J. J. Howden Company


Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Steam and Hot Water Heating, 36 Morris Street.  It is impossible in connection with the complexities of city life to over estimate the value of first class plumbers in keeping that deadly enemy, sewer gas, away from houses.  The most prominent house engaged in this important branch of commercial pursuits is that of J. J. Howden Co.  This business was established by Mr. Howden over a quarter century ago in the cit and from small beginnings it has grown to wonderful proportions, so that today there are very few, if any, more extensive firms engaged in this line of business in the state of Michigan; and we venture to say that there are none more competent and reliable or better prepared to execute large contracts in plumbing, gas or hot water heating, than the above named firm.  Everything known to the trade is kept in stock and sold to dealers throughout the state.  A large force of skilled mechanics are constantly employed and every device and machinery known to the trade may here be found.  The firm have machinery for cutting pipe as large as eight inches in diameter, which cannot be found outside of either Detroit or Chicago.  This enterprising house carries a very large stock, which embraces all essential supplies and novelties, and with a reputation ever sustained for superior workmanship, the institution has gained not only a city support, but an outside country and state patronage.  Nearly all buildings of any note in Muskegon have had their plumbing done by this concern.  The founder of this business, Mr. Howden, is one of the city’s most prominent, enterprising, and reliable business men, is also treasurer and superintendent of the Muskegon Gas Light Co., and divides his attention between the two enterprises.  He is a Canadian by birth, but has resided in this city since 1871, and ranks among our city’s most important trade factors.


Source: Muskegon Enterprise Newspaper, February 1897 edition


(reprints may still be available through Muskegon County Genealogical Society)


Submitted by Barb Hill


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