Rathcormac And Castle-Lyons

Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland
Rathcormac And Castle-Lyons
Co. Cork

Updated 9 Nov 2002

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RATHCORMAC is a market and post town (formerly a parliamentary borough), and a parish, in the barony of Barrymore, county of Cork, about 140 miles from Dublin and between 17 and 18 north-east from Cork; situated on the river Bride, and between the cities above named. The town consists of one principal street and a few small ones. Several pretty cottages, erected by the Hon. CHARLES L. TONSON, embellish the Cork entrance to the town, and Lord RIVERSDALE's seat is a great ornament to the vicinity. With the exception of an extensive tannery, a fine nursery, and an excellent commercial inn, the business of the place is that of general character sustained in rural towns. The seneschal of the manor holds a court occasionally, for the recovery of small debts, and the magistrates assemble in petty sessions once a fortnight. The town was erected into a free borough by Charles II, and the inhabitants obtained the privilege of returning tow members to the Irish parliament, which they continued to exercise until the Union, when the borough was disfranchised.

The parish church is ancient and rather handsome; it was enlarged in 1828, by means of assistance from the Board of the First Fruits. The Roman Catholic chapel, erected in 1816 on a site given by Lord Riversdale, is a large cruciform edifice, with a low square tower. The Wesleyans have a small place of worship; and there is a fever hospital and a dispensary. A national school, a parochial school for females, a loan fund, and a Bible society are the other institutions established in Rathcormac.

The inhabitants possess a charter for a market but they do not avail themselves of it. Fairs August 12th and November 9th; these are held on a beautiful green in the deer park of Lord Riversdale. Population of Rathcormac parish, in the year 1841, was 5,324, inclusive of 1,321 inhabitants of the town.

CASTLE-LYONS is a neat, small market town, in the parish of its name, partly in the barony of Condons and Clongibbons, but chiefly in that of Barrymore, 2 1/2 miles E. by N. from Rathcormac, pleasantly situated in a fertile valley near the river Bride. It was anciently called Castle Lehan, from the castle belonging to the sept or clan of LEHAN being situated here. On the ruins of this castle stood the stately mansion of the BARRYMORE family, which was consumed by fire in 1771. In removing some of the old castle walls a stone chimney piece was discovered, on which was inscribed, LEHAN O'CVLLANE ROC VECIT MCIIII. (Lehan O Cullane erected this in the year 1104), furnishing proof that private structures of stone were erected in Ireland at an earlier period than is generally allowed. Except a corn mill and a small flannel manufactory, there is no particular branch of trade here. A manorial court is held occasionally, by the seneschal, under S. PERROT, Esq. of Cork, to whom the manor belongs, and who has established a free school for the children of the parish.

The church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, is a chaste building, situated on a gentle acclivity close to the town. In the church-yard, over the family vault, is erected a marble statue of JAMES, EARL OF BARRYMORE, who, in the reign of Queen Anne, was distinguished for his virtues as a patriotic statesman and philanthropist. In 1771 a neat Catholic chapel was erected about half a mile east of town. The market, chiefly for poultry, is held on Thursday. Fairs January 1st, Easter Monday, Whit-Monday, August 28th, September 29th, and November 16th. Population of the parish, in 1841, 5,536, and of the town 775 of that number.

POST OFFICE, RATHCORMAC, Miss MARY ANNE LONGSTAFF, Post Mistress.- Letters from Dublin and various parts North, North-west and East, likewise from England, arrive (from Cashel) every morning at five and (from Clonmel) at half-past twelve noon, and are despatched (through the first named town) every evening at half-past eight and (through the latter town) at half-past twelve noon in the summer and eighteen minutes past one in the winter. Letter from Cork and various places South and West arrive every day at half-past twelve in summer and in winter at two, and are despatched at half-past twelve noon in summer and eighteen minutes past one in winter.

POST OFFICE, CASTLE-LYONS, RICHARD DALTON, Post Master.- Letters from all parts arrive (by foot post from Rathcormac) every afternoon at half-past one, and are despatched thereto every morning at ten minutes past eleven.

Ahern, Rev. Thomas, Castle-Lyons
Barry, Edward, Esq., Bride Villa
Barry, Rev. Philip (vicar), Berry's Hill
Cagnery, ____, Esq., Ballyclough
Croker, Samuel, Esq., Holly Hill
Devonshire, Abraham John, Esq., Mountain Cottage, Dallyrady
Downie, Rev. William, Glebe House
Duggan, Rev. Patrick, P.P., Castle-Lyons
Edgar, Bartholomew, Esq., High Park
Evans, Mrs. Ann, Rathcormac
Fetman, John, Esq., High Park
Hallahan, Mrs. Cathn., Rathcormac
Hallahan, Miss Frances, Rathcormac
Kirby, Mr. Arthur, Rathcormac
Mackay, Michael, Esq., Ballyrobents
O Brien, Cornelius, Esq., Kilcur
O Connell, David, Esq., Rathcormac
O Donovan, Rev. Chas., Rathcormac
Oliver, Maurice, Esq., Torremore
O Riordan, Rev. Daniel, Rathcormac
Patterson, John, Esq., Pellick
Peard, Hawke, Esq., Coole Abbey
Peard, Cap't. Wm. Love, Rathbarry
Reeves, Edward, Esq., Balligsane
Riversdale, Rt. Hon. Lord, Lisnegar
Roche, Edmd. Esq., M.P., Kilshannock
Ryder, Rev, Joshua B. (rector), Castle-Lyons House
Ryder, Rev., William (archdeacon), Ballinterry
Sloane, Mr. John, Rathcormac
Sullivan, John, Esq., Moherea House
Wigmore, Henry, Esq., Kilbarry
Wilson, Edward, Esq., Scartbarry

Mahony, Patrick, Castle-Lyons
NATIONAL SCHOOL-Castle-Lyons, John Sullivan, Master
NATIONAL SCHOOL- Rathcormac, William Haly, Master, Ann O Hea, Mistress
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL- Castle-Lyons, Richard Dalton, Master
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL (girls)- Rathcormac, Elizbth. Lindsey, Mistress
Scannell, Peter, Rathcormac
Spring, John, Rathcormac

Barry, Edward (to Lord Riversdale), Bride Villa
Fitzgerald, William Edmund (for Beamish and Crawford's porter, and general
Commission agent), Castle-Lyons

O Connell, David, Rathcormac
Sullivan, Edmund, Moherea House

Ambrose, Michael, Rathcormac
Connell, John, Castle-Lyons
Dinneen, Thomas, Rathcormac
Doyle, John, Rathcormac
Foley, William, Rathcormac
M'Inerny, Michael, Castle-Lyons
Melton, Robert, Rathcormac
Quick, Beriah, Castle-Lyons
Roche, Daniel, Castle-Lyons
Roche, Thomas, Castle-Lyons

Cahill, John, Rathcormac
Callanan, Denis, Castle-Lyons
Corbett, William, Castle-Lyons
Falvey, Patrick, Rathcormac
Fitzgerald, James, Rathcormac
Godson, Thomas, Rathcormac
Goldsmith, Robert, Rathcormac
Hayes, Timothy, Castle-Lyons
Hoskins, Edward, Castle-Lyons
Leamy, John, Castle-Lyons
Lee, Nicholas, Castle-Lyons
Lotty, Allen, Rathcormac
Mannix, David, Rathcormac
Roche, Edmund, Rathcormac
Roche, Michael, Rathcormac
Wilkinson, Richard, Castle-Lyons

Ahern, Patrick, Rathcormac
Britton, James, Castle-Lyons
Curtin, Patrick, Rathcormac
Forrest, James, Castle-Lyons
Hannan, James, Rathcormac
Hannan, John, Rathcormac
M'Inerny, Thomas, Castle-Lyons

Barry, James, Castle-Lyons
Coghlan, Martin, Rathcormac
Ellis, Jeremiah, Castle-Lyons
Fitzgerald, Edmund, Rathcormac
Fitzgerald, John, Rathcormac
Kirby, Arthur, Castle-Lyons
Noonan, Denis, Rathcormac
O Sullivan, Jeremiah, Rathcormac
Ruth, Edmund, Rathcormac
Ryan, Edmund, Castle-Lyons
Walsh, Robert, Rathcormac

Carty, Maurice, Rathcormac
Kearny, Patrick, Rathcormac

Fitzgerald, William Edmund, Castle-Lyons

Mahony, Denis, Castle-Lyons
O Keeffe, Roger, Rathcormac

Arnolds, Michael (and spirit dealer), Rathcormac
Dalton, Richard, Castle-Lyons
Evans, Anne, Rathcormac
Lynch, Margaret, Castle-Lyons

Commercial Inn, Thos. Mann, Rathcormac
Riverside Arms, John Hawkins, Rathcormac

Daly, John, Castle-Lyons
Daly, Timothy, Rathcormac

Ahern, Garrett, Castle-Lyons
Verling, Garrett, Castle-Lyons

Barry, Edmund, Rathcormac
Collins, Patrick, Castle-Lyons
Dalton, Richard, Castle-Lyons
Evans, Anne, Rathcormac
Tennant, Charles, Rathcormac

Adams, Wm., Rathcormac
Ambrose, Michael (& farrier), Rathcormac
Cullinane, Timothy, Rathcormac
Curtin, Francis, Rathcormac
Donagan, Cornelius, Castle-Lyons
Foohy, Johanna, Castle-Lyons
Hayes, Timothy, Castle-Lyons
Lane, Roger, Rathcormac
Lynch, Margaret, Castle-Lyons
Ryal, John, Rathcormac
Verling, Garrett, Castle-Lyons
Walsh, Edmund, Rathcormac
Ward, Thomas, Rathcormac

Barry, Edward, M.D., Bride Villa
Sullivan, William, Moherea House

Callaghan, Thomas, Rathcormac
Cotter, Patrick, Rathcormac
Mannix, Edmund, Rathcormac

Britton, James, Castle-Lyons
Connors, Daniel, Rathcormac
Cotter, Matthew, Rathcormac
Hammond, Richard, Rathcormac
Norris, Catherine, Rathcormac
O Keeffe, Elizabeth, Rathcormac

Hefferman, Thomas, Rathcormac
Lamb, William, Castle-Lyons
Riely, Patrick, Rathcormac

Ahern, James, Castle-Lyons
Boudren, William, Castle-Lyons
Murphy, Peter, Rathcormac
Roche, Edmund, Rathcormac
Shannon, John, Castle-Lyons
Ward, Thomas, Rathcormac
Wilson, James, Castle-Lyons

O Callaghan James, Rathcormac
O Callaghan, Robert, Rathcormac

Brouder, John, Castle-Lyons
Cotter, John, Rathcormac
Dalton, Jacob, Castle-Lyons
Duggan, Thomas, Castle-Lyons
Huxley, John, Rathcormac
Londregan, Thomas, Castle-Lyons
M'Carthy, James, Rathcormac
M'Namara, John, Rathcormac
O Brien, Michael, Rathcormac
Roche, John, Castle-Lyons
Ryan, William, Castle-Lyons

Clancy, William, Castle-Lyons
Hannan, William, Castle-Lyons
Hoskins, George, Castle-Lyons

O Brien, Michael, Rathcormac
O Keeffe, Cornelius, Rathcormac

Adams, William, baker, Rathcormac
Bowland, John, hair dresser, Rathcormac
Curtin, Wm., road contractor, Rathcormac
Daly, Timothy, ironmonger, Rathcormac
Dowling, John, miller, Castle-Lyons Mills
Godson, Thomas, nurseryman, Rathcormac
Henessy, Bridget, dress mkr., Castle-Lyons
Lynch, Thomas, dyer & flannel manufacturer, Castle-Lyons
Mulcahy, James, painter & glazier, Rathcormac
Nagle, Richd., basket maker, Rathcormac
O Callaghan, Charles, cabinet maker, Rathcormac
O Callaghan, Robert, professor of music, Rathcormac
O Connell, William, tanner, Rathcormac
Prendergast, Michael, nail maker, Rathcormac
Spencer, William, stone cutter, Castle-Lyons

Parish Church, Rathcormac, Rev. William Downie, Glebe House,
John Spring, parish clerk.
Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Rev. Joshua B. Ryder, rector, Castle-Lyons House,
Reverend Philip Berry, vicar, Berry's Hill; Richard Dalton, clerk, Castle-Lyons.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Rathcormac, Rev. Charles O Donovan, parish priest; Rev.
Daniel O Riordan, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Castle-Lyons, Rev. Patrick Duggan, parish priest, Rev. Thomas
Ahern, curate.
Methodist Chapel, Rathcormac, ministers various.

Barrack (Constabulary), Rathcormac, Patrick Walsh, Constable.
Barrack (Constabulary), Castle-Lyons, Thomas Duggan, Constable.
Bible Society, Rathcormac
Dispensary and Fever Hospital, Rathcormac, Edward Barry, M.D.
Physician, Bride Villa
Loan Fund Office, for Rathcormac and Kildinan.

Through Rathcormac
To Dublin, the First Royal Mail (from Cork), every day at twelve goes through
Fermoy, Clonmel, Kilkenny and Carlow--and the Second Royal Mail, every night at nine; goes through Fermoy, Caher, Cashel, Templemore, Kilcullan and Naas.

To Cork, the First Royal Mail (from Dublin), every morning at six--and the Second Royal Mail, every day at twelve; both go through Watergrass Hill--a day Coach, every morning (Sunday excepted) at nine; and Bianconi's Car (from Limerick) every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at half-past three.

To Fermoy, a Mail Car, every morning at six.

To Limerick, Bianconi's car (from Cork), every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight; goes through Glanworth, Kildorrery and Rock Mills.

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