Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland
Co. Cork

Updated 5 Nov 2002

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A Market and post town and parish (formerly a parliamentary borough), in the barony of Fermoy, county of Cork, is 140 miles S.W. by S. from Dublin, 26 N. by W. from Cork, 19 E. from Newmarket, 15 N.E. from Kanturk, 12 1/2 S.W. from Mitchelstown, and 7 N.E. from Mallow; seated on the banks of the Aubeg, in the midst of a populous and romantic neighbourhood, the scenery of which has many attractions for the tourist. The river is crossed by a handsome stone bridge of three arches; besides this structure the town has little to boast in the way of architectural elegance; it consists chiefly of one wide street, and one or two smaller. The place is distinguished by no particular branch of business, and is without manufactures, unless two or three corn mills, in the vicinity, which furnish employment to a number of persons, may be taken as an exception.

The government of the town is with the county and resident magistrates, who sit in petty sessions in the court-house occasionally. The inhabitants obtained the privilege of returning two members to the Irish parliament, from Charles II, and continued so to do until the legislative Union, when the borough was disfranchised.

The parish church, erected in 1816, situated at the north end of the town, is a neat and commodious edifice with a tower, formerly surmounted with a spire, which was blown down about twenty years since. The Roman Catholic chapel is a handsome and spacious structure, erected by subscription in 1827, and consists of a nave, lighted on each side by lofty windows. A convent of the order of the Presentation has been established here for many years, and liberally endowed by Ms. GOOLD; the chapel attached to it is open to the public on Sunday mornings.

A considerable number of girls are gratuitously instructed by the sisters, and a certain number are clothed from out of the endowment. Two public schools and a dispensary are the other charitable institutions.

The neighbourhood is studded with numerous seats of the gentry; among these, the most conspicuous is Doneraile Park, distinguished for its extent and beauty; and the mansions, a handsome and substantial edifice, seated on an eminence, is the occasional residence of Lord Viscount Doneraile.

The market is held on Saturday, and an annual fair on the 12th August. Population of the parish, in 1841, 8,350, and the town, 2,722 of that number.

POST OFFICE, Main Street, JOHN HAYCROFT, Post Master. --Letters from Limerick, Charleville, Mallow &c. arrive every afternoon at three, and are despatched every morning at seven. --Letters from Cork arrive every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at ten minutes before one.

Alkins, George, Esq., Rossa
Ashton, William, Esq., Main st.
Barry, Edmund, Esq., Ballyellis
Barry, James, Esq., Ballyellis
Barry, John H., Esq., Ballyvonare
Brazier Creagh, Esq., -J.P., Creagh Castle
Butler, Mrs. Elizabeth, Main st.
Campion, Charles, Drumdeer
Campion, Robert, Esq., Cromore
Campion, Rowland, Esq., Cromore
Collins, Rev. John, c.c., Main st.
Creagh, Arthur G., Esq., Main st.
Croft, George, Esq., Strainhill
Crofts, Rev. Freeman, Clogheen
Crofts, Freeman, Esq., Clogheen
Crofts, William, Esq., Clogheen
Croker, Captain Charles, Lissa
Crone, Captain Jas. N., Bridge House
Crone, Major John, Byblox
Crone, Robert, Esq., Main st.
Doneraile, The Right Honble. Lord Viscount, Doneraile House
Ellard, Hugh George, Esq., Ballyshara
Evans, Henry, Esq., Oldtown
Evans, John, Esq., Carker
Evans, Nicholas G., Esq., Carker
Evans, Ralph, Esq., Carker
Fagan, Stephen, Esq., Laurentinam
Hallinan, Rev. William, c.c., Main st.
Hennessy, Timothy, Esq., Fort William
Hennessy, Timothy, jun., Esq., Fort William
Hill, Arundel, Esq. Grague
Hill, William, Esq., Donnybrook
Hurly, Mr. John, Green Lodge
Langley, Christopher, Esq., Ballyellis
Lowe, William, Esq., Clogher
Lysaght, William Henry, Esq., Newtown Cottage
M'Donnell, Mr. Peter, Ballynamona
M'Sweeney, Rev. Michael, Main st.
Nagle, Edmund, Esq., Ballynamona Castle
Nagle, Garrett, Esq., J.P., Ballynamona
Nagle, Miss Mary, Green Lodge
Nagle, Patk., Esq., Ballinamona [sic] Castle
Nagle, Pierce, Esq., Annakissy
Norcott, Arthur, Esq., the Park
Norcott, John, Esq., the Cottage
O Brien, the Misses, Main st.
Reardon, Robert, M.D., Main st.
Roberts, John, Esq., Shanballymore
Roberts, Thomas, Main st.
St. Leger, the Hon. Hayes, Doneraile House
Sheehan, Rev. Patk., Kilbrack Cottage
Sherlock, John, Esq., Ballyhoura Hill
Somerville, Rev. Henry, Main st.
Stawell, Francis, Esq., Kilbrack House
Stawell, George, Esq., Crobeg
Stawell, Geo. Cooper, Esq., Old Court
Westropp, George, Esq., Carker
White, Charles, Esq., Kilburn
White, James, Esq., Kilburn
White, John, Esq., Kilburn
Woods, K., Esq., Hermitage

Cavanagh, John, Main st.
Free School, Charleville Road, John Buchanan and Jeremiah Quinlan, masters
Infant's School, New Road, Sarah Buchanan, mistress
Presentation Convent School, Buttevant Lane, conducted by the Ladies of the establishment

Barry, David, Main st.
Barry, Redmond, Main st.
Collins, John, Main st.
Collins, Patrick, Main st.
M'Sweeney, John, Main st.
O Shea, Patrick, Main st.

Balfry, William, Main st.
Barry, John, Chapel lane
Barry, Michael, Main st.
Carroll, Cornelius, New road
Egan, William, Main st.
Farrell, Michael, Buttevant
Healy, Thomas, Main st.
Lang, David, New road
Miller, Edward, Main st.
Murphy, Denis, Main st.
Murphy, Jeremiah, Chapel lane
Murphy, Matthew, Main st.
Murphy, William, Buttevant lane
Murray, John, Buttevant lane
Pratt, James, Chapel lane
Roche, Edmund, Chapel lane
Roche, Michael, Buttevant lane
Sheehan, Maurice, Main st.
Spettigue, Philip, Main st.
Sullivan, William, Main st.
Wall, Edmund, Buttevant lane
Wall, John, Main st.
Wall, Patrick, Buttevant lane
Wall, Thomas, Buttevant lane
Wall, William, Buttevant lane
Walsh, Jeremiah, Chapel lane
Walsh, Lewis, Main st.
Winter, William, Main st.

Higgins, Thomas, Chapel lane
Linnane, David, Buttevant lane
Linnane, Thomas, Buttevant lane
Nunan, Thomas, Buttevant lane
Quinlan, Patrick, Main st.

M'Loughlin, Michael, Mallow lane
M'loughlin, Patrick, New road

Anderson, Sloman, Main st.
Cahill, Lawrence, Main st.
Cotter, John Patrick, Main st.
Duane, Mary, Main st.
Ellard, George, Main st.
Foley, Timothy, Main st.
Haycroft, James, Main st.
Murphy, James, Main st.
Neligan, Francis, Main st.
Pen, Benjamin, Main st.
Wall, John, Main st.

Clear, Maurice, Main st.
Collins, John, Main st.
Foley, Timothy, Doneraile Hotel, Main st.
Gregan, Cornelius, Main st.
M'Carthy, Bartholomew, Main st.
Minton, Patk., Minton's Hotel, Main st.
Walsh, Lewis, Main st.

Cotter, John Patrick, Main st.
Duggan, Mary, Main st.
Gregan, Cornelius, Main st.
Neligan, Francis, Main st.

Callaghan, John, Main st.
Hickey, David, Main st.
Murphy, Matthew, Main st.
Roche, Margaret, Main st.

Cahill, Lawrence, Main st.
Cotter, John Patrick, Main st.
Duff, Mary Ann, Main st.
Foley, Timothy, Main st.
Murphy, James, Main st.
O Connor, Denis, Main st.
Platt, John, Main st.
Roche, John, Main st.

Foley, Timothy, Main st.
Minton, Patrick, Main st.

Barry, Redmond, Carker Mills

Creagh & Stawell, Doneraile Mills
Furlong, John, Danningstown

Buchanan, Rebecca, Main st.
Duff, Mary Ann, Main st.

Dobbin, Edward, Main st.
Upington, James, Main st.
Upington, John, Main st.
Upington, Philip, Main st.

Clear, David, Main st.
Duggan, Mary, Main st.
Hickey, Mary, Main st.
Nash, John, Old Turnpike
Scully, Jeremiah, Main st.
Walsh, James, Main st.

Cummins, Denis, Main st.
Cummins, Edmund, Main st.
Horgan, William, Buttevant lane
M'Grath, John, Buttevant lane
M'Grath, Richard, Buttevant lane
Nagle, Garrett, Buttevant lane

Baker, John, Chapel lane
Dudley, Christopher, New road
Dudley, Thomas, New road
Finn, Pierce, Mallow lane
Keily, Michael, Buttevant lane
Nolan, William, New road

Clancy, William, New road
Ryall, John, New road
Shea, Cornelius, Mallow lane
Sullivan, Patrick, Main st.

Barrow, Edmund, Buttevant lane
Carroll, Maurice, the Glen
Madden, John, Chapel lane
Madden, Richard, Buttevant lane
Millward, Henry, Chapel lane
O Regan, William, Main st.

Conway, Daniel, Main st.
Quilty, Michael, Main st.

Clancy, Edmund, Chapel lane
Clancy, George, New road
Clancy, William, New road
Darcy, Michael, Buttevant lane
Hurley, John, New road
Ryall, John, New road
Sullivan, Patrick, Main st.

Barrett, Daniel, land surveyor, Chapel lane
Bolton, Robert Collis, apothecary, Main st.
Buchanan, John, tract repository, Main st.
Dames, Joseph A., clerk to petty sessions, Main st.
Foley, William, pawnbroker, Main st.
Nelligan, Patrick, cabinet maker, Buttevant lane
Power, John, basket maker, Buttevant lane
Price, Catherine, confectioner, Main st.
Sweeny, Patrick, brazier, Buttevant lane
Swift, Thomas, hair dresser, Main st.

And their Ministers
Parish Church, Mill View, Reverend Henry Somerville, rector, Main st; John B. Bury, clerk, the Glen
Roman Catholic Chapel, Main st., Rev. Patrick Sheehan, parish priest, Kilbrack Cottage, Rev. William Hallinan and Rev. John Collins, curates, Main st.
Presentation Convent, Buttevant lane, Mrs. Eliza Tuite, lady superioress

Court House, Main street, Joseph A. Dames, clerk to petty sessions
Dispensary, the Glen, Robert Reardon, physician and surgeon
Loan Fund Office, Byblox, Major J. Crone, treasurer
Market House, Main street, Robert Barry, weigh master
Stamp Office, Main street, John Haycroft, sub-distributor
Temperance Loan Fund Officer, Main st., Michael M'Sweeny, treasurer

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