The Virginia London Company

The Virginia London Company
and Co. Cork

Update3 Oct 1999

Transcribed from public records by Dick Barr and posted to Rootsweb County Cork mailing list and used here with his kind permission.

Thought the following would be of interest historically.

Virginia Company References

5. Edward D. Neill, History of the Virginia Company of London, with Letters to and from the First Colony Never Before Printed. (Albany, N.Y.: Joel Munsell, 82 State Street, 1869),

a. pp. 132-133

fn. Mr. Jo: Clarke...was captured by the Spaniards in 1612. He was hired by Daniel Gookin, owner of the Providence, to take that ship to Virginia, which arrived April 10, 1623, and soon after this he died in the colony.

b. p. 196

Daniel Gookin Offers to Transport Cattle.

Nov. 13 [1620]. “Whereas uppon a former treatie had with Mr Wood in the behalfe of Mr Gookin [see fn 1 below] for transportacon of Cattle outt of Ireland into Virginia an offer was made unto him after the rate of 10 id aCowe upon certificate of their safe Landinge, prouided they were fayre and Lardge Cattle and of our English breed. The said Mr Wood hath now returned his fynall aunswere that hee cannott entertaine the bargaine under XII id the Cowe without exceedinge greate losse.

fn 1. Gookin, a native of Kent, England, had been living at or near Cork, Ireland. On November 22, 1621, he arrived in Virginia, and settled at Newport News. He became one of the most prominent men of the colony.

His son, Daniel, in 1642, then about thirty years of age, was President of the County Court of Upper Norfolk, and was a member of the Puritan church there established. In 1644 he went to Massachusetts, and became a friend of Eliot and Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He died March, 1687, and his tombstone is still visible at Cambridge [Massachusetts]. Chief Justice Sewall, who visited him while dying, entered in his journal the following brief but expressive tribute, “a right good man.”

p. 218. Letter from Daniel Gookin of Cork, Ireland.

July 2 [1621]. Mr. Deputy signified in a letter he had receaued from Mr. Gookin of Ireland who desyred yt a clause in the contract between him and the companye touchinge Cattle wch hee had undertaken to transport to Virginia after the rates of eleuen pounds the Heiffer and Shee Goats at 3 id 10s a peece for wch he might take any comodities in Virginia at such prizes as the Company here had sett downe hee desired yt those words might be more cleerly explayned. An to this effect Mr. Deputy signified yt they had drawne a Letter in the name of the Counsell and company unto Mr Gookin declaringe that theire intent and meaninge was itt should be Lawfull and free for him and his factors to Trade, barter and sell all such Commodities hee shall carry thither att such rates and prizes as he shall thinke good and for his Cattle shall receiue either of the Gouernor or other pryuate persons any of the of the comodities there growinge at such prizes as hee cann agree. And lastly yt according to Mr Gookins’ request in his said l’re they had promised yt hee should haue a Pattent for a pticular Plantation as Large as yt granted to Sr William Newce and should allso haue liberty to take 100 hoggs out of the Forest uppon condicon that he repay the said nomber again unto the company within the tearme of seuen yeares Prouided that hee use them for breed and increase and not for present slaughter.

pp. 314-315

Quarter Court July 3 [1622]. Land Assigned to Daniel Gookin.

Mrs. Mary Tue daughter of Hugch Crouch beinge the heire and executrix of Lt Richard Crouce did sett and assigne ouer in this Court 150 Acres of land, wch he said Lieutenant Crouch did bequeath unto her by the name of Mary Younge his sister, wch Land, was for their seruants psonall Aduentures and lyes at Newports Newes, the said land shee assigned ouer to Mr Daniel Gookin.

Quarter Court July 3 [1622]. Patents Recommended.

These Patents followinge were read and compared and found to be right and therefore recomended them to the Afternoons Court for Confirmacon.

The Lady Berkeley Aduenturers
Mr Tho: Addison “
Mr Edw: Johnson “
Mr Edw: Palmer “
Mr Wm Felgate “
Mr Fran Peck, &c “

Mr John Harvy Planters
Mr John Pemberton “
Mr William Rowsley “
Mr Dan: Gookin “
Mr Chris: Hillary “

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