Slater's Skibbereen

Slater's Directory,
Co. Cork

Updated 20 Sept 1999

Submitted by Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi to the Genexchange County Cork mailing list and posted here with her kind permission.

Post Office- Skibbereen- Eugene Leonard, Post Master
Post Office- Castle Townsend- Mary Driscoll, Post Mistress
Post Office- Baltimore- John Goodchild, Post Master

**Gentry & Clergy**
Becher, Richard Henry Hedges, Esq. (Lake Lands)
Beecher, John R. Esq., J.P.
Blisset, Leiutenant Charles (Castle Townsend)
Bush, Rev. Charles, Rectory (Castle Townsend)
Carter, Mr. John (Sea View House)
Clerke, Mrs. Avisia (Rose Bank)
Clerke, Thomas St. John, Esq. (Carriganear)
Collins, John, Esq. (North Street)
Collins, Mr. Thomas (North Street)
Fleming, Lionel, Esq. (New Court)
Freke, Mrs.____, the Castle (Baltimore)
Freke, Miss Jane, the Castle (Baltimore)
Gallwey, Mr. John (North Street)
Goff, Mrs. Charlotte (Bridge Town)
Goodman, Rev. James (New Road)
Hawkey, Lieut. Charles (Castle Townsend)
Herbert, Mrs. Mary (Mall View)
Lamb, Rev. Walter, Rectory (Baltimore)
Levis, John Samuel, Esq. M.D. (Glen View)
Matthews, Miss Jane (Lough Ine)
Norcock, Captain John (Castle Townsend)
O'Driscoll, Mrs.Catherine (North Street)
O'Driscoll, Mrs. Margaret (North Street)
Pinchin, George, Esq. (New Road)
Robinson, George, Esq. J.P. (Coronea)
Somerville, Major John Townsend, J.P. (Point House, Castle Townsend)
Somerville, Thomas, Esq. J.P. (Drishane, Castle Townsend)
Sweetman, John, Esq. (Mardyke)
Townsend, Mrs.____ (Smithville)
Townsend, Mrs. Elizabeth (Sion Cottage, New Road)
Townsend, Rev. Maurice, T.S. (Castle Townsend House)
Warren, William, Esq. (Ballynatona)
Wright, Rev. John, J.P. (Clover Hill)

**Academies and Schools**
Brickley, William (New Road)
Broderick, Mary (ladies' boarding and day, Mardyke)
Catholic School - Castle Townsend, MaryAnn McCarthy, mistress
National School - Cork Road, John Driscoll & William O'Brien, masters; Mary
O'Brien & Margaret O'Sullivan, mistresses
Newell Francis (classical and mathematical, Bridgetown)
Parochial School Baltimore - John Goodchild, master
Protestant Infants School, Bridgetown- Sarah Regan, mistress
Roman Catholic (female day), Bridgetown, Eliza Henderson, mistress

Crowly, Jeremiah (North Street)
Hadden, David (Main Street)

Downing, Timothy McCarthy, (North Street & Upper Sackville St., Dublin)
Everett, William (North Street)
Fuller, Ralph (North Street)
Turner, George (Bridgetown)

Hayes, John (Main Street)
Lynch, James (Main Street)
McCarthy, Daniel (North Street)
Mahony, Daniel (Bridgetown)
O'Callaghan, William (Main Street)
Sheey, Timothy (the Square)
Vickery, Samuel (Main Street)
Wolfe, George (North Street)

Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch, Bridgetown)---draws on Spooner, Attwood's
& Co., London, and the parent bank, Dublin---Mr. John William Clerke, manager

Carey, Michael (New Road)
Carey, Timothy (Mardyke)
Crowley, James (Main Street)
Cuhane, Cornelius (Bridge Town)
Donovan, Patrick (Castle Townsend)
Hegarty, John (Bridge Town)
McCarthy, Charles (Bridge Town)
McCarthy, Eugene (Mardyke)
McCarthy, John (New Road)
McCarthy, Thomas (Bridge Town)
Mahony, Michael (Mardyke)
Regan, James (and white, High Street)
Roche, Thomas (New Road)
Savage, Murtagh (New Road)
Sullivan, Patrick (High Street)

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 23:27:59 EDT
Subject: [Cork-L] Slater's Directory, 1856 - Skibbereen (part 2)

**Boot and Shoe Makers**
Bateman, John (Main Street)
Collins, Cornelius (New Road)
Coughlan, Timothy (Bridge Town)
Donohoe, Daniel (North Street)
Donovan, Timothy (New Road)
Duggan, Michael (Bridge Town)
Hayes, John (Main Street)
Hennessy, John (High Street)
Leary, Patrick (New Road)
McCarthy, Jas. Terence (Bridge Town)
McCarthy, Jeremiah (New Road)
Sullivan, John (North Street)
Warner, Joseph (North Street)
Young, John (North Street)
Young, Michael (North Street)

See Stone Masons and Builders

Crowley, Patrick (High Street)
Crowley, Peter (High Street)
McCarthy, Charles (High Street)
McCarthy, Florence (High Street)
McCarthy, John (High Street)

Atkins, John (and builder, Castle Townsend)
Baker, Samuel (and builder, Bridge Town)
Crowly, James (Main Street)
Crowly, Timothy (Cork Road)
Dennis, George (and boat builder, Baltimore)
Donovan, Frederick (Mardyke)
Driscoll, Thomas (Mardyke)
Hourahan, Cornelius (North Street)
Tobin, James (New Road)

**Clothes Dealers**
Levis, Samuel (North Street)
Lynch, James (the Square)
Sheey, Timothy (the Square)
Sullivan, Denis (Main Street)
Walton, Thomas (North Street)

Casey, Jeremiah (New Road)
Connolly, Jeremiah (New Road)
Haurahane, Patrick (North Street)
Murphy, Jeremiah (New Road)
Whelan, Florence (North Street)
Whelan, William (North Street)

**Corn Merchants**
Atteridge, Thos. (Castle Townsend)
McCarthy, Daniel (North Street)

Copethorne, John (Bridge Town)
Levis, John (Main Street)
Spillane, John (Bridge Town)

**Earthenware Dealers**
Bateman, John (Main Street)
Leonard, Eugene (Main Street)
McCarthy, Charles (Main Street)
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah (Main Street)
Sullivan, Daniel (Main Street)
Sullivan, Thomas (Main Street)

**Fire &c. Office Agents**
Alliance Life- John Wm. Clerke (Bridge Town)
Brittania- Henry Fitzmaurice
London-Timothy McCarthy Downing (North Street)
Standard Life- Timothy McCarthy Downing (North Street)

(See also shopkeepers and dealers in sundries)
Atteridge, Thomas (Castle Townsend)
Carrey, Issac (Bridge Town)
Copithorne, John (Bridge Town)
Crowley, Thomas (North Street)
Driscoll, Michael (Castle Townsend)
Driscoll, Thomas (Castle Townsend)
Levis, John (Main Street)
O'Callaghan, Willaim (Main Street)
Wolfe, George (North Street)
Wright, Susannah & Son (Main Street)

(see Linen &c. Drapers & Haberdashers)

(see also Public Houses)
Becher's Arms Hotel, Mary Hegarty (North Street)
Carbery Arms Hotel, Elizabeth Cuthbert (Baltimore)
Commercial and Family Hotel, Ellen Doyle (North Street)

**Ironmongers and Hardwaremen**
Beamish, Francis (Main Street)
Copithorne, John (Bridge Town)
Downing, Murtagh (Bridge Town)
Levis, Samuel (Main Street & North Street)
Vickery, Paul (Main Street)

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:16:24 EDT
Subject: [Cork-L] Slater's Directory, 1856 - Skibbereen (part 3)

**Leather Sellers**
Crowley, James (Main Street)
Hayes, John (Main Street)

**Linen & Woolen Drapers
& Haberdashers**
Evans, George (North Street)
Hayes, John (Main Street)
Welply, Daniel (Main Street)

**Milliners & Dress Makers**
Adderly, Ellen (Bridge Town)
Barry, Bridget (Bridge Town)
Hickey, Ann (North Street)

**Nail Makers**
Burk, Patrick (Bridge Town)
Collins, John (Main Street)
Collins, John (Bridge Town)
Donovan, Daniel (High Street)
Harrington, Timothy (High Street)
Hayes, Michael (Bridge Town)
Ledwards, Jeffrey (Bridge Town)
McCarthy, Thomas (New Road)
White, James (High Street)

**Painters & Glaziers**
Bevin, Roger (New Road)
Casey, Dominic (Cork Road)
Walsh, Thomas (North Street)

Fuller, Edward (North Street)
Levis, Samuel (North Street)

**Physicians & Surgeons**
Donovan, Daniel M.D. (New Road)
Hadden, David (Main Street)

**Public Houses**
Brickley, Ann (North Street)
Buckley, Cornelius (Bridge Town)
Connolly, Cornelius (North Street)
Coughlin, Jeremiah (North Street)
Crowley, Daniel (North Street)
Crowley, Thomas (North Street)
Daly, Mary (Main Street)
Dennis, George (Baltimore)
Dineen, James (Bridge Town)
Driscoll, Michael (Castle Townsend)
Driscoll, Patrick (New Road)
Dwyer, Catherine (Bridge Town)
Hourahan, Patrick (North Street)
Hurly, Michael (Bridge Town)
Leonard, Owen (North Street)
McCarthy, Denis (Castle Townsend)
McCarthy, Timothy (North Street)
Mahony, Mary (North Street)
Murphy, Mary (Main Street)
O'Driscoll, Patrick (New Road)
O'Driscoll, Richard (Main Street)
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah (Main Street)
Regan, Timothy (Bridge Town)
Ross, George (North Street)
Ryan, Ann (North Street)
Shea, John (North Street)
Shea, Patrick (North Street)
Sullivan, Jeremiah (Castle Townsend)
Walsh, David (Bridge Town)
Walsh, Francis (North Street)
Wolfe, Ann (North Street)
Young, Edward (Baltimore)
Young, William (Bridge Town)

**Rope & Twine Makers**
Carroll, Patrick (Mardyke)
Donovan, Lawrence (New Road)

Rountree, Robert (North Street)
Warner, John (North Street)

**Salt Merchants**
Levis, Samuel (Main St. & North St.)
Vickery, Samuel (Main Street)

Copithorne, John (Bridge Town)
Downing, Murtagh (Bridge Town)
Levis, John (oil & colourman, Main Street)

**Shopkeepers & Dealers
In Sundries**
(see also Grocers)
Beamish, Francis (Main Street)
Copithorne, John (Bridge Town)
Crowley, Timothy (Main Street)
Crowly, James (Main Street)
Donovan, Teresa (Baltimore)
Dullea, Margaret (Main Street)
Healy, Michael (Main Street)
Hennessy, John (Bridge Town)
Hogan, Ann (Castle Townsend)
Leonard, Eugene (Main Street)
Mahony, Martin (and shipwright, Castle Townsend)
Salter, Abigail (Castle Townsend)
Sheehan, Timothy (Main Street)
Strack, John (North Street)
Sullivan, Thomas (Market Place)

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