Mongerson, Lof,Quayle, Moline Families of Mercer County, Illinois

Mongerson, Lof, Quayle, Moline Families

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This page is a memorial to accompany four graves found in Eliza Creek Cemetery. The graves are:

Almon F. Mongerson Oct 28, 1866-July 13, 1926
Selma E. Mongerson Jan 28, 1868-Jan 11, 1897

Ella E. Moline 1890-19__
Wesley J. Moline 1872-1950

We would like to thank Anders Loof of Sweden for sending the wonderful photos and for helping us with the stories of these families. Selma Emilia Lof was his grandfather's sister. Selma was born in a small village called Ustorp, outside a town called Eksjo in the south of Sweden. She had six brothers; three of them went to the USA but went back to Sweden in a few years. Due to the lack of an 1890 census we cannot verify where they lived in the US. Below is a photo of Selma just after she arrived in Illinois in 1885. The photo was taken in Moline.

Selma Lof married Almon F. Mongerson on 2/26/1889 in Rock Island County, just north of Mercer County. The Illinois Marriage Index gives her name as Selma Leaf which gives us a clue how it was pronounced. They are believed to have lived in Moline, Rock Island County, and Orion, Henry County, Illinois. It is not exactly clear why they are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery, other than it adjoined Rock Island County.

Selma and Almon had two children, Ella, born about 1890, and Paul, born about 1896.

The Almon Mongerson family taken about 1896. Almon, Selma, and children Paul and Ella. Daughter Ella E. Mongerson married first to Harry Quayle (son of William C. and Christine Moline Quayle). They are found in the 1920 census in Weller Twp, Henry County, Bishop Hill Village, Il: Harry V. Quayle, 43, born Il, father born Isle of Man, mother born Sweden; Ella E., wife, 29, born Il, parents born Sweden; Gilbert V. Quayle, son, 8, born Il; Wesley Moline, boarder, 47, born Il, parents born Sweden, laborer.

Ella married second to Wesley J. Moline, cousin of Harry Quayle, and is buried beside him in Eliza Creek Cemetery.

Ella Mongerson Quayle, son Gilbert, and brother, Paul Mongerson, taken about 1912. According to Anders this is the last time there was contact with relatives in Sweden.

Selma Lof Mongerson's parents in Sweden about 1916.


Almon Mongerson is found as a child in Richland Grove Township, Mercer County in 1870: #42 John Mungerson, 50, blacksmith, born Sweden; Ann, 45, Sweden; Frank W. 13, Il; Mary A., 12, Il; Arthur, 10, Il; Almun F., 6, Il; Andrew, 1, Il; Swens Mungerson, 22, farmer, born Sweden. Also found in Richland Grove: #61 P. M. Mungerson, 68, born Sweden, no occupation; Ann L., 68, keeping house, Sweden; Charlotte, 40, Sweden. A Swan Mungerson, 22, coal miner, born Sweden is found with a George Tomlinson family #197. He may be the same person as the Swens Mungerson censused with the John Mungerson family.

Almon Mongerson married again after the death of Selma and is found in the 1920 census in Rock Island City, Rock Island County, Il: F. Almon Mongerson, 44, born Il, father born Sweden, furnace repairer, furnace company; E. Olive Mongerson, wife, 38, born Il, father born Pennsylvania; Paul Mongerson, son 24, born Il, cost accountant, motor shop; Bernice Auld, niece, 13, born Il

Sharon, a descendant of Frank Mongerson, tells us that Frank lived in Henry County. We found him there in the 1900 census: #63 Oxford Frank Mongerson, born Oct 1857, age 42, married 19 years, blacksmith, born Il, parents born Sweden; Amy N. Jan 1865, 35, married 19 years, six children born, 5 living, born Iowa, parents born Ohio; William R., Dec 1882, 17, Il, blacksmith; Elmer, June 1885, 14, Il; Orval E., Aug 1890, 7, Il; Archie S., May 1894, Il; Norma R., Aug 1898, Il. In 1880 Swen, Frank, and Alfred were in Richland, Wapello, Iowa: #158 Swen Mongerson, 35, farm laborer, born Sweden, parents born Sweden, Jane, 23, Ia, In, In; Mary M., 5, Ia; Cora, 2, Ia; #159 with A. B. Comstock family, Frank Mongerson, 23, Il, parents born Sweden; Alfred, 19, Il, parents, born Sweden, farm laborers. Though Swen's age differs we assume he is the same as the one in Mercer County since the Frank and Alfred are next door.

Footnote: There was a Mongerson family in Rivoli Township in Mercer County in 1880. They were not there in 1870 and may have moved down from Rock Island County. John Mongerson, 68, farmer, born Sweden; Carrie E. Mongerson, 59, born Il; parents born Sweden; Charles Mongerson, 13, Il. There were two Mongerson families in Rock Island County in 1880 but no obvious connection to Almon.