William Baldwin of Pennsylvania Virginia and North Carolina

William Baldwin Families

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William Baldwin was son of John and Ann Scott Baldwin of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Frederick County, Virginia, and Rowan County, North Carolina. John Baldwin, Bucks County, married Ann Scott, Bucks County, at Falls Monthly Meeting on 12/8/1707. John Baldwin died 1/19/1757 and Ann died 11/9/1741. They are buried at New Garden Monthly Meeting in North Carolina. For more on this family see the Baldwin Web Site

The parents of William's first wife, Elizabeth Morgan, are thought to be John and Sarah Lloyd Morgan of Frederick Co., Va.

William Baldwin married second on 6/18/1788 Mary Ann Beals Hunt, widow of Thomas Hunt. Ann died two years later (7/10/1790) and is buried at New Garden

  William Baldwin
born 2/20/1720 Bucks Co, Pa
died 8/9/1802 Guilford Co, NC
Burial at New Garden MM
Elizabeth Morgan
born unknown
died 9/9/1773 Guilford Co, NC
Burial at New Garden MM

  > Marriage: Probably about 1745 in Virginia

John Baldwin born 7/9/1746 Frederick Co, Virginia; married Jemima Sanders
William Baldwin born 7/26/1748; died 1/1749 Frederick Co, Virginia
Ann Baldwin born 5/18/1750 Frederick Co, Va(?); married Samuel Millikan
William Baldwin born 12/16/1751, Frederick Co, Va (?)(nothing further known)
Joseph Baldwin born 7/28/1754; died 8/17/1755 Rowan County, NC (?) Daniel Baldwin born 9/23/1756 Rowan County, NC; married Mary Benbow
Jesse Baldwin born 1/26/1759 Rowan County, NC; married Hannah Thornbrough
Enos Baldwin born 3/9/1761; died 6/19/1761 Rowan County, NC
Sarah Baldwin born 5/23/1762 Rowan County, NC; married Richard Williams
Uriah Baldwin born 3/19/1764 Rowan County, NC; married Hannah Hunt
Elizabeth Baldwin born 12/14/1766 Rowan County, NC; married Joshua Dicks 5/21/1783 Mary Baldwin born 2/26/1770 Rowan County, NC; married Walter Thornbrough, brother of Hannah who married Jesse.

(Children's birth dates are from Hinshaw, Volume 1, page 489) While Ann Baldwin's birthplace is given as Rowan County, North Carolina, on the Samuel and Ann Baldwin Millikan page, there may be some question about the location, as well as for some of the other children.

History of William Baldwin

William Baldwin presented a certificate at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Orange County on 5/2/1752. The certificate was dated 8/12/1749 from Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Frederick County, Virginia, so the actual arrival date in North Carolina is not known and we do not know when William brought his family. Cane Creek Meeting was not formed until 1751 which may account for the delay in the certificate. When New Garden MM was set off from Cane Creek in 1754 the Baldwins were automatically members so there are no further certificates to enlighten us.

According to a Guilford County Landowner's List William purchased land in Rowan County in the area that would become Guilford County in 1751. The land was located on the West Fork of Deep River. According to a deed (see land records) executed by William in 1775, he received a grant from Granville in November 1756 "on the waters of Deep River." This land was located on the East Fork of Deep River, near New Garden Monthly Meeting, hence the transfer of membership when New Garden Meeting was formed. We believe this was the Baldwin family home and probably where he first brought his family. We speculate that he brought his family there about 1753 or 1754 as might be indicated by the extra one year gap between the births of William #2 and Joseph. This would also account for the entire family being members of New Garden meeting (and/or Deep Creek meeting) and the children's records entered there rather than at Cane Creek. (Note: as you all well know, speculation in matters of genealogy is a dangerous thing!)

More on the children of William and Elizabeth Morgan Baldwin

The marriages of the children of William and Elizabeth are documented at New Garden Monthly Meeting. Many of the descendants of this family joined the migration in the early 1800's to Ohio and Indiana. Their certificates of removal are documented at Deep River and New Garden MM (some are listed below).

William Baldwin Jr

There is no further mention of son William Baldwin #2 and he may have died or left the area before 1767 when the New Garden records start for this family. William would have been 19 about that time, an age when young men often went off adventuring.

John and Jemima Sanders Baldwin

Son John Baldwin married Jemima Sanders, daughter of John and Jane Sanders, on 10/24/1778 at New Garden Meeting. Their family records are continued at Deep River Monthly Meeting. They had children: William (b 8/25/1777, d 3/12/1808); Elizabeth (b 10/17/1779, d 9/29/1840); John (11/4/1781), mou in 1804 to Charlotte Payne; Jesse (10/16/1783), m (1)Hannah Mendenhall, daughter of George and Judith, 6/12/1806, and (2)Margaret Beeson, daughter Benjamin and Margaret, 2/16/1826; Hezekiah (b 11/24/1785, d 4/9/1807); Jane (12/13/1788)m James Galbrath 12/12/1822; Sarah (b 8/25/1793, d 10/13/1826); Daniel (7/19/1796) m Charity Hodson, daughter David and Esther, 6/20/1815 at Center MM.

John, Jr. and wife Charlotte were reinstated with the Quakers and their children are listed at Deep River. A History of Hardin Co, Iowa gave us the surname of Charlotte in a sketch about son Caleb. It tells us that the family emigrated to Wayne County, Indiana in 1825 which coincides with records at Deep River transferring their membership to New Garden Monthly Meeting in Indiana in 1825. Caleb married Mary Lindly of North Carolina and they had twelve children. They were members of Honey Creek Monthly Meeting in Iowa and lived in New Providence in Hardin County. The children of Jesse and his two wives are documented at Deep River. In 1825 the family transferred to Springfield MM in Indiana.

Daniel and Mary Benbow Baldwin

Son Daniel Baldwin married Mary Benbow, daughter of Benjamin Benbow, on 11/7/1781 at New Garden Meeting. Their children are documented at New Garden: Charles (9/1/1782), m Sarah Thomas, daughter John & Molley, 12/25/1806 at Piney Grove MM - to Whitewater MM in Indiana 9/18/1813; Ann (7/28/1784), m. Benjamin Thomas, son John & Molley, as second wife 3/2/1807; Arcadia (6/18/1786) to Whitewater MM, In 8/29/1812; John (3/30/1788) m. Dorcas Bond at Piney Grove - to Whitewater MM, In 9/28/1811; Daniel (12/30/1789) m Christian Wilcuts, daughter Thomas & Milley, 5/21/1812 at Piney Grove - to Whitewater MM, In 9/26/1812; Thomas (10/20/1792) to Whitewater MM, In 9/29/1811; Mary (9/11/1793); Sophia (1/17/1798); Elias (1/29/1798).

The last three children went to Wayne County, Indiana, Whitewater MM, with their parents, Daniel and Mary Benbow Baldwin, on 9/26/1812. Further information on this family should be available in Willard Heisse's Indiana Quaker records. When time permits we will check to see if there were later Woodward, Thornbrough connections in Indiana.

Sarah Baldwin Williams

Daughter Sarah Baldwin married Richard Williams, son of Richard and Prudence Beals Williams, 6/17/1778 at New Garden MM. They had children: Jesse (2/29/1780; Elizabeth (b 10/25/1782 d 11/30/1782); Asa (b 9/29/1783 d 10/12/1783); Nathan (b 2/7/1785 d 9/20/1795); Richard (6/15/1787); Ann (4/17/1789); Daniel (8/23/1792); Sarah (9/5/1797).

Sarah Baldwin Williams died 9/16/1798 and Richard married again in 1803 and 1821. On 9/27/1823 Richard and family also went to Wayne County, Indiana, Whitewater Monthly Meeting.

Uriah and Hannah Hunt Baldwin

Son Uriah Baldwin married Hannah Hunt, daughter of William and Sarah Mills Hunt, on 3/19/1784 at Deep River. Their children are documented at New Garden Monthly Meeting: Jesse (3/13/1785) mou about 1805, but he and wife Ann were reinstated and were granted a certificate to Miami MM, Ohio on 8/31/1805 - no further information there; William (1/23/1787) to Fairfield MM, Ohio 9/30/1809, m Elizabeth Hunt, daughter Phineas & Elizabeth Hunt; 11/23/1809 at Clear Creek MM - removed to Darby MM in 1813; Isaiah (2/9/1789)mou 1812 to Elizabeth Jessop, reinstated - to New Garden MM, In 8/25/1821; Josiah (5/12/1791) m. Lydia White 11/11/1812; Nathan (3/21/1793) m. Margaret Hodson, daughter David and Esther, 10/25/1813 - to New Garden MM, Ind in 1819; Sarah (2/2/1795)probably the Sarah who m. Stephen Macy 6/8/1812 at New Garden; Elizabeth (3/15/1797); Anna (3/28/1799)m Enoch Jessop 9/5/1821; Margaret (4/16/1801); Uriah (6/16/1803); Hannah (b 7/10/1805, d 6/4/1806); Jonathan (b & d 3 1808); Enos (11/22/1810); Asa (7/6/1812).

Uriah, Hannah and family were granted a certificate to West Grove Monthly Meeting in Indiana on 7/31/1824.

Uriah and Hannah's son William and family is documented at Goshen Monthly Meeting (Darby Creek), Logan County, Ohio, but show a wife Matilda (probably an error for Elizabeth as first daughter was Matilda): Matilda (12/3/1811); Uriah (b 3/17/1814 d 9/30/1814); Amanda (b 11/4/1815 d 1/5/1818); Hannah (3/27/1818) Lemuel (3/17/1820); Enos (4/13/1822); Mary (5/13/1826); Sarah (9/1826 - date not credible prob 1828); William (3/23/1830). William's death is reported as 6/5/1863 at Goshen Meeting.

Elizabeth Baldwin Dicks

Daughter Elizabeth Baldwin married Joshua Dicks, son of Nathan and Mary Ballinger Dicks, on 21 May 1783 at New Garden Monthly Meeting in North Carolina. They had children: Mary Dicks (b 20 Oct 1784 m Zimri Hunt 8 Feb 1804 NC); Elizabeth Dicks (b 12 May 1786 m John Stanley 18 Nov 1807 NC); Nathan Dicks (b 25 Mar 1789 d 9 Aug 1797 NC); William Dicks (b 5 Dec 1791 m Ann Jessop Jr 28 Nov 1812 reported New Garden NC; Job Dicks (b 29 Sept 1794 m Hannah White 10 Apr 1816 NC); Seth Dicks b 23 May 1797 m Elizabeth Hunt 3 Sep 1817 NC); Sarah Dicks (b 5 Feb 1800 m Absolam Hunt after 31 May 1817 NC); Rhoda Dicks (b 23 May 1801 m Mordecai Hiatt 29 Sep 1819 NC); Jesse Dicks (b 23 Aug 1804 m Rachel Beals 26 Sep 1826 NC); Ann Dicks (b 9 Aug 1807); Rebekah Dicks (b 27 Nov 1811).

Jesse Baldwin mentions those left behind

Son Jesse Baldwin's certificate to the north is documented at Mt. Pleasant Monthly Meeting in Grayson County, Virginia in 1804, but he wrote a letter, included on Jesse and Hannah Thornbrough Baldwin's page from Ross County, Ohio, in 1800, indicating a much earlier arrival. The letter details interesting aspects of their life in frontier Ohio.

At the end of the letter they sent greetings to those still in North Carolina: "To dear old father Baldwin Samuel and Mary (probably Samuel and Mary Bond as the letter was sent c/o Samuel Bond - we do not know the relationship, if any) Uriah and Hannah (Jesse's brother), John and Jemima (Jesse's brother), Joshua and Elizabeth (sister Elizabeth and husband Joshua Dicks), Richard and his beloved children (Richard Williams, whose wife Sarah Baldwin Williams was deceased) Samuel and Ann (Samuel and Ann Baldwin Millikan, Jesse's sister) William Millikan and Hannah (Samuel Millikan's father) Cousin Enos Blair and Hannah (the editor gives the name as beir/blair? but it was indeed Blair, Jess Williams (son of Richard Williams) and Sarah (unclear who Sarah is, probably Jesse's wife although we did not find a marriage record for him by this date)."