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Alton (Derbyshire)

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Henry Shawcroft (Harry)
b. 26Nov1902, d. 14May1929
Herbert Shawcroft
b. 22Apr1846 in Alfreton, Derby,
Herbert Shawcroft
b. 20Apr1870 in Birchwood, Alfreton, Derby,
James Shawcroft
b. 06Dec1843 in Alfreton, DBY, d. 21May1865
  1. Wife: Harriet Parr
    Married: 27Mar1864
John Shawcroft
b. abt. 1774, d. 1850
  1. Wife: Mary

    1. Thomas Shawcroft
John Shawcroft
b. 31Jan1832 in Ripley, DBY, d. 02May1915
Occupation: coal miner
  1. Wife: Emma Johnson
    Married: 02Jul1860 in Riddings, Alfreton, Derby

    1. Eliza Shawcroft
    2. Clara Shawcroft
    3. William Henry Shawcroft
    4. Mary Polly Shawcroft
    5. Herbert Shawcroft
Mary Shawcroft
b. 24Dec1836 in Ripley, Derby,
Mary Polly Shawcroft
b. 05Jul1867 in Summercotes, Alfreton, Derby,
  1. Husband: James Bakewell

    1. Ethel Bakewell
    2. Mabel Bakewell
    3. Mary Bakewell
    4. Emma Bakewell
    5. Clara Bakewell
    6. Maggie Bakewell
    7. Ernest Bakewell
Sarah Shawcroft
b. 1831 in Derbyshire,
Thomas Shawcroft
b. 1805, d. 1886
Occupation: collier for
  1. Wife: Mary Farnsworth
    Married: 23Dec1830 in Alfreton, DBY

    1. Sarah Shawcroft
    2. John Shawcroft
    3. Anna Shawcroft
    4. Thomas Shawcroft
    5. Mary Shawcroft
    6. George Shawcroft
    7. William Shawcroft
    8. James Shawcroft
    9. Herbert Shawcroft
    10. Harriet Shawcroft
  2. Wife: Ellen Beard
    Married: Q3 1850 in Belper, DBY
Thomas Shawcroft
b. 1835 in Derbyshire,
William Shawcroft
b. 23Sep1747 in Greenhill Lane, d. 16Jul1831
Occupation: Sunday School Pioneer at Riddings, Derbys
  1. Wife: Rebecca Schofield

    1. John Shawcroft
William Shawcroft
b. 09Sep1841 in Alfreton, Derby,
William Henry Shawcroft
b. 22Apr1864 in Leabrooks,Swanwick, Alfreton, Derby,
  1. Wife: Mary Ann

    1. Henry Shawcroft (Harry)
Sarah Shipley
  1. Husband: William Alton
    Married: 03Oct1854 in South Wingfield, Derby
Rebecca Slater of South Wingfield
  1. Husband: Thomas Alton
    Married: 15Mar1819 in All Saints, South Wingfield, Derby

    1. Hannah Alton
    2. Mary Alton
    3. Elizabeth Alton
    4. John Alton
    5. Joseph Alton
    6. William Alton
    7. George Alton
    8. James Alton
Thirza Slater
  1. Husband: James Alton
    Married: 11Jun1862 in Wessington, Derby
Hannah Smeeton
b. 04May1783 in Greasley, Nottingham,
James Smeeton
  1. Wife: Martha Alton
    Married: 14Feb1774 in Geasley, NTT

    1. Mary Smeeton
    2. Hannah Smeeton
Mary Smeeton
b. 13May1777 in Greasley, Nottingham,
Mary Smith
d. 1794
  1. Husband: Erasmus Argyle
    Married: 02Jun1757 in Morley, Derby,

    1. Thomas Argyle
    2. Erasmus Argyle\Orgill
    3. Christopher Argyle\Orgill
    4. Susanna Argyle
    5. Samuel Argyle\Orgill\Argill
    6. Ann Argyle
    7. William Argyle
Eleanor Sowtor
  1. Husband: Frederick Hepworth (Frederce)
    Married: 31Dec1822 in Castle Donnington, Leicester

    1. Elizabeth Sowtor Hepworth
    2. Eleanor Emma Hepworth
    3. Mary Ann Hepworth
    4. Harriett Hepworth
    5. Mary Hepworth
    6. Lydia Hepworth
    7. Adelaide Hepworth
    8. Sarah Ann Sowter Hepworth
George Sowtor
  1. Wife: Hannah Tomlinson
    Married: 15Jul1750 in Crich, Derby

    1. John Sowtor
    2. Sarah Sowtor
John Sowtor
bapt. 10Apr1751 in Crich, Derby,
Sarah Sowtor
bapt. 10Jul1757 in Matlock, Derby, bur.25Jun1780 in Crich, Derby
  1. Husband: Joseph Hepworth
    Married: 17Apr1777 in Crich, Derby

    1. George Hepworth
    2. Catharine Hepworth
George Staley
  1. Wife: Maria Woolley
    Married: 10Jun1828 in Saint Nicholas, Nottingham

    1. John Staley
    2. Margaret Wooley Staley (Margaret Helena)
    3. George Woolley Staley
    4. Maria Staley
George Woolley Staley
bapt. 06Oct1833 in Pentrich, Derby,
John Staley
bapt. 02Nov1828 in Pentrich, Derby,
Margaret Wooley Staley (Margaret Helena)
b. abt. 1831 in Pentrich, DBY, d. Q3 1905 in The Firs, Heage
  1. Husband: Francis Cooke Alton
    Married: 06Jun1852 in St Dunstan's, Stepney

    1. Harriet Marianne Alton
    2. George Baltic Alton
    3. Francis Cooke Alton
    4. Frederick Derby Alton
    5. Wingfield Wooley Alton
    6. Ernest St George Alton
    7. Margaret Helena Alton
    8. Edgar Hepworth Alton
    9. Vernon Hastings Alton
    10. Hepworth Staley Alton
Maria Staley
bapt. 11Oct1835 in Pentrich, Derby,
Dorothy Statham
  1. Husband: Thomas Nodin
    Married: 03Jun1718 in Duffield, DBY

    1. Thomas Nodin
    2. Ann Noden
    3. John Nodin
Ann Stone
b. abt. 1856,
  1. Husband: Elias Alton (Ellis)
    Married: 01Dec1886 in Staveley, DBY
Ellen Stone
  1. Husband: George Alton Pollard
    Married: 29Oct1932 in Belper

    1. (living person)
Samuel Stone

  1. Children:
    1. Ann Stone
Aaron Stoppard
b. abt. 1864 in Lea, DBY,
Occupation: butcher
Agnes Stoppard
b. 11Sep1875 in Lea, DBY,
Elizabeth R Stoppard
b. abt. 1861,
Esther Ann Stoppard
bapt. 02Sep1855 in Dethwick, Derby,
Hannah Mary Stoppard
b. abt. 1858 in Lea, , Derby,
James A Stoppard
b. abt. 1869 in Lea, DBY,
Maria Stoppard
bapt. 01Oct1876 in Dethwick, Derby,
Maria Rogers Stoppard
b. abt. 1865 in Lea, DBY,
Sarah Ellen Stoppard
b. abt. 1854,
  1. Husband: Richard Beardsley
    Married: 24Dec1888 in Ashover, Derby
Thomas Stoppard
b. abt. 1829 in Lea, DBY,
Occupation: butcher
  1. Wife: Sarah Rogers

    1. Sarah Ellen Stoppard
    2. Esther Ann Stoppard
    3. Hannah Mary Stoppard
    4. Elizabeth R Stoppard
    5. Aaron Stoppard
    6. Maria Rogers Stoppard
    7. William Stoppard
    8. James A Stoppard
    9. Tom Stoppard
    10. Agnes Stoppard
    11. Maria Stoppard
Tom Stoppard
b. abt. 1871,
William Stoppard
b. abt. 1867 in Lea, DBY,
Grace Storer of Kirk Ireton
  1. Husband: Thomas Alton of Shottle
    Married: 27Apr1725 in St Alkmund, Derby

    1. William Alton
    2. Samuel Alton
    3. Thomas Alton
    4. Elisabeth Alton
    5. Rebecca Alton
    6. Geoffrey Alton
    7. William Alton
? Syms
  1. Wife: Unk P2809

    1. Sarah Syms
    2. Hannah Syms
Hannah Syms
d. aft. 1747
Sarah Syms
b. abt. 1692 in Heage, DBY,
  1. Husband: Joseph Alton of Heage
    Married: 09May1714 in Heage

    1. Sarah Alton
    2. George Alton
    3. Joseph Alton of Basford
    4. Thomas Alton of Heage
    5. Elias Alton
    6. Elizabeth Alton

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