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Alton (Derbyshire)

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Elizabeth Whawell
b. abt. 1827, d. 30Sep1898 in Belper
  1. Husband: Joseph Alton of Heage
    Married: 05Jun1855 in Duffield, DBY

    1. George Alton
    2. Rebecca Alton
Gilbert Whawell
b. abt. 1797 in Heage, DBY,
  1. Wife: Ann Lamb
    Married: 26Dec1826 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Elizabeth Whawell
Frederick Charles Wheatcroft
b. abt. 1818,
George Wheatcroft
b. abt. 1781,
Occupation: Labourer (-1815)
  1. Wife: Ann Hepworth
    Married: 23May1809 in South Wingfield, Derby

    1. Thomas Wheatcroft
    2. George Wheatcroft
    3. Joseph Wheatcroft
    4. Mary Ann Wheatcroft
    5. Frederick Charles Wheatcroft
George Wheatcroft
bapt. 01Mar1812 in Crich, Derby,
Joseph Wheatcroft
bapt. 29Jan1815 in Crich, Derby,
Mary Ann Wheatcroft
b. abt. 1818,
Thomas Wheatcroft
bapt. 16Jul1809 in Crich, Derby,
James Whightman
  1. Wife: Mary Bowmer
    Married: 01Mar1832 in Crich, Derby
Alfred Whitcomb
b. 1891,
  1. Wife: Marjorie

    1. daughter Whitcomb
    2. son Whitcomb
daughter Whitcomb
Leonard Whitcomb
b. 08May1860,
  1. Wife: Leah Emmerson

    1. Alfred Whitcomb
son Whitcomb
Elizabeth White
  1. Husband: Thomas Hopkinson
    Married: 23Sep1756 in North Wingfield, Derby

    1. James Hopkinson
    2. Hannah Hopkinson
George White

  1. Children:
    1. Harriett Ann White
Harriett Ann White
b. abt. 1869, d. 27Aug1952
  1. Husband: Unk P2489 Greenough
  2. Husband: Frederick Alton
    Married: abt. 1910

    1. (living person)
Hannah Williams
b. 1831 in Monmouthshire,
Sarah Williams

Occupation: housemaid to husband's sister
  1. Husband: Frederick Derby Alton

    1. Thomas Frederick Alton
Joseph Willott
William Willott
  1. Wife: Ellen Alton (Hellen)
    Married: 30Jun1710 in South Wingfield, Derby

    1. Joseph Willott
Esther Emily Wilson
b. Q2 1861 in Shireoaks, Worksop, Notts, d. Q2 1897 in Worksop
  1. Husband: Jabez Emmerson senior
    Married: Q3 1883 in Worksop, Notts

    1. Mary Emmerson
    2. Jessie Emmerson
    3. William Emmerson
    4. Joseph Emmerson (Joe)
    5. Alfred Emmerson
    6. Cissie Emmerson
John Winrow
  1. Wife: Mary Alton
    Married: 01Oct1817 in Basford, NTT
Margaret R Wishart
b. abt. 1880 in Stoke Damerel, Devon,
William Wishart
  1. Wife: Harriet Marianne Alton

    1. Margaret R Wishart
Benjamin Wood
  1. Wife: Millicent Hepworth
    Married: 1788
Norma Alison Wood
  1. Husband: Philip John Emmerson

    1. David John Emmerson
    2. Susan Emmerson
    3. Jonathan James Emmerson
Ann Woolley
b. 01May1775,
  1. Husband: Thomas Ridge
    Married: 23Jun1791 in Duffield, Derby

    1. John Woolley Ridge
    2. Sarah Ridge
    3. David Ridge
    4. Grace Ridge
    5. George Ridge
  2. Husband: Daniel Hopkinson
    Married: 27Sep1804 in Duffield, Derby
Anne Woolley
bapt. 06Oct1802 in Pentrich, Derby,
Emma Woolley
b. 13Aug1809,
George Woolley
b. abt. 1808, d. 19Aug1870
  1. Wife: Harriet Hepworth Alton
    Married: 14Sep1832 in Wirksworth, DBY

    1. Hannah Woolley
  2. Wife: Mary Hepworth Alton
    Married: 29Jun1865 in St.Peter, Nottingham
Hannah Woolley
b. 08Mar1861 in Heage, DBY, d. Q1 1861 in Belper
James Woolley
bur.15Apr1815 in Pentrich, Derby
  1. Wife: Ann Argyle
    Married: 26Nov1796 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Mary Woolley
    2. Sarah Woolley
    3. Anne Woolley
    4. Joseph Woolley
    5. Susannah Woolley
    6. Emma Woolley
Joseph Woolley
b. abt. 1734, d. 05Jul1794 in Pentrich, DBY
  1. Wife: Sarah Alton
    Married: 21Jan1772 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Ann Woolley
    2. James Woolley
    3. Joseph Woolley
    4. Samuel Woolley
Joseph Woolley
b. abt. 1778, d. 06Jan1805
Joseph Woolley
b. 16Sep1804,
Maria Woolley
  1. Husband: George Staley
    Married: 10Jun1828 in Saint Nicholas, Nottingham

    1. John Staley
    2. Margaret Wooley Staley (Margaret Helena)
    3. George Woolley Staley
    4. Maria Staley
Mary Woolley
bapt. 06Dec1798 in Pentrich, Derby,
Samuel Woolley
b. abt. Jul 1779, bur.Oct 1779
Sarah Woolley
bapt. 11Sep1800 in Pentrich, Derby, d. 03Aug1827
Susannah Woolley
b. 06Feb1807,
Esther Wright
  1. Husband: Francis Alsop
    Married: 02Sep1784 in Darley Dale, Derby

    1. Betty Alsop
    2. Esther Alsop
    3. Ann Alsop
(living person)
(living person)
  1. Husband: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
(living person)
  1. Husband: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
John Wyatt
b. 09Feb1879, d. 10Jul1948
  1. Wife: Maggie Emmerson
    Married: 25Dec1913

    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
    3. (living person)
    4. John Alfred Wyatt
    5. Margaret Wyatt
    6. (living person)
John Alfred Wyatt
b. 21May1919, bur.17Mar2006
  1. Wife: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
    3. (living person)
    4. (living person)
(living person)
  1. Wife: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
(living person)
(living person)
  1. Husband: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
Margaret Wyatt
b. 05Apr1922, d. 12Mar2006 in Leicester

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