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Alternate Spellings - Muhlenberg, Muhlenberg, Mecklenberg (probably an error in transcribing census records)

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Contacts - Rose Muhlenburg is researching her husband's ancestor Arthur Muhlenburg, grandson of Charles Muhlenberg, and son of Augustus Muhlenberg.

Charles and Sophia Muhlenburg

The Muhlenburgs came from Hanover, Germany, and were part of the exodus of German families to America in the early 1850's to avoid mandatory military service for their sons. Unfortunately, many of the very same sons served in the Civil War in America. The patriarch of the Mercer County familes was Charles Muhlenburg born November 22, 1811 in Hanover, Germany. The birthplaces of his children show that they were in Mercer County by 1853. Rose Muhlenberg tells us that they came with the Louis Schrader family (we will be putting up a Schrader page). To date we have not found the Muhlenbergs on any published ship's list.

Charles Muhlenberg is found in the 1860 census in New Boston under Mecklenberg: Charles Mecklenberg, 48, farmer, born Hanover; Sophia, 42, born Hanover; Augustus, 22, born Hanover; Frederick, 19, born Hanover; Jane, 16, born Hanover; Caroline, age 14, born Hanover; Charlotte, 13, born Hanover; Lovina, age 7, born Illinois; John, age 5, born Illinois; and Charles, age 3, born Illinois. Augustus is also recorded as a laborer on the Nelson Wheeler farm nearby (there were connections between the Muhlenberg and the Wheeler family). Charles and Sophia had an older daughter Amelia, age 19, who married Peter Bear in February 1860 (more below). Charles died April 18, 1865 and is buried in the Shields Cemetery in Eliza Township. His widow Sophia is found in the 1870 census: Sophia, age 52, born Hanover, keeping house; Lavinia, 17, born Illinois; John, 13, born Illinois; Charles, 11, born Illinois; Henry, 8, born Illinois; and Christian, 5, born Illinois. She is living next door to son Augustus and wife in Eliza Township (more below). Sophia died March 17, 1872, age 53 years and is buried beside her husband in Shields Cemetery.

Charles may have been brother to Henrietta Muhlenburg Tieman. Henrietta came about the same time to Mercer County and lost her husband immediately after arrival. The survival of Henrietta and her eight children may have been facilitated by brother Charles.

Augustus Muhlenberg Family

Son Augustus Muhlenburg was born 4/26/1838 in Hanover, Germany and died 1/28/1909 in Rivoli Township, Mercer County, Illinois. Augustus served in Company G, 124th Illinois Infantry, during the Civil War. He enlisted at Duncan on July 17, 1862, and was mustered out as corporal on August 15, 1865. He and his brother Frederick signed pension paper affidavits for Patrick Welch, stating that they served with him.

Augustus married Dora Elizabeth Rabe on 12/28/1867 in Mercer County. Dora was born December 25, 1845 in Hesse Cassel [Germany], and died January 14, 1920. Both Augustus and Dora are buried in the Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Section 13, Rivoli Township, as are the children whose death dates are given here (dates are from tombstones). Dora Elizabeth and Augustus had children: Edward (born 10/15/1868, died 9/25/1869), Omer (b. 1871, d. 1946), Arthur (b. 7/6/1873, d. 7/30/1956), Daner (b. 1/6/1876, d. 12/16/1954), Iva May (b. 5/24/1879, d. 3/6/1916), and Allie (b. 4/11/1885, died 2/10/1961).

Augustus and Elizabeth are found in the 1870 census in Eliza Township: Augustus Muhlenburg, 32, farmer, born Hanover; Elizabeth, 24, born Germany. Son Edward, first child, was deceased. Augustus Muhlenburg's land can be seen in Section 33 and 34 of Eliza Township on the 1875 plat map. Augustus and Elizabeth are found in the 1880 Eliza Township census: Augustus Muhlenberg, 42, born Hanover, parents born Hanover; Elizabeth, 33, born Hesse Cassel, parents born Hesse Cassel; Omer, 8, born Illinois; Arthur, 6, Il; Daner, 4, Il, Ivy, 1, Il. Brothers Charles Muhlenburg, 21, born Il; and Christian Muhlenberg, 16, born Il, are living with them. Also with them is Heman Childs, 19, born Il, farm laborer.

Amelia Muhlenburg Bear Family

Daughter Amelia Muhlenburg was born 9/16/1839 in Hanover, Germany. She married Peter Bear, son of Martin and Catherine Dodson Bear, on 2/23/1860 in Mercer County. We will be following this family further on the Bear page. They had children: Viella, Omer, Ollie, Nellie, Charles and Mary. They had land in Section 27 of Eliza Township, not far from Augustus Muhlenburg and family.

Frederick Muhlenburg Family

Son Frederick Muhlenburg was born 9/19/1841 in Hanover, Germany, and died 1/18/1910 in Mercer County, Illinois. Frederick enlisted in Company G, 124th Illinois Infantry at New Boston on July 13, 1862, and was mustered out on August 15, 1865.

Frederick married Sarah Jane Spolader, daughter of Augustus and Amelia Spolader, on 12/28/1867 in Mercer County. There is a second marriage record 1/1/1868 in Muscatine County, Iowa. (Note: the Illinois marriage records are date of license issuance so the license may have been issued on December 28 and the marriage took place on New Years Day). Sarah Jane was born 11/10/1848 in Hanover, Germany, and died 9/9/1930. Frederick and Sarah Jane are buried in the Aledo Cemetery. They are found in Eliza Township in the 1870 census: Frederick Muhlenberg, age 27, farmer, born Hanover; Sarah, 22, born Hanover, Monroe, 1, born Illinois.

Frederick owned land in Sections 28 and 33 in Eliza Township very near the Augustus Muhlenburg family. According to census records, Frederick and Sarah Jane had children: Monroe Muhlenburg (b. about 1869); Addie (b. about 1872); and a baby born December 1879 (name currently unknown). They were evidently missed in the 1900 census but we find son Monroe in 1910 in Eliza Township: #84 Monroe C. Muhlenberg, farmer, 41, married 20 years, Il, parents born Germany; Julia R, 29, Il; George R, 19, farm laborer; Fred C, 17, farm laborer; Sarah J., mother, 61, widow, born Gy, parents born Gy, immigrated 1853. Sarah Cady, a Spolader descendant, tells us that Frederick and Sarah Jane had four children: Monroe Cyrus, Adda, Flora, and Mary Grace.

Monroe Muhlenburg married Julia A. Bear 2/5/1890, and Addie married John Jackson 1/25/1893.

Jane Muhlenberg Rader Family

Daughter Jane Muhlenburg was born 12/6/1844 in Hanover, Germany, and died 1/14/1928 in Mercer County. She married Charles Rader, son of Abraham and Catherine Beam Rader, on 4/14/1865 in Mercer County. Charles was born 12/28/1828 in Rockingham County, Virginia, and died 5/1/1913 in Mercer County. They are buried in New Boston Cemetery. We will be putting up a Rader page with more on this family.

Charles and Jane are found in New Boston Township in 1870: Charles, age 35, Farmer, born Virginia; Jane, 23, born Germany; Flora, age 3; Mary M. age 1. There is a George Rader, age 12, born Kansas, with them, and also sister Charlotte Muhlenburg, age 20, as a housekeeper (more on this below). Charles and Jane had children: Flora, Mary Melissa, Orth, Frederick Augustus, Katherine, Bertha (b 1879, d 1879), Stella, Glen and Grace.

Caroline Muhlenburg Noble Family

Daughter Caroline Muhlenburg was born 12/10/1846 in Hanover, Germany, and died 8/12/1873 in Mercer County. In the 1870 census she was working as a domestic for the Wells Willits family in New Boston Town. She married Harvey S. Noble 4/11/1872 in Mercer County. Harvey was son of David Johnson and Sarah Fry Noble and was born 8/26/1849 in Mercer County and died in 1934 in South Dakota. There were no children of this marriage and Carrie may have died in childbirth.

Charlotte Muhlenburg Rader Family

Daughter Charlotte Muhlenburg was born about 1850 in Hanover, Germany. In the 1870 census there is an entry with her sister's family, Jane Muhlenburg Rader, Charlotte Muhlenburg, age 20, housekeeper. Charlotte married Abraham L. Rader, son of Christian and Rachel Rader of New Boston Township, on 2/26/1873. Abraham Rader was nephew of Charles Rader who married Jane Muhlenburg, sister of Charlotte. At present we have no more information on this family. We will be putting up a Rader page.

Lavinia Muhlenburg Moore Family

Daughter Lavinia Muhlenburg was born about 1853 in Mercer County, and married Robert Moore 12/29/1870 in Mercer County. Robert Moore was born about 1847 in Mercer County, son of George and Jemimah Moore. We will be putting up a Moore page.

John Muhlenburg Family

Son John Muhlenburg was born August 1857 in Mercer County, Illinois, and married Minerva Finch, daughter of David and Catharine Rader Finch, on 5/23/1876 in Mercer County. We will be putting up a Finch page. The Aledo Weekly Record, May 7, 1877, carried the following article: "About two weeks ago the house of John Muhlenburg of Eliza Township was struck by lightning, almost demolishing the house, killing a dog, and shattering a bedpost, but beyond slight shock, which stunned both for awhile neither Mr. M. nor his wife were injured although they slept in the bed that was struck. They were a newly married couple and had recently commenced housekeeping."

John and Minerva Finch Muhlenburg are found in the 1880 census in Eliza Township: John Muhlenburg, 25, born Illinois, parents born Hanover; Minerva, 21, born Il, parents born Virginia; Harvy, 1, born Illinois; Katie Green, 18, Il, domestic. In 1900 they are found in New Boston Township: #131 James [sic] Muhlenburg, born Aug 1857, farmer, 42, married 23 years, born Il, parents born Gy; Minerva, born Oct 1858, 41, married 23 years, born Il, father Pa, mother In; Harry, born July 1878, button cutter; David, born June 1881, button cutter, Clair, son, born Oct 1883, at school, Burr, son, born June 1886, at school.

Christian Muhlenburg Family

Son Christian Muhlenburg was born about 1861 in Mercer County according to the 1880 census. The 1870 census carries him as five years old and the youngest in the family. His tombstone in the Aledo Cemetery carries the dates 1864-1945. He married Kate Stevens in Mercer County on 10/2/1889. Kate is buried beside him in the Aledo Cemetery (1867-1958). We will be putting up a Stevens page.

Henry Muhlenberg

Son Henry Muhlenburg was born about 1863 in Mercer County, Illinois. In the 1880 census he was residing with his brother-in-law Peter Bear and his sister Amelia Muhlenburg Bear.