Life of Beatrice Tinsley

    I would like to thank Dr. Vera Rubin who kindly posted me a copy of her paper "Women's Work", along with the Kidwell and Warner papers. Vera directed me towards researching Beatrice. Professor Robert Kennicutt Jr. for posting me a copy of his supporting paper of Beatrice's after I bought the wrong book, The American Astronomical Society's First Century rather than the AAS Centennial Issue. The American Physical Society who had no stocks of the Hill biography to sell me, but later found a copy and sent me a free copy. Christine Cole Catley, a New Zealand journalist, who provided me some details of Beatrice that will be in her forthcoming biography on Beatrice. The Swinburne staff and tutors - Dr. Bryan Gaensler, Prof. Ray Norris, Dr. Brad Gibson have been patient and helpful in answering my many emails. The Swinburne library staff assisted this long-distance student by organising inter-library loans and photocopies.

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Date Created 1 June 2000
Last Updated 14 June 2000