Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Co. Cork

Updated 12 Apr 2001

Submitted by Sheri Delaney and posted here with her kind permission.

A market town, in the parish of Clonfert, barony of Duhallow, county of Cork, is 155 miles SW from Dublin, 38 NW from Cork and about 5 NW from Kanturk. It is situated near the northwestern boundary of the county on a small stream, which falls into the river Dallua a little below the town.

The ancient name of this place was Ahahasne, or 'the place of the ford,' from its situation near a ford, now superseded by a neat bridge at the entrance of the town. Its present name is derived from the establishment of its market, granted to the Aldworth family by James I. It consists principally of two streets intersecting each other and contiguous to the town is its principal ornament, Newmarket House, the elegant mansion of Richard Oliver Aldworth, Esq. the lord of the manor.

The trade of the place is almost limited to shopkeeping. Petty sessions are held every alternate Friday, in a new courthouse, a stone building beneath which the market is held.

The parish church, a neat structure, possesses little to attract notice and its lofty tower and spire alone render it conspicuous. The Roman Catholic chapel is of considerable dimensions; the site of it was a gift of the late Richard Aldworth, Esq., who also contributed towards the expense of its erection. The altar, which is much admires, is a copy from that of the ancient abbey of Quin.

A free school patronized by the Aldworth family; one for boys under the National Board of Education, and another in connexion with the Catholic chapel, are the gratuitous educational establishments. A fever hospital for the indigent poor is the other principal charity.

Newmarket was the birthplace of the celebrated John Philpot Curran.

The market is held on Friday. Fairs April 21st, June 8th, July 16th, September 8th, October 9th and November 21st. Clonfert is a populous parish containing upwards of 20,000 inhabitants. The population of Newmarket in 1841 was 1,899.

POST OFFICE, Main Street, Eugene Hartney, Post Master. Letters from all parts arrive by (foot post from Kanturk) every afternoon at five and are despatched every morning at ten minutes before seven.

**Gentry and Clergy**
Aldworth, Richard Oliver, Esq., Newmarket House
Aldworth, Robert, Esq., Newmarket House
Allen, William, Esq., Lisconguill
Bechinor, Rev. Jeremiah, P.P. and V.G., Kilowen Cottage
Bernard, Capt. Walter, New Road
Kenny, Rev. Simon, Main St.
Leahy, Daniel, Esq., Rossicon
M'Cartie, Denis, Esq., Wood View
Morton, Rev. James, Kanturk
Murray, Rev. Denis, Scarteen St.
O'Callaghan, Denis, Esq., Grannavorig
O'Connell, Mrs. Anne, the Cottage
O'Keeffe, Manus, Esq., Mount Keeffe
Purdon, Mrs. Margaret, Main St.
Smith, the Misses Elizabeth, Hannah, Catherine and Sarah, Main St.
Stannard, Edward, Esq., the Priory
Walsh, Rev. Edward, C.C., Ballytona

**Academies and Schools**
Lady Aldworth's Free School (female) Main St.
Margaret Webb, mistress
Lewis, William, Main St.
M'Kenna, John, New Line
Robert Phillips, master
Shugrue, John, Scarteen St.

Blennerhassett, John, Main St.
Lyons, Michael Joseph, Scarteen St.

Ahern, Timothy, Scarteen St.
Gilllman, Richard, Anne St.
Hartney, Eugene, Main St.
Sheehan, Timothy, Scarteen St.

Allen, Richard, Anne St.
Bennett, Edward, Main St.
Brennan, Michael, Main St.
Kennelly, Cornelius, Anne St.
Vaughan, Philip, Scarteen St.

**Boot and Shoe Makers**
Bourke, William, Main St.
Bunworth, Willliam, Scarteen St.
Doody, William, Main St.
Duggan, John, Scarteen St.
Flynn, Denis, Main St.
Flynn, Patrick, Scarteen St.
Long, Edmund, Scarteen St.
Long, Richard, Anne St.

See Stone Masons & Builders

Collins, Edmund, Kerry Road
Collins, Owen, Kerry Road
Cronin, James, Scarteen St.
Sheehan, Michael, Scarteen St.
Sheehan, Patrick, Scarteen St.

Ahern, Patrick, Chapel Lane
Brown, Michael, Main St.
Dinehan, Thomas, Anne St.
Kelly, Jeremiah, Main St.
M'Auliffe, Florence, Chapel Lane
M'Auliffe, John, Main St.

Carty, Thaddeus, Chapel Lane
Green, Denis, Scarteen St.
O'Connor, Cornelius, Anne St.

**Grocers and Dealers in Sundries**
Boyle, Ellen, Scarteen St.
Cavannah, Mary, Scarteen St.
Connor, Edward, Scarteen St.
Curtain, Cornelius, Scarteen St.
Eames, Richard, Anne St.
Gillman, Richard, Anne St.
Graham, James, Main St.
Hartney, Eugene, Main St.
M'Auliffe, John, Main St.
Miller, Peter, Main St.
Murphy, Callaghan, Scarteen St.
Murphy, Jeremiah, Main St.
O'Brien, Andrew, Main St.
O'Brien, John, Main St.
Reardon, Henry, Anne St.

**Hearse Proprietors**
Brown, Michael, Main St.
Curtain, Cornelius (& car), Scarteen St.
O'Brien, Andrew, Main St.

**Inns and Public Houses**
Curtain, Wm. Callaghan, Scarteen St.
Gillman, Johanna, Scarteen St.
Graham, James, Main St.
Hartney, Eugene, Hotel, Main St.
M'Gillycuddy, Florence, Scarteen St.
Murphy, Callaghan, Scarteen
Murphy, Jeremiah, Main St.
O'Brien, Andrew, Main St.
O'Brien, John, Main St.
O'Leary, Cornelius, Scarteen St.
Reordon, Henry, Anne St.
Taylor, Robert, Main St.

Curtain, Wm Callaghan, Scarteen St.
Murphy, Jeremiah, Main St.
O'Brien, Andrew, Main St.
Taylor, Robt. (& timber dealer), Main St.

**Leather Sellers**
M'Auliffe, John, Main St.
Murphy, Callaghan, Scarteen St.
Murphy, Jeremiah, Main St.

**Linen & Woollen Drapers**
Hartney, Eugene, Main St.
Hartney, John, Main St.
M'Auliffe, John, Main St.
O'Brien, Andrew, Main St.

**Mail Makers**
Crane, Cornelius, Anne St.
Hubbard, Michael, Scarteen St.
Leahy, Michael, Anne St.
Leahy, Thomas, Anne St.

**Painters and Glaziers**
Duggan, Jeremiah, Scarteen St.
Gillman, Richard, Anne St.
Moran, Denis, Kerry Road

**Physicians & Surgeons**
O'Keefe, Charles, M.D., Mount Keeffe
Smith, Henry Joseph, M.D., Oxclose Cottage

Brien, Michael, Main St.
Mulcahy, John, Scarteen St.

**Stone Masons & Builders**
Chantry, Michael, Scarteen St.
O'Brien, Denis, Anne St.
O'Brien, Garrett, Kerry Road
O'Brien, John, Kerry Road
Shea, Timothy, Scarteen Road

See Physicians and Surgeons

Flynn, John, Scarteen St.
Horan, Kerry, Meelan
Quinn, Michael, Warren

Caughlin, Timothy, Scarteen St.
O'Keefe, Cornelius, Kerry Road
Shea, Jeremiah, Charleville Lane
Shea, Patrick, Main St.

Brown, Michael, Main St.
Duggan, Daniel, Scarteen St.
Greany, John, Anne St.
M'Donnell, John, Anne St.
Moyland, Denis, Pound Hill
Stephenson, Joseph, Pound Hill

**Woollen Drapers**
See Linen and Woollen Drapers

Flynn, Maurice, spinning wheel maker, Scarteen St.
Hinch, Michael, spinning wheel maker, Anne St.
Kenny, Arthur, nurseryman, Pound Hill
Lehane, Denis, slater, Chapel Lane
Mullane, Connor, livery stable keeper, Anne St.
Smith, George, land & estate agent, Main St.

**Places of Worship**
And their Ministers
Rev. James Morton, vicar, Kanturk
Rev. Simon Kenny, curate, Main St.
Rev. Jeremiah Bechinor, P.P. and vicar general, Kilowen Cottage
Rev. Edward Walsh, Ballytona and
Rev. Denis Murray, Scarteen St., Curates

**Public Institutions, &c.**
John Hall, sergeant
Henry Joseph Smith, visiting physician, Oxclose Cottage

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