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Contacts - Thomas M. Jackson is a descendant of Isom and Salinda Fisher Jackson and furnished information, including Dempsey Jackson's tombstone. Jill Martin (former Page Owner) and Nadine Holder (WebMaster) are related to Thomas Jackson of Mercer County, brother of Isom, through his wife, Louisa Honeyman. Thomas was next door neighbor of their great-great-grandmother, Sarah Honeyman Eikenberry, in Mercer County. Cindy Gibson Haschke is descended from William and Anna Boruff Jackson and furnished information. Margaret Fox is descended from George and Sarah Jane Saunders Jackson and furnished information. Cindy is related to Levi and Isabella Leach Jackson and helped us with that family. Terry Gilbert is connected to the Jonathan and Margaret Ferguson Jackson family and helped with them. Terry sent us some great photos of the Claude Volney Jackson family and they have been added to this page under the Jonathan and Margaret Ferguson Jackson Family. Kathryn Thornton helped us with the Claude Volney Jackson family. We missed Teresa Webster, great great granddaughter of Levi and Juretta Reynolds Jackson in our original list of credits and in 9/2007 have heard from her again and will be sorting through her information and making page additions. In March 2008 we have heard from Jenna Cain who found information on the Amor and Nancy Hooker Jackson family.
Jim Jones has some of the Jackson family information up on his Keithsburg Chronicles site including obituaries.

We add this page with some trepidation as the name Jackson is fairly common and researching it can be, and is, a nightmare. We will try to give our sources and indicate where we have speculated (always dangerous) and hope we can find some descendants that can help us with proofs. This was a frazzling page to do because we did the research some years ago and had not learned to keep good notes - now many things had to be rechecked and we are not totally convinced that errors don't remain. If errors are noted please contact Nadine {email on About Us page}

There were a number of Jackson families in Mercer County. For the time being we will confine ourselves mainly to those with connections to New Boston and Eliza Townships (except we have included all the Mercer County Cemetery Records for Jackson at the bottom of the page). This breaks down to two major family groups: Jacksons from England, and Jacksons from North Carolina and Tennessee.

Jacksons from England

At least three of the Jacksons from England were probably brothers as they are found side by side, households 446, 447, and 448 in Township 14North Range 4West (future Millersburg Township) in the 1850 census, page 375. We quote the census records under their respective families below, for George, Joseph, and John Jackson. There was likely also a sister Hannah Jackson, married to James Watson, who is living next door at household 445 in 1850. More under Watson link above. Note that Hannah named sons John and George also.

George & Sarah Jane Saunders Jackson

George Jackson was born in England, August 2, 1824. There is lore in more than one family of descendants that he was actually born at sea. He married Sarah Jane Saunders on November 22, 1849 in Mercer County, Illinois (the marriage record is as Mary Jane - Sarah was a popular nickname, particularly for a woman who was a good housekeeper, so perhaps she was known as Sarah - We have a Saunders/Sanders page up with information on her possible parentage).

George and Sarah Jackson are found in the 1850 census in future Millersburg Township: George Jackson, 24, farmer, born England; Sarah Jackson, 15, born Indiana. They had children: James W., born 9/28/1850; Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1852; Alice Susan, b. 7/22/1854 and married Charles Edward Bowman in Louisa Co, Iowa; William F., b 3/16/1856; Joseph M., b. 3/3/1858; John W., b. 4/13/1860; Jesse Leroy, b. 7/23/1861; Minnie Mae, b. 8/14/1864. Concerned about Sarah's age in this census we checked the 1870 census in Columbus City, Louisa County, Iowa: George Jackson, 44, farmer, born England; Sarah Jackson, 34, Indiana; James W, 19, Ill; William F, 14, rr tie maker, Il; Susan A, 15, Il; Joseph N, 11, Ks; John W, 9, Ks; Jessee L, 8, Ks; Minnie M, 5, Ia.

Margaret Fox furnished the following information from George Jackson's obituary: "OLD CITIZEN DEAD: George Jackson Died April 27, 1916, at the age of ninety One. George Jackson (better known as Grandpa Jackson) was born in England, Aug 2, 1824 and died at the home of his son, Jess, at Westboro. When about six years of age he came to New Jersey. After living there several years he moved to Mercer County, Illinois, settling near New Boston in 1849. He was married to Sarah J. Saunders. Eleven children were born to them, six of whom are living. They are James W. of Tarkio, Mo, Mrs. C. E. Bowman of Pine River Minnesota, William F. of Atchison, Kansas, Joseph M. of Clinton, Mo., Jesse L. of Westboro, and Mrs. J. C. Gowdy of Tarkio. He moved from Illinois to Kansas, staying there about 9 years. Then from Kansas to Iowa. In April 1873 with his family he came to Missouri. His wife died on August 19, 1873. In December of 1875 he married Ellen Smith. One child was born to them, Levi of Beatrice, Nebraska. In 18(unreadable) he went to Beatrice from Missouri and lived there about twenty years. January 26, 1905 he with his wife came back to Missouri. His wife died in August, 1905, and he has lived with his children ever since." It goes on about what an upstanding man he was. The obituary includes a photo of George Jackson in the uniform of a Union soldier so he evidently served in the Civil War. Margaret Fox is still searching for his parents (she tells us that Andrew and Caroline Applegate Jackson have been eliminated). He is buried in Center Grove Cemetery, Lincoln Township, Atchison County, Missouri.

Joseph and Elizabeth Jackson Family

The Joseph Jackson family is found in T14NR4W in 1850 (future Millersburg Township), next to George and John Jackson: Joseph Jackson, 30, farmer, born England; Elizabeth, 31, born New Jersey; George, 9, born New Jersey; James, 8, born NJ; Sarah, 6, NJ; John, 4, NJ; Jacob, 2, NJ. This record indicates that George, John, and Joseph Jackson probably did all come together to Mercer County about 1849. The family is found in New Boston Township in 1860: Joseph Jackson, age 40, farmer, born England; Elizabeth, age 41, born New Jersey; James, age 18; Sarah, age 16; John, age 14; Jacob, age 12, all born New Jersey; Mahlon, age 8; Susannah, age 6, born Illinois. The family is not found in Mercer County in 1870.

Jacob Jackson married Adelade Sterling 4/8/1875 and Mahlon Jackson married Lorana Birch 2/8/1882 in Mercer County, so some of the family apparently returned. The names of the other children are too common to identify their marriage records with certainty.

John and Sarah Shields Jackson Family

John Jackson apparently brought a wife to Mercer County and they are found in the 1850 census in Township 14NRange 4West (future Millersburg Township): John Jackson, 33, blacksmith, born England; Mary E. Jackson, 24, born Virginia. (there is some possibility this reflects the John Jackson marriage to Mary E. Sanders on 2/16/1843 in Mercer County - and possibly John Jackson of England came earlier than his brothers?)

John Jackson married Sarah Shields 3/25/1853 in Mercer County, Illinois (Shields link at top of page). They are found in the 1860 census in Millersburg: John Jackson, age 40, farmer, born England; Sally Jackson, age 35, born Ohio; Emma Jackson, age 5, born California; Abel Jackson, age 3, Hannah Jackson, age 1, born Illinois. Since a child was named Abel, Sarah Shields Jackson was perhaps a daughter of Abel Shields. Again, we are including this family because of the Shields connection.

John and Sarah evidently made a trip to California after their marriage as daughter Emma was born there. The census age for John is a little off, as John was born 12/6/1815 and died 11/23/1893, according to his tombstone in Peniel Cemetery. Sarah was born 1/14/1828 and died 1/11/1911. Daughter Emma is also buried in Peniel Cemetery, dates 1854-1940. Abel Jackson married Mary Kiddoo, 9/16/1879, Phebe Jackson married Forbes M. Kiddoo, 2/12/1880, and Ada Jackson, married Cyrus C. Kiddoo, 12/12/1883, in Mercer County. Hannah married William H. Moffit (Moffett?) 2/22/1877. Charles married Tillie M. Zentmire 3/1/1893.

Thomas and Sarah Pourtney Jackson

This family lived in Oxfordshire, England and as far as we know never came to Mercer County. We know of their existence because there is a notation in the Mercer County Shields Cemetery tombstone records that their daughter Sarah Jackson Shields is buried there. There was no tombstone existing when the DAR walked down the cemetery in the 1960's but a notation was made of information obtained from family members: "Sarah Jackson, wife of David Shields, January 7, 1794 - November 24, 1878, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Pourtney Jackson of Oxfordshire, England." David Shields, (died 1859(?)), and Abel Shields (1778-1862) are buried with Sarah in the Shields Cemetery. David's tombstone reading was 1879 but we do not find him in the 1860 census. We are studying this family because of the burial in Shields Cemetery and the connection to the Shields family of New Boston and Eliza Townships. See Shields link at top of page.

Jacksons from North Carolina and Tennessee

There are several Jackson families in Mercer County with North Carolina and Tennessee connections. Because of the birthdates and locations we SPECULATE they may have had a common ancestor. Some may be brothers and sisters, some may be cousins.
William Jackson, born about 1798, North Carolina
Naomi Jackson, born about 1798, North Carolina, married John Ferguson
Amor Jackson, born about 1800, North Carolina
Dempsey Jackson, born about 1806, North Carolina
John Jackson born about 1810, North Carolina
Levi Jackson, born about 1814, North Carolina, married (1)Leach, (2)Woodward, and (3)Reynolds (possibly 1 more)
Elizabeth Jackson, born about 1816, North Carolina, married Bowlan
Elizabeth Jackson, born about 1817, Tennessee, married Minnick

There are a number of Jackson children parceled out to various families in the 1850 census in Eliza Township.
The children are:
Susan Jane Jackson, age 1, with Samuel Ferguson family.
Cynthia A. Jackson, 11, born Indiana, living with Elizabeth Jackson Minnick family from Tennessee. Also with the Minnick family are Susan Jackson, 24, and Emily Jackson, 21, both born Tennessee.
Silas Jackson, age 4, born Illinois, with the Elisha Essley family
George W. Jackson, age 7, born Indiana, with the John and Mary Ferguson Pratt family
Henderson Jackson, age 14, born Indiana, with John Pratt, Sr., family
Another boy, Wiley Jackson, is found in 1850 in Wayne County, Indiana with Dempsey and Polly Jackson
Jonathan Jackson, age 21, born Indiana, is found working for the John Drury family in 1850.

Jonathan and Margaret Winifred Jackson

Jonathan Jackson married Margaret Winifred Ferguson, daughter of Isom and Judith Ferguson, on 6/25/1853 in Mercer County. They are found in New Boston in 1860: Jonathan Jackson, 31, laborer, born Indiana; Margaret, 28, born In; Sonora, 5, Il; Lydia, 4, Il; Volney, 2, Il.

Jonathan Jackson died in 1861 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. His wife died in 1912 and is buried beside him. We cannot locate the family in 1870 so are not sure if there was another child.

Nancy Ferguson, contact listed on the Ferguson page, has the obituary of Margaret Winifred Furgeson Jackson. We would be very grateful to anyone who can place Jonathan Jackson with the proper Jackson family (see some speculation under Dempsey Jackson below).

We have heard from Terry Gilbert, and he told us that Volney was actually Claude Volney Duval Jackson and that he married Mary Diehl. We do find their marriage in Illinois Marriage Records on January 25, 1883. Armed with that information we located the Diehl family in 1880 in New Boston Township: George A. Diehl, 42, farmer, born Pa, parents born Pa; Elizabeth, 38, Pa, parents born Pa; Mary B., 18, Pa; Sarah A, 16, Pa; Margaret E., 14, Pa; Calvin M, 12, born Pa; Clara E., Pa, 8, Joseph, 6, Pa. Since they lived in New Boston we have added Diehl to our surnames page and will eventually do a page on them.

We found Claud and Mary in 1900 in Millersburg Township #125 Claud Jackson, Dec. 1858, 41, married 18 yrs, Il parents born Ohio, day laborer; Mary, Jan 1862, 7 children born, 6 living, Pa, parents born Pa; Nora, Feb 1888, Il; John, May 1890, 10; Gladdis, Apr 1892, 8; Hortense June 1894, 6, Il.

They had two other children, whose whereabouts in 1900 are unknown although they were both old enough to be working out. Kathryn Thornton informed us that the death certificate of Guy Wentworth Jackson gives his parents as Claud and Mary Diehl Jackson. Guy is found in 1910 in New Boston Township with wife Eva Wakeland: #244 Wentworth Jackson, 26, married 6 yr, laborer, born Il, father Il, mother Pa; Eva, 23, 3 children born, 3 living, Il, Il, Il; Guy 5, Il; Murl, son, 3, Il; Harold 3/4 Il. Claude and Mary had another child, Kate, born about 1886 who married Howard Gilbert, son of Roland and Melvina Gilbert. They are found in New Boston in 1930 #54 Howard Gilbert, 45, married age 25, Il, Ia, In, farmer; Kate, 44, m. age 21, Il, Il, Pa; Geneva, 18, Il; Letha, 16, Il; Willie, 13, Il; Willard, 12, Il; Claude Jackson, father-in-law, 72, widower, married age 25, born Il, parents born Il, no occupation.

Kate Jackson Gilbert and sister-in-law Elsie Gilbert

Claude and Mary (1861-1925) have tombstones next to his parents in New Boston Cemetery. Claude's death date is not filled in so there is a chance he is not actually buried there, although the Illinois Death Index gives him as dieing in 1948 in Mercer County. This appears consistent with the photo of Claude and his sister Nora which includes a 1940 Ford coupe in the background.

Photo of Claude and Mary Diehl Jackson

Word of caution: this could be Claude’s sister Nora rather than Mary?

Claude Jackson raised his nephew Jim Jackson and photos are included of Jim’s family:

Photo of Jim and Clara Jackson and daughters Blonda Jackson Giles and Winnie Jackson Mills

Photo of Jim and Clara Jackson’s children

Elizabeth Jackson Minnick/Menick (born about 1817, Tennessee)

Elizabeth Jackson married John Menick 8/2/1836 in Hancock County, Indiana. The Minnick family in 1850 in Eliza Township consists of the following: John Minnick, 39, farmer, born Tennessee; Elizabeth, 33, born Tennessee; Nancy J., 13; Samuel, 11; William L., 8, all born Indiana; Cyntha Jackson, 11, born Indiana; Susan Jackson 24, born Tennessee; and Emily Jackson, 21, born Tennessee. The Minnicks are not found in Mercer County in 1860. Since the Minnicks married in Hancock County, Indiana, as did some of the Dempsey Jackson family, there is some possibility that this Elizabeth is a sister of Dempsey Jackson.

John Jackson (born about 1810, North Carolina)

We believe some of the children above belong to John Jackson, born about 1810 in North Carolina, and some of the older ones may be sisters or other relatives. A common migration pattern in the early 1800's was from North Carolina to Tennessee to Indiana and then on west to Mercer County. John Jackson is possibly the one who married Sally Denny 10/15/1835 in Hancock County, Indiana. Other Mercer County Jacksons were married in Hancock County, Indiana, and the date seems to fit. We know John Jackson was in Mercer county by 1844 as he owed a debt to Isaac Willits for banding a neck yoke and some other gear for oxen at a cost of 67 cents. John Jackson filed a signed affirmation of the debt on December 31, 1844 into the estate of Isaac Willits.

John was probably widowed by 1850 and others were caring for his children (we do not find him in the 1850 census). John Jackson then married widow Henrietta Muhlenburg Teaman (Tieman) 4/28/1859 in Mercer County. In the 1860 Census John and Henrietta are found in Eliza Township: John Jackson, 50, farmer, born Tennessee; Henrietta, 51, born Hanover, Germany; Wiley T. Jackson, 19, born Indiana; Silas Jackson, 16, born Illinois: Jane Jackson (Tieman), 16, born Hanover; Charles Jackson (Tieman), 10, born Illinois. We believe that Cynthia, Susan, and George Jackson above, as well as Wiley and Silas, were children of John Jackson by his first marriage. Conceivably Henderson could belong to him too. We believe Cynthia Ann belongs here as she married Augustus Spolander on 1/6/1859, in Mercer County. The Spolander and Tieman families were part of the Mercer County German community and knew each other well. We believe George Jackson belongs in this family as George is working for Henrietta's son, Henry Tieman, in the 1860 census. George Jackson married Sarah Garmer 10/3/1871 in Mercer County.

Wiley Jackson served in the Civil War, enlisting from Eliza Township January 1, 1864 in Company G, 9th Consolidated Infantry. He mustered out on July 9, 1865, and married Adelia Mallet on 1/1/1866 in Mercer County. They are not found in Mercer County in 1870.

Elizabeth Jackson (born about 1816, North Carolina)

Elizabeth Jackson married William Bowlan 4/5/1838 in Hancock County, Indiana. Dempsey Jackson in the list above is known to have been in Hancock County as some of his children were born there; therefore we SPECULATE that Elizabeth and Dempsey were brother and sister, or at least cousins. Pleasant Jackson, born about 1823, North Carolina, married Sarah Ann Bowlan, 10/9/1845, Hancock County, Indiana. Pleasant Jackson and William Bowlan are found next to each other in the New Boston Town Census in 1850: #331 Pleasant Jackson, 26, farmer, born North Carolina; Sarah 22, In; James Ferguson, 22, laborer, North Carolina: #332 William Y. Bowlin, 34, laborer, born North Carolina; Elizabeth, 34, born North Carolia; Delilah Bowlin, 8, In; Catura Bowlin (f), 5, North Carolina. Pleasant Jackson died 8/30/1856 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. We SPECULATE that Pleasant Jackson was son of Dempsey and nephew of Elizabeth.

William Bowlan is not in the 1860 Mercer County census but was probably not far away as daughter Delilah Bowlan married Samuel Harter on 7/4/1863 in Mercer County.

Amor Jackson and Nancy Hooker Jackson

Amor Jackson was born about 1800 in North Carolina. He is found in the 1860 census in New Boston Township: Amos (sic) Jackson, age 60, farmer, born North Carolina; Nancy Jackson, age 65 (actually 55?), born Virginia; Henry Jackson, age 19; Martha Jackson, age 16; Rachel Jackson, age 14; Alvin Jackson, age 4, all born Indiana. Amor's name is given as Amer in the 1870 census. Nancy's age is given as 67 in the 1870 census and may have been incorrectly stated in 1860. In 1870 Alvin is given as Alvin Lewis, age 14, so was apparently not a son, but possibly a grandchild or a child they raised.

The History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 tells us that Mary Jackson, daughter of Amor and Debby Jackson, of Wayne County, Indiana, married William Murray of New Boston Township in August 1843 in Indiana. The name Debby Jackson is apparently an error as Jenna Cain found the North Carolina marriage record for Amor and Nancy Hooker Jackson: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Groom: Amor Jackson; Bride: Nancy Hooker; Bond #1395566 dated 10 Oct 1827. There may be other older children married and gone before the 1860 census. Amor and Nancy are in Harrison Township, Wayne County, Indiana in 1850: #1 Amor Jackson, 50, farmer, born NC; Nancy, 46, born North Carolina; Deminas (Jemima?), 12, In; Elizabeth, 11, In; Henry T., 10, In; Martha J, 7, In; Rachel, 4, In; William, 19, In; Celia A. Ray, 2, In; Nancy J. Ray, 1, In. William Jackson may be son of Amor and Nancy, though listed separately. The two Ray children are probably grandchildren, though we could not find a Jackson/Ray marriage in Indiana.

William and Mary Jackson Murray are found in New Boston Township in 1870: #124 William Murray, 48, farmer, born Maryland; Mary, 38, born Indiana; William Jr, 17, assistant on farm, born Indiana; Alice, 15, Indiana; Gertie, 11, Indiana. The 1882 Mercer History tells us that William H. (Jr.) married Miss Amna Essley (actually Elzna Essley, daughter of Elisha and Avarilla Pratt Essley); Alice married Thomas Murphey and Gertrude was still at home in 1882.

Daughter Jemima Jackson married Sylvester Jenkins 24 August 1856 in Mercer County, as his second wife. They are found in Millersburg Township in 1860: #1716 Sylvester Jenkins, 38, farmer, born Maine, Jemima, 33, born In; William W, 12, Il; James A., 10, Il; Mary I., 8, Il; Amos G., 2, Il; William H., 3/12, Il. We believe Jemima is daughter of Amor because of the name of her first son. She is probably the Deminas age 12 above and the 1860 census is off for her age as she is given again as age 33 in the 1870 census in New Boston Township - we will be adding a Jenkins page.

Son Henry Jackson of New Boston enlisted in Co I of the 17th Illinois Infantry on 12/21/1863. On 4/21/1864 he was transferred to Company E of the 8th Illinois Infantry. He was mustered out on 5/4/1866. He is single and living with his parents in the 1870 census.

Daughter Rachel Jackson married George Dennis on 10/7/1867. In 1870 George Dennis is found as a plasterer in New Boston town. George and Rachel have a son Orion, age 1. We find nothing further on Martha Jackson.

William Jackson (born about 1798 in North Carolina)

William Jackson was born about 1798 in North Carolina. He married Anna Boruff 11/14/1819 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. She was daughter of Valentine Boruff and Margaret Mallicote Boruff, and was born 9//1/1798 in Tennessee. Cindy Haschke has kindly shared information with us on this family. William and Anna Boruff Jackson had children: David, born abt 1822, Tn; Valentine, b. 1/6/1824, Tn; Elizabeth, b. abt 1826, Tn; Frances Ann, b. abt 1828, Tn; Henry, b. 12/29/1829, In; Burton, b. about 1832; William Thompson, b. 1834, In; Eliza, b. abt 1836, In; Levi, b. abt 1840, Il.

These families are concentrated in Keithsburg Township in 1860: #565 David Jackson, 38, farmer, Tn; Mahala Jackson, 27, In; William Jackson, 3, Il; Luesetta Jackson, 2/12, Il; #566 Henry Jackson, 30, farmer, Tennessee, Comfort, 30, In; Eliza J, 7, Il; John W., 5, Il; Robert G,3, Il; #567 Levi Jackson, 20, farmer, Il; #568 Valentine, 36, Tn; #569 Anna [Boruff] Jackson, 61, %n; #570 William E. Jackson, 26, In; Ann Riley, 22, domestic, Indiana.

Son David married Eliza Jane Willits, daughter of Isaiah and Henrietta Willits, 3/30/1854 in Mercer County. There were no children of this marriage. He married (2) Mahala Atcheson, daughter of Edward and Lydia Atchison, 1/15/1857 in Mercer County (we will be putting up an Atchison page). David and Mahala had children William Edward Jackson, born about 1857, and Luetta M. Jackson, born about 1860 and married E. F. Smith 1/31/1878 in Mercer County, Illinois.

Son Valentine married Susan Ann Irwin, daughter of William and Mary Terrill Irwin, on 4/9/1868 in Mercer County (we will be putting up an Irwin page). Valentine and Susan had son William A. Jackson, born about 1869. Valentine and Susan are buried in the Greenmound cemetery at Keithsburg: Susan Jackson 4/7/1846-3/21/1907; Valentine Jackson 1/6/1824-3/18/1904.

Daughter Frances Ann Jackson married George A. Frick, son of Frederick and Nancy Frick, 3/29/1849 in Mercer County. They had children: Frederick W. Frick, born 5/1850, married C. S. Wickett 9/16/1875; Albert A. Frick, born about 1852; Stephen Douglas Frick, b 5/1860 d bef 1870; Warren Thompson Frick, b abt 1862; Mary Alice Frick, b abt 1864; and Homer Wilson Frick, b. abt 1869.

Son Henry Jackson married Comfort Dodson, born 11/26/1829, daughter of Abisha and Eunice Dodson, 4/15/1852 in Mercer County. They had children Eliza J. Jackson, b abt 1854, married Harrison Hubbard 2/17/1876; John W. Jackson, b 1/3/1855, married Alda Hooper; Robert O. Jackson, b abt 1857; and Mary Edith Jackson, b. abt 1860, married George T. Stevens 2/14/1884. Henry died 3/2/1867 and is buried in Greenmound Cemetery. Comfort and children lived in Abingdon Township in 1870 and Elisha Dodson, probably brother of Comfort, is operating the farm. Comfort died 2/8/1904 and is buried in Greenmound Cemetery.

Son Burton Jackson married Mary Riley 11/3/1853 in Mercer County. They had children Anna Jackson, b. abt 1854, married William K. Adams 3/13/1877; James Jackson, b abt 1856; and Mary Loranna Jackson, b abt 1858. Mary died 1/28/1862 and is buried in the Main Cemetery in Mercer County. Burton Jackson married (2) Mrs. Margaret Anna Smith Sawyer on 5/3/1866. There were no children of this union in the 1870 census in New Boston Township where Burton had his farm.

Son William Thompson Jackson married Nancy E. Willett, daughter of Thomas and Amanda Mosely Willett, 11/7/1865 in Mercer County. They had children William T. Jackson, b abt 1867; Rhoda I. Jackson, b abt 1869, married William H. Landers 9/6/1887; Cora May Jackson b. 3/24/1873.

There is a Willett Thomas Jackson with them in the 1870 census, age 23, farmer, born Illinois. We do not know his parents and wonder if the census is in error and this was Thomas Willett. We do not find a marriage record for a Willet Thomas Jackson and Nancy did have a brother Thomas Willett who would have been age 23 in 1870.

William Thompson and Nancy Willett Jackson are buried in Greenmound Cemetery (William 1834-1910; Nancy 1844-1921). Daughter Cora May evidently never married as she is buried next to them in Greenmound, died Nov 9, 1962.

Dempsey Jackson (born about 1806, North Carolina

Dempsey Jackson was born about 1806 in North Carolina, and died after 1882 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married Mary (Polly) Unknown (possibly Ferguson). She was born about 1805 in North Carolina and died after 1882 in Mercer County, Illinois. Tom Jackson tells us that Dempsey Jackson's tombstone is in New Boston Cemetery and he is trying to decipher the dates. Wife Mary (Polly) Ferguson's name is on the opposite side of the tombstone.

Dempsey and Polly Jackson had known children: Elizabeth (b 1831, In); Brunson (b about 1832, In); Thomas (b 7/24/1837, In); Isom (b. 1839, In); and Sarah (b. abt 1841, In). Dempsey and Polly may have had another daughter Lydia (b. abt 1827, In). Simeon Hunter and wife Lydia are living with the Jacksons in the 1880 census and she states her parents were both born North Carolina. They had a son Dempsey Jackson Hunter who died 6/22/1857 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery.

The Hunters are not found before the 1880 census in Mercer County so may have returned to Indiana. In 1880 they have a son Thomas, age 14, born Illinois, with them and Simeon is listed as a partner to Dempsey Jackson. Simeon Hunter died 10/13/1892 in Mercer County and is buried next to his son and next to Pleasant Jackson (above). Dempsey Jackson's tombstone is beside Hunter. In the same cemetery grouping is a George Jackson "mourned son of James and Sarah Crane Jackson died 7/30/1872, age 11 yr 11 m 28d." James and Sarah Crane Jackson are not found in the census records in Mercer County and we do not know the connection, if any, to the Dempsey Jackson family.

Dempsey Jackson and family are found in the 1830 census in Washington Township, Wayne County, Indiana: 1 male 20-30 (Dempsey), 2 males 5-10; 1 female 20-30 (Polly), 2 females under 5. Only children born after 1830 are included in the list above, so that leaves four children unaccounted for. We believe that Pleasant Jackson and Lydia Jackson Hunter who are buried with each other in New Boston Cemetery are two of these children. Pleasant Jackson was born about 1822 according to his cemetery record so would fit as a son 5-10 in 1830. There is more about Pleasant Jackson under Elizabeth Jackson Bowlan above. Lydia was born about 1827 and would fit as a daughter under 5 in 1830. At present we do not have other candidates for the other daughter or the other son listed in 1830. There is a Jonathan Jackson living very near Dempsey in New Boston Township in 1860: Jonathan Jackson, 31, laborer, born In; Margaret, 28, born In; Sonora, 5, Il; Lydia, 4, Il, Volney, 2, Il. The naming of a daughter Lydia suggests he belongs in this family but he would have been born about 1829 and would have been under 5 in the 1830 census. (more above under Jonathan and Margaret Ferguson Jackson.)

The History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 tells us that Dempsey and his wife were still living when it was written. It also tells that they came to Mercer County in 1848 which is not correct. Dempsey and Polly are given in the 1850 census in Wayne County, Indiana, and also in the 1850 census in Mercer County, Illinois, so they came to Mercer County between the taking of the two censuses. In addition to their own children, the 1850 census in Wayne County shows them caring for Wiley Jackson, son of John Jackson above. We have a note from the 1914 History of Mercer County that Andrew Jackson was parent of Dempsey Jackson but do not know who passed on that information to us. We also know that County histories are often incorrect so this is only a suggestion.

Elizabeth, daughter of Dempsey and Polly Jackson, was born 8/20/1831 in Madison County, Indiana, according to her obituary (see bottom of the page). She died 6/13/1918 in Muscatine County, Iowa, but is buried in Eliza Cemetery in Mercer County. She married Jonah Pratt, son of John and Avarilla Boner Pratt , 3/12/1854 in Mercer County, Illinois. Elizabeth Jackson and Jonah Pratt had children: John T. Pratt; Stephen Douglas Pratt; Ada Pratt; Avarilla Pratt; Rezin Pratt; and Ed Pratt, as well as two children who died young.

Brunson Jackson, son of Dempsey and Polly Jackson, was born about 1832 in Indiana. He married Harriett Pullen, daughter of Dennis and Nancy Pullen, on 12/19/1857 in Mercer County. Brunson and Harriett had children: Charles Jackson, born about 1858, married Mary Etta Honeyman, daughter of George Washington and Caroline Coe Honeyman 12/31/1885; Thomas Jackson, born 5/1860. The family is not found in Mercer County in 1870. Charles and Mary Etta Jackson are, however, buried in New Boston Cemetery (Charles B. 1858-1949; Mary Etta Honeyman, wife of Charles Jackson 1868-1937). Jim Jones has an obituary for Mary Etta up on his Keithsburg Chronicles page linked at the top of the page under Contacts. Mary Etta is first cousin, three times removed of Web Master Nadine Holder.

Son Thomas Jackson was born 7/24/1837 in Hancock County, Indiana, and died 1931 in Mercer County, Illinois. He married Samantha Drew, daughter of Harrison and Eliza Drew on 3/3/1861 in Mercer County. Thomas's farm in 1860 was next door to that of Harrison Drew in New Boston Township, and as often was the case, Thomas married the girl next door. Thomas and Samantha had a young son, Clarence, in 1861 who died 5/2/1862 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. Samantha herself had died 3/8/1862 and is buried by her son who did not survive long after her death.

Thomas in his grief left Mercer County. He went to New York and took passage down the Atlantic, across the Isthmus of Panama, and up the Pacific to San Francisco, California. He stayed in California two years and then returned to Mercer County. He had been listed in the Militia Rolls in Mercer County but because of his trip did not enlist during the Civil War. On August 12, 1868 he married Miss Louisa Honeyman, daughter of David and Isabella Long Honeyman. Thomas and Louisa Honeyman Jackson had children: Gideon Jackson, b 4/23/1875, Mercer County; and Myrtle P. Jackson, b. 1881, d. 1881, buried New Boston Cemetery. Thomas Jackson owned the NE/4 Section 8, New Boston Township {plat map} and was characterized as "well-to-do" in the 1882 History of Mercer County. In the 1880 census Thomas, Louisa, and son Gid are living not far from Dempsy and Polly Jackson.

Thomas and Louisa Jackson are buried in the New Boston Cemetery (Thomas 1837-1931; Louisa (1844-1930). Gideon Jackson and his wife Myrtle are buried in New Boston Cemetery (Gideon 1875-1955 Myrtle 1881-unknown). Louisa Honeyman Jackson is second great grand aunt of Web Master Nadine Holder. Nadine has recently qualified for membership in the DAR based on the Long family of Louisa’s mother Isabell Long Honeyman. Therefore descendants of Louisa would also qualify.

Son Isom Jackson was born 4/4/1839 in Hancock County, Indiana. He married Salinda Fisher, daughter of John and Rachel Seybert Fisher, on 5/29/1865 in Mercer County, Illinois. Isom enlisted in Company G, 124th Illinois Infantry on August 2, 1862 at New Boston and was mustered in on September 10, 1862. He was discharged as a corporal on November 9, 1863, due to disability. He was pensioned at $18 per month and according to pension rolls was wounded in both hands. The 1882 History of Mercer County says he was wounded in the left hand and right arm, from which he remained a cripple. The 1914 Past and Present of Mercer County History verifies that he was receiving an $18 pension in 1884 in New Boston Township. He did well in spite of his disability as he owned 240 acres of land in New Boston and Eliza Townships by 1882. Some of his land can be seen on the New Boston Township plat in Section 5 about a half mile north of Thomas Jackson's land. Isom and Salinda had children: Ed Jackson, b abt 1865, d. 1883; John Jackson, b 1868, married Addie Muhlenberg, 1/25/1893; Homer (Omer) Jackson, born about 1871; Thomas Jackson, born about 1873; Bert Jackson, born about 1876; and Edna Jackson, born about 1878. Isom and Salinda Jackson are buried in the Aledo Cemetery (Isom Apr 4, 1839-Sept 4, 1923; Salinda Nov 24, 1838-Apr 21, 1916).

Levi Jackson, born about 1814, North Carolina

We are most grateful to Cindy who contacted us about Levi and Isabella Leach Jackson who are in her family and helped us sort out some information about them. Levi Jackson married Isabella Leach, daughter of Chichester and Margaret Humphreys Leech, on 3/3/1836 in Hancock County, Indiana so again there is a close connection with the Dempsey Jackson family. Cindy tells us that Levi often bragged about being related to "Andrew Jackson" so he may indeed be related to Dempsey's father Andrew, and is perhaps even a brother of Dempsey. We have not located Levi in the 1850 census to know whether he was still in Indiana or had gone to Illinois. The birthplaces of his children would indicate he should be found in Illinois. We know they were in Mercer by at least 1856 as wife Isabella and son Samuel are buried in the Leech Cemetery, Eliza Township: Isabelle Jackson, wife of Levi, died 4/16/1856 age 39 yr 11m 27 d; Samuel H., son of L. & I. Jackson, died 3/30/1856 age 18y 11m 11 d; Isabelle and son dieing within two weeks of each other indicate they probably died of disease.

Levi Jackson married Eliza Woodard on 12/24/1857 in Mercer County. This appears to be Eliza Woodward, daughter of John and Rachel Williams Woodward, who apparently came to Mercer County with Harvey and Rachel Woodward Welch. They are found in Millersburg Township in 1860: Levi Jackson, 46, farmer, born New Jersey (evidently a mistranscription as in 1880 he shows born NC, parents born NC); Eliza, 43, born In; Cornelius, 16, Il; Lucretia, 14, Il; Louisa, 14, Il; Lovina, 10, Il; Sarah, 7, Il; Isabella, 5, Il. All of these would have been children of Isabella. Levi is not in Mercer County in 1870, but Eliza Jackson is housekeeper for a niece, Sarah Welch Carr, in Neosho, Kansas in 1870.

Son Cornelius L. Jackson married Hannah Ann Pierce, daughter of Charles and Polly Pierce on 2/27/1862 in Mercer County and they are in Duncan Township in 1870: Cornelius Jackson, 28, farmer, born Il; Hannah, 28, born Maine; Lucretia, 5, Il; Myrtle, 1, Il.

Daughter Lucretia Jackson married Theodore Parkins on 11/20/1870 in Mercer County so the parents may not have been far away. They are found in 1880 in Lincoln Township, Ringgold, Iowa: Theadore Pirkins, works on farm, 36, born Il, father born Ohio, mother born Virginia; Lucretia Pirkins, 34, born Il, father NC, mother Va; Florrence, 7, Ia; Lilly J., 6, Ia; Martha, 4, Ia.

Daughter Sarah Catharine Jackson married Adam Almandinger on 9/18/1859 in Mercer County. They are living with his father, Frederick Almandinger in 1860 in Millersburg: Frederick Almondinger, 59, farmer, born Pa; Adam Almondinger, 38, laborer, born Pa; Sarah, 17, born Il. We find it curious that Levi had a daughter Sarah, 7, in the 1860 census; perhaps it was Sarah, age 17, and she is censused in both places? Adam and Sarah are in Rice Township, Ringgold County, Iowa in 1880: Adim Allmondinger, laborer, 53, Pa, parents born Pa; Sarah, 37, born Il, parents born Il; Levi, 20, laborer, Il; Jacob, laborer, 18, Il; William, laborer, 17, Il; Elisabeth, 15, Il; James, 13, at school, Il; Hannah, 12, at school, Il; George, 11, at school, Il; John, 7, Mo. Note: John's birthplace, if correct, indicates a side trip to Missouri.

It seems likely that Eliza and Levi did not have any children together. We do not know if Levi and Eliza were divorced or just living separately in 1870. Levi married again to Juretta Reynolds (probably in Iowa)and they are found in 1880 in Lotts Creek, Ringgold, Iowa: Levi Jackson, farmer, 66, born NC, parents born NC; Relba (mistranscription for Retta), 34, born Ohio, father born NC, mother born Va; Lavina Jackson (daughter of Isabella), 32, born Il, father born NC, mother born In; Mary Jackson, 3, born Ia; Eldora Jackson, 1, born Iowa.Levi Jackson married a second time to Juretta Reynolds in 1876, probably in Iowa. Levi had additional children with Juretta: Hulda M. and Levi Sherman (per census records). Retta is given as a widow in the 1900 census but as divorced in the 1910 census, so again we do not know the real story.

Obituary of Elizabeth Jackson Pratt

Mrs. Elizabeth Pratt, 313 Bartlett Street, Muscatine, Iowa, died following an extended illness, at her home, last Friday morning, June 13, 1918. Grandma Pratt was 87 years and 10 months old. Mrs. Pratt was formerly Miss Elizabeth Jackson, who was born to Dempsy and Mary Jackson, in Madison County, Indiana, on August 20, 1831. When she was 16, they moved, by farm wagon, to New Boston Township, in Mercer County, Illinois. On March 12, 1854, she was married to Jonah Pratt, to which union, seven children were born, one of them died in infancy. Her husband preceded her in death 24 years ago. She had been an invalid the past year, due to ailments incidental to old age, but her condition did not become serious until six weeks ago. Leakage of the heart caused her death. She leaves 2 daughters, and four sons, namely, Mrs. Adda Brown of Muscatine, Iowa, and Mrs. Ed Brown [possible error - see note at end] of Keithsburg, Illinois, John T. Pratt of Gully, Minnesota, Bud Pratt of Muscatine, Stephen of Galesburg, Ill, and Ed Pratt of Nichols, Iowa, one sister, Mrs. Nancy Schell of Marysville, Kansas, and 2 brothers, Thomas and Isom Jackson of New Boston, Ill, 13 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Brief funeral services were held at the home, Sunday, at noon, and at 2 o'clock from the Union Church at Eliza, Ill. Six of the grandsons were pallbearers. Internment in Eliza Cemetery. [*Possible error - this no doubt refers to Avarilla Pratt who was actually married to Ed Waters, not Ed Brown, but she did spend time toward the end of her life with the Brown family per Jim Jones - see his Keithsburg Chronicles Web Site linked at the top of the page under Contacts.]

Jackson Cemetery Records

We have included all the Jackson names found in the Mercer County Cemetery Records prepared by the DAR in the 1960's, hoping it will be helpful to Jackson researchers. (Ref. Mercer County Cemetery Records - see IlGenWeb Site for full citations. See this site For cemetery locations) (Note: where names are given side by side they are on one tombstone - names are listed in order given in the volumes - since it was a walk down, one can probably assume the tombstones are in order in the cemetery)

Volume 1
Page 78 Peniel Cemetery
John Jackson Dec 6, 1815-Nov 23, 1893
Sarah Shields Jackson Jan 14, 1818-Jan 11, 1911
Emma Jackson 1854-1940

Volume 2 - New Boston Cemetery
Page 13
Jonathan Jackson 1831-1861 Margaret Jackson 1832-1912
Claud Jackson 1855-______ Mary B. Jackson 1861-1925
Page 15
Pleasant Jackson died Aug 30, 1856 age 33 yrs 26 dys
George Jackson mourned son of James & Sarah Crane Jackson died
July 30, 1872 11y 11m 28 dy
Dempsey Jackson ( dates unreadable) next to Simon Hunter. Dempsey's wife Mary Polly Ferguson is on the reverse of Dempsey's tombstone (dates also unreadable.
Page 25
George R. Jackson 1894-1945
Page 41
Sementha B. Jackson, wife of Thomas Jackson, died Mar 8 1862 age 186 1 mo 28 dy
Ezra B. Drew son of H & E Drew died May 3, 1862 (brother of Sementha)
Clarence Jackson, son of T. & S. Jackson died May 2, 1868 age 1 yr 3 mo 25 dy (death date should be 1862 according to the 1882 Mercer County History, which appears more nearly correct in this case)
Page 45
James G. Jackson 1877-1949 Clara E. Jackson 1872-1944
Page 46
Charles B. Jackson 1858-1949 Mary Etta Honeyman Jackson 1868-1937
Page 59
Thomas C Jackson 1873-1949 Gertrude Jackson 1876-1953
Page 60
Gideon J. Jackson 1875-1955 Myrtle P. Jackson 1881-____
Thomas J. Jackson 1837-1931 Louise H. Jackson 1844-1930

Volume 3
Page 23 - Leech Cemetery Eliza Township
Isabelle Jackson, wife of Levi Jackson, died Apr 16 1856 age 39 y 11 m 27d
Samuel H. Jackson, son of L & I Jackson d Mar 30, 1856 age 18 y 11 m 11d
Page 31 - Main Cemetery Abington Township
Mary Jackson, wife of B. L. Jackson born in Perry Co Ind Oct 26 1832 died Mercer County Jan 28 1862

Volume 4 - Greenmound cemetery
Page 63
John W. Jackson 1890-1947 Raymond Jackson 1918-1962
Page 67
Valentine Jackson Jan 6 1824-Mar 18 1904
Susan Jackson April 7 1846-Mar 21 1907
Page 71
Boyd Jackson, son of M A & L J Jackson Dec 27, 1883-Sept 25 1885
Page 89
Clinton Jackson 1889-19__ Alta Jackson 1891-19__
Henry Jackson Dec 29 1829-Mar 2 1867 Comfort Jackson Nov 26 1829-Feb 8 1904
Oscar Jackson Sept 5 1858-Sept 18 1915
John W. Jackson Jan 5, 1855-Apr 25, 1921
Adeline Jackson, wife of J. W. Jackson Jan 31, 1864-Dec 9, 1952
Wm T. Jackson 1834-1910 Nancy E Jackson 1844-1921
Cora May Jackson daughter W T & N E Jackson Mar 24 1873-Nov 9 1962
Page 110
Nora E. Jackson Jan 1 1883-Aug 28, 1954

Volume 5 - Aledo Cemetery
Page 53
Cassius A. Jackson died Mar 11, 1886 age 37 6 11m 13 d
M. Josephine Galloway, wife of C. A. Jackson Oct 19, 1855-July 21, 1905
James Galloway 1835-1898 Co M 6th Pa H. A.
Rachel M. Galloway 1829-1910
Page 70
Russell L. Jackson 1914-1964 Kathryn E. Jackson 1919-_____
Page 82
Edwin A. Jackson 1905-1953
John Jackson 1865-1926
Muriel G. Jackson 1909-______
Addie Jackson Muhlenburg 1871-1919
Ed Jackson, son of Isom and Salinda Jackson, 1865-1883
Isom Jackson Apr 4, 1839-Sept 4 1923
Salinda Jackson Nov 24, 1838-Apr 21, 1916
Page 99
Chester H. Jackson 1889-1963
Della L. Jackson 1891-1949

Volume 6
Page 2 - Davis Cemetery - New Boston Township
David Jackson 1822-1897
Eliza J. Jackson, wife of David 1823-1854
Mahalia, wife of David 1833-1905
Levi Jackson 1841-1862
Page 18 - Jackson Cemetery - Abingdon Township
Thomas Willit was owner of the land and first burial in the cemetery on April 26, 1845. Last burial in the cemetery was in 1930. When the Jackson farm was sold a few years ago Mrs. Richard Jackson of Peoria made a partial arrangement for restoration but he work was delayed. Cousin Mrs. John Retherford of New Boston also involved. Both were gr-gr-grandchildren of Thomas Willitt. (Note in cemetery records)
No Jackson burials listed
Page 30 - Mt. Vernon Cemetery
May Jackson 1869-1924
Page 36 - Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Orpha Jackson Mother 1882-1948
W. Earl Jackson Father 1881-1946
Page 48 - Mt. Vernon Cemetery
John C. Jackson 1845-1915 Lucy M. Jackson 1849-1932

Volume 7
Page 3 Cable Cemetery
Thomas Jackson 1857-1934
Caroline Jackson, wife of Thomas Jackson 1857-1946
Fred Jackson 1888-1906
Page 4 Cable Cemetery
Thomas Jackson Co D 12th Ill Inf d May 27, 1889 GAR
Page 13 - Deserted Cemetery on a farm in Millersburg Township, Sec 30
Originally called Bittner Graveyard. Stones have been uprooted and used for steps and a driveway approach at a nearby house.
Maurice Jackson is indexed here - probably family info that he was buried here as there are no dates
Page 50 - Shields Cemetery
Sarah Jackson, wife of David Shields, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Pourtnoy Jackson of Oxfordshire England Jan 7, 1794-Nov 24, 1878
(No stone there when cemetery walked down - note in the records that information was furnished by a descendant)

Volume 8
Page 4 - Alexis Cemetery
Mary G. Jackson 1870-1955
Edna G. Morris 1868-1903 next to Mary Jackson (perhaps a sister?)
Page 75 - Mannon Cemetery - New Boston Township
Bert Jackson Feb 14, 1876-Oct 16, 1933
Lillie I. Jackson 1878-1938
Robert A. Jackson May 28, 1915-Feb 19, 1931
Page 117 - Windsor Petrie Cemetery
McDonald Jackson June 17, 1824-Feb 24, 1892
Susan V Jackson, wife of McD Jackson b May 5, 1846 (no death date)

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