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Jill Martin, decd 4/2009
Nadine Holder, Web Master

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Sadly Jill Martin passed away on April 11, 2009. For information on her families please email Nadine.

In the mid-1990's cousins Jill Martin and Nadine Holder made contact through a mutual researcher. They afterwards collaborated on two books "Pioneers George Monroe Eikenbary and Amanda Evaline Welch Eikenbary" (privately published, 1996) and "Harvey & Rachel Woodward Welch of Wayne County, Indiana & Mercer County, Illinois" (privately published, 1996). We also collaborated (with another cousin, M. D. Monk) on a Web Site that includes our Woodward family connections:
Woodward Genealogy. Many of these connections migrated to Mercer County over the years.

In researching these families we amassed a great deal of information about our families, and collateral families, living in New Boston & Eliza Townships in Mercer County, Illinois. These two townships are located along the Mississippi River and records there have been subjected to numerous floods over the years and many are either nonexistant or very hard to read. These pages will be a forum for presenting the information we have uncovered.

Both of us are very interested in history as well as genealogy and have collected a lot of historical information about this location as well. We use the historical information to flesh out the stories of our ancestors and their friends and neighbors.

Nadine has volunteered for several years providing information to the USGenweb site on
Mercer County. Jill was a volunteer at the Lake County Museum near Chicago, documenting and preserving Civil War letters, and completed for publishing a store ledger giving much information on families in the Lake County area.

Jill was a retired English teacher and as such was uniquely qualified to translate old documents with nearly illegible handwriting! Nadine is a retired Chemical Engineer. Her hobby has been genealogy for a number of years.

Jill lived in Gurnee, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with her husband, also retired. Nadine lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona, near the Mexican border and has a minifarm (very mini) on eight acres there. She has access to a local LDS Library and has some of the Mercer County records on permanent loan there.

Please feel free to contact Nadine for more information about any families posted on this Web Site. We will not charge for research we have already done. If we don't have the information you desire we probably can't conveniently get it, but will refer you to a researcher.

"Cousin" Betty Welch of Henry County, Illinois (photo below), furnished many of the fine photographs that will be used on this site. She has also located much newspaper information that will be included. Betty is wife of Gary Welch, third cousin to Nadine and Jill and fifth cousin 1 time removed to Marion D. Monk (the three of us are all related through the Woodward family.)

We have set up a memorial page for Jill Rebman Martin at JillMemorial.html on our family pages. Use the Back button on your browser to return here.

Betty Welch, roving reporter