Letters Home

Letters Home From Emigrants
Who Settled in The United States
- Margaret McCarthy's Letter and
Daniel Guiny/Guiney upon arrival in America

Updated 26 July 1999

Submitted by Ann Wright and posted here with her kind permission.

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Letter Home From Emigrants Who Settled in The United States

This letter was written by Margaret McCarthy upon arrival in America Margaret appears to be the daughter of Sandy McCarthy,carpenter to the Crown estate, native of Boherboy. Margarets mother was Nell. (REFERENCES OTHER SURNAMES) Letter was typed as original, with no editing performed.

Hers and others emigration from Co. Cork resulted from an emigration scheme to remove 'surplus' population from the crown estate of Kingwilliamstown, parish of Novahal Daly barony of Duhallow near Kanturk and the Cork- Kerry border, in Co. Cork. The village which has grown on part of the estate has recently been renamed Ballydesmond.

Envelope Addressed: Michael Boyan Esqre., Kingwilliamstown Kanturk post office County of Cork Ireland.
to be forwarded to Mr. Alexander MCarthy, of same place.
New York September 22nd. 1850
My Dr. Father and Mother Brothers and Sisters

I write these few lines to you hopeing That these few lines may find you all in as good State of health as I am at present thank God I received your welcome letter To me Dated 22nd. of May which was A Credit to me for the Stile and Elligence of its Fluent Language but I must Say Rather Flattering My Dr. Father I must only say that this a good place and A good Country for if one place does not Suit A man he can go to Another and can very easy please himself But there is one thing thats Ruining this place Especially the Frontirs towns and cities where the Flow of Emmigration is most the Emmigrants has not money Enough to Take them to the Interior of the Country which oblidges them to Remain here in York and the like places for which Reason Causes the less demand for Labour and also the great Reduction in wages for this Reason I would advise no one to Come to America that would not have Some Money after landing here that (would) Enable them to go west in case they would get no work to do here but any man or woman without a family are fools that would not venture and Come to this plentyful Country where no man or woman ever Hungerd or ever will and where you will not be Seen Naked, but I can assure you there are Dangers upon dangers Attending Comeing here but my Friends nothing Venture nothing have Fortune will favour the brave have Courage and prepare yourself for the next time that, that worthy man Mr. Boyen is Sending out the next lot, and Come you all Together Couragiously and bid adiu to that lovely place the land of our Birth. that place where the young and old joined Together in one Common Union, both night and day Engaged in Innocent Amusement, But alas. I am now Told its the Gulf of Misereay oppression Degradetion and Ruin of evry Discription which I am Sorry to hear of so Doleful a History to Be told of our Dr. Country This my Dr. Father Induces me to Remit to you in this Letter 20 Dollars that is four Pounds thinking it might be Some Acquisition to you until you might Be Clearing away from that place altogether and the Sooner the Better for Better for Believe me I could not Express how great would be my joy at our seeing you all here Together where you would never want or be at a loss for a good Breakfast and Dinner. So prepare as soon as possible for this will be my last Remittince untill I see you all here. Bring with you as much Tools as you can as it will cost you nothing to Bring them And for Clothing you need not care much But that I would like that yourself would Bring one good Shoot of cloth that you would spare until you come here And as for Mary She need not mind much as I need not mention what I will have for her I can fit her well you are to Bring Enough Flannels and do not form it at home as the way the wear Flannel at home and here is quiet different for which reason I would Rather that you would not form any of it untill you Come, with the Exception of whatever Quantity of Drawers you may have you can make tham at home But make them Roomly Enough But Make No Jackets

My Dr Father I am Still in the Same place but do not Intend to Stop there for the winter. I mean to Come in to New York and there Spend the winter Thade Houlehan wrote to me Saying that if I wished to go up the Country that he would send me money but I declined so doing untill you Come and then after you Coming if you thing it may be Better for us to Remain here or go west it will be for you to judge but until then I will Remain here Dan Keliher Tells me that you Knew more of the House Carpentery than he did himself and he can earn from twelve to fourteen shilling a day that is seven shilling British and he also Tells me that Florence will do very well and that Michl can get a place Right off as you will not be In the Second day when you can Bind him to any Trade you wish And as for John he will Be Very Shortly able to Be Bound two So that I have Every Reason to Believe that we will all do will Together So as that I am sure its not for Slavery I want you to Come here no its for affording My Brothers and Sisters And I an oppertunity of Showing our Kindness an Gratitude and Comeing on your Senior days that we would be placed in that possision that you my Dr. Father and Mother could walk about Lesuirly and Indepenly wothout Requiring your Labour an object which I am Sure will not fail even by Myself if I was obliged to do it without the assistance of Brother or Sister for my Dr. Father and Mother

I am proud and happy to Be away from where the County Charges man or the poor Rates man or any other Rates man would have the Satisfaction of once Inpounding my cow or any other article of mine Oh how happy I feel and am sure to have look as The Lord had not it destined for (hole in paper probably obliterating 'me') to get married to Some Loammun or another at home that after a few months he and I may be an Incumberance upon you or perhaps in the poor house by this, So my Dr. Father according as I had Stated to you I hope that whilst you are at home I hope that you will give my Sister Mary that privelge of Injoying herself Innocently on any occation that She pleases so far as I have said Innocently and as for my Dr. Ellen I am in Raptures of joy when I think of one day Seeing her and you all at the dock in New York and if I do not have a good Bottle of Brandy for you Awaiting your arrival its a Causion.

Well I have only to tell My Dr. Mother to Bring all her bed Close and also to bring the Kittle and an oven and have handles to them and do not forget the Smothing Irons and Beware when you are on board to Bring some good floor and Ingage with the Captain Cook and he will do it Better for you for very little and also Bring some whiskey and give them the Cook and Some Sailors that you may think would do you any good to give them a Glass once in a time and it may be no harm

And Dr. Father when you are Comeing here if you Possiblely can Bring My Uncle Con I would Be glad that you would and I am sure he would be of the greatest acquission to you on board and also Tell Mary Keeffe that if her Child died that I will pay her passage very Shortly and when you are Comeing do not be frightened Take courage and be Determined and bold in your Undertaking as the first two or three days will be the worst to you and mind whatever happens on board Keep your own temper do not speak angry to any or hasty the Mildest Man has the best chance on board So you make your way with evey one and further you are to speak to Mr. Boyan and he I am sure will get one Request for you Mr. Boyan wil(l) (d)o it for me, when you are to Come ask Mr. Boyan (to ) (g)ive you a few lines to the Agent or Berth Master of the Ship that will Secure to you the Second Cabin which I am sure Mr. Boyan will do and as soon as you Receive this letter write to me and let me know about every thing when you are to come and what time and state Particulars of evry thing to me and Direct as before. and if you are to come Shortly when you come to Liverpool wright to me also and let me know when you are to sail and the name of the Ship you sail in as I will be uneasy untill I get an answer

No more at present But that you will give Mr. and Ms. Boyan my best love and respect And let me know how they and family are as they would or will not Be ever Better than I could wish them to be also Mrs. Milton and Charles Mr. and Mrs. Roche and family Mr. and Mrs. day and family Mr. Walsh and as for his family I sure are all well Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan and family Mrs, O Brien Con Sheehan wife and family all the Hearlihys and familys Tim Leahy and family own Sullivan of Cariganes and family Darby Guinee and family John Calleghan and family Timothy Calleghan and family Timothy Sheehan and Mother So no more at present form your Ever Dear and Loveing Child

Margaret MCarthy

This letter was written by Daniel Guiny/Guiney upon arrival in America (REFERENCES SEVERAL SURNAMES) Letter was typed as original , with no editing performed.

His and others emigration from Co. Cork resulted from an emigration scheme to remove 'surplus' population from the crown estate of Kingwilliamston, parish of Novahal Daly, barony of Duhallow, near Kantuck and the Cork-Kerry border, in Co. Cork. The village which has grown on part of the estate has recently been renamed Ballydesmond.

From: Exchange Street Buffalo New York August 9th 1850
To: Family/Friends in Ireland

Dear Mother and Brothers

We Embrace the opportunities of writing these few lines to you hoping that this Silent Messenger may find you all our Dear friends and Beloved Neighbors in as good a state of health as this leaves us at present thanks be God for his benefits to us all. Therefore we mean to let you know our Situation at present.

We left New York 28th of July and Sailed out for Buffalo and arrived the following day in albany we left albany the same day and Came out on the Canal Boat which was dravon By horses it took us Eight days to come to Buffalo which was very expensive to us Bread and Milk was very Dear along the Canal we Could walk out any time we pleased and walk 2 or three miles and Could eat plenty apples when we had any desire this place is full of Orchards and Woods this is a very fine Country you may be Sure that we had a fine prospect Comming out here and according as we were Coming out the Country was getting Better as for the Crops here the indian Meal is growing here like woods and the finest fields of Clover that ever wer seen and as to the Stock they are like the Cows to Home and horses and sheep are Just the same We could see fine large Stock of Cattle 40 and 50 Cows together and so on from that down to ten and twelve and 5 or six We could see six and 7 score of Sheep and 12 or 14 horses togather you may be sure that we seen great many wonders

the Yankees are the wisest Men in the world in respect of doing business we arrived here abot 5 o clock in the afternoon of yesterday 14 of us together where we were received with the greatest Kindness and respectibilty By Mathew Leary and Denis Danihy as soon as we came in we made them off at once Matt Denis Danihy went and Brought a horse and took Dan Guineys luggage to the house and paid for it himself we had no other one but his But when we came to the house we could not state to you how we were treated we had Potatoes Meat Butter Bread and tea for Dinner and you may be sure we had Drink after in Mathew Learys house the whole of Denis Danihys family and Denis Daniels wife and family Connor Learys wife and Daughter But the poor woman is left a widow Connor Died in hospital

I mean to let you know that we had a pleasant night they went to the Store and brought 2 Dozen of Bottles of Small beer and a Gallon of Gin otherwise Whiskey So that we were drinking until morning if you were to see Denis Reen when Daniel Danihy Matt Dressed him with clothes suitable for this Country you would think him to be a Boss or Steward so that we have scarcely words to state to you how happy we felt at present

Dear friends if you were to see old Denis Danihy he never was as Good in healthand looks better than ever he did at home Ye would not believe how fat and strong he is - And you may be Sure he Can have plenty tobacco and told me to mention it to Tim Murphy- and as to girls that used to be troting on the bogs at home to hear them talk English would be of great astonishment to you

Dear friends we mean to let you know them that came out here Denis and Tade Reen Tade Leary Dan Guiney and family Paddy Sheehan John Keeffe and Sister Denis and Ellen Duggan we have plenty work at Six Shillings a day thats equal to 3 shillings of your Money we would get a Dollar a day in Different places but we would Sooner be all together But if Dan Guiney got to Detroit and that he might get a better Chance he will acquaint us of it we left John and James Danihy after us in New York they would be out with us But James had to go out to Ellen to Orange County in York state She Being the first person that was Employed Kate is in New York with her Brothers Madge Duggan is out in Jersey Mary Reen went to Boston Betty Murphy and Mary Leary went out to Tade Houlihan with Davy Connell Jonoah Murphy in New York

Daniel Guiney means to forward a few lines to Patsey Leary Patrick My Dear friend i am sorry to say that i had to part with Johnny but still i am Glad to let you know that he is to be received by his cousins when we came to New York I wrote a letter to John Dailey But he wrote Back to me directly and wanted me to go out to him But he told me that there was no place fit for my family but i could not go to him at present but I Expect to see him in a short time then Sir he stated to Me that Thomas Gnaw(?) rote to him and stated to him if Johnny Came to his place to write to him and that he would send him plenty money to fetch him out and said that it was Jerry that wrote to him about it Now Dear Patrick I went with him to the train to see him Secured for Norfolk Betsey Cronin and Jane Murphy were with him for Jack Daly wrote to me to have Betty Cronin go out to him if she had not got a place So this is how we all are Scattered in the Country Denis Moynahan has taken a house in New York

Dear Patrickand Uncles I Cannot say more at present until I get to Detroit But I hope you will let me know in the answer of this letter how my Grandfather and Tim Murphy and family are No more from me at present

John Keeffee Means to have his Brother write to him as soon as possible and to let Know if his sister went to her husband to England and also to have his father and Mother Make themself easy and that as soon as he would have any thing earned he would send them some assistance

Ellen Duggan is in good health and wishes to know from her father and Mother also Denis Duggan wishes to know how his Dear mother and family are and Daniel Keliher and wife Tomothy Leary is all right he is in good health as ever he was and wishes to have his Mother make her mind easy and he would wish to know if John Reen and daughter got Married Dear Mother you well know how I proved to you at home and I expect to act so hereafter

Denis and Tade Reen Dear Mother You may be sure that we wont forget you we are in good health and with the help of God we expect do something for you after a time and John keep the children to School and tell the Scannells if they wer here that they would do first rate Dear Uncles let me know if me sister was Delivered of a child and Likewise wher is My aunt Jude and also if ther be any person in our house and what about Dan Danihy and let us know all about the Crops No More But remains your truly untill Death one Letter will do for us all

Daniel Guiny

Mary Keffee got two Dresses one from Mary Danihy & the other from Biddy Matt let ye write as soon as possible and Direct your letter to Jeremiah Keliher Exchange Street Buffalo for Denis Danihy

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