Cloyne and Castle-Martyr

Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland
Cloyne and Castle-Martyr

Co. Cork

Updated 12 Apr 2001

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CLOYNE is a market town and parish, and the seat of a diocese, in the barony of Imokilly, county of Cork, 159 miles S. from Dublin, and 18 S.E. from Cork; situated on the road between Youghal and Cork Harbour, about four miles from the seacoast. The See of Cloyne, whose bishop was a suffragan of the Archbishop of Cashel, was founded in the sixth century, and is solely in the county of Cork. In the year 1430 it was united to Cork, but since the year 1638 it was governed by its own bishop, and constituted an independent See. On the death of the late bishop, in 1835, it was again united to Cork as it now is. With the exception of large quantities of boots and shoes made here, the trade of the place is very inconsiderable. The cathedral is a venerable cruciform, inelegant structure, on hundred and twenty feet long, having lateral aisles, divided by Gothic arches; it is kept in excellent repair and contains several ancient monuments of the Thomonds, Longuevilles and Forsters. In the churchyard are interred the remains of a person named Upton, who died at the advanced age of 104; and this is not the only instance of such surprising longevity. The Bishop's Palace (now called Cloyne House) is a large and commodious building, occupied by a private gentleman. The Roman Catholic chapel is a plan and spacious structure. There is a charity school for educating, clothing and maintaining eight boys, which is supported by a bequest of Dr. Crow; and there are other public schools and a dispensary supported in the town. Adjoining the cathedral is a pleasingly planted cemetery, within which are the remains of an ancient building, conjectured to be the original church of Cloyne. Beyond the enclosure is a round tower, ten feet in diameter and ninety feet high. In 1749 this tower was damaged by lightning and a bell which was within it was thrown down. About a mile and a half from Cloyne is Castle Mary, the beautiful residence of M. Longfield, Esq.; Rostellan Castle, the seat of the Marquees of Thomond (resident in England); and Ballinaloe Castle, the seat of John Litchfield, Esq. The market, which is very large, is held on Thursday. Fairs, February 24th, Tuesdays in Easter and Whitsun weeks, September 12th and December 5th. The parish of Cloyne contained, in 1841, 6,726 inhabitants including 2,200 for the town.

CASTLE-MARTYR is a small market town (formerly a parliamentary borough), partly in the parishes of Itermorrough, Ballyoughtera and Mogeely, same county as Cloyne, between four and five miles N.E. from that town; chiefly to be noticed as containing the residence of the Earl of Shannon, who has a noble seat here, which is approached from the Midleton road by a magnificent avenue of lofty elms, one mile in length. This place was formerly the residence of a branch of the Fitzgeralds; was incorporated in the year 1663, through the influence of the first Earl of Orrery, and it gives the title of Baron to a branch of the noble family of Boyle. The only place of worship in the town is the parish church; but there are several Roman Catholic chapels in the neighbouring hamlets, together with a number of schools, a fever hospital and a dispensary. The scenery in the neighbourhood is particularly fine, and the land around is in a good state of cultivation. The market is held on Saturday. Fairs, May 2nd, July 19th, October 2nd and December 19th. Population of the town about 1,400.

**Nobility, Gentry and Clergy**

Abbott, Mr.___, Shanagarry
Adams, Richard Wallis Goold, Esq., Jamesbrook
Adams, Wallis, Esq., Kilbreagh House
Agar, Rev. William, Lisquinlan
Allen, Henry, Esq., Cloyne House
Atkins, Mrs. ___, Aghada
Austin, Rev. Robert, D.D., Hodwell House
Bell, Thomas, Esq., J.P. Cassino
Birch, Mrs. ___, Ballycotton
Bowles, John, Esq., Singborough
Bowles, Robert, Esq., Killmountain
Bowles, Rev. William, Springfield
Burnard, Morrogh Edwd., Esq., Killboy
Burton, Rev. Philip, Cloyne
Byrne, Mrs.___, Roche Mount
Chester, Rev. Richard, Cloyne
Courteney, Mrs. Caroline, Dromadda
Davis, Roger Green, Esq., J.P., Drumdiah
Durdin, Thomas Garde, Esq., Shanagarry Castle
Eagar, Rev. John, Rathcallan
Fitzgerald, Lieut. Henry, Maryland
Fitzgerald, Mrs. ___, Whitegate
Fitzgerald, Robert Uniacke Penrose, Esq., Corkebeg
Fitzgibbon, Rev. Richard L., Killeagh
Gaggin, Mr. Henry, Ballycotton
Gaggin, Mr. Pierce, Ballycotton
Gaggin, Thomas, Esq., Ballybane
Gaggin, Mr. William, Ballycotton
Garde, Rev. Thomas W., Ballindinas
Hanning, Jas., Esq., Killcrone House
Harragan, Rev. Michael, P.P., Castle-Martyr
Haynes, Joseph, Esq., Maryland
Hennis, Robert, Esq., Knockglass
Henzell, Rev. Bigo, Killmahon
Hewson, Rev. Maurice, Ballycotton
Hill, Rev. James, Whitegate
Keane, Capt. ___, Shanagarry House
Keane, Major Staffard, Sunville
Litchfield, John, Esq., Ballymalloo Castle
Longfield, Mountiford, Esq., Castle-Martyr
Odell, Edward, Esq., Carey's Wood
Power, Pierce, Esq., J.P., Clonmult
Roche, Edmund Burke, Esq., M.P., Trabalagan House
Roche, James S., Esq., Aghada
Roche, Lieut., ___, R.N. Roche Mount
Roche, Mrs. ___, Roche Mount
Rogers, Rev. William, Cloyne
Rose, Capt. Jas. Pratt, Castle-Martyr
Rowland, Francis, Esq., Killboy
Russell, Rev. John, P.P. Cloyne
Shannon, The Right Honourable the Earl of, Castle-Martyr
Short, Rev. ___, Whitegate
Smyth, Rev. George, Killmucky
Thomond, Most Noble the Marquess of, Rosstellan
Todd, Rev. Andrew, Castle-Martyr
Townsend, Rev. John, Whitegate
Upton, Williaim, Esq., Ballygana
Wigmore, Richard H., Esq., Ballynona
Wilkinson, Jno. Royal, Esq., Barnabrow

**Academies and Schools**
Doyle, James (day), Cloyne
Patrick Lehan, master
Mary Donovan, mistress
Cornelius Horgan, master
Peter Magrath, master
Peter Dibbs, master
Riordan, Patrick (day), Cloyne

Chester, John W.S., Cloyne
Lawless, John, Whitegate

Brodrick, David, Cloyne
Dunn, Jeremiah, Cloyne
Evans, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Garde, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
Wall, Mathias, Cloyne
Walsh, Thomas, Cloyne

Carroll, James, Castle-Martyr
Galwey, Richard, Castle-Martyr
Leomasney, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
Morrison, John, Castle-Martyr

**Boot and Shoe Makers**
Barry, James, Cloyne
Barry, John, Castle-Martyr
Bourke, Edward, Cloyne
Bride, Thomas, Cloyne
Cannel, Peter, Cloyne
Croly, Jeremiah, Castle-Martyr
Croly, William, Castle-Martyr
Cullinan, John, Castle-Martyr
Cullinan, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Curtin, Edward, Cloyne
Donovan, James, Cloyne
Doody, Denis, Castle-Martyr
Drady, William, Cloyne
Hacket, James, Cloyne
Hanan, John, Castle-Martyr
Hennessey, James, Castle-Martyr
Hennessey, John, Cloyne
Horgan, John, Cloyne
Keane, Patrick, Castle-Martyr
Leahy, Richard, Castle-Martyr
Lee, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
M'Carthy, Denis, Cloyne
M'Kenna, John, Cloyne
Madden, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
Magrath, thomas, Cloyne
Malony, Daniel, Cloyne
Moran, John, Castle-Martyr
Murphy, Andrew, Cloyne
Murphy, Cornelius, Cloyne
Murphy, John, Cloyne
Newman, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Sheehan, John, Cloyne
Sisk, James, Cloyne
Smith, Henry, Cloyne
Smith, John, Castle-Martyr
Sullivan, John, Castle-Martyr
Swiney, Roger, Cloyne
White, Martin, Castle-Martyr
Williamson, Thomas, Cloyne

Day, John, Castle-Martyr
Kaneilly, Thomas, Cloyne
Mullius, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Slattery, David, Cloyne

Atkins, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
Barrett, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Coleman, William, Cloyne
Condon, John, Cloyne
Corbett, William, Castle-Martyr
Cosgrave, Joseph, Castle-Martyr
Cosline, Edward, Cloyne
Donovan, Patrick, Cloyne
Donovan, William, Cloyne
Dunn, Jeremiah, Cloyne
Hartnett, Maurice, Castle-Martyr
M'Guire, Maurice, Castle-Martyr
Moore, John, Cloyne
Mullany, Joseph, Cloyne
Riordan, Michael, Cloyne
Wall, Andrew, Castle-Martyr
Walsh, John, Cloyne
Whilihan, David, Castle-Martyr

Clayton, Margaret, Cloyne
Flood, Margaret, Castle-Martyr
Mullany, Nicholas, Cloyne

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Corbett, Richard, Cloyne
Cronin, William, Cloyne
Curtin, William, Cloyne
Day, Abigail, Castle-Martyr
Duggan, James, Castle-Martyr
Garde, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
Gorsuch, William, Castle-Martyr
Lynch, William, Cloyne
Wall, John, Castle-Martyr
Wall, Matthias (and oil and colourman), Cloyne

**Inns and Public Houses**
Barry, John, Castle-Martyr
Barry, Richard, Cloyne
Carroll, Patrick, Cloyne
Conolly, Michael, Cloyne
Corbett, Richard, Cloyne
Costine, Edward, Cloyne
Curtain, William, Cloyne
Dunn, David, Cloyne
Fenlon, Daniel, Cloyne
Fleming, John, Castle-Martyr
Flynn, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Forrest, John, Cloyne
Hegarty, Patrick, Cloyne
Kelly, John, Cloyne
Lawton, Michael, Cloyne
M'Carthy, John, Cloyne
M'Namara, Patrick, Castle-Martyr
Murphy, Robert, Three Tuns Innm /ckitbe
Riordan, Denis, Cloyne
Riordan, Michael, Cloyne
Romayne, Catherine, Castle-Martyr
Ryan, Edmund, Cloyne
Swann, George, Cloyne
Walsh, John, Cloyne

Garde, Thomas, Castle-Martyr
Newman, Garrett, Castle-Martyr
Wall, Matthias, Cloyne

**Linen & Woollen Drapers**
Abernethy, Frances, Castle-Martyr
Cronin, William, Cloyne
Kaneilly, Andrew, Cloyne
O'Brien, Patrick, Cloyne
Swanton, Richard, Cloyne
Wall, James, Cloyne

**Milliners & Dress makers**
Longfield, Margaret, Cloyne
Summers, Mary, Cloyne

**Painters & Glaziers**
Cary, Bartholomew, Castle-Martyr
Tracy, William, Castle-Martyr

**Physicians & Surgeons**
Butt, George, R.N. Cloyne
Eawes, William B., Castle-Martyr
Garde, Thomas W., M.D., Knockana
Green, Hugh, M.D., Cloyne
M'Carthy, Justin, M.D., Cloyne
Travers, Abraham Henry (& apothecary), Cloyne

**Rope Maker**
Wall, Matthias (and ship chandler), Cloyne

**Saddlers & Harness Makers**
Lee, Christopher, Castle-Martyr
M'Auliffe, Edward, Cloyne
Moshirway, William, Castle-Martyr
Newman, Garrett, Castle-Martyr

**Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries**
Barry, Edmund, Cloyne
Dowling, Thomas, Cloyne
Jordan, Edward, Cloyne
Lynch, John, Castle-Martyr
Riordan, Mary, Castle-Martyr

Ahern, Daniel, Castle-Martyr
Callaghan, John, Castle-Martyr
Effernon, James, Cloyne
Keeffe, James, Castle-Martyr

**Stone Masons**
Walsh, Michael, Castle-Martyr
Walsh, Patrick, Cloyne

**Straw Bonnet Makers**
Lee, Margaret, Castle-Martyr
Mullany, Bridget, Cloyne
Mullany, Margaret, Cloyne

Cary, William, Cloyne
Chapman, Henry, Cloyne
Curtin, Joseph, Castle-Martyr
Keeffe, David, Castle-Martyr
Killmartin, James, Cloyne
Lee, William, Castle-Martyr
Neill, John, Cloyne
Scannell, John, Cloyne

**Tobacco Manufacturers**
Mullany, John, Cloyne
Wall, Matthias, Cloyne

Brophy, Timothy, wool comber, Cloyne
Corbett, Michael, cooper, Castle-Martyr
Falvey, Edward, whitesmith, Cloyne
Flood, Wm., stone cutter, Castle-Martyr
Hanan, Daniel, coach builder, Castle-Martyr
Harding, William, skinner, Cloyne
Riordan, Denis, pawnbroker, Cloyne
Scallen, Jeremiah, leather seller, Cloyne
Sullivan, Sndw., tin-plate worker, Cloyne
Taylor, Joseph, seedsman, Castle-Martyr

**Places of Worship**
And their Ministers
Rev. Wm. Rogers, surrogate, Cloyne
Rev. Richd. Chester, curate, Cloyne
PARISH CHURCH, Castle-Martyr
Rev. George Smyth, rector, Killmucky
Rev. John Russell, parish priest, Cloyne
**Coaches and Cars**
To AGHADA, a Car (from Cloyne) to meet the Steamer (to Cork), every evening at eight.
To CORK, the Royal Mail (from Waterford) calls at Castle-Martyr every evening at six; and a car from Cloyne every morning at seven; goes through Midleton; and a Coach (from Youghal) calls at Castle-Martyr every afternoon at five, and every morning at half-past nine.
To RATHCORMACK, a Mail Car, from Castle-Martyr every afternoon at four; goes through Midleton
To WATERFORD, the Royal Mail (from Cork) calls at Castle-Martyr every morning at six; goes through Youghal
To YOUGHAL, a Coach (from Cork) calls at Castle-Martyr every forenoon at eleven and evening at seven.

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