Slater's Macroom

Slater's Directory,
Co. Cork

Updated 20 Sept 1999

Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi to the Genexchange County Cork mailing list and posted here with her kind permission.

**Gents & Clergy**
Armstrong, Rev. Julius (Kilberehert)
Ashe, Edward Esq. (Castle View)
Ashe, Richard Esq. (Coolehane)
Ashe, Richard Esq. (Ashe Grove)
Ashe, Richard Esq. (Ivy Lodge)
Barry, Rev. James, c.c. (Main Street)
Barry, Thomas, Esq. (Firville)
Barter, Joseph, Esq. (Droumcorrow)
Bedmish, Rev. John (Castle Street)
Boyle, James, Esq. (Boyle Grove)
Browne, St. George, Esq. (Rockborough)
Browne, William G. Esq. (Cowlcower)
Cooper, Thomas, Esq. (Cooperville)
Foley, Rev. Daniel c.c. (Main Street)
Gollock, Lewis, esq. (Classes)
Gollock, Thomas, Esq. (Lee Mount)
Hedges, the Hon. William White (Macroom Castle)
Kirchhoffer, Rev. Richard B. (Ballyvourney Glebe)
Lee, the Very Rev. Thomas P.P. & V.G. (Main Street)
Lucey, Daniel, Esq. (Main Street)
Minhen, Henry, Esq. (Carrigafooka)
Minhen, James Esq. (Raleigh)
Pearson, John Esq. (Mount Cross)
Radley, Thomas, Esq. (Rockville)
Ronayne, Patrick Esq. (Castle View)
Swansy, Rev. Henry (The Rectory)
Sweet, Benjamin Esq. (Greenville)
Warren, Sir Augustus Bart. (Warren's Court)
Warren, Massey H. Esq. (Codrum)
Warren, Robert, Esq. (Fairy Land)
Willaims, Peter Esq. (The Grove)
Woodley, Francis G. Esq. (Leeds)

**Acdemies & Schools**
Brennan, Denis (Main Street)
Foley, Patrick (Castle Street)
Ford, John (The Square)
National School, Main Street--
Michael Wall, master; Margaret
Donavan, mistress.
Rogers, John (Main Street)
Scannell, John (Massey Town)

Ryan, Matthew (The Square)
White, Frances (The Square)
White, Nicholas (The Square)

McCarthy, Charles (Castle Street)
O'Connell, Michael (The Square)
O'Donnell, Herbert Eyre (Castle Street and 44
William Street, Dublin)

Baldwin, James (The Square)
Cotter, Thomas (Sleevian Road)
Duggan, Cornelius (The Square)
Magner, Denis (The Square)
Magner, Patrick (The Square)
Welply, Samuel (The Square)

Hurley, Garrett (Massey Town)
McKeeffe, Patrick (Castle Street)

**Boot & Shoe Makers**
Cotter, William (Sleevian Road)
Driscoll, John (Sleevian Road)
Horgan, Cornelius (& leather seller, The Square)
Lane, Patrick (Castle Street)
Lucey, John (Main Street)
Murphy, Matthew (The Square)
Murphy, Timothy (Castle Street)
Riordan, John (Main Street)
Scannel, Richard (Main Street)
Williams, John (The Square)

Bryen, William (Shambles)
Murphy, Timothy (Shambles)
Murphy, William (Shambles)

Buckley, Daniel (Massey Town)
Duggan, Cornelius (Castle Street)
Lynch, Deula(?hard to read first name) (Massey Town)

**Grocers & Dealers in Sundries**
Bradley, Michael (Sleevian Road)
Callahan, Daniel (The Square)
Cooke, Elizabeth (The Square)
Denehy, Bartholomew (The Square)
Hogg, Mary (The Square)
Keleher, Cornelius (The Square)
Lynch, Edmund (The Square)
McCarthy, Charles (The Square)
Murphy, Joseph (The Square)
Murphy, William (Main Street)
Neville, Elizabeth (The Square)
O'Leary, Margaret (The Square)
Riordan, Catherine (The Square)

**Hardware Dealers**
Horgan, John (The Square)
Horgan, Thomas (The Square)

**Inns & Public Houses**
Baldwin, James (Main Street)
Barry, David (The Square)
Brien, Michael (The Square)
Callahan, Ellen (The Square)
Coughlen, Ann (The Square)
Desmond, Timothy (Main Street)
Donovan, Bartholomew (The Square)
Goold, Edmund (Main Street)
Honahan, William (The Square)
Horgan, Patrick (The Square)
Keleher, William (The Square)
Lane, Redmond (The Square)
Lucy, Daniel (Main Street)
Lynch, Timothy (Castle Street)
McNamara, Daniel (The Square)
Meskell, Catherine (Main Street)
O'Brien, John (Castle Street)
O'Leary, Patrick (Main Street)
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah (Castle Street)
Regan, John (The Square)
Riordan, John (New Street)
Tuomy, Mary (New Street)
Williams, John (Queen's Arms Hotel, The Square)
Williams, Mary (The Square)

**Linen Drapers**
Cooper, Thomas (The Square)
Murphy, Stephen (The Square)
O'Sullivan, William (The Square)
Welply, James (The Square)
Welply, Samuel William (Castle Street)

Barrey, Thomas (Berlick Mills)
Walton, John (Macroom Mills)

**Nail Makers**
Bryen, Jeremiah (Main Street)
Cronin, Daniel (Sleevian Road)
Keleher, James (Main Street)
Leary, Denis (Sleevian Road)
Mahony, Denis (The Square)

Creed, Cornelius (The Square)
Wiseman, George (The Square)

**Physicians & Surgeons**
Barry, William (The Square)
Crooke, Warren (Castle Street)
Furlong, William (Coulalther Cottage)
McSwiney, Valentine (The Square)

**Rag & Paper Dealers**
Dienan, John (Castle Street)
Mahony, Cornelius (Castle Street)

Bennett, David (Castle Street)
Keleher, Denis (Castle Street)
Lynch, Daniel (Castle Street)
O'Sullivan, John (Castle Street)
Williams, John (The Square)

Luddy, Matthew (Castle Street)
McCarthy, Denis (Main Street)

Keleher, John (Main Street)
Murphy, Stephen (& manufactr., The Square)

Ashe, Edward, corn merchant (Castle Street)
Barter, William, cabinet maker (The Square)
Callaghan, Michael, currier (The Square)
Collins, Michael, hatter (The Square)
Collins, Richard, painter (Main Street)
Fitzgerald, Michael, dyer (Main Street)
Horgan, John, road contractor (Castle Street)
Keleher, Eliza, earthenware dealer (The Square)
Leary, Denis, wheelwright (Sleevian Road)
McSwiney, John, turner (Massey Town)

**Places of Worship & Their Ministers**
Established Church, Castle Street--
Rev. Henry Swansy, rector, Rectory.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Main Street--
Very Rev. Thomas Lee, parish priest and vicar-general,
Main Street; and Rev. James Barry and Rev. Daniel Foley,
curates, Main Street.

**Public Institutions, &c.**
Constabulatory Station, Massey Town--
Richard Hadnett, sub-inspector
Loan Fund Office, Court House--
Rev. Henry Swansy, treasurer.
Union Workhouse, Massey Town--
Henry O'Brien, master; Martha Horgan, matron;
James Burdon, clerk to the board of guardians, Cork road.

**Coaches & Cars**

To CORK, the Royal Marl (from Tralee) calls at the Queen's Arms Hotel every day at a quarter past twelve-- a car calls at the same inn every morning at eight--and another (from Killarney), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at twelve Noon.-- A car from Mrs. Coughlan's Tavern, every morning at seven- and one, from the Victoria Coach Office, at the same hour.

To KILLARNEY, a car from CORK calls at the Queen's Arms, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, forenoon, at eleven.

To TRALEE, The Royal Marl from Cork calls at the Queen's every forenoon at a quarter past eleven, goes through Killarney.

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