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Hannah Tarr
bapt. 17Mar1723 in Basford, Nottingham, bur.19Nov1787 in South Wingfield
  1. Husband: Francis Cooke
    Married: 26Aug1755 in Basford, Nottingham

    1. Mary Cooke
    2. Hannah Cooke
    3. Francis Cooke
    4. Rebecca Cooke
John Tarr
  1. Wife: Hannah

    1. Hannah Tarr
    2. Rebeckah Tarr
Rebeckah Tarr
bapt. 05Oct1729 in Basford, Nottingham,
Benjamin Taylor
b. 10Jun1832 in Alfreton, DBY,
  1. Wife: Mary Anne
    Married: 14May1855 in Alfreton, DBY

    1. Millicent Smith Taylor
    2. Frances Taylor
Frances Taylor
b. abt. 1859 in Crich, DBY,
Millicent Smith Taylor
b. 05Oct1857 in Crich, DBY, d. 12Oct1894 in Ambergate
  1. Husband: Winfield Alton
    Married: 28Sep1881 in, DBY
Charles Tijou
b. 23Nov1800,
Charles Kiddy Tijou
b. 15Dec1877, d. 17May1936
Education: Reginald & Charles graduated from Cambridge Univ.
  1. Wife: Lydia Mary Foord
    Married: Q2 1906 in Camberwell , London
Charles Matthias Tijou
bapt. 19Dec1847 in Matlock, DBY,
Occupation: Wine Merchants Cellerman
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Watson

    1. Lissie M. Tijou
    2. Mabel L Tijou
    3. Marian M. Tijou
Francis Thomas Tijou
b. 16Nov1809,
Helen Winifred Tijou
b. 22Dec1895 in Lambeth, LON, d. 22Oct1977 in Salisbury, Rhodesia (Harare, Zimbabwe)
  1. Husband: Harry Bernard Loader
Henry John Tijou
bapt. 07Feb1808 in Saint Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, d. bef. 15Oct1888
Occupation: artist
  1. Wife: Mary Ann Kiddy
    Married: 08Feb1838 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Samuel Henry Tijou
    2. Mary Ann Tijou
    3. Thomas Tijou (Tom)
    4. Charles Matthias Tijou
Lissie M. Tijou
b. abt. 1875,
Mabel L Tijou
b. 1876,
Marian M. Tijou
b. abt. 1879,
Mary Alton Tijou
b. 12Sep1892 in 205 Rotherhithe New Road,Rotherhithe, London, d. 02Jan1970 in Dundee, Natal, South Africa
  1. Husband: Joseph Henry Hardy
    Married: 06Jul1914 in Benoni, South Africa

    1. Harold Alton HARDY
Mary Ann Tijou
bapt. 28May1843 in Matlock, DBY,
Reginald Alton Tijou
b. 13Jul1876, d. 18Dec1934
Education: Reginald & Charles graduated from Cambridge Univ.
Occupation: soldier for Reg served with the Royal Artillery in South Afica during period 1898 to 1902 and left the army in 1911.
  1. Wife: Florence Elliott
    Married: Q3 1904 in Birmingham , Warwickshire
Rolfe Tijou
Samuel Henry Tijou
bapt. 09May1841 in Matlock, DBY,
  1. Wife: Matilda Mayblin
    Married: 03Jul1870 in Duffield, Derby
Thomas Tijou
  1. Wife: Mary

    1. Charles Tijou
    2. Henry John Tijou
    3. Francis Thomas Tijou
Thomas Tijou (Tom)
bapt. 15Jun1845 in Matlock, DBY,
Occupation: chemist
  1. Wife: Emma Maria Hopkinson
    Married: Q4 1875 in Lambeth

    1. Reginald Alton Tijou
    2. Charles Kiddy Tijou
  2. Wife: Kate Elizabeth Hoole Alton
    Married: 15Oct1888 in St. Mary Within, Carlisle

    1. Mary Alton Tijou
    2. Helen Winifred Tijou
    3. Rolfe Tijou
Ann Tomblin
b. 18Apr1833,
Ann Tomblin
b. 23May1836,
George Tomblin
b. abt. 1792 in Gloucestershire,
Occupation: miner (bef. 1849-)
  1. Wife: Ann Jones
    Married: 05Jul1820 in Trevethin, Monmouth

    1. Leah Tomblin
    2. Maria Tomblin
    3. Ann Tomblin
    4. Ann Tomblin
Leah Tomblin
b. 1823 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire,
Maria Tomblin
b. 1830 in Monyddyslwyn, Monmouthshire, d. Q1 1893 in Worksop
  1. Husband: William Emmerson
    Married: 06May1849 in Monmouth

    1. Mary Emmerson
    2. George Emmerson
    3. William Emmerson
    4. Alfred Barratt Emmerson
    5. Jabez Emmerson senior
    6. Leah Emmerson
    7. Annie Emmerson
    8. James Hedges Emmerson
    9. John Spencer Emmerson
    10. Maria Emmerson
Hannah Tomlinson
  1. Husband: George Sowtor
    Married: 15Jul1750 in Crich, Derby

    1. John Sowtor
    2. Sarah Sowtor
Unk P2761 Towle
  1. Wife: Loiusa Harriet Hopkinson (Louie)
Unk P2557 Trelease
  1. Wife: Kate Elizabeth Hoole Alton
Grace Trevaskus
b. abt. 1852 in Liskeard, CON,
  1. Husband: George Emmerson
    Married: Q2 1876 in Stoke Damerel, Devon

    1. Frederick Emmerson
    2. Amy Emmerson
    3. Lilian Emmerson (Lily)
    4. Arthur Emmerson
    5. Cissy Elizabeth Emmerson
    6. Maria Emmerson
    7. Alfred Emmerson
James Trevaskus
b. 1820,
  1. Wife: Jane

    1. Grace Trevaskus
Catharine Margarita Tropolet
b. 20Feb1798 in Nova Scotia, Canada, d. 16Mar1889 in Carlisle
  1. Husband: Rev Robert Alder D.D.
    Married: 1819 in Nova Scotia

    1. Amelia Alder (Amy)
Charles Stephen Tropolet
b. abt. 1768, d. 28Jan1830
  1. Wife: Mary Creamer
    Married: 1796

    1. Catharine Margarita Tropolet
Unk P2510 Turville
  1. Wife: (living person)
Ann Vardy
b. Q1 1867 in Ecclesall Bierlow, DBY, d. Q4 1905 in Market Bosworth, LEI
  1. Husband: Jabez Emmerson senior
    Married: Q2 1900 in Ecclesall Bierlow, DBY

    1. Grace Emmerson
G Wain
  1. Wife: Sarah Alton

    1. William Wain
William Wain
Joseph Wainwright
b. abt. 1822 in Heage, DBY,
  1. Wife: Mary Ann Alton
    Married: 07May1849 in Heage, DBY
Mary Warburton
b. 1813 in Carlisle,
  1. Husband: James Nicholson
    Married: 1835 in St. Cuthbert, Carlisle

    1. George Nicholson
    2. John Nicholson
    3. Thomas Nicholson
Unk P2486 Wardlow

  1. Children:
    1. Alice Wardlow
    2. Isobelle Wardlow
Alice Wardlow
bur.16Feb1646 in Wirksworth, DBY
  1. Husband: Richard Aulton (Rycharde)
    Married: 26Jun1611 in Wirksworth, DBY

    1. Mary Aulton
    2. John Alton of Shottle
    3. Joone Aulton
Isobelle Wardlow
  1. Husband: John Aulton
    Married: 02Jul1615 in Wirksworth, DBY

    1. Agnys Aulton
Alathea Mary Yates Watherston
b. 20Dec1886, d. 21Mar1966 in Blackpool, LAN
  1. Husband: Thomas Alton
    Married: 20Apr1908 in St.Lukes, Heage, DBY

    1. Freda Annie Alton
    2. Alfred George Alton
  2. Husband: George W Weston
    Married: Q1 1921 in Belper
Alfred Watherston

  1. Children:
    1. Alathea Mary Yates Watherston
Elizabeth Watson
b. abt. 1831 in Windsor, Berkshire,
Occupation: dressmaker (1881-)
  1. Husband: Charles Matthias Tijou

    1. Lissie M. Tijou
    2. Mabel L Tijou
    3. Marian M. Tijou
Sarah Watson
  1. Husband: Joseph Alton of Basford
    Married: 01Feb1745 in Saint Peter, Nottingham

    1. Joseph Alton
    2. Samuel Alton
Frederick Watts
b. abt. 1875 in Pilsley, DBY,
Selina Watts
b. abt. 1852 in Tupton, DBY,

  1. Children:
    1. Frederick Watts
  2. Husband: Thomas Rogers
    Married: Q2 1880

    1. Tom Rogers
George W Weston
  1. Wife: Alathea Mary Yates Watherston
    Married: Q1 1921 in Belper

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