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Sarah R Alton
b. 1899 in Heage, DBY,
Sarah Rowbotham Alton
b. 03Apr1861,
  1. Husband: John Pollard
    Married: 30Mar1880 in St Lukes, Heage, DBY

    1. John Thomas Pollard
    2. Frederick Joseph Alton Pollard
    3. Frances Sarah Pollard
    4. Frank William Pollard
    5. Harriet Alton Pollard
    6. Mabel Elizabeth Pollard
    7. Millicent Mary Alton Pollard
    8. George Alton Pollard
Sidney Owen Alton
b. 22Aug1856 in at sea, Gibraltar, d. 07Nov1856 in Gibraltar
Sidney Roland Alton
son Alton

  1. Children:
    1. Phoebe Alton
Susanna F Alton
b. 1900 in Heage, DBY,
Thomas Alton of Shottle
bapt. 25May1687 in Duffield, DBY, bur.14Dec1757 in Shottle, Wirksworth, DBY
  1. Wife: Grace Storer of Kirk Ireton
    Married: 27Apr1725 in St Alkmund, Derby

    1. William Alton
    2. Samuel Alton
    3. Thomas Alton
    4. Elisabeth Alton
    5. Rebecca Alton
    6. Geoffrey Alton
    7. William Alton
Thomas Alton of Heage
bapt. 02Nov1720 in Haselwood, Duffield, Derby, d. 16May1805
  1. Wife: Mary Morrell of Heage
    Married: 30Nov1739 in St Alkmund, Derby

    1. Joseph Alton
    2. Martha Alton
    3. Elizabeth Alton
    4. Elias Alton
    5. Mary Alton
Thomas Alton
bapt. 18Sep1732 in Duffield, Derby,
Thomas Alton
bapt. 20Oct1789 in Duffield, Derby, d. 31Dec1851 in Heage, DBY
Occupation: butcher (-bef. 1819); farmer (-bef. 1832); shopkeeper (-bef. 1834)
  1. Wife: Maria Hepworth
    Married: 08Sep1812 in Duffield, DBY

    1. Harriet Hepworth Alton
    2. Elias Hepworth Alton
    3. Mary Hepworth Alton
    4. Joseph Alton of the Firs
    5. Rev George Alton
    6. William Alton
    7. Frederick Alton
    8. Francis Cooke Alton
    9. John Russell Alton
    10. Winfield Alton
  2. Wife: Jemima Ball
    Married: 22Nov1848 in Saint Werburgh, Derby
Thomas Alton
bapt. 17Jan1792 in Basford, Nottingham,
  1. Wife: Rebecca Slater of South Wingfield
    Married: 15Mar1819 in All Saints, South Wingfield, Derby

    1. Hannah Alton
    2. Mary Alton
    3. Elizabeth Alton
    4. John Alton
    5. Joseph Alton
    6. William Alton
    7. George Alton
    8. James Alton
Thomas Alton
bapt. 25Dec1814 in Belper, Derby,
Thomas Alton of Staveley
bapt. 07Dec1823 in Heage, DBY, d. 01Jan1905 01Jan1906 in Manor-house-farm, Hasland
Occupation: Farmer Of 167 Acres at Poolsbrook Farm, Staveley, Derby (-bef. 1881)
  1. Wife: Rebecca Morrell
    Married: 20Jan1851 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Phoebe Alton
    2. Rebecca Alton
    3. Elias Alton (Ellis)
    4. Mary Alton
    5. Anne Elizabeth Alton
Thomas Alton
bapt. 01Jan1843 in Heage, Derby,
Thomas Alton
b. 05Apr1883, d. 01Feb1917 in Denmark Hill Hospital, LON
Occupation: private M/282557 for 623rd M T Coy Army Service Corps
  1. Wife: Alathea Mary Yates Watherston
    Married: 20Apr1908 in St.Lukes, Heage, DBY

    1. Freda Annie Alton
    2. Alfred George Alton
Thomas Alton
b. abt. 1887 in Heage, DBY,
Thomas Frederick Alton
b. 16Apr1895, d. 19Jan1941 in SS Almeda Star
  1. Wife: (living person)
    1. Mary Doreen George Alton
    2. Edward Thomas Murray George Alton
    3. Frederick Derby Alton
    4. Ronald Jeffrey George Alton
    5. Neville George Alton
Thomas Winfield Alton
bapt. 05Jun1853 in Heage, DBY, d. 09Dec1916
  1. Wife: Annie Elizabeth Brooks (Ida)
    Married: Q3 1875 in St Saviour, Southwark

    1. Frank Winfield Alton
    2. Ernest Tom Alton
    3. Mildred Annie Alton
    4. William Sydney Alton
    5. Charles Frederick Alton
    6. Sidney Roland Alton
Tom Alton
Vernon Hastings Alton
b. Sep 1871 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, d. 27Apr1907 in Belper
Occupation: RN staff paymaster for
William Alton of Shottle
bapt. 02Jan1663/4 in Duffield, DBY, bur.07Apr1734 in Duffield, DBY
  1. Wife: Jane

    1. John Alton
    2. William Alton of Shottle Park
    3. Ellen Alton
    4. Samuel Alton
    5. Thomas Alton of Shottle
    6. Jane Alton
    7. Dorothy Alton
    8. Elizabeth Alton
William Alton of Shottle Park
bapt. 24Jan1682/3 in Duffield, DBY, d. 1738
  1. Wife: Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth Alton
William Alton
bapt. 10Aug1729 in Duffield, Derby,
  1. Wife: Ellen (Elin)

    1. Mary Alton
    2. Hannah Alton
    3. George Alton
    4. William Alton (Will)
    5. Lydia Alton
    6. James Alton
    7. Ann Alton
    8. Ellen Alton (Elen)
William Alton
bapt. 21Oct1739 in Duffield, Derby,
William Alton (Will)
bapt. 31Oct1756 in Denby, Derby,
William Alton
bapt. 04Jul1790 in Duffield, Derby, bur.12Jul1811 in Belper, DBY
William Alton
bapt. 10May1812 in Belper, , Derby, d. 29Mar1865
  1. Wife: Hannah Mellor
    Married: 20Apr1838 in Saint Werburgh, Derby

    1. George Alton
    2. Hannah Elizabeth Alton
William Alton
b. abt. 1821 in Belper, Derby, d. Q1 1896 in Belper
  1. Wife: Eliza

    1. Sarah Alton
William Alton
bapt. 20Nov1825 in Heage, DBY, d. 20Feb1882 in Castle Donington, LEI
Occupation: Brewer at Castle Donington, LEI (bef. 1881-)
  1. Wife: Mary Ann Barrow
    Married: Q2 1867 in Shardlow
William Alton
bapt. 01Dec1833 in South Wingfield, Derby,
  1. Wife: Sarah Shipley
    Married: 03Oct1854 in South Wingfield, Derby
William Alton
b. abt. 1835,
William Alton
b. Q1 1867,
Education: 1881 census- age 14, boarder at Hurt Bridge School, Matlock Green
William Alton
b. 02Nov1868 in Ilkeston, DBY, d. 21Jan1930
Occupation: Horse Driver (bef. 1881-)
  1. Wife: Mary
William Alton
b. abt. 1875 in Leicester,
William Sydney Alton
b. abt. 1882 in Battersea, Surrey, d. Q1 1918 in Belper
Winfield Alton
bapt. 27Nov1834 in Heage, DBY, d. 10May1853
Winfield Alton
bapt. 06Aug1854 in Heage, DBY, d. 11Dec1924 in Belper
Occupation: brewers traveller (bef. 1881-); licensed victualler (-bef. 1894); hotel propietor (bef. 1899-); landlord at Hurt Arms, Ambergate (-1913)
  1. Wife: Millicent Smith Taylor
    Married: 28Sep1881 in, DBY
Wingfield Wooley Alton
b. Mar 1863, d. 31May1915
Occupation: RM fleet paymaster
Annie Annis
b. Q1 1860 in Market Bosworth, LEI, d. Q3 1921 in Market Bosworth, LEI
  1. Husband: Jabez Emmerson senior
    Married: Q3 1913 in Market Bosworth, LEI
Ann Argyle
bapt. 11Aug1776 in Duffield, Derby, d. 07Feb1812
  1. Husband: James Woolley
    Married: 26Nov1796 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Mary Woolley
    2. Sarah Woolley
    3. Anne Woolley
    4. Joseph Woolley
    5. Susannah Woolley
    6. Emma Woolley
Eliza Argyle
bapt. 08Aug1813 in Saint Michael, Derby, Derby,
Erasmus Argyle
  1. Wife: Mary Smith
    Married: 02Jun1757 in Morley, Derby,

    1. Thomas Argyle
    2. Erasmus Argyle\Orgill
    3. Christopher Argyle\Orgill
    4. Susanna Argyle
    5. Samuel Argyle\Orgill\Argill
    6. Ann Argyle
    7. William Argyle
George Argyle
bapt. 15Jun1811 in Saint Michael, Derby, Derby,
Martha Argyle
bapt. 06May1809 in Saint Michael, Derby, Derby,
Mary Argyle
  1. Husband: Benjamin Bowmer
    Married: 07Oct1829 in Duffield, Derby
Mary Argyle
bapt. 13Jan1803 in Saint Werburgh, Derby, Derby,
Sarah Argyle
bapt. 06Dec1804 in All Saints, Derby, Derby,
Susanna Argyle
Thomas Argyle
bapt. 28Aug1763 in Duffield, Derby,
  1. Wife: Sarah Cockayne
    Married: 25Jun1802 in St Michael, Derby

    1. Mary Argyle
    2. Sarah Argyle
    3. Martha Argyle
    4. George Argyle
    5. Eliza Argyle
    6. Thomas Argyle
Thomas Argyle
bapt. 02Oct1814 in Saint Michael, Derby, Derby,

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