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John Q. Ross


Submitted by Bill Moore


Lieutenant Governor - Of Muskegon, Michigan, was born on a farm near Jamestown, Ohio, June 28, 1873 and received a common school education.  He studied law with Jones and Clark at Muskegon, was admitted to the bar July 9, 1894, and has since been engaged in the active practice of law.  He is a member of the firm of Cross, Vanderwerp, ? and Ross.  Mr. Ross has for several years been activily interested in the growth and development of the city of Muskegon and western Michigan.  For a number of years he has been a director of the Muskegon Chamber of Commerce and was its president in 1909.  He was the first president of the Western Michigan Development Company.  Mr. Ross was married June 12, 1900 to Katherine B. Schwedler and they have two children, Raymond F. and Florence A.  He was the nominee of the Republican party for lietenant governor at the primary election September 6, 1910, and was elected November 8, 1910.  He was renominated at the primary election August 27, 1912 and elected November 5, 1912, by a plurality of 9,184.


Source:  Michigan Official Directory and Legistative Manual for the years 1913-1914 compiled by Frederick C. Martindale, Secretary of State   Pg. 728-729




JOHN Q. ROSS.  A city is known by the citizens it produces and in the death of John Q. ROSS, Muskegon lost a citizen who had done credit to the city and state and was destined to bring them greater credit in the years to come.  To few citizens of any community does it fall to be so universally looked to when a man is needed who possesses ability, sound judgment and a willingness to serve.  To few does it fall to represent his city in the thought of the state to such a large measure.   To few does it fall to have been equally active and foremost in the political and business activity of his community and state and to have made a signal mark in both while still less than fifty years of age.  John Q. ROSS was born in Jamestown, Green County, Ohio, June 28, 1873, and there he received a common school education.  He came to Muskegon and began the study of law with the firm of Jones & Clark when quite a young man and was admitted to the bar June 9, 1894.  He first located for practice at Shelby, Michigan, and Oceana County always proclaimed her adopted son.  Returning to Muskegon he became a partner with Mr. JONES and this continued until the latter moved to Detroit.  He then became a partner with George B. LOVELACE and Charles B. CROSS, and in 1911 he became a member of the firm of CROSS, VANDERWERP, FOOTE & ROSS.  In 1919 he resigned from this firm to devote his attention to industrial affairs, in which he had assumed an important place.  In 1910 he was elected lieutenant governor on the Republican ticket when Chase S. OSBORN became governor.  Two years later he was re-elected to this office when the Republican candidate for governor was defeated and Woodbridge N. FERRIS was elected governor on the Democratic ticket.  During his two terms in this office he demonstrated that he was not only a presiding officer of the senate but a leader of that body as well.  During the war he was in active management of the Linderman Machine Company, which held important contracts with the government for the manufacture of gun mounts, and the firm won high praise from the government for its remarkable production record.  The close of the war found Mr. ROSS taking an increasing interest in civic matters and becoming one of the important figures in the industrial world.  He became active as a partner with Mr. JEANNOT in the management of the West Michigan Steel Foundry Company, of which he was president, devoting all of his time to this enterprise.  With the organization of the Union National Bank in 1919 Mr. ROSS was named president and continued in this until the time of his death.  He was actively interested in the Chamber of Commerce and served one year as chairman of transportation and at the time of his death was president of this civic body.  He also was active in the completion of the first unit of the addition to the Occidental Hotel Company.  Mr. ROSS had a commanding personality and instantly made friends and held the confidence of the public.  June 12, 1900, John Q. ROSS was united in marriage with Miss Katherine B. SCHWEDLER, who still maintains her home in Muskegon and their two children are Florence and Raymond F.  They death of Mr. ROSS occurred May 12, 1922.  The legacy John Q. ROSS left to the city of Muskegon is the common legacy of American life.  The place he had in law, finance, industry and public service he made for himself, as he had no advantages and no assistance save what is the heritage of every American boy.



Source:  “Historic Michigan”, George N. Fuller/ James L. Smith, (1925)

Vol. III, pp. 264-265


Submitted by Lisa Hoffius and Bill Moore


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