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Jane Woodward was daughter of John and Rachel Williams Woodward of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wayne County, Indiana. Jane's father John had dropped from the Quaker religion so we do not have the Quaker records available for exact information on Jane's birthdate.

Ezekiel Dicks was son of Peter and Mary Lindley Dicks of North Carolina and Wayne County, Indiana. Ezekiel Dicks was a birthright Quaker, but unfortunately, his birthdate is missing in the Quaker records. The Dicks/Dix family is an old line Quaker family and we will trace the ancestry of Ezekiel's family back to Pennsylvania below.

  Jane Woodward
born about 1808, Jefferson Co, Tn
died unknown (probably Ks or Mo)
Ezekiel Dicks
born about 1802 Guilford County, NC
died unknown (probably Ks or Mo)
  Marriage: Civil marriage January 13, 1825 in Wayne County, Indiana. Ezekiel Dicks was dismissed for his marriage contrary to discipline at Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Wayne County on 4/15/1826.

Patrick Dicks born about 1825/1826 in Indiana, married Elizabeth Tyler
Mary Dicks born about 1828 in Indiana, married Andrew L. North
John Dicks born about 1829 in Indiana, married (1)Schooler? (2)?(3)Martha Canter
Rachel Dicks born about 1830/1831 in Indiana
Elias Dicks born about 1830/1833 in Indiana
Catherine Dicks born about 1835 in Indiana
Rebecca Dicks born about 1838 in Indiana
Ezekiel Dicks born about 1840/1844 in Indiana
Keturah/Catura Dicks born about 1842 in Indiana, married William Exon (see 1850 census below for explanation of some of the differences)

Ezekiel and Jane Woodward Dicks Census Records

In 1830 Ezekiel and Jane are found in Jackson, Wayne Co, Indiana next to Rachel Woodward, mother of Jane: Ezekiel Dix, 1 male 5-10 (Patrick), 1 male 20-30 (WEzekiel), 2 females under 5 (Rachel and Mary), 1 female 20-30 (Jane); Rachel Woodward, 2 males 20-30, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 50-60. We did not find Ezekiel Dicks/Dix in the 1840 census but the family may have been moving as by 1850 they are in Missouri.

The list of children is partially constructed from the 1850 census in Franklin County, Missouri, 31st District. Unfortunately there is more than one problem with the census: #1884 Ezekiel Dicks, 48, farmer, farm valued $600, born North Carolina; Rachel, 42, born Tennessee; John, 21, Ind; Jane, 19, Ind; Elias, 17, In; Catherine, 15, In; Rebecca, 12; In; Ezekiel, 10, Ind; Jane, 8, In. Note two daughters named Jane and that the wife's name is Rachel, not Jane. We know this is not another wife for Ezekiel because of the 1860 census so evidently the census taker switched the names of Jane Woodward Dicks and daughter Rachel Dicks. Rachel the eldest daughter would have been named for her grandmother, Rachel Williams Woodward. Nearby we find son Patrick Dicks: #1897: Patrick Dicks, 24, farmer, born NC; Elizabeth, 25, born Tn; David, 2, Tn; Mary, 1, Tn. Here too we find errors as Patrick was born Indiana, as was David - see the 1860 census below. Next door to Patrick at #1898 is Andrew North, age 22, farmer, born Tn; Mary, 22, born Tn; and Elizabeth 3, born Tn. Mary is sister of Patrick and married Andrew L. North in Howard County, Indiana. There are birthplace errors here too as Mary was born Indiana.

As if the above problems with the 1850 census were not enough we find the families censused twice with another bundle of errors: #1015 Zacharias Dicks, 47, farmer, born Tn; Racheal, 40, born Tn; Rachael, 20, born Indiana; Jane, 16, born In; Rebecca, 12, In; Elias, 10, In; Catura, 8, In; Ezekiel, 6, In. #1016 Patrick Dicks, 25, farmer, In; Nancy, 26, In; David, 3, In; Mary, 7/12, Mo. Now Ezekiel did have a brother Zacharias Dicks but he died in Wayne County, Indiana before 1840 and his widow Jemima Vestal Dicks is in Wayne County in 1840. If anyone has another answer to the conundrum of the two Dicks families in Franklin County, Missouri in 1850 we would love to hear from them (email Web Master Nadine on the About Us Page. In the meantime we have used data from both families in preparing the list of children above.

We find the families in Agnes City Township, Breckenridge County, Kansas, page 2, in the 1860 census. #23-12 Ezekiel Dicks, 58, farmer, farm valued $400, born NC; Jane, 48, born Tn; Ezekiel, 18, laborer, born Indiana. There are then four vacant properties and then #18-11 Patrick Dicks, 34, farmer, born In; Elizabeth, 36, born Ohio; David A., 10, born In; Ezekiel, 8, born Mo; Margaret, 6, Mo; Rebecca, 4, Mo (also a daughter Louise Dicks, 4 mos, died from Ague Sept 1860 in the mortality schedule). Next to Patrick: #17 William Exon, 36, farmer, born England; Katurah, 19, born In; and Charlotte, 6/12 born Ks. At #32 we find A. L. North, 40, farmer, born Indiana; Elizabeth, 12, born In; and John, 8, born In. Mary Dicks North is not with them so was deceased before 1850.

We have not found Ezekiel and Jane anywhere in 1870 or 1880 and Ezekiel and Jane may have died before 1870. We did find some of the children in 1870 and 1880 and the records are given under their biographies below. Note that Breckenridge County's name was changed to Lyon County, Kansas, on 5 February 1862.

More on the Children of Ezekiel and Jane Woodward Dicks

We were unable to find many of the marriage records for the children. If they were still following the Quaker faith the marriages would not be recorded typically in County records (sometimes they were). More likely many of the records took place in Kansas which we have not explored yet.

In April 2008 we heard from Robert McEnulty who advised us of two additional children of Ezekiel and Jane: Mary and Keturah. He has a family tree and interesting history for them at http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=galvin&id=I929 We were able to identify them in census records above and have added them to the list. Additional information is also given below.

Patrick and Elizabeth Tyler Dicks

Patrick was probably named for John Woodward's lifelong friend, Patrick Beard, who was also uncle to Jane Woodward. Patrick Dicks married Elizabeth Tyler 19 November 1846 in Howard County, Indiana according to the Indiana Marriage Index. 1850 and 1860 census records are given above where they are living near relatives.

Mary Dicks North

There is very interesting history of Andrew North on Robert McEnulty's family tree linked above. Mary evidently died before 1860 as Andrew is found in Breckenridge, Kansas Territory not far from Patrick Dicks and William and Katurah Dicks Exon: A. L. North, 40, farmer, born In; Elizabeth, 12, In; John, 8, In. In 1870 Andrew has remarried and is in Agnes City Township, Lyon County, Kansas: #17 Andrew L. North, farmer, born In; Louisa, 45, NY; John, 17, Mo; Isaac Long, 10, Mo; Ella, 6, Mo.

John Dicks

We have heard from Cynthia Dicks whose husband is a descendant of Ezekiel's son John. She said much of the research was done by her husband's cousin, Mike White. She pointed us to the 1880 census in Crawford County, Missouri (Courtois Township): #147 John Dix, 48, laborer, born In, father NC, mother Tn; John L., 21, son, laborer, born Mo; Sarah C., 16, Mo; Citruh E., 14, Mo; Robert L., 12, Mo; Andrew J., 5, Mo. There is a notation on the census record that John had hemorraghing of the lungs. Cynthia tells us that John had married Martha Canter 23 May 1874 in St. Francois County, Missouri so Andrew is her son. The gap between John L., and Sarah probably indicates that they are children of different wives as well.

Cynthia also gave us a daughter of John Dicks, Mary Jane, who married William Riley Hubbard. They may be found in 1880 in St. John, New Madrid, Missouri: William Hubbard, farmer, 32, born Mo, parents born Ky; Mary Hubbard, 24, born Mo, father born Ky(incorrect?), mother unknown; Cora B. Hubbard, 6, Mo; Hattie, 5, Mo; Lottie, 2, Mo; Thomas, 3 mo, Mo. CAUTION: this may not be the correct family but the age is correct for Mary. New Madrid County is a ways removed from Crawford County is why we hesitate. Mike tells us they had a daughter Minnie born about 1875 (Hattie?) and a son, John Thomas, born 1879 which does coincide with Thomas, age 3 mo, in this census.

Ezekiel Dicks

Ezekiel Dicks, Jr. apparently served in the Civil War: Ezekiel Dicks, Co F, 5th Arkansas Infantry, Private, Confederate. The name Ezekiel Dicks is unique enough in U. S. records to believe that it is ours. There is an Ezekiel Dix living near Wm and Katura Dicks Exon in Wilmington Township, Wabaunsee Co, Ks in 1870: #132 Ezekiel Dix, 24, farmer, born Indiana; Ellen, 22, born England; Rosa, 5, born Ks; David W, 3, Ks; Anna, 1, Ks. Again the name Ezekiel Dicks is uncommon enough that this could be him.

Keturah Dicks Exon

In 1870 William and Katura Dicks Exon are found in Wilmington Township, Wabaunsee County, Kansas: #127 Wm Exon, 38, farmer, born England; Katura, 29, Pa (was In in 1860 census); Charlotte, 10, Ks; John W, 9, Ks; Mary E, 6, Ks; Samuel, 4, Ks; Sarah E, 3, Ks; Rebecca 1/12 (April), Ks. There is a school teacher boarding with them.

In 1880 they are in Rock Creek Township Wabaunsee Co, Ks: #4 William Exon, 50, farmer, born England; Keturah, 39, In; John, 18, Ks; Mary, 17, Ks; Solomon, 13, Ks; Emma, 12, Ks; Willie, 7, Ks; Josephine, 4, Ks; George W, 1, Ks.

There is a budding web site on line at http://groups.msn.com/fallenbranch which has a photo of William and Keturah and gives us their marriage record as 1/23/1859 in Rock Creek, Kansas.

Ezekiel Dicks Ancestry

Ezekiel Dicks ancestry can be followed quite clearly in Quaker records.  The references we have used are given below.  These are of course transcriptions of the original  records and as such may contain errors.  Ezekiel came with his father to Wayne County, Indiana, sometime in the latter half of 1812 (the records indicate when a certificate was presented at the monthly meeting - because of the difficulties of travel and sometimes the difficulties of obtaining a certificate, the date shown at the meeting does not necessarily reflect the date they arrived at a given location.)

On 11/28/1812 Peter Dicks and sons Zachariah, William, Jonathan and Ezekiel were received on certificate from Center Monthly Meeting at Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Wayne County, Indiana (3-98).  On the same date, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter was also received.  Evidently Ezekiel's mother, Mary Lindley Dicks, was deceased as she was not mentioned and Peter had probably married again.  The transcription of the record gives the meeting they came from as Center Monthly Meeting in North Carolina but there is some possibility it was actually Center Monthly Meeting in Clinton County, Ohio. 

There is a record at the Center Monthly Meeting in Clinton County, Ohio  (2-486) dated 3/3/1810 Peter reported married to Elizabeth Vestal.  Then a record dated 10/2/1813 at Center:  Elizabeth Dix and children granted certificate to White Water Monthly Meeting in Indiana.  Whitewater MM (3-98) reports on 1/29/1814: Elizabeth Dicks and daughters, Jemima, Mary, Betty, and Rachel Vesta, and Lydia Dicks received on certificate from Center MM.  On 2/7/1795 at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Orange County, North Carolina (1-426) Elizabeth Vestal (formerly Carter) was dismissed for marriage out of unity, so we do not know the name of her first husband.  On 8/3/1803 she made amends for her misconduct and was reinstated at Cane Creek.  Then on 9/7/1805 she was granted a certificate to Miami Monthly Meeting in Ohio  with the same list of daughters as above and with a son Samuel.  Elizabeth, born 6/17/1769, was daughter of Samuel and Mary Barns Carter (1-347). The only other records we find are the ones at Center MM in Ohio and at Whitewater MM in Indiana. 

There were also problems with Peter Dicks' first marriage to Mary Lindley in North Carolina. Mary Lindley was born 7/3/1774, daughter of William and Mary Norton Lindley, as recorded at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Orange County, North Carolina (1-359). Peter was evidently not in good standing at the Quaker Meeting at the time of his marriage as on 6/1/1800 Mary made amends for her marriage out of unity and Elizabeth, daugher of Peter and Mary, was received by request.  On 8/2/1800 Peter made amends for his misconduct and his sons Zachariah, William and Jonathan were received by the request of his father, Peter (1-385).  In North Carolina Marriage Bonds (4) we find: Bride Mary Lindley; Groom Peter Dicks; Bond Date 12 Aug 1790; County, Orange; Record #01 115; Bondsman James Woody; Witness, S. Benton; Bond #:96343.  Because of the date of Peter and Mary's reinstatement in the Quaker faith Ezekiel Dicks was a birthright Quaker.

Peter Dicks was a birthright Quaker.  He is listed as son of Zacharias and Ruth Hiatt Dicks at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Rowan County, North Carolina (future Guilford County in 1770).  He was born 8/6/1768, sixth of 8 children listed at New Garden (1-496).  His siblings were Deborah (10-10-1757); Martha (12/2/1759); Nathan (2/8/1762); Esther (2/22/1764-5/21/1767); Lydia (4/7/1766); Ruth (2/13/1771); Mary (3/27/1773).

Peter's brother Nathan and his wife Mary Brooks Dicks and their children: Zacharias, Ruth, Rachel, Mary, Lydia, and Rebekah were received on certificate at Whitewater Monthly Meeting on 8/29/1812 (4-98).  Nathan's son Zacharias was born in 1795 and Peter's son Zachariah was born about 1792 so it is difficult to sort them out after the arrival in Indiana.  One of them married Jemima Vestal (stepdaughter of Peter Dicks  - see Elizabeth Carter Vestal Dicks above).  They apparently had a civil ceremony as Jemima made amends at Whitewater monthly meeting on 5/27/1815 and Zachariah made amends on 6/24/1815.  We have some reason to believe that the Zachariah who married Jemima Vestal was Peter's son, as he and Jemima were dismissed for joining the Hicksites at about the same time Peter and Elizabeth were (4-98).  There are Hicksite records available so we will try to follow them further, hoping to find where and when Peter died and where he is buried.

Zacharias Dicks, father of Peter and grandfather of Ezekiel, was the son of Nathan Dicks of York County, Pennsylvania, according to his marriage record at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Rowan County, North Carolina (1-536).  Zacharias "a young man" had presented a certificate on 8/30/1755 from Warrington Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania dated 6/21/1755.  Two brothers, Nathan and Peter presented certificates on the same day (1-536).  We have reason to believe that these men were connected with the Dicks families who came early to Chester County, Pennsylvania.  We have ordered Warrington Monthly Meeting records to try to follow up on this. 

Zacharias Dicks married Ruth Hiatt, daughter of George and Martha Hiatt, on 12/8/1755 at New Garden MM in Rowan County, North Carolina (1-544).  The Hyatt family had come from Fairfax Monthly Meeting in Monococy, Va (later Md) on 11/30/1754. Zacharias and Ruth Hiatt Dicks had children: Deborah (10/10/1757); Martha (12/2/1759); Nathan (2/8/1762); Esther (2/22/1764-5/31/1767); Lydia (4/7/1766); Peter (8/6/1768); Ruth (2/13/1771); Mary (3/27/1773).  Peter, father of Ezekiel, and Nathan were the two sons who are later found in Wayne County, Indiana, at Whitewater Monthly Meeting.  Peter's sister Deborah Dicks married Jonathan Lindley, uncle of Mary Lindley, Peter's wife.  They were married out of unity but made their peace with the Quakers and their children are listed at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting (1-358).

Ruth Hiatt Dicks's brother Christopher Hiat and Zacharias Dicks owned adjoining land in the area marked "C3" on the Guilford County map (formed from Rowan County in 1770). Zacharias's brother Peter settled further south along Polecat Creek in the section "F4" marked on the map, where he operated a mill. This is very close to the location of the Woodward family across the line in Randolph County, North Carolina and is probably how the Dicks family knew the Woodward family prior to the Woodward's move to Tennessee in about 1794 (see Abraham Woodward's biography about their move.) The families would have lived in close proximity for nearly 40 years and no doubt sons John Woodward and Peter Dicks (son of Zacharias) renewed old acquaintances when they moved to the same area in Indiana in about the same time period. Actually the Dicks and Woodward families lived near each other in Pennsylvania as well.

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Updates: 4/14/2008 Added information of Ezekiel and Jane's daughters Mary and Keturah Dicks (courtesty of Richard McEnulty) and added more census records.