Beatrice Muriel Hill Tinsley (1941-1981)


Most of the main figures in the history of astronomy have been men. However some women have been able to buck the system and make critical contributions to our understanding of astronomy.

Which woman do you think made the greatest contribution to astronomy, and why?

To achieve a high grade, you will need to include significant biographical information on the astronomer you choose, as well as a description of their research achievements and the impact these results had (or even still have) on astronomy.

Beatrice Muriel Hill Tinsley (1941-1981)

The Life of Beatrice Tinsley
The Work of Beatrice Tinsley
Appendix A The Published Works of Beatrice Tinsley
Appendix B. Publications of Beatrice Tinsley
Publications - Who Beatrice Wrote For
Papers that were not on the ADS Database
Publications not listed by Whineray.
Appendix C The Schedule of Beatrice Tinsley
Appendix D Abbreviations
Appendix E Glossary of Terms
Index to terms

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