Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Co. Cork
(with the Villages of Bailick and Ballinacurra)

Updated 12 Apr 2001

Submitted by Sheri Delaney and posted here with her kind permission.

Midleton is a market and corporate town and parish, in the barony of Imokilly, county of Cork, 156 miles S.W. from Dublin, and 16-1/2 E. from Cork; eligibly situated on the main road between the latter city and Waterford through Youghal, at the north-east angle of Cork harbour, and on the Anachora, or Midleton river, which is navigable for vessels of near three hundred tons burthern to Ballinacurra. The town consists chiefly of one long spacious street, intersected by a few smaller ones. The scenery in many parts is very beautiful, and the country around is in a high state of cultivation.

The manufacture of fine woollen cloths, at one time, was carried on extensively, but has, for some year, been discontinued, and government afterwards purchased the premises for barracks. They were subsequently bought by Lord Midleton, and are now the property of Messrs. Murphy and Co. who have converted them into a distiller - perhaps the most extensive in the south of Ireland, being capable of producing three hundred thousand galls of whisky annually. Until within these few years there were other distilleries in the town, besides some large breweries, at which time the duty realized by the revenue, in this department, from Midleton, amounted to 100,000 pounds annually. In consequence, however of the happy progress of temperance, or some other cause, there exists no longer any breweries here, and but the one distillery above referred to.

The trade in corn is important, and the stores of Messrs. Coppinger Brothers, and the flour mills of Mr. Allen, are of considerable magnitude; the latter sending into the market three thousand bags of flour annually.

Midleton has been improving for some time; it supports a branch of the National Bank of Ireland, and promises to occupy an important position on the new line of railway.

The town received a charter of incorporation from Charles II, under which it returned two members to the Irish parliament until the Union, when it was disfranchised. The general quarter sessions for the East Riding of the county are held here in June and November, and petty sessions once a fortnight. Lord Midleton is patron of the town and lord of the manor, and is entitled to hold a court of record, by his seneschal, every three weeks for the recovery of debts not exceeding 200 pounds Irish currency, but no court has been held for several years. The courthouse is a small neat structure, with a bridewell attached.

The parish church of Saint John, re-erected in 1823, is a neat stone structure in the later English style. The glebe house is a spacious and handsome residence and is pleasantly situated. The other places of worship of two Roman Catholic chapels - that at the eastern extremity of the town is a spacious edifice; the other, a smaller one, is situated at Ballintoretis. The convent of the Presentation is a handsome building, consisting of a centre and two wings, one of which forms the domestic chapel, the other a spacious schoolroom, in which five hundred children of the poor receive, from the ladies of the convent, a gratuitous education.

In 1709 a college was founded here by the then Lady Elizabeth Villiers, in which some of the most shining characters in the kingdom received their early education-amongst these John Philpot Curran; the establishment has since fallen to decay.

A branch of the Royal Agricultural Society is established here, to which is attached a library, containing many important and standard works upon agriculture; a sum of more than 120 pounds is awarded annually to various competitors and from its last report, the society appears to be in a thriving condition.

The union workhouse is a large handsome building, standing upon an area of seven acres, the gift of Lord Midleton; it is capable of holding eight hundred poor.

The market house is a spacious building; the upper apartments are appropriated to the use of the town authorities and occasional assemblies.

The public charities comprise a fever hospital and dispensary and two schools, one of which is under the care of the rector of the parish.

The market, which is a very considerable one, is held on Saturday. Fairs February 14th, May 14th, July 5th, September 10th, October 10th, and November 22nd.

The parish of Midleton contained, in 1841, 6,636 inhabitants and the town 4,591 of that number.

BALLICK is a small village and hamlet in the parish of, and may indeed be deemed a suburb of Midleton, being not more that a quarter of a mile from that town. It possesses a good quay, at which vessels of two hundred tons burthen can be moored close to and discharge their cargoes. There are large stores for iron, coal, culm, &c. Population returned with Midleton.

BALLINACURRA is a large village, in the borough and parish of Midleton, about one mile from that town, rendered important from its being a branch of Cork harbour, and the shipping port for Midleton. There are some very extensive corn and coal stores, among which are those of Mr. Hallaran, the largest in the south of Ireland, and who supplies the celebrated house of Messrs. Guinness and Co. Dublin. Population returned with Midleton.

POST OFFICE, Main Street, Joseph Brabazon, Post Master - Letters from Dublin, the North of Ireland, England, & c. arrive (from Rathcormac) every morning at nine, and are despatched thereto every evening at half-past five. Letters from Dublin and the South of Ireland arrive (from Waterford) every evening at half-past six, and are despatched thereto every morning at half-past five.
Letters from Cork arrive every morning at half-past five and evening at six, and are despatched thereto every morning at ten and evening at half-past six. -The box closes one hour previous to the despatch of the mails.

** Nobility, Gentry and Clergy**

Adams, Jas., Esq., Ballyannon House
Atkins, John, Esq., Leadington
Barry, Edmund, Esq., Dundilerick
Barry, G. Standish, Esq., Lemlara House
Barry, Garrett, Esq., Rockville
Barry, Henry, Esq., Barry's Lodge
Barry, James, Esq., Dundilerick
Barry, Thomas, Esq., Rockville
Barry, William, Esq., Rockville
Brien, Rev.Edwd.(curate), Midleton
Coppinger, Rev. Stephen, Midleton
Coppinger, Thomas, Esq., Rosmore
Coppinger, Thos. S., Esq., Midleton
Cotter, Rev. G.E., Glenview
Courteney, John, Esq., Ballyedmond
Courteney, Mr. Thomas, the Green
Durdin, Mrs.__, Rock Terrace
Foulke, Cousen, Esq., Roxborough
Gaggin, Rev. Richard, Rock Terrace House
Garde, Edward, Esq., Ballinacurra House
Gifford, Rev. William, Union Lodge
Greene, Rev. William, L.L.D., Midleton House
Hackett, Bartholomew, Esq., Midleton
Hackett, William, Esq., Midleton
Herbert, John K., Esq., Longbarrig
Humphreys, Wm., Esq., Broomfield
Jones, Rev. Francis, Rectory
Jones, Rev. Henry, Chapel Road
Keane, Rev. William, Midleton
Longfield, Robert, Esq., Rose Hill
McObey, William, Esq., Stumphill
Martin, George, Esq., Greenville
Martin, Hughes, Esq., Tullagreen
Meade, Rev. William, Brodrick St.
Murray, Rev. Thos. Lindley, Midleton
O'Callaghan, Denis, Cahirduggan
O'Donovan, Jeremiah, Esq., Midleton
O'Hea, Mrs. Margaret, Brodrick St.
Power, Pierce, Esq., Clonmult
Rose, William, Esq., Chapel Road
Saunders, Rev. William Herbert, Carrigtoohil
Saunders, William Herbert, Esq., J.P.
Smyth, John, Esq., Ratheuncy
Upton, Mr. William, Midleton
Wakeham, William, Esq., Water Rock
Warren, Mrs. Alice, Midleton
Welland, Henry N. Esq., Killeagh Farm
Wigmore, Richard, Esq., Ballynona
Wigmore, Thomas, Esq., Ballyvodock
Wigmore, William, Esq., Ballynona
Wilson, Henry, Esq., Ballnaclashy
Wilson, Joseph, Esq., Ballycrana

** Academies and Schools **
Chalmers Esther & Elizabeth Matilda
(boarding and day), Main St.
Convent Female National School, Chapel Road
Endowed School, Midleton -
John Turpin, M.A. master
National School (boys), Chapel Road
Timothy Lynch, master
Parochial Free School
Wm. Harrington, master
Rebecca Mooney, mistress

** Apothecaries**
Dowden, Robert, Main St.
Hudson, John, Main St.
Lawrence, George Joseph, Main St.

** Attorneys**
Fleming, Swithin, Lake View
Foley, Thomas (and agent to Lord Midleton),
Main St.
Greene, Michael (and agent), Midleton House
McCarthy, Alexander, Chapel Road
Nagle, James, Main St.
O'Donovan, James Dewitt, Main St.

** Bakers**
All on Main Street
Barry, Edmund
Bransfield, Thos.
Delany, Martin
Dunn, Philip
Edwardes, Mary
Jones, Richard
Lane, Mary
Linahan, John
Mooney, Williaim
O'Brien, John
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah

** Bank**
National Bank of Ireland (Branch)
(draws on Barnetts', Hoare & Co. London)
Mr. E.S. Coppinger, manager

** Boot and Shoe Makers**
Barry, Patrick, Main St.
Brabazon, Joeph, Main St.
Callaghan, Bartholomew, William St.
Curran, Christian, William St.
Durham, Barry, Charles St.
Leahy, Denis, Main St.
Moore, Patrick, Main St.
Murray, John, Main St.
Murray, John, Main St.
O'Sullivan, Denis, Main St.

** Butchers**
Fitzgerald, Michael, Main St.
Fitzgerald, William, Charles St.
Hearn, John, Charles St.
Kearny, Michael, Charles St.
Sheehan, Michael, Charles St.
White, Mathias, Charles St.

** Carpenters**
Clarke, Richard, Main St.
Lynch, Patrick, Main St.
Riordan, Thomas, Main St.

** Coal Merchants**
Barry, Robert, Ballinacurra
Fitzgerald, Michael, Midleton
Rumbley & Co., Ballinacurra
Rumbley, Frederick G., Ballinacurra
Sheean, Bartholomew, Ballinacurra

** Confectioners**
Jones, Richard, Main St.
Sheehan, Margaret, Main St.

** Coopers**
Hennessey, John, Main St.
Kearney, Henry, William St.
Leahy, Thomas, Main St.
Twomy, John, Main St.

** Distillers**
Murphy, James, jun.& Co.,
Midleton Distillery

** Dyers**
Carden, John, Main St.
Cogan, Michael, Main St.

** Grocers**
Barry, Ellen, Main St.
Bourke, Mary, Main St.
Collins, Catherine, Main St.
Delany, Martin, Main St.
Fitzgibbon, George, Main St.
Foley, John, Main St.
Francis, Edmund, Main St.
Linahan, John, Main St.
McCarthy, Catherine, Main St.
Murphy, Hannah, Main St.

** Haberdashers**
See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers

** Harness Makers**
Buckley, Michael, Charles St.
Lenehan, Edward, Main St.
McAuliffe, John, Charles, St.

** Hotels**
(See also Public Houses)
Burke, Margaret, Main St.
Tattan, John, Main St.

** Ironmongers and Hardware Dealers**
Barry, Robert, Main St.
Bourke, Walsh & Co., Main St.

** Leather Sellers**
Delany, Martin, Main St.
Lehan, Thomas, Main St.
O'Donovan, Jeremiah, Main St.

** Linen & Woollen Drapers and Haberdashers**
Barry, Ellen, Main St.
Callaghan, Matthias, Main St.
Collins, Catherine, Main St.
Hogan, Daniel, Main St.
Leahy, James (linen), Main St.
McCarthy, William, Main St.
Murnane, Michael, Main St.

** Maltster**
Hallaran, John, Charlestown

** Merchants**
Barry, Robert (& ship owner), Ballinacurra
Coppinger, Thos. Stephen & Richard
(& ship owners), Midleton
McCall & Co., Charlestown

** Millers**
Allin, Samuel, Main St.
Hallinan, Timothy, Miltown Mills

** Milliners & Dress Makers**
Connor, Ann, Main St.
Hall, Mary & Fanny, Main St.
Hickey, Winifred, Chapel Road

** Painters and Glaziers**
Green, John, Main St.
O'Brien, Denis, Charles St.
Scanlon, James, Main St.
Wilson, John, Chapel Road

** Pawnbrokers**
Higgins, Ann & John, Charles St.
Higgins, John, Main St.
Trenwith, William Henry, Main St.

** Physicians & Surgeons**
Barry, Joseph, Midleton
Boston, John, Main St.
Keane, Simon H., Youghal Road
Walsh, Philip, Nicholas, Main St.

** Public Houses**
Barry, John, Main St.
Bransfield, Thomas, Main St.
Brien, John, Main St.
Burgess, Edmund, Main St.
Carroll, Edmund, Charles St.
Cody, Richard, Main St.
Condon, John, Charles St.
Connell, John, Main St.
Corkran, Michael, Main St.
Cotter, Lawrence, Main St.
Curran, Christian, Green's Terrace
Delany, William, William St.
Donovan, James, Main St.
Dorgan, Timothy, William St.
Farrell, Edward, Main St.
Fitzgerald, Edmund, Main St.
Forrest, James, Glebe Lane
Forrest, John, Main St.
Geary, John, Main St.
Higgins, Patrick, Charles St.
Keeffe, John, William St.
Leahy, Thomas, Main St.
McCarthy, Michael, Main St.
Mahony, Patrick, Main St.
Moore, Ann, Main St.
O'Sullivan, Denis, Main St.
Ronayne, William, Main St.
Walsh, James, Main St.

** Spirit Dealers**
Buckley, Richard, Main St.
Fitzgibbon, George, Main St.
Foley, John, Main St.
Francis, Edmund, Main St.

** Stone Masons**
Forrest, James, Glebe Lane
Mannix, Edward, Main St.
Twomy, Michael, Main St.

** Tailors**
Barry, John, Main St.
Coates, William, Chapel Road
Connelly, William, Charles St.
McCarthy, Eugene, Charles St.
McSwiney, Daniel Richard, Chapel Road

** Tallow Chandlers**
Garde, John, Main St.
McSwiney, John, Main St.

** Tanners**
Bourke, Walsh & Co., Main St.
Keane, John, Main St.

** Tobacconists**
Buckley, Richard, Main St.
Flynn, William, Main St.
Lane, William, Main St.
O'Keeffe, Ann, Main St.
Prenderville, Thomas, Main St.

** Woollen Drapers**
See Linen and Woollen Drapers

** Miscellaneous**
Dickinson, Belinda, shopkeeper, Main St.
Donovan, John, gardener, Chapel Road
Hicky, John, fellmonger, Darby's Lane
Leahy, Ellen, shopkeeper, Main St.
Leahy, John, fellmonger, Charles St.
Riordan, Denis, shopkeeper, Main St.
Smyth, Dominic, cabinet maker, Chapel Road

** Places of Worship** And their Ministers

Parish Church
Rev. Francis Jones, rector, Glebe House
Rev. Edward H. Brien, curate, Main St.
Roman Catholic Chapel
Rev. William Keane, parish priest
Rev. Stephen Coppinger and
Rev. Thomas Lindley Murray, curates
Convent of the Presentation, Chapel Road

** Public Institutions, &c.**
*Union Workhouse*
Master, Patrick Burke
Matron, Mary Scanlon
Clerk to the Board of Guardians
James Cotter
Surgeon, Joseph Barry, M.D.
Protestant Chaplain, Rev. Francis Jones
Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. William Keane
Resident Apothecary, Daniel H. Varian

*Agricultural Society*
Alexander McCarthy, secretary, Chapel Road

*Constabulary Office, Main St.*
Geo. White, sub-inspector, Brodrick St.

*Court House and Bridewell*
Rev. Francis Jones, local inspector
John Montgomery, governor of the Bridewell and
keeper of the Court House

*Excise Office, Main St.*
James Chevaller, supervisor

*Fever Hospital*<
Joseph Barry, surgeon and physician
*Stamp Office, Main St.*
Daniel O'Sullivan, sub-distributor

** Coaches and Cars**
To Cloyne,
A Car (from Cork) calls at the Coach Office, Main St., every evening at half-past six.

To Cork,
The Royal Mail (from Waterford), calls at Anne Moore's, Main St., every evening at half-past six.
Two day coaches (from Youghal), call at the Coach Office, Main St., every morning at half-past ten, and every evening at half-past five.
A car (from Cloyne) calls at the Coach Office, Main St., every morning at half-past eight.

To Rathcormac,
A Mail Car, from the Post Office, every evening at five.

To Waterford,
The Royal Mail (from Cork) calls at Anne Moore's, every morning at half-past five, goes through Castle-Martyr, Youghal, Tallow, Lismore, Cappoquin, Dungarvan and Kilmacthomas.

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