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Hudson Family

From the RootsWeb.com: Blanke Harris Family Tree 2005

Generation 9. Randolph Hudson

Randolph Hudson, was born 27 June 1530, in London, Middlesex, England. Randolph had eight sons and three daughters, but only five sons are known.

The name Hudson was racially a Norman name in origin, the Hudsons came to England with William the Conqueror. It had various spellings such as Oddason and Hoddenson.

The first genealogy is found in the Church of the Grey Friar In London: Here is the tomb of Randolph Hudson "citizen and alderman of London"


  1. Henry Hudson, born 1500 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  2. Thomas Hudson

  3. John Hudson

  4. Edward Hudson

  5. Christopher Hudson

Generation 8. Henry Hudson I

Henry Hudson I, son of Randolph Hudson, was born in 1500, in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

He died 20 December 1555 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, and was buried in the Church Of St. Dustans In The East, London, England.

He was married in 1525 in St Editha, Tamworth, to Barbara __, who was born in 1504 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. Barbara was married/1 to an alderman named Richard Champion, who was elected sheriff in 1558/9, Lord Mayor in 1566. She died in 1568 in Tamworth without further issue. Source: www.georgian.net/tally/hudson.


Henry's official title was Gentleman, Alderman of London, Lord of Manors. Henry had gathered considerable wealth in trade and was lord over many manors, some which were conferred to him by King Henry VIII. The significance of the title Gentleman comes from the aristocracy of ancient England. Gentleman was a title given to man of certain nobility signifying social position in England. During the fifteen hundreds, England was divided into two distinctive classes: the aristocracy (land owners) and the peasants. There was no middle class, so you were either a rich land owner or you were poor. Gentleman Henry Hudson was obviously of the aristocracy demonstrated by his collection of titles and the ownership of a coat of arms that identified our family.

The inscription on Henry's tomb in St. Dunstan's indicates that he had eight sons and three daughters with a wife named Barbara. The LDS Church documents only two his sons; William and Henry II.

From the book Hudson Genealogy With Related Families, by Roy D. Hudson, August 1, 1957, a little information on the Hudson name is given:

In early England a man was known by but one name. When surnames first came into use, Richard the son of Roger was known as Richard Fitz-Roger, Fitz being a corruption of the Latin, filius, or son. The nickname of Roger was Hodge, and the son of Roger became Hodgson, Hodson or Hudson, and Richard Fitz-Roger became Richard Hudson.

In the opinion of English genealogists, the early ancestors of the Hudson family came into England with William the Conqueror in 1066. They were a numerous family, and the names of Richard, John, Henry and William were repeated to the point of confusion.

Henry Hudson, Gentleman, was an Alderman of London. He had acquired wealth in trade and was the Lord of a number of Manors, some of which had been conferred upon him by King Henry VIII for service to the Crown. He died in 1555, and was buried in the Church of St. Dunstans.

Another Henry Hudson, thought to be the son of Alderman Hudson, was a founder and director of the Muscovy Company, probably the father of Henry Hudson, the Explorer, who made two of his first voyages for the Muscovy Company. After the Explorer, and his son, John, had lost their lives at sea, his wife, Katherine apprenticed another son, Richard to the Company. He served in India and died there in 1648. There was another son, Oliver.

Places of residence and repetition of family names indicate that Alderman Hudson had another son, William, married to Alice Turner, whose son, Richard, was baptized in the ancient Church of St. Editha, Tamworth, Staffordshire, on 5 November 1608. Later he appeared in the register of the Church of St. Mary Aldermary in London, together with records of Oliver Hudson, son of Henry, the Explorer. This Richard had a brother named Nicholas.


  1. William Hudson I, born 1528 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  2. Henry Hudson, born 1541 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  3. Abagail Hudson

  4. Thomas Hudson

  5. John Hudson

Generation 7. William Hudson I

William Hudson Sr., son of Henry Hudson and Barbara __, was born in 1528, in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, and died 30 September 1571, Staffordshire.

He was the Founder of Muscovy Company. His wife was Mary Hayes.


  1. William Hudson II, born 12 December 1560 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

Generation 6. William Hudson II

William Hudson II, son of William Hudson I and Mary Hayes, was born 12 December 1560 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

He was married 19 November 1592, in Tamworth, to Alice Turner, who was born 6 May 1560 in Essex, England, and died 7 June 1630 in Essex.

They had several children, one of which was Richard Hudson I, who immigrated to America.

William died 9 April 1630 in Essex, England.


  1. Robert Hudson, Sr, born 1593 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  2. Edward Hudson, born between 1594-1602 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  3. William Hudson III, born 1602 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  4. Richard Hudson I, born 1605 in St. Editha, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

  5. Christopher Hudson, born 1605, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

Generation 5. Richard Hudson I

Richard Hudson I, the Immigrant, son of William Hudson and Alice Turner, was born 1605 in St. Editha, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, and christened 5 November 1608, in the Church Of England.

Richard is believed to have sailed from London to Virginia in 1635 aboard the ship Safety. He settled along Hungars Creek in Accomack, Virginia. It appears Richard was a coastal trader from transporting records from 1642 and that he was Captain of his own ship and his Mate was Thomas Streete.

Richard was married/1 before 1632, in England, to Miss Tilghman, (or to Tilghman ___), born about 1608, and died before 1635.

He was married a second time in 1638 to Mary Hayes, a widow about 30 years old, born 3 April 1605, Essex, England, and died 12 September 1653, in Northampton, Accomack County Virginia. Along with his new wife Richard acquired two or more stepchildren and debts three times greater than the value of her estate.

Other indicators such as a wife, ownership of land, crops and livestock suggest his enterprises were more likely local than transoceanic. We also learn he was well spoken and sharp thinking. His livestock mark was a "fleur de leis," a device associated with a Hudson coat of arms. The fleur de leis was also the livestock mark of both Richard's sons, Henry and Nicholas, of Somerset County, Maryland.

He had misunderstandings with his friends and neighbors over ownership of livestock, which did not affect subsequent dealings. We assume on that account it concerned bills or debts due, which were settled peacefully out of court.

Richard Hudson disliked Marylanders. The reason is not distinctly stated, however, the rivalry between Virginia and Maryland for the Chesapeake trade was well known. Other traders about this time were also having difficulties with the Marylanders. Religious differences too could have contributed to his dislike. Marylanders were mostly Catholics and his sons, Henry and Nicholas, were very closely associated with, if not themselves, Quakers. Nicholas' wife, Elizabeth Freeman, was a Quaker and Somerset County, Maryland, where they lived, was a Quaker refuge. Additional studies show the Puritan Catholic political question at that time was rising to a head in England also.

The records reveal a few other facts about Richard Hudson. He provided a known place to hang tobacco and a place where people came "to beate corne," suggesting a milling site and merchant enterprise. He owned a dog, a gun, and lived near an "Indian Towne."

According to the work of Roy D. Hudson, Richard the sailor, continued to live at Hungars Creek, married a third time to Barbara Jacobs, and left a Nuncupative (spoken to witnesses) Will in 1659.

One source indicates his children were "Girle," Richard II, Edward, Robert, Henry, Nicholas, John, William, and Charles.

Tidbits of the life of Richard I (from early Accomac Court records 1630 - 1660)

Apparently Richard I came to Virginia in 1635 as an indentured servant to Obedience Robbins. Court records indicate a dispute over payment to Obedience which indicates a servitude.

Richard sued a Mrs. Savage for payment of some services that were rendered. The court ordered her to pay Richard for 600 lbs. of tobacco and five barrels of corn. (Eighty lbs. of tobacco were worth about one pound Sterling and a day's wages was about sixteen lbs. of tobacco) (Deeds and Will Book 1632 - 1640 p.19)

Goodwiffe Robbins was brought into court for slandering Richard's wife Mary. Goodwife Robins' wife Alice received twenty lashes for this offense. It appears that Alice Robbins was a disagreeable person evidenced by the fact that she was quite often in court. For another slanderous offense she was "...lashed to the end of a canow and towed over the creeke".

Richard again appears in court over a disputed hog. It appears Richard claims it was stolen and could identify it by its markings in the ear (the same fleur de lis utilized by Gentlemen Henry Hudson). The defendants claim that the markings in the ear were destroyed when the sow was attacked by dogs. Richard claimed that the thieves cut it out. The records are not entirely clear as to how it ended.

Court records show the transfer of a minor orphan from the household of Richard and Mary to his sister-in-law Ruth Hayes.

Finally court records show that Richard snuck upon "..his Girle" and her boyfriend in a compromising position in the woods. It is not known if "..his Girle" is his daughter or a servant, but the description in the court records is amusing.

Richard died 12 September 1660 in Hungars Creek, Accomack County, Virginia.


  1. Richard Hudson II, born about 1634 in Accomack County, Virginia

  2. Henry Hudson, born 1632 in England

  3. Robert Hudson, born about 1633 in Accomack County, Virginia

Generation 4. Richard Hudson II

Richard Hudson II, son of Richard Hudson and Tilghman, was born about 1634 in Accomack County, Virginia, and died 24 October 1669 in Henrico County, Virginia.

He was married in 1658, in Henrico County, Virginia to Mary Bowman, who was born 15 February 1634 in Varine Parish, Bermuda head, Henrico County, Virginia, and died 21 June 1690, in Henrico County.

She was the daughter of Robert Bowman, Sr, (died 17 February 1670/1 to Varine Parish, of Bermuda Head, Henrico County, Virginia) sister of Robert, William, and John Bowman


Various sources list the birth date of Richard II between 1630 and 1635. If his birth was prior to 1635 this would lend credence to the suspicion that Richard I was in Accomack prior to 1635 or Richard II was born in England instead of Accomack. Whatever the case may be, Richard II left Accomack in 1652 for the mainland and Henrico County, Virginia. Richard met his wife Mary Bowman and settled along the south branch of the James River on a tract of land known as "Roxdale"

Children were Richard III (Hudsons of Amelia), Robert (Hudsons of Chesterfield), and William (Hudsons of Hanover). Apparently, Richard was much closer to his in-law family of Bowman's than he was to his blood relatives. His father-in-law gave him an estate known as Roxdale.

Unfortunately, Richard died before his sons were of legal age to inherit it. Richard placed the estate in the hands of a guardian who decided he wanted it for himself. After much legal wrangling, the sons prevailed, as court documents show transfer of ownership from one of the sons to another for the sum of 1600 lbs of tobacco.


  1. Richard Hudson III, born 2 March 1659 in Henrico County, Virginia

Generation 3. Richard Hudson III

Richard Hudson III, son of Richard Hudson Jr. and Mary Bowman, was born 2 March 1659, in Henrico County Virginia, and died 21 October 1746 in Amelia County, Virginia.

He was married in 1688, to Mary Hall, who was born about 1660 in Henrico County, Virginia. She died in Amelia County Virginia.


His father died when he was a boy and Richard and his brothers were fostered by a guardian. Years later, after receiving his inheritance and settling his business in Henrico County, Richard III left for the frontier, that later became Amelia County, Virginia and settled at Hatcher's Run around 1706.

His children were Richard IV, Isaac, James, and Hall. In 1704, Richard was living in Prince George County, Virginia on 75 acres. (Source: Richard Bruff Hudson Homepage)


  1. Richard Hudson IV, born 1690 in Henrico County, Virginia

  2. Hall Hudson, born 1708

  3. Robert Hudson

  4. Thomas Hudson

  5. James Hudson

  6. Isaac Hudson

  7. Christopher Hudson, born 1605(?) in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

Generation 2. Richard Hudson IV

Richard Hudson IV, son of Richard Hudson III and Mary Hall, was born in 1690, in Henrico County, Virginia.

He was married about 1722, in Henrico County Virginia, to Martha Ward, who was born about 1705, in Henrico County, Virginia, and died 1777, in Lunenburg, Richmond County, Virginia


  1. Charles Hudson, born 4 April 1729 in Amelia County, Virginia

  2. Ward Hudson, born 1735 in Amelia County, Virginia

  3. James Hudson, born 1737 in Amelia County, Virginia

  4. Richard Hudson V, born Abt 1740

  5. John Hudson

Generation 1. Charles Hudson

Charles Hudson, son of Richard Hudson IV and Martha Ward, was born 4 April 1729, in Amelia County, Virginia and died 9 March 1763, in St James Parish, Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

He was married about 1745, in Mecklenburg, to Martha Robertson, born before 1726, died 1793, Mecklenburg County


  1. Richard Hudson VI, born 1744 in Randolph County, North Carolina; married about 1769 Randolph County, to Sarah Lamb, born 1748/50, daughter of Thomas Lamb and Sarah Moore

  2. John Hudson, born after 1745 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

  3. Stephen Hudson, born 1752 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

  4. William Hudson Hudson, born 1765, Mecklenburg County, Virginia