Cove (Cobh)

Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland
Cove (Cobh)

Co. Cork

Updated 12 Apr 2001

Submitted by Sheri Delaney and posted here with her kind permission.

Cove of Cork is a seaport in the parishes of Clonmel and Templerobin, barony of Barrymore, county of Cork, 10 miles E.S.E. from the city of Cork; situated on the south side of Great Island, the extent of which is five miles from east to west, and two from north to south, communicating with the mainland by two ferries-East and West Passage. This charmingly situated town overlooks and almost literally overhangs the spacious basin of Inner Cork Harbour, and occupies the steep and southern face of a hill, rising terrace above terrace, from near the edge of the water to a considerable height in the acclivity. The principal streets are wide and commodious, and the houses regularly built. Within the last thirty years, the town has greatly increased in dimensions, population and importance and there are now some excellent houses building on the property of Smith Barry, Esq. calculated for the accommodation of the most respectable families. An interesting work on Ireland and its towns thus speaks of Cove. 'Previous to the North American war of independence, Cove consisted of little more than the mud cabins of a few fishermen.' In 1750, Doctor Smith described it as 'a village built under a steep hill, inhabited by seamen and revenue officers.' In 1752, John Wesley recorded that 'there was nothing to be bought there-neither fish nor flesh, nor butter, nor cheese, and that he was obliged to be well contented with some eggs and bread.' In 1769, it is said there was not a baker's shop in the place and even so late as 1797, it was characterized by Mr. Holmes, the tourist, as 'a wretched, dirty place, inhabited chiefly by sailors and fishermen.'

How great the contrast at the present day! It now boasts handsome ranges of houses, well-stored shops, elegant hotels, convenient lodging houses, an intelligent population and above all, an active trade. Provisions of nearly all kinds are cheap, and articles of a more luxurious kind are obtained with facility from Cork-with which a communication is constantly maintained by steam vessels. The work above referred to says, 'The weekly exhibitions of the yacht club' (which we shall have occasion to notice more particularly hereafter), 'the annual regatta, the occasional arrival of the fleet, the magnificence of the circumjacent scenery, and the picturesqueness of the town itself, attract great crowds of gay visitors during the summer; and the salubrity of the climate, the comparative equality of the temperature, the dryness of the air, and even the power of fame and fashion bring hither not a small number of consumptive patients and other classes of invalids.' Indeed, the climate has been found by comparison to be more equable and mild that that of any part of England or France, and to equal that of the south of Europe, even Rome and Naples.

Cove is admirably situated and suited for the scene of extensive commerce. The harbour is formed on one side by Great Island and on the other by the mainland and Spike Island, which form an oval basin sufficiently capacious to contain and shelter the whole navy of England, protected by a formidable battery on Spike Island, and the entrance further defended by the Carlisle and Camden forts, which frown from the summit of two lofty cliffs on either side. Lord Midleton, one of the proprietors of the land, is about to expend a large sum in the construction of a quay, the whole length of White-point, which, when completed, will form one of the most extensive and lovely esplanades in Ireland. Other additions and improvements are projected by this spirited nobleman; terraces, handsome houses, baths, a hotel and a new church. The banks on each side of the harbour are occupied by seats and tasteful grounds of the gentry, or the opulent merchants of Cork.

The trade of Cove, exclusive of a good retail business, consists of exports and imports-the latter comprising timber, coal, guano, and various goods; among the former a large quantity of stores for the army and navy. It is the great port for the embarkation of troops to Canada and the Colonies and also the great southern station for government emigration, for which latter purpose there is an efficient agent stationed here. There are four principal hotels, all which are admirably conducted in their arrangements for families or commercial gentlemen; their names and location appear in the directory.

Opposite the Market-place is the handsome promenade called the Columbine-quay, built at a great expense by the late James Smith Barry, Esq. the use of which is enjoyed by the Royal Cork Yacht Club, at their annual regatta-the gayest and best supported of any display of the kind in Ireland; the prizes are often large, and contended for with great emulation and spirit. In the centre of the beach is the Yacht Club House, for the accommodation of the numerous and respectable members, who meet once a week during the summer season, the fleet then generally going to sea for some hours under the command of the 'Admiral of the day.' This club, which is of greater antiquity than any other in England or Ireland, was founded in 1720 under the title of the 'Cork Harbour Water Club,' of which an account was published in 1765. It changed its name to the Cork Yacht Club in 1828 and, under the patronage of William IV, became the Royal Cork Yacht Club in 1830. It is governed by a president and admiral, the Most Noble the Marquees of Thomond; a vice-admiral, Jas. Hugh Smith Barry, Esq., and a general committee, which consists of the leading members and yacht owners; a sailing committee, all of whom are yacht owners, and a house committee, who manage the internal arrangements of the club house. There are also an honorary chaplain, a treasurer and a secretary.

The government of the town is chiefly vested in the local magistrates; and the Cork Harbour Board have likewise a certain jurisdiction; petty sessions are held every fortnight. There are stations of the constabulary police and coast guard, the latter under an inspecting commander always resident, having the charge of seven districts in and about the harbour.

The church of the united parishes of Clonmel and Templerobin is a handsome structure, but not sufficiently capacious for the congregation, which is rapidly increasing. The Roman Catholic chapel is large, with a handsome tower and belfry; there is also a second chapel at Fennah. The other places of worship are for Wesleyan Methodists and Presbyterians.

The principal benevolent institutions comprise the schools under the national board, parochial, and for infants; a fever hospital, a dispensary and parochial almshouse. There are also loan and charitable coal funds, and a benevolent society for poor tradesmen. Somewhat to the east of Cove is a fine fort, over which is the military hospital, formerly the barracks.

In a cemetery surrounding the ruins of Clonmel Church, a short distance from Cove, lie the remains of Tobin, the author of the Honey Moon, and Woolfe, the author of the pathetic and beautiful verses upon the death of Sir John Moore-they sleep together, and were alike unconscious of their fame-it being, in both cases, posthumous.

There is no fair at Cove; but a daily market for fish, vegetables and various commodities is held in the market-house, a convenient and handsome building, erected by the late J. Smith Barry, Esq. The market, especially on Saturday, is abundantly supplied.

The parishes of Clomel and Templerobin contained together by the census taken in 1841 - 9,955 inhabitants, and the town of Cove 5,142 of that number.

POST OFFICE, Midleton's quay, Jane Ensor, Post Mistress.-Letters from all parts arrive (by mail cart from Cork) every morning during summer at half-past nine and afternoon at half-past four, in winter morning at ten and evening at six; and are despatched during the summer at a quarter before six in the morning and afternoon at one, and in winter at six in the morning and afternoon at twenty minutes before two.

**Nobility, Gentry and Clergy**
Armstrong, Mrs. Wilhelmina, Spy Hill
Ashlon, Mrs Dorah, Clarence Place
Atkings, Rev. Walter Baker, Roche's Rw
Atkinson, Thomas, Esq., Haulbowline Island
Bagwell, Mrs. Margaret, Merville
Barry, John Thomas, Esq. The Beach
Barry, Mrs. Mary, Abbeymore
Barry, Thomas, Esq., Ross League
Barry, William, Esq., Ross League
Bastable, Mrs. Lucius, 6 Bellevue Terr.
Burke, Edward, Esq., Harbour View
Burke, Mrs. Eliza, King St.
Butler, Lieut. Thos. Lapp, Church Hill
Byrne, Miss Honoria Ann, Graham's Terrace
Carding, Miss Margaret, 1 Bellevue Terrace
Cashell, George, Esq., Lynche's Quay
Church, Lieut. William, R.N., King St.
Coppinger, Mrs. Elizabeth, The Beach
Crotty, Right Rev. Bartholomew, C.B., Church Hill
Cunningham, Michael, Esq., Wellington Place
Delehay, Mrs. Mary, Spy Hill
Dunn, Mrs. ___, Spy Hill
Edwin, Capt. Felix, R.N., 7 Bellevue Terrace
England, Rev. Thos, Clarence Place
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. ___, The Beach
Fowler, Mr John, East Beach
French, the Misses, The Retreat
French, Samson T.W. Esq., Cusqulany
French, Thoas George, Esq., Marino
Friend, Lieut. Charles, R.N., Spy Hill
Gailey, Rev. James, Bishop's Road
Graham, Mrs. Eliz., Graham's Terrace
Green, Francis, Esq., Spy Hill
Gregory, Mr. Richd., 36 Harbour Row
Hare, George, Esq., The Beach
Hayes, Mr Artwell, 2 Belleview Terrace
Holmes, Robert, Esq., Beach mount
Kelly, the Misses Margaret, Fanny, Mary, and Judith, Spy Hill
Kinnears, Mr. John, The Beach
Kinnears, Mrs. Eliza, The Beach
Mahony, Michael Edward, Esq., 33 Harbour Row
Malony, Henry, Esq., East Hill
Matson, Captain ___, R.N., Harbour Hill
Meredith, Mrs. Elizabeth, East Beach
Murphy, Hon. John, Lynche's Quay
Murphy, Rev. Timothy, Clarence Pl.
Nash, Rev. Thos. Edmund, Bell mount
Nicholls, John W. Esq, King's Terrace
O'Brien, __, Esq., Spy Hill
O'Driscoll, Mrs. Sarah, Graham's Terrace
O'Regan, Rev. Patrick Daignan, Clarence Place
Pigot, Sir Hugh, Knight, and K.C.H. Admiralty House
Ring, Simon Magus, Esq., Ringville
Roche, Mrs. Agnes, 3 Bellevue Terrace
Rose, Mrs. Ann, Rose Hill
Scott, James, Esq., Hill House
Scully, Miss Honoria, Graham's Terr.
Seymour, Henry, Esq., Harbour View
Smythe, Lieut. George, R.N., Admiralty House
Spread, George, Esq., 5 Harbour Hill
Spread, Captain John Matthias, R.N., Hill House
Stubbs, Captain Thomas, Fort Lisle
Taylor, Lieut. Walker, R.N., Graham's Terrace
Urquhart, Lieut. John, R.N., 15 Harbour Hill
Verling, Bartholomew, Esq., White Point
Webster, Mrs. Jessy, 5 Bellevue Terrace
Wentworth, Lieut.William Fitzwilliam, R.N. Haulbowline Island
White, Lieut. Edwd. Thos., Bishop St.
Wilson, the Misses Jane and Eliza, Rose Hill
Woolfe, Capt. ___, R.N., York Terrace

**Academies and Schools**
Coghlan, Rev. Thos. Lloyd, Spy Hill
Crowly, Ann (ladies boarding), 4 Bellevue Terrace
  Hannah Maria Goode, Mistress
Jamson, Jane (day) King St.
  James Doyle, master
  Mary Reily, mistress
  Patrick Cotter, master
  Mary Cotter, mistress

Benson, Hamilton, The Beach
Clancy, Cornelius Harrington, The Beach
Stanistreet, Richard, East Beach
Tarrant, Thomas Hoskins, East Beach

Buckley, Patrick, 10 King's Square
Carden, Robert, Back St.
Hallinan, Timothy, 1 East Beach
Kinnears, John, King St.
Kirby, William, Bishop St.
M'Carthy, Denis, Bishop St.
Seymour, James, 12 King's Square

Aher, Jeremiah, Harbour Row
Bluett, George (and whitesmith), Harbour Row

**Booksellers & Stationers**
Dixon, Maria, Harbour Row
Jackson, Elizabeth Ann, Harbour Row

**Boot and Shoe Makers**
Barry, Richard, Back St.
Cunningham, John, 14 Harbour Row
Dunn, Thomas, West Beach
Ellis, John, 30 Harbour Row
Forcade, Henry, East Beach
Gilly, Garret, Roche's Row
Hall, Michael, 10 King's Square
Harding, Richard, Barrack St.
Hill, John Harding, 7 Harbour Row
Kennelly, Thomas, Harbour View
M'Gill, Phillip, East Beach
O'Driscoll, William, Barrack St.
O'Leary, Jeremiah, Harbour Row
Spillane, John, King St.
Sullivan, Thomas, Harbour View
Testro, Francis, 11 Harbour Row
Tottam, James, King St.

**Braziers and Tinmen**
Donovan, Patrick, Old St.
Meade, John, Harbour Row

Burke, Edward, East Beach
Burke, Michael, King St.
Kidney, John, Harbour Row
  **In the Shambles**

14  Brien, Thomas		12  Daly, Thomas
13  Callaghan, Danl.		 5  Foley, Michael
 9  Callaghan, Patk.		 3  Geary, Richard
 8  Corcoran, Michl.		11  Healy, Daniel<
 6  Corcoran, Michl.Jun. 	10  Johnson, James
 4  Cosgrave, Wm.	 	 1  Kidney, Thomas
 7  Daly, James	          	 2  M'Daniel, James
15 Twomey, David

**Coal Dealers**
Bacon, William, East Beach
Barry, Bartholomew, West Beach
Cahill, Daniel, East Beach
Cotter, William, Midleton Quay
Scott, James & Co., West Beach

Kavanagh, William, Clifton Cottage
Meade, Catherine, East Beach
Swayne, Eliza, East Beach
Young, Ann & Catherine, The Beach

AMERICA (United States), Hon. John Murphy, Lynche's Quay
HANOVER, Simon Magus Ring, The Beach
RUSSIA (deputy), Edward Burke
SARDINIA, William Deane Seymour, 8 Harbour Hill
SPAIN (deputy) Bartholomew Verling, White Point

**Earthenware Dealers**
Dorney, Mary, The Beach
Hayes, Michael, 14 King's Square
Robinson, Charles, The Beach

**Gardeners & Seedsmen**
Coleman, Michael, Carrignafoy
Stirling, Ellen, Carrignafoy

Callaghan, Daniel, 5 King's Square
Carroll, William, Harbour View
Doyle, Terence, 1 Harbour Row
Hallinan, Timothy, The Beach
Loane, Richard, 4 King's Square
Paterson, David, East Beach
Ryan, William, 1 King's Square
Seymour, James, 12 King's Square
Sheahan, John, 4 Harbour Row
Weir, John, 11 King's Square

(See Linen Drapers and Haberdashers)

**Hair Cutters**
Brodrick, Henry, Harbour Row
M'Carthy, William, Harbour Row

**Inns and Hotels**
(See also Public Houses)
Crown & Anchor & Commercial Inn
  Maurice Walsh, King's Square
Navy Hotel and Commercial Inn
  Richard Kilmurry, The Beach
Rob Roy & Commercial Inn
  William Hamilton, King's Square
Victoria & Commercial Inn
  Terrence Doyle, 1 Harbour Row

**Ironmongers and Hardwaremen**
Bluett, George, Harbour Row
Bryan, George & Charles, The Beach
Ryan, William, King's Square

**Leather Sellers**
Dunn, Thomas, West Beach
Seymour, James, 12 King's Square

Dixon, Maria, Harbour Row
  Eliza Ann Jackson, Harbour Row

**Linen & Woollen Drapers and Haberdashers**
Coppinger, William, The Beach
Fitzgerald, Eliza, 3 Harbour Row
Fitzgerald, Joseph, Harbour Row
Hall, Barbara, East Beach
Leonard, Mary, East Beach
Loane, Richard, 4 King's Square
M'Adams, Mary, The Beach
Millwood, James, Chapel St.
Oldin, John, The Beach
Paterson, David, East Beach

**Lodging Houses**
Beamish, Mary Ann, Wellington Pl.
Burke, Thomas, Barrack St.
Campbell, Elizabeth, Harbour View
Carroll, Margaret, 39 Harbour Row
Carroll, William, Harbour View
Clarke, Charles, Harbour Row
Davis, Ann, 16 Harbour Hill
Dickie, Sarah, harbour Row
Dillon, Ann, Harbour Row
Emphy, Catherine, Barrack St.
Fitzgerald, Margaret, 34 Harbour Row
Fox, Ellen, 43 Harbour Row
Hayes, Francis, 9 Harbour Row
Hoare, Margaret, 38 Harbour Row
Humphreys, Rebecca, Church Hill
Hyde, Margaret, Harbour View
Jameson, William, Harbour View
Jones, Mary, East Beach
Kavanagh, William, Harbour View
Lancaster, Elizabeth, 41 Harbour Row
M'Quade, James, 4 Harbour Hill
Murdock, Marianne, 42 Harbour Row
Murphy, Catherine, 37 Harbour Row
Murphy, John, 10 Harbour Hill
Murray, Ann, 35 Harbour Row
Power, David, Graham's Terrace
Russell, Margaret, Harbour Row
Saunders, John, Harbour View
Simmons, Ann, The Beach
Small, Margaret, 6 Harbour Hill
Stewart, Jane, 1 Harbour Hill
Storey, Eliza, 14 Harbour Hill

Barry, Ring & Burke, The Beach
Scott, James & Co., West Beach
Seymour C. & W.D. & Co., Lynche's Quay

**Milliners & Dressmakers**
Armstrong, Margt.Ann, Harbour Row
Clements, Mary, East Beach
Green, Jane, 32 Harbour Row
Higgins, Margaret, Roche's Row
Meehan, Margaret, Harbour View
Morrison, Margaret, 2 Harbour Row
Murphy, Ann, 5 Harbour Row

**Nail Makers**
Daly, Patrick, Middleton St.
Flahaven, Jas., Upper Cotterell's Row
Flahaven, Martin, Upper Cotterell's Row

**Oil and Colourmen**
Bryan, George & Charles, The Beach
Ryan, William, King's Square

**Painters and Glaziers**
Boyle, Philip, 29 Harbour Row
Hickey, Timothy, East Beach
Hill, Benjamin, Harbour Row
Hill, Thomas, King St.
O'Keeffe, Charles, King St.

Drew, William, 3 Harbour Hill
Hare, George, 9 King's Square
Phipps, Isaac, Harbour Row
Riordan, Denis, 6 King's Square
Waugh, William, East Beach

(See also Surgeons)
Cronin, John, Clarence Place
Meade, Horace, Sydney House
Millet Edward, 12 Harbour Hill
Orpen, Thos. Hungerford, King's Terr.
Scott, David, Alta Villa

**Public Houses**
Aldgate, Ellen, King St.
Bacon, William, East Beach
Cahill, Daniel, East Beach
Carroll, William, Harbour
Coakley, Michael, Harbour Row
Coleman, Michael, Carrignafoy
Cotter, Catherine, Bishop St.
Cotter, Richard, Harbour Row
Cotter, William, West Beach
Deasy, James, Bishop St.
Deltour, Henry, Barrack St.
Dorney, Mary, The Beach
Farren, Mary, Chapel St.
Galvin, John, Canteen, Spike Island
Godsell, John, West Beach
Hallinan, Timothy, Midleton's Quay
Harvey, William, 2 Harbour Hill
Hayes, Ann, Roche's View
Kirby, Ellen Harbour View
Lawless, George, Harbour Row
Millwood, James, Chapel St.
Oakly, Francis, Barrack ST.
O'Driscoll, Catherine, Barrack St.
O'Sullivan, Julia, Bishop St.
Perring, Thos. Wm., Cotterell's Row
Power, Michael, 15 King's Square
Prinville, John, Barrack St.
Riordan, John, Back St.
Ronayne, James, The Beach
Trayers, Ellen, Harbour View

**Sail Makers**
Cotter, Edward, Midleton St.
Frederick, John, Harbour Row

**Ship Agents**
Barry, Ring & Burke, The Beach
Scott, James & Co., West Beach
Seymour, C. & W.D. Co., Lynche's Quay

**Ship Chandlers**
Bryan, George & Charles, The Beach
Robinson, Charles, The Beach
Ryan, William, King's Square

**Ship Owners**
Barry, Ring & Burke, The Beach
Scott, James & Co., West Beach
Seymour, C. & W.D. Co., Lynche's Quay

Aher, Jeremiah, Harbour Row
Atkinson, Thomas, Harbour View
Bluett, George, Harbour Row
O'Neill, Jeremiah, Barrack St.
Shanahan, John, New Quay

**Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries**
Aher, Jeremiah, Harbour Row
Conway, Denis, Midleton St.
Daly, Mary, 7 King's Square
Farrell, Edmund, Barrack St.
Fitzgerald, Honoria, East Beach
M'Grath, Roger, Bishop St.
M'Vey, Jane, Harbour Row
Robinson, Charles, The Beach
Ronan, Ellen, 12 Harbour Row
Saunders, Timothy, 8 King's Square
Turner, Ann, Harbour Row

**Spirit Dealers**
Barry, John, The Beach
Dorney, Mary, The Beach
Hamilton, William, King's Square
Ryan, William, 1 King's Square
Seymour, James, 12 King's Square

**Straw Bonnet Makers**
M'Carthy, Mary, 6 Harbour Row
Probin, Hannin, Harbour Row
Scollard, Hannah, Upper Georges St.
Sweet, Ann, King St.

(See also Physicians)
Brown, Robert Henderson
  Naval Hospital & Haulbowline Island
Coppinger, James, The Beach

Dolin, Edmund, 10 Harbour Row
Driscoll, Robert, Harbour Row
Grannell, William (& clothes dealer), The Beach
Green, John, 32 Harbour Row
Kidney, John, King St.
Murphy, Patrick, 8 Harbour Row

**Timber Merchants**
Barry, Ring & burke, The Beach
Scott, James & Co, West Beach
Seymour, C & W.D. Co, Lynche's Quay

**Watch & Clock Makers**
Barrow, John, Harbour Row
Hayes, Robert, Harbour Row

**Wine & Spirit Merchants**
Doyle, Terence, 1 Harbour Row
Graham, Michael, The Beach
Hamilton, William, King's Square
Kilmurry, Richard, The Beach

Atkinson, George, marine painter, Harbour View
Clements, Ann, stay maker, East Beach
Cronin, Thomas & Michael, Livery stable keepers, King's Square
Daly, Timothy, tobacconist, The Beach
Dwyer, Edwd., civil engineer, Spike Island
Fitzgerald, David, cooper, Old St.
Harris, Edward, block and pump maker, Harbour Row
M'Auliffe, William, saddler, 10 Harbour Row
Prinville, John, carpenter, Barrack St.
Scott, William, boot and shoe contractor, East Beach
Seymour, W.G. Jun., reporter of shipping intelligence, Lynche's Quay
Wilson, Edward Henry, collector of poor's rate Mount Eaton
Wright, George, agent to Lloyd's, York Terrace

**Public Institutions, Offices, &c.**
  And their ministers
  The Venerable Archdeacon Charles Warburton,
  Rathkeale, rector
  Rev. Thomas Edmund Nash, Belmont and
  Rev. Walter Baker Atkins, Roches's Row, curates
  Right Rev. Bartholomew Crotty, bishop, Chapel Hill
  Rev. Patrick Daignan O'Regan
  Rev. Timothy Murphy, and
  Thos. England, Clarence Place, curates
  Rev. James Galley, Bishop's Road, minister
  Ministers various

  Haulbowline Island
Naval Store Keeper & Agent Victauller
  Lieut. Wm. Fitzwilliam Wentworth, R.N.
Chief Clerk, John Horn Boghurst
Ordance Store Keeper and Acting Barrack Master
  For Cork Harbour (which includes Spike Island,
  Haulbowline, Rocky Island, Camden and Carlisle Forts,
  Cove and General Military Hospital)
  Thomas James Atkinson, Esq., Haulbowline Island
First Clerk, John Tunbridge
Second Clerk, Edward Webster

Commanding Officer of the Fleet
  Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Pigot, Knight,
  Admiralty House, Chapel Hill
Flag Lieutenant
  Lieut. George Smythe,
  Admiralty House, Chapel Hill

President and Admiral
  The Most Noble the Marquees of Thomond
  James Hugh Smith Barry
Honorary Treaurer
  Thomas Hungerford Orpen, M.D. King's Terrace
  Thomas Lapp Butler, Esq.
Honorary Chaplain
  Rev. Dr. Austin

BATHS, Lynches' Quay
  Lacett Murphy, proprietor
  Charles Alfred O'Brien, proprietor
BRIDEWELL, Midelton Street
  Jeremiah Willis, keeper
  Lieut.__Keleher, R.N., Chief Officer
  George White, sub-inspector
  Harry Howe, head constable
CUSTOM HOUSE (Branch of Cork), Revenue Quay
  Nicholas Seymour and Robert Barry
  Surveyors and superintendents of quarantine
  Messrs. J & W. Cronin and
  D. Scott, attending physicians
  Sir James Pitcairn, visiting physician and deputy-inspector general of hospitals, residence Cork
  Lieut. Charles Friend, R.N., actuary, Spy Hill
LOAN FUND OFFICE, Opposite York Terrace
  The Magistrates, governors
  Letitia Wilson, distributor
  William Callaghan, secretary

To CORK, The Royal Mail Car, from the Post Office, every morning during summer, at a quarter before six, and afternoon at one; in winter every morning at six, and afteroon at twenty minutes before two. Cars are always in readiness at the corner of King's Square to convey passengers to Cork or other places.

To CORK, the river Steamers regularly from Fitzpatrick's Quay during summer, every alternate hour, from half-past eight in the morning until half-past seven evening; during the winter months from half-past nine mornings.
There are likewise ferry boats from Short and Long Ferry, every ten minutes, whence passengers can be conveyed to Cork by Cove, which meet the boats upon arrival.

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