Emigrant Ships from Cork

Emigrant Ships from Cork
Co. Cork

Updated 16 June 1999

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Some emigrant ships from Cork to various destinations.

The primary sources for these are the newspapers of the time and the minute books of the Foundling Hospital and the House of Industry. The Foundling Hospital and House of Industry opened in 1747 on the site now occupied by Murphy's Brewery at the junction of Leitrim St, Watercourse Road and Upper John St. It closed when the new Workhouse opened on the Douglas Road in 1840.

By October 1830, over 300 unemployed Cork Weavers had been assisted to emigrate to Mancester and other centres in England.


Information on emigration to "His Majesty's Colonies in America and Australia" was provided by Lieut. Charles Friend RN, the Government Emigration Agent in Cork, at his offices at no. 1 Warren's Place (now Parnell Place). In some cases money was provided to assist emigration.

Mar 1831 PALEMBAM to NSW incl 50 girls from the Foundling Hospital.
Nov 1831 PYRAMUS to NSW
Jan 1832 SOUTHWARD to NSW, 150 female convicts and a small number of free settler.
Spring 1832 RED ROVER to NSW 144 females manily from the House of Industry and Foundling Hospital.
Apr 1 1832 PALLAS to New Brunswick from Merchants Quay with 200 passengers followed by 6 other ships. The emigrants were mostly labourers, mechanics and small farmers who hoped to make their way to the US.
1834 CANTON to NSW including some House of Industry girls.
Oct 1834 NORTHUMBERLAND to NSW including some House of Industry girls and 50 others from the city and suburbs.
1835 Unnamed ship to Van Diemem's Land including some House of Industry girls.
1836 DUCHESS OF NORTHUMBERLAND to NSW including 220 females among whom were 42 grils from the House of Industry.
1836 LADY MACNAUGHTON to NSW carrying 284 emigrants.
26 Nov 1837 DUCHESS OF NORTHUMBERLAND to NSW carrying about 100 passengers whose emigration had been assisted.
Jun 1838 Unnamed ship to NSW carrying House of Industry Inmates.
Mar 1842 Some unemployed Cork Coopers left for NYC.


May 1850 SOPHIA to Quebec including 183 from the Workhouse.
1850 SUSAN to New Brunswick including 76 from the Workhouse.
1850 Unnamed ship to Australia including 60 girls from the Workhouse.
1853 URANIA and SULTAN to Canada including girls from the Workhouse.
1853 14 boys from the Workhouse sent to Manchester to work in the Cotton Mills.
1854 SATELLITE to Quebec including 106 Workhouse girls.

14 Jun 1862 ST ANDREW to Canada including 100 girls from the Workhouse.

Nov 1873 up to 70 boys from the Workhouse were enlisted in the Royal Navy.

6 Feb 1874 ASIA from Queenstown to Otago, New Zealand, 37 Workhouse girls followed by another group the same year.

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