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The Morris Family

The Morris family is of direct Welsh descent. The name is variously spelled, and is composed of the Welsh words “Mawy-rwyce,” meaning strong or brave in battle.

The family claims descent from Eliptan Godrydd, a powerful British chieftain, who founded the fourth royal tribe of Wales, born in 933. From him and others of his descendants sprang the noble houses of Gadogan, the Pryces of Newton Barons, as well as families of Morice of Werrington, Morrice of Eetshanger, Morris of the Hurst, and others.

The earliest arrivals in Virginia, of those bearing the name, as yet found, listed in John Camden Hotten’s original Lists of those who went from Great Britain to the Virgian Plantations from 1600-1700. Although this is not complete, it is supposed to contain all extant known records. In this we find the following:

“From the muster of the inhabitants of the college lands in Virginia, Elizabeth Cittie, Capt. William Tucker, Master John Morris, age 24, in the ship Bona Nova, November 1619.”

“Living in Elizabeth Cittie, Va. 16 February 1623, John Morris”

In the Muster at Elizabeth Cittie, 1624/5:

“John Morris, age 24, in Bona Nova, 1619 Mary Morris, age 22, in George, 1623 (probably his wife) (This John disembarked at the Jamestown Colony from England in November 1619. Later due to religious persecution, the family moved to the sparsely settled community west of Albemarle near the Carolina-VA state line (From the Winslow-Morris Genealogy by Fred E. Winslow, Salem, Indiana) Also this entry to an unannounced destination in Virginia: “The underwritten names are to be transported to Virginia, embarked in the --- from the port of London, 1635, John Morris, aged 26”

From the above information it is probable, but not proved, that the John Morris at Elizabeth City is the forbearer of the line of the Morris family. No other Morris has been found in the records of Elizabeth. However, for the next fifty years we find nothing on the lineage of the Morris family, except that a John Morris left a will in 1696, in Accomac County, Virginia. It appears though, that some of them, if not all, became members of the Little River Monthly Meeting, friends in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. It is very probable that those in the Little River Monthly Meeting were his descendants. The Friends were among those few religious organizations that kept a rather complete record of their members, so long as they remained in good standing.

“History of Perquiman County” page 35

“Among passengers in “Speedwell” of London bound for America, 28 May 1635, was Richard Morris, age 19. Another by the same name came to Virginia from London, the same year, age 17. Edward Morris was transported to Virginia by John Ellis in April 1648. Mr. Richard Morris “Minister of Bristol Parish” Henrico County, Virginia, became later a resident of Isle of Wight County, and had a daughter Anne, who was his heir 1678, her uncle Samuel Morris acting as Executor of his estate. John Morris was living in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia in 1740.

Charles Morris, with his wife Hannah, the first to appear on the records of Perquimans County, North Carolina, attended a Monthly Meeting at Arnold White’s house 24, 4mo, 1679. He was born about 1652, & died 1679 in Virginia. He may have been the father of John. They were living in Perquimans County in 1716. Little River gives most valuable information about this family, and they are always the best of authority.

The World Family Tree, Computer Vol 3, gives the father of our John Morris, as John Morris, born about 1652, and died 1680 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. He was married about 1678 to Damaris Page, daughter of Isaac Page and Demaris Shattuck. But the WFT is not too reliable. (See Part VIII- Gen 2. Zachariah Nixon, Jr.

John Morris Sr.

John Morris Sr., was born 3day, 3mo, 1679, recorded in Pasquotank Monthly Meeting, North Carolina.

He was married, same place, 9da, 4mo, 1703, to Mary Symons, who was born 12da, 4 mo, 1687, in Pasquotank Monthly Meeting, North Carolina, daughter of Thomas Symons, and Rebecca White. (See: Symons Family, Part IV)

They were members of Little River Monthly Meeting, North Carolina. John, an elder, died age 60, 20da 9mo 1739. Mary died age 58, 14da 8mo 1745.


  1. Aaron Morris, born 14 day, 7 mo, 1704

  2. Elizabeth (Bette) Morris, born 6da 9mo 1707; married 6da 7mo 1725, William Symons, although the Monthly Meeting advised against it, as being too closely related.

  3. Aaron Joseph Morris, born 4da 12mo 1709

  4. Sarah Morris, born 6da 9mo 1712; married Samuel Moore; a widow on 21 January 1765

  5. John Morris Jr, born 2lda 12mo 1716; married 2d 3m 1745 Sarah Pierce of Perquimans.

  6. Mary Morris, born 24da 11mo 1719; died 19 October 1760; married Symons Creek Monthly Meeting, 3da 1mo 1738, John Robinson, born 26d 10m 1716, died 30 November 1757, son of Thomas and Sarah Robinson, at Symons Creek

  7. Aaron Zachariah Morris, born 23da 9mo 1722

  8. Hannah Morris, born 23da 12mo 1726; married 6d 10m 175-. to William Bundy

  9. Isaac Morris, died 13 February 1762


A. Aaron Morris Sr.

Aaron Morris Sr., son of John Morris and Mary Symons, was born 14da 7mo 1704, Little River, Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

He was married 20da 6m0 1724, Symons Creek Monthly Meeting, in Pasquotank County, to Mary Pritchard, who was born 28 July 1707 at Symons Creek, daughter of Benjamin Pritchard and his first wife, Sarah Culpepper (See: Pritchard Family, Part IV)

Aaron was trustee and director of Nixonton, the first town in Pasquotank County They were members of the Symons Creek Monthly Meeting. Aaron was chosen overseer 5 June 1755.

Aaron Morris died 10 September 1770, and Mary died 12 October 1791.


  1. Joshua Morris, born 6 April 1726

  2. Benjamin Morris, born 20 August 1728; married/1 on 7 January 1751, to Mary Bundy (died 10 May 1753) daughter of Sam & Jean Bundy; Ben was disowned because of misconduct; he later repented; Married/2 on 1 July 1756, to Mary Jordan, (widow of John Henley) out of unity; Ben died 30 January 1762, Mary died 4 February 1762.

  3. Joseph Morris, born 1 February 1731

  4. Miriam Morris, born 14da 3mo 1733, in Pasquotank County, N. C.; died 13 December 1789; married/1 in 1749, Pasquotank County, North Carolina, to Joshua Trueblood, 5 chn; married/2 on 5 May 1763, in Perquimans Monthly Meeting, North Carolina to Joshua Perisho V, son of James Perisho (4). (See: Perisho Family, Part IV)

  5. Susanna Morris, born July 1735, died 1756/7; married Christopher Nicholson son of Thomas Nicholson and Mary Hill (See Nicholson Family, Part II)

  6. John Morris III, born 11 December 1737

  7. Mary Morris, born 8 January 1739

  8. Sarah Morris, born 5 September 1743; died 26 September 1743

  9. Aaron Morris Jr, born 5 September 1744, Pasquotank Co

  10. Elizabeth Morris, born 22 April 1747; married 1765 to Thomas Gilbert of Perquimans Monthly Meeting; married/2 to John Symons, who died 10 January 1800; she moved to Back Creek Monthly Meeting 18 January 1800; 2 daughters
    1. Grandchildren:
      1. Margaret Symons, married 21 October 1804 Back Creek, to James Newlin
      2. Elizabeth Symons, married 27 July 1809 Back Creek, to Thomas Newlin

C. Joseph Morris Sr.

Joseph Morris Sr., son of John Morris and Mary Symons, was born 4da 12mo 1709.

He was married 2da 10mo 1730 at Symons Creek Monthly Meeting, to Elizabeth Pritchard, who was born 19d 1m 1710, daughter of Benjamin Pritchard. (See: Pritchard Family, Part IV)


  1. Sarah Morris, born 1732

  2. Ann Morris

  3. Joseph Morris Jr.

  4. Mary Morris

  5. Benjamin Morris, born 1741; married/1Elizabeth Overman; married/21772, Millicent Draper
    1. Grandchildren:
      1. Joseph Morris III
      2. Elizabeth Morris
      3. Benjamin Morris
      4. Rachel Morris married/2
      5. Peter Morris
      6. Jacob Morris, born 1776, married Mary Trueblood, daughter of Caleb Trueblood and his 2/wife Mourning ___; Emigrated early to Indiana.
      7. Demcy Morris
      8. Eli Morris, married Wells Monthly Meeting, to Esther Buyer

G. Zachariah Morris

Zachariah Morris, son of John Morris and Mary Symons, was born 23 September 1722.

He was married l November 1752 to Ann Williams, who was born 12 December 1727-8, daughter of John Williams and Sarah___.

Ann died 28 April 1795, and Zachariah died 2 March 1809.


  1. Mary Morris, born 1755 Northampton County, North Carolina, died 13 December 1799, North Carolina; married 20 June 1779 to Richard Davis, son of Joshua Davis of Dobbs County North Carolina

  2. Isaac Morris, married 14 September 1788, to Millicent Bundy, daughter of Denisey Bundy, Wayne, County, North Carolina

  3. Jeremiah Morris, died 15 September 1826; married 22 February 1789 to Margaret Charles, daughter of William Charles, who died before 1789

  4. Thomas Morris, Sr., born 19 March 1769


A-1. Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris, son of Aaron Morris and Mary Pritchard, was born 6 April 1726 Symons Creek Monthly Meeting, Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

He was married/1 on 13 November 1747, to Hannah Anderson, who died 3 May 1751, daughter of John Anderson.

He was married/2 on 9 June 1752 Huldah Newby;

He was married/3 on 1 June 1755 to Mary (Pearson) Winslow, who died 13 March 1773, daughter of Peter Pearson Sr and Rachel Bogue (See Winslow Family, Part VIII). Mary, the widow of John Winslow, had 6 Winslow children

He was married/4 on 27 April 1774 to Rebeccah Symons, daughter of Peter Symons.

Joshua died 14 February 1777.


  1. Mordecai Morris, born 1749

  2. Clarky Morris, married (John?) Pool

  3. m/2
  4. Benjamin Morris

  5. m/3
  6. Nathan Morris

  7. Jonathan Morris Sr., born 7 July 1759

  8. Zachariah Morris

  9. m/4
  10. John Morris V

  11. Mary Morris, married William Overman

A-3. Joseph Morris

Joseph Morris, son of Aaron Morris and Mary Pritchard, was born 1 February 1731. He was married/1 on 5 June 1755, to Mary Newby, who was born 28 July 1732, and died 5 September 1763, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Newby.

He was reported married/2 on 1 November 1764, to Hannah Overman, who died 27 November 1766.

He was married/3 19 April 1769 to Elizabeth ____, (born 1769). Joseph died 24 November 1798.


  1. Miriam Morris, married Symons Creek Meeting House, to John Cox

  2. Benjamin Morris, married Wells Meeting House, to Milicent Draper

  3. John Morris VI

  4. Mary Morris

  5. Joseph Morris

  6. m/2
  7. Elizabeth Morris

  8. Thomas Morris, born 1766

  9. m/3
  10. Joshua Morris; married Margaret Henley, daughter of 11,111. Joseph Henley (See Henley Family, Part VIII)

  11. Sarah Morris

  12. Susannah Morris

  13. William Morris

  14. Clarkey Morris

  15. William Morris

  16. Nathan Morris

  17. Anna Morris

  18. Penelope Morris

  19. Milicent Morris

A-6. John Morris III

John Morris III, son of Aaron Morris and Mary Pritchard, was born 11 December 1737.

He was married/1 on 20 January 1762, at the Little River Meeting House, to Mary Nicholson, who was born 3 April 1744, and died 25 January 1772, daughter of Thomas and Mary Nicholson; (See: Nicholson Family, Part II)

John was recorder of births and deaths and overseer; Mary was Clerk. John was married/2 20 September 1774, to Ruth Fletcher, widow of Samuel Winslow. John died 17 October 1776.


  1. Sarah Morris

  2. Margaret Morris, married Thomas Jordan; both suffered tragic deaths
    1. Grandchildren:
      1. Margaret Jordan, married Joseph Trueblood

  3. Mary Morris

  4. Sussannah Morris

  5. m/2
  6. Aaron Morris

A-7. Mary Morris

Mary Morris, daughter of Aaron Morris and Mary Pritchard, was born 8 January 1739. She was married/1 to Daniel Trueblood.

She was reported married/2 17 March 1773, to Silas Draper of Perquimans Monthly Meeting, North Carolina.

He was “an elder of Wells Particular Meeting, and died 23 November 1793.


  1. Joseph Draper, married 1801 to Peninnah Bundy of Vosses Creek Monthly Meeting

  2. Chalkley Draper, married 1803 Rhoda Willard of Wells Meeting House

  3. Silas Draper, Jr.

A-9. Aaron Morris Jr.

Aaron Morris, Jr., son of Aaron Morris, Sr. and Mary Pritchard, was born 5 September 1744, in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

He was married 30 November 1768, at the Meeting House near Little River Bridge, to Margaret Nicholson, who was born 1 January 1752, daughter of Thomas Nicholson and Mary Hill. (See: < a href=../../part2/other/Nicholson.html> Nicholson Family, Part II

Aaron was married/2 27 February 1782, to Lydia Symons, widow Davis, daughter of Jehoshaphat and Lydia Symons. Aaron died 8 December 1796, Lydia died 18 April 1807, both in Pasquotank County.


  1. Thomas Morris (3), born 11 September 1769, married 16 July 1801, at a public meeting near Symons Creek, to Rebeckah White, daughter of James White & Elizabeth Symons. Thomas died 3 June 1807 by drowning; Rebeckah married/2, and disowned for marrying out of the society.

  2. Christopher Morris, born 18 October 1771; married/18 March 1797 at public meeting, near Symons Creek, Gulielma Bundy, died 24 January 1808, daughter of Josiah Bundy and Mary Symons; married/2 to Penninah Bundy, probable daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Bundy. Christopher died 1811, while crossing water near Lewisburgh, on his way to a yearly meeting at New Garden.

  3. Mary Morris, born 31 March 1774; died 26 February 1813; married 29 February 1792, Edmund White, died 29 October 1812 of lingering disease, son of Joseph White.

  4. Mark Morris, twin, born 9 January 1777; rept married 15 September 1798, Hannah Pritchard, probable daughter of Mathew and Sarah Pritchard; disowed

  5. Ruth Morris, twin, born 9 January 1777; married 19 August 1795, Newbegun Creek, to Nathan Bundy; both made overseers

  6. Isaac Morris, born 20 April 1780, Pasquotank County, North Carolina; died after 1835; married 3 March 1802 to Pheraby Bundy

  7. m/2
  8. Aaron Morris III, born 18 November 1782, North Carolina; died 1 February 1851; married 2 October 1805, Nebegun Meeting House, North Carolina, to Sarah Draper

  9. Pritchard Morris I, born 15 September 1784

  10. Jehoshaphat Morris, born 17 August 1786; died 12 November 1857; married/1 to Sarah White, 2 children; married/2 to Peggy Trueblood
    1. Grandchildren:
      1. Thomas Morris
      2. Pritchard Morris II, born 9 January 1813, died 8 January 1887, buried Blue River; married Jenette ____
        1. Great Grandchildren:
          1. Aseneth Morris, born 13 May 1843-died 16 February 1914, buried Blue River; married 26 December 1865, to Seth Winslow, (See Winslow Family, Part VIII)

  11. Margaret Morris, 24 June 1788; died 25 July 1854

  12. Sarah Morris, born 2 June 1790; died 12 February 1854

  13. John Morris VII, born 24 June 1794; died 12 November 1803

G-4. Thomas Morris, Sr.

Thomas Morris, Sr., son of Zachariah Morris and Ann Williams was born 19 March 1769.

He was married 19 November 1789 to Sarah Musgrove, who was born 3 January 1770 in Wayne County, North Carolina, daughter of Caleb Musgrove (died 1791) and Elizabeth Cox (died 13 October 1800) Thomas was married a second time.

Many Morris families joined the Great Quaker Migration, fleeing the slavery of the South. Their wagon train, including the Thomas Moorman family, left 18 February 1815, from Symons Creek Monthly Meeting, Pasquotank, North Carolina, to Lick Creek Monthly Meeting, Washington County, Indiana.

They founded the Blue River Monthly Meeting in July 1815. They followed a trail near the North Carolina-VA state line, west to Cumberland Gap, at the corner of Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Here they found a 1500-foot-mountain to climb to get to the top of the pass. No doubt, here they stopped while 2 or more teams of horses or oxen were hitched on the lead of each wagon to pull it up the mountain. Then the wagon was guided down the west side with its own team, the wagon being held by brakes. When all were over, they followed the trail northwest down a valley between high mountains, to Corgin, and on to Lexington.

Here a trail turned north to Cincinnati, Ohio, and Richmond, Indiana, but they followed the newer trail northwest to the Ohio River at Charlestown Landing, about 15 miles up the river from Louisville. They, like others, crossed there rather than risk a ferry crossing nearer the falls of the Ohio. From Charlestown, they followed an old Indian trail northwest between 25 and 30 miles to Blue River, their future home.

The trip took perhaps 8-10 weeks, for the most part through an unbroken wilderness, camping each night in the open. Here, near Blue River, each family selected a place for a home, usually located near a spring of flowing water. Their claims were composed of several hundred acres of level ground on the watershed, known for generations as “The Flat Woods” and the “Morris Neighborhood.”

Thomas Morris, Sr. died before 1819, when daughter Elizabeth married Uriah.


  1. Elizabeth Morris, born 17 September 1790, Wayne County, North Carolina; became the second wife of Uriah Moorman, 22 July 1819 at New Garden Monthly Meeting, Wayne County, She died 21 December 1848 (See Moorman Family, Part VIII)

  2. John Morris, born 10 October 1792, died 9 August 1793

  3. Anna Morris (twin), born 26 August 1794; married 23 April 1812 Marlborough District, South Carolina, to Soloman Thomas, born 25 November 1792 son of Isaac Thomas (born 16 November 1767 and Rachel ___(born 19 October 1771)

  4. Hannah Morris (twin), born 26 August 1794, married John Lee

  5. Aaron Morris, IV born 4 January 1797, died May 1832, married Nanny Thomas, born 27 October 1800
    1. Grandchildren:
      1. Hannah Morris, born 18 September 1827, died 11 August 1851; married 2/wife Exum Elliott, (See Elliot Family, Part VIII )

  6. Martha Morris, born 15 January 1799; died 10 December 1800

  7. Caleb Morris, born 17 March 1801

  8. Jonathan Morris, born 29 July 1803; died 25 September 1803

  9. Sarah Morris, born 29 July 1804; married 7 August 1898 to James Jackson

  10. Nathan Morris, born 8 October 1806, Guilford County, North Carolina

  11. Thomas Morris Jr., born 7 April 1809; married #E-232. Nellie Osborn daughter of Rebecca Edgerton and Thomas Osborn (See Lamb Family Part II)

  12. Mary Morris, born 12 July 1811; died 30 July 1853; married 19 December 1832 to Benjamin Benbow (See Benbow Family, Part VIII

  13. Celia Morris, born 14 October 1814, died 2 November 1889; married Henry Carter.


A-11. Mordecai Morris

Mordecai Morris, son of Joshua Morris and Hannah Anderson, was born in 1749.

He was married in 1773 to Abigail Overman, daughter of Nathan Overman.

He died 1831.


  1. Joshua Morris, married 1796 Margaret Henley, daughter of J-11,111. Joseph Henley & Mourning Anderson (See Mayo-Henley Family, Part VIII)

  2. Mary Morris

  3. Thomas Morris, married 1807 Ann Henley, daughter of Joseph Henley and Mourning Anderson (See Henley Family, Part VIII)

  4. Mordecai Morris

  5. Benoni Morris, born 1784, married Rebecca Trueblood, daughter of John Trueblood and Jemima Nixon

  6. Anderson Morris, married Mary Morris

  7. Abigail Morris, married Benjamin Pritchard

  8. John Griffith Morris, died in infancy

  9. Hannah Morris, died infancy

A-15. Jonathan Morris Sr.

Jonathan Morris, Sr., son of Joshua Morris and 3rd wife, Mary Pearson, was born 7 July 1759.

His will was probated February 1796, naming sons, Jehosaphat & Jonathan, nephew John Pool, brother Nathan, with Josiah Bundy, Executor


  1. Jehosaphat Morris

  2. Jonathan Morris, Jr., born 12 December 1789, Pasquotank County, North Carolina

A-37. Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris, son of Joseph Morris and Hannah Overman, was born in 1776. He was married to 1794, in the Newbegun Monthly Meeting, to Lucretia Henley, daughter of 11,111. Joseph Henley and Mourning Anderson. (See Mayo-Henley Family, Part VIII)


  1. Margaret Morris, married Thomas Trueblood, with descendant Claride H Mitchell

G-4(10) Nathan Morris Sr.

Nathan Morris Sr., son of Thomas Morris, Sr., and Sarah Musgrove, was born 28 October 1806 in Guilford County, North Carolina.

He was married to Marian Benbow, daughter of John Benbow and Charity Mendenhall, a sister of Lydia Mendenhall. (See Benbow, Mendenhall Families) The family moved to Grant County, Indiana, in 1831. Marian died 11 Nov 1851. (See: Benbow Family, Part IV)

Nathan was married/2 on 16 December 1852, to Abigale Baldwin, born 15 Feb 1822, widow of John Peacock, and daughter of Charles Baldwin.

The family moved to Grant County, Indiana, in 1831. Marian died 11 November 1851. Nathan was married/2 16 December 1852, to Abigale Baldwin, born 15 February 1822, widow of John Peacock, and daughter of Charles Baldwin.


  1. Sarah Morris, born 3 December 1830; died 6 October 1854; married 24 April 1850, Back Creek Monthly Meeting, Indiana, to Micsh Baldwin (died age 20yr 9mo 21da)

  2. Charity Morris, born 1 October 1832; died 15 November 1833, Back Creek Monthly Meeting, Indiana

  3. Thomas Morris, born 31 December 1833; died 6 October 1854, Mississionewa, Indiana

  4. John Morris VIII, born 18 February 1835; died 5 September 1854, Mississionewa, Indiana

  5. Ruth Morris, born 2 July 1836; died 6 September 1854, Mississionewa, Indiana

  6. Exum Morris, born 15 June 1838; died 10 June, or 23 July 1901, near Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas; married 23 August 1860 to Melissa Pierce

  7. Milly Morris, born 9 December 1839; married 25 November 1858, Back Creek Monthly Meeting, to Thomas Smith

  8. Aaron Morris, born 3 February 1843, died 29 October 1851, Back Creek Monthly Meeting, Indiana

  9. Lydia Morris, born 31 August 1844, Fairmont, Indiana

  10. Nathan Morris, born 6 March 1846, died 22 February 1862

  11. Selia Morris, born 26 October 1847

  12. David Morris, born 12 July 1849; died 12 October 1851; Back Creek Monthly Meeting, Indiana

  13. Isaac Morris, born 8 June 1851, died 18 December 1851, Back Creek Monthly Meeting, Indiana

  14. m/2
  15. Miles Morris, born 23 September 1857; married Lucinda Jane

  16. Etta Morris, born 2 April 1860, died 6 May 1861

  17. Levi Morris, born 26 January 1862

  18. Mary Morris, born 30 October 1863


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