Private DwellingYes1John Carroll23Henrey Smyth
1Private DwellingYes1Thomas Keeffe23Thomas Keeffe
2Private DwellingNoThomas Keeffe
3Private DwellingYes1Margaret Connolly21Daniel Shanahan
4Private DwellingYes1James Curry28Daniel Shanahan
5Private DwellingNoDaniel Shanahan
6Private DwellingYes1Thomas Hennessey25Daniel Shanahan
7Private DwellingYes1James Walsh25E.F. Thackwell
8Private DwellingYes1William Morrison26William Morrison
9Private DwellingYes1James Holmes22E.F. Thackwell
10Private DwellingYes1Johanna Hooper23Johanna Hooper
11Private DwellingYes1Thomas Devonshire23Thomas Devonshire
12Private DwellingYes1John Gelleher65John Gelleher
13Private DwellingNoJohn Gelleher
14Private DwellingYes1John Hennessey22John Hennessey
15Private DwellingYes1Catherine Shea22Catheine Shea
16Private DwellingYes1John Dooley25John Dooley
17Private DwellingYes1James Donohue22E.F. Thackwell
18Private DwellingYes1James Walsh23E.F. Thackwell
19Private DwellingYes1Patrick Lane24E.F. Thackwell
20Private DwellingYes1Michael Shea23E.F. Thackwell
21Private DwellingYes1Cornelius Riordan25E.F. Thackwell
22Private DwellingYes1Redmond Fitzgerald37Daniel Shanahan
23National SchoolNoE.F. Thackwell
1Private DwellingYes1William H. Blake56Sarah Lane
2Private DwellingYes1Patrick Stanton39Bernard W. Wise
3Private DwellingYes1Bernard W. Wise115Bernard W. Wise
4Private DwellingYes1Daniel Forde53Bernard W. Wise
5Private DwellingYes1Richard Skuse53Sarah Lane
6Private DwellingYes1Jeremiah Higgins54Jeremiah Higgins
7Private DwellingYes1William Smith37Jeremiah Higgins
8Private DwellingYes1John Lee35Jeremiah Higgins
9Private DwellingYes1Thomas W. Hungerford154Dr.J. Murphy
10Private DwellingYes1Patrick O' Leary45Patrick O' Leary
11Private DwellingNoPatrick O' Leary
12Private DwellingYes1Catherine Keane23James Walsh
13Private DwellingNoJames Walsh
14Private DwellingYes1Michael Gelleher33Ellen Cooke
15Private DwellingYes2John Geary11Ellen Cooke
James Quirk11
16Private DwellingYes1William Morrison33Ellen Cooke
17Private DwellingYes1Mary Connolly33Ellen Cooke
18Private DwellingNoSarah Lane
19Private DwellingNoSarah Lane
1Private DwellingYes1James Walsh37James Walsh
2Private DwellingYes1John Leaughlin45Janet Tait
3Private DwellingYes1Redmond McGuire43Janet Tait
1Private DwellingYes1Michael Kenny25
2Private DwellingNo
3Private DwellingYes1Eliza Sisk23
4Private DwellingYes1Ellen Barry24
5Private DwellingYes1Margaret Buckley24
6Private DwellingNo
7Public HouseYes1Bridget Murray53
8Private DwellingYes1Barbara McCartney25
9Private DwellingYes1Matthew Bride25
10Private DwellingYes1David O' Brien25
11Private DwellingYes1James Brady26
12Private DwellingNo
13Private DwellingYes1Hannah Walsh27
14Private DwellingYes1Sarah Twomey26
15Private DwellingYes1Hannah Twohig22
16Private DwellingYes1John Cropper22
17Private DwellingYes1Margaret O' Brien25
18Private DwellingYes2Maurice Ahern24
Ellen Doyle21
19Private DwellingYes2Edmond Sisk23
Timothy Cronin22
20Private DwellingYes1James Taylor53
21Private DwellingNo
22Private DwellingNo
23Private DwellingYes1Michael Ahern38
24Private DwellingYes1Hanora Conway33
25Private DwellingYes1James Russell35
26Private DwellingYes1Mary A. Fitzgerald32
27Private DwellingYes1James Conway23
28Private DwellingYes1John Flavin36
29Private DwellingYes1Martin Flavin28
30Private DwellingYes1Jeremiah C. Humphries77
31Private DwellingYes1Thomas Walsh36
32Private DwellingYes4Ellen Meade11
Margaret Cotter11
Mary Cox11
Margaret Morrison11
33Private DwellingYes1Michael Downey34
34Private DwellingYes1Mary Lewis32
35Private DwellingYes1David Condon24
36Private DwellingYes1Eliza Flynn23
37Private DwellingYes1Daniel Shanahan84
38Private DwellingNo
39Private DwellingYes1Johanna Kirby24
40Public HouseYes1Maurice Walsh82
41Public HouseYes1Daniel Connolly53
42Private DwellingYes1Nora Colbert55
43Private DwellingYes1Ellen Cahill33
44Private DwellingYes1Maurice Scanlan24
45Private DwellingYes1William Kirby23
46Private DwellingYes1Rev. Daniel J. Foley93
47Private DwellingNo
1Private DwellingYes1Janet Tait88Janet Tait
2Private DwellingYes1Richard Reiney25Janet Tait
3Private DwellingYes1John O' Brien38Janet Tait
4Private DwellingYes1Michael Sisk34Michael Sisk
5Private DwellingYes1Eugene Sullivan25Eugene Sullivan
6Private DwellingYes1Thomas O' Brien38Thomas O' Brien
7Private DwellingYes1Corneilus Foley23Thomas O' Brien
1Private DwellingYes1John Hegarty37John Hegarty
2Private DwellingYes1David Curtin33David Curtin
Townland:-Crocane (Rostellan Parish)
1Private DwellingYes1Laurence Shanahan56Laurence Shanahan
2Private DwellingYes1Mary Sheridan32Laurence Shanahan
3Private DwellingYes1Ellen Stafford22Laurence Shanahan
4Private DwellingYes1John Hennessey22Catherine Fitzgerald
5Private DwellingYes1Hannah Shea12Catherine Fitzgerald
6Private DwellingYes1Mary Kirby13General E.W Thackwell
7Private DwellingYes1Edmond Cronin23Edmond Cronin
8Private DwellingYes1Catherine Duhig23Michael Leahy
9Private DwellingYes1Anne Russell21Michael Leahy
10Private DwellingYes1James Roche31James Roche
11Private DwellingYes1Matthew Murphy38Matthew Murphy
12Private DwellingYes1Thomas Halloran22Thomas Halloran
13Private DwellingYes1Catherine Fitzgerald34Catherine Fitzgerald
14Private DwellingYes1David Russell15David Russell
15Private DwellingYes1Edward Steele22Edward Steele
16Private DwellingYes1John Flynn35General E.W Thackwell
17Private DwellingYes1Margaret Tudgey35Major Longfield
18Private DwellingYes1Thomas Kennedy33Major Longfield
19Private DwellingYes1Ellen Sharp35Major Longfield
20Private DwellingYes1Patrick Donaghue36Major Longfield
21Private DwellingYes1Timothy Sheehan34Major Longfield
22Private DwellingYes1William Ring34Major Longfield
23Private DwellingYes1Henry Aiken64Major Longfield
24Private DwellingYes1Michael Leahy33Michael Leahy
25Private DwellingYes1William Barry37Major Longfield
1Private DwellingYes1James Fitzgerald43James Fitzgerald
2Private DwellingYes1Michael Scannell43Michael Scannell
3Private DwellingYes1Patrick Brien44Patrick Brien
4Private DwellingYes1David Keeffe26Garret Barry
5Private DwellingNoMajor Longfield
1Private DwellingYes1John Horgan22E.F. Thackwell
2Private DwellingYes1Arthur O' Leary52E.F. Thackwell
3Private DwellingYes1E.F.Thackwell308E.F. Thackwell
4Private DwellingYes1Margaret Scanlon43E.F. Thackwell
5Private DwellingNoE.F. Thackwell
6Private DwellingYes1Thomas Delaney32E.F. Thackwell
7Private DwellingNo
Townland:-Rostellan Pr. 2 Parish Garranekinnefeake
1Private DwellingYes1Thomas Daly55Daniel Shanahan
2Private DwellingYes1Eliza Cronin25Daniel Shanahan
Townland:- Garranekinnefeake
1Private DwellingYes1William Roynane35William Roynane
2"Public House"Yes1Patrick Murphy79Patrick Murphy
3Private DwellingYes1Martin Barry24
4Private DwellingYes1Ellen Lynch23
5Private DwellingYes1Patrick O' Neill46Patrick O' Neill
6Private DwellingYes1John Murphy45John Murphy
7Private DwellingYes1Marcus Henebry43Marcus Henebry
8Private DwellingYes1Bryan McSweeney58Bryan McSweeney
9Private DwellingYes1Anastasia Driscoll24Bryan McSweeney
10Private DwellingYes1Thomas Scannell41Thomas Scannell
11Private DwellingYes1Nora Fitzgerald22William Hegarty
12Private DwellingYes1William Hegarty89William Hegarty
13Private DwellingNoWilliam Hegarty
14Private DwellingNoWilliam Hegarty
15Private DwellingYes1Ellen Kilmartin41
16Private DwellingYes1Daniel Ahern48
17Private DwellingYes1Richard J. Adams52
18Private DwellingYes1Richard Beausang54Richard Beausang
19Private DwellingYes1Florence McCarthy47Florance McCarthy
20Private DwellingYes1Michael Leahy46Michael Leahy
21Private DwellingYes1James Leahy36James Leahy
22Private DwellingYes1William Cunningham33William Cunningham
23Private DwellingYes1Michael Barry26Michael Barry
24Private DwellingYes1Ellen A. Wright132Ellen A. Wright
25Private DwellingYes1Catherine T. Langley135
26Private DwellingYes1Ernist Maxwell124
27Private DwellingYes1Joseph Small84
28Private DwellingYes1Albert J. Moody55
29Private DwellingYes1Thomas M. Bailey56
30Private DwellingYes1William Thorndale54
31Private DwellingYes1Harry Brickendin54
32Private DwellingYes1John Patrick Finnil56
33Private DwellingYes1Ernist Fowler53
34Private DwellingYes1John Flood51
35Private DwellingYes1Robert Fitzsimmons37Robert Fitzsimmons
36Private DwellingYes1John Hoskins33
38Private DwellingYes1Eugene McCarthy411Eugene McCarthy
39Church of IrelandNo
Townland:-Scartlea Town (Saleen)
1Private DwellingYes1John Reilly23
2Private DwellingYes1Maurice Leahy23
3Private DwellingYes1Julia Goggin25
4Private DwellingNo
5Private DwellingYes1John Lyons25
6Private DwellingYes1David Hegarty24
7Private DwellingYes1Elizabeth Leahy22
8Private DwellingYes1Mary Lynch23
9Public HouseYes1Edmond Wall64
10Private DwellingYes1John Ahern24
11Private DwellingYes1Daniel Cashman22
12Private DwellingYes1William Doherty12
13Private DwellingYes1John Ambrose12
14Private DwellingYes1Mary Buckmaster21
15Private DwellingYes1George Weafer22
16Private DwellingYes1Margaret Regan23
17Private DwellingYes1Jeremiah Desmond22
18Private DwellingYes1William Power36
19Private DwellingNo
20Private DwellingYes1William Hicks312
21Private DwellingYes1John Colbert24
22Private DwellingYes1Patrick Watts25
23Private DwellingYes1Jane Murphy22
24Private DwellingYes1Johannah Cosgrove27
25Private DwellingNo
26Private DwellingNo
27Private DwellingYes1David O'Riordan36
28Private DwellingYes1John Geary12
29Private DwellingYes1Thomas Condon25
30Private DwellingYes1Mary Canty21
31Private DwellingYes1Patrick O'Brien310
32Private DwellingYes1Michael Sweeney34
33Private DwellingYes1John Morgan27
34Private DwellingYes1Timothy Ryan34
35Private DwellingYes1Michael Shea22
36Private DwellingYes1William Ahern22
37Private DwellingYes1Anne Hayes64
38Private DwellingNo
Townland:-Scaetlea Lower
1Private DwellingNoIsaac Smyth (Ballycotton)
Townland:-Scartlea Upper
1Private DwellingYes1Patrick Daly38Patrick Daly
2Private DwellingYes1John Lihane52Major Longfield ( Castlemary )
3Private DwellingYes1Margaret Furlong34Mrs K. Hicks
4Private DwellingYes1John Twomey75John Twomey
1Private Dwelling Yes1William Power42William R. Goold Adams
2Private DwellingYes1William R. Goold Adams153William R. Goold Adams
3Private DwellingYes1Thomas Mahony22William R. Goold Adams
4Private DwellingYes1William Barry32William R. Goold Adams
Townland:-Rathcoursey East
1Private DwellingYes1John Olden22
2Private DwellingYes1Maurice Olden33Maurice Olden
3Private DwellingYes1James Fitzgerald410James Fitzgerald
4Private DwellingYes1Eugene McCarthy310
5Private DwellingYes1John Higgins25
6Private DwellingYes1William Kelleher22
7Private DwellingYes1James Quirke23
8Private DwellingYes1Patrick Ronayne28
9Private DwellingYes1Johanna McCarthy36Johanna McCarthy
10Private DwellingYes1John Olden38
11Private DwellingYes1William Coleman39William Coleman
12Private DwellingYes1John J. Jeffery155John J. Jeffery
13Private DwellingYes1Ellen Swanton68Ellen Swanton
14Private DwellingYes1Thomas O' Neill21Thomas O' Neill
15Private DwellingYes1David Quirke12
16Private DwellingYes1Patrick Flynn36Patrick Flynn
17Private DwellingYes1John Geary29
18Private DwellingYes1James Ronayne44
19Private DwellingYes1John Fitzgerald34
20Private DwellingYes1Nora Curtin26
21Private DwellingYes1Abina Olden28
22Private DwellingYes1Michael Flynn37
23Private DwellingYes1Patrick Donovan43Patrick Donovan
24ShopYes1Ellen Olden34
25"Public House"Yes1Margaret McCarthy76
26Private DwellingYes1Margaret Swanton32
27Private DwellingYes1Patrick Mahony36
28Private DwellingYes1John Coleman49
29Private DwellingYes1Michael Curtin28
30Private DwellingYes1Thomas Hayes54
31Private DwellingYes1Patrick Fitzgerald26
32Private DwellingYes1Timothy Scannell46John J. Jeffery
33Private DwellingYes1John Carroll57John J. Jeffery
Townland:-Rathcoursey West
1Private DwellingYes1Mary Fitzgerald22John J. Smyth
2Private DwellingYes1Edmond Bride22John J. Smyth
3Private DwellingYes1Catherine Fihily56John J. Smyth
4Private DwellingYes1John J. Smyth1412John J. Smyth
5Private DwellingYes1Maurice Kelleher38Maurice Kelleher
6Private DwellingYes1Mary Geary22John J. Smyth
7Private DwellingNo

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