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Alton (Derbyshire)

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Thomas Hepworth
bapt. 21Apr1673 in Wragby,Yorkshire,

  1. Children:
    1. Richard Hepworth
Thomas Hepworth
bapt. 27Dec1728 in Ackworth, Yorkshire,
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Johnson
    Married: 03Apr1751 in Rossington, Yorkshire

    1. Joseph Hepworth
    2. Thomas Hepworth
    3. Richard Hepworth
    4. Betty Hepworth
    5. Mary Hepworth
    6. William Hepworth
    7. Millicent Hepworth
  2. Wife: Mary Gillat
    Married: 1783
Thomas Hepworth
bapt. 27May1756 in Moortop, Ackworth, Yorkshire,
  1. Wife: Ede Batty
    Married: 1780 in Royston, E.Yorks

    1. George Hepworth
    2. Betty Hepworth
    3. Ede Hepworth
William Hepworth
bapt. 23Mar1734 in Ackworth, Yorkshire,
William Hepworth
bapt. 08Jun1765 in Bolton Upon Dearne, Yorkshire, d. 1774
William Hepworth
bapt. 29Nov1788 in South Wingfield, Derby,
Walter Herbert
d. 29Mar1935
  1. Wife: Mary Emmerson
(living person)
  1. Husband: John Alfred Wyatt
    Married: 12Aug1947

    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
    3. (living person)
    4. (living person)
Winnie Hooper
b. 28Sep1896, d. 22Jun1959
  1. Husband: George Ernest Emmerson
    Married: 10May1926

    1. Peter Barratt Emmerson
    2. (living person)
Daniel Hopkinson
  1. Wife: Ann Woolley
    Married: 27Sep1804 in Duffield, Derby
Emma Maria Hopkinson
bapt. 25Dec1845 in Heage, Derby, d. 19May1885
  1. Husband: Thomas Tijou (Tom)
    Married: Q4 1875 in Lambeth

    1. Reginald Alton Tijou
    2. Charles Kiddy Tijou
Hannah Hopkinson
bapt. 24May1761 in Pentrich, Derby, d. 02Mar1844
  1. Husband: Elias Alton
    Married: 09Sep1782 in Duffield, DBY

    1. Elizabeth Alton
    2. George Alton
    3. Joseph Alton
    4. Thomas Alton
    5. Elias Alton
    6. Sarah Alton
    7. Hannah Alton
    8. John Alton
    9. Eliza Alton
James Hopkinson
bapt. 05Jun1757 in Pentrich, Derby,
John Hopkinson

  1. Children:
    1. Joseph Hopkinson
Joseph Hopkinson
b. abt. 1816, d. 06Sep1858
  1. Wife: Mary Hepworth Alton
    Married: 21Oct1844 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Emma Maria Hopkinson
    2. Joseph John Hopkinson
    3. Loiusa Harriet Hopkinson (Louie)
    4. Mary Alton Hopkinson
Joseph John Hopkinson
bapt. 06Aug1848 in Heage, Derby, bur.31Oct1850 in Heage
Loiusa Harriet Hopkinson (Louie)
bapt. 18Jan1852 in Heage, Derby, d. 17Sep1876
  1. Husband: Unk P2761 Towle
Mary Alton Hopkinson
bapt. 01Mar1855 in Heage, Derby,
  1. Husband: Unk P2890 Brown
Thomas Hopkinson
b. abt. 1731,
  1. Wife: Elizabeth White
    Married: 23Sep1756 in North Wingfield, Derby

    1. James Hopkinson
    2. Hannah Hopkinson
Richard Horseley
  1. Wife: Ann Fenton
    Married: 14Nov1793 in South Dalton, Yorkshire

    1. John Horsley
Alfred Howard Horsley
b. 09May1840 in Birmingham,
Amelia Ann Horsley
b. 23Feb1821, d. 15Feb1858
  1. Husband: Thomas Rogers
    Married: 1843 06May1845 in Alfreton, DBY

    1. James Rogers
    2. Esther Rogers (Tetty)
    3. William Rogers
    4. Annie Sarah Rogers
    5. Thomas Rogers
    6. James Rogers
Edwin Theodore Horsley
b. 31Dec1836,
Horatio George Horsley
b. 12Dec1824,
Hubert Joseph Horsley
b. 03Apr1827,
Joan Horsley
John Horsley
b. abt. 1794 in Dalton, Yorkshire,
  1. Wife: Ann Matthews
    Married: 09Feb1820 in Saint Phillips, Birmingham

    1. Amelia Ann Horsley
    2. Horatio George Horsley
    3. Hubert Joseph Horsley
  2. Wife: Mary

    1. William Henry Horsley
    2. Edwin Theodore Horsley
    3. Alfred Howard Horsley
Joseph Horsley (Joe)
  1. Wife: Lilian Emmerson (Lily)

    1. Joan Horsley
    2. Rodger Horsley
Rodger Horsley
William Henry Horsley
b. 02Feb1835,
(living person)
David Hughes
b. 21Apr1950, d. 29Sep2010
Occupation: commercial financial controller for Whitworths at Irthlingborough,
  1. Wife: Jane Emmerson
    Married: 15Aug1973

    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
(living person)
Annie James
d. 1876 in Carlisle
  1. Husband: John Nicholson
Mary Ann Jelly
  1. Husband: Elias Alton
    Married: 31Dec1817 in Newark, NTT

    1. Elias Alton
    2. Mary Ann Alton
    3. Frances Sarah Alton
    4. Eliza Hannah Alton
    5. Juliana Alton
    6. Rebecca Alton
    7. Charlotte Maria Alton
(living person)
  1. Husband: (living person)
    1. David Alton
    2. (living person)
Eliza Johnson
b. 30Jan1836 in Leabrooks,Swanwick, Alfreton, Derby,
Elizabeth Johnson
b. abt. 1728, d. 1777
  1. Husband: Thomas Hepworth
    Married: 03Apr1751 in Rossington, Yorkshire

    1. Joseph Hepworth
    2. Thomas Hepworth
    3. Richard Hepworth
    4. Betty Hepworth
    5. Mary Hepworth
    6. William Hepworth
    7. Millicent Hepworth
Emma Johnson
b. 30Jan1836 in Leabrooks,Swanwick, Alfreton, Derby, d. 29Mar1920
  1. Husband: Henry Daws
    Married: Q1 1856 in Belper, Derby

    1. twins
  2. Husband: John Shawcroft
    Married: 02Jul1860 in Riddings, Alfreton, Derby

    1. Eliza Shawcroft
    2. Clara Shawcroft
    3. William Henry Shawcroft
    4. Mary Polly Shawcroft
    5. Herbert Shawcroft
Richard Johnson
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Duffield
    Married: 03Aug1797 in Crich, Derby

    1. William Johnson
Walter Johnson
b. abt. 1832 in Mansfield, NTT,
Occupation: Fettler
William Johnson
bapt. 07Jul1805 in Crich, Derby,
  1. Wife: Sarah

    1. Walter Johnson
    2. Emma Johnson
    3. Eliza Johnson
Ann Jones
b. abt. 1799 in Monmouthshire,
  1. Husband: George Tomblin
    Married: 05Jul1820 in Trevethin, Monmouth

    1. Leah Tomblin
    2. Maria Tomblin
    3. Ann Tomblin
    4. Ann Tomblin
Roy Kaighin

Occupation: Royal Marine
  1. Wife: (living person)
(living person)
(living person)
  1. Wife: (living person)
    1. (living person)
John Kent

  1. Children:
    1. William Godfrey Kent
William Godfrey Kent

Occupation: warehouseman at Manchester (-bef. 1848)
  1. Wife: Hannah Alton
    Married: 14Mar1848 in Wirksworth, DBY
Mary Ann Kiddy
b. abt. 1809 in DBY,
  1. Husband: Henry John Tijou
    Married: 08Feb1838 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Samuel Henry Tijou
    2. Mary Ann Tijou
    3. Thomas Tijou (Tom)
    4. Charles Matthias Tijou
  2. Husband: William Pilon
    Married: Q4 1854 in Marylebone
Rev.Arthyr Kirby
b. 16Jul1863 in Leicester, d. 31Oct1926 in Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation: Superintendent of the Coke Circuit (Methodist) at Kingston, Jamaica (1912-)
  1. Wife: Charlotte Amelia Alton (Millie?)
    Married: 31Dec1894 in Ebenezer, Barbados, West Indies

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