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Alternate Spellings - None in Mercer County

Links - Boyd, Finch, Pullen, Reynolds, Fisher, Miller, Woodruff, Thirtyacre. We have put up some of the Ohio Grove Smith families on a Noland page.

Contacts - Jackie Kloppenborg for the George T. and Sarah Farnam Smith family who came to Mercer County from Maine shortly before 1870. Jackie has sent us some family photos of some of their children.

Smiths in Mercer County are numerous and complex. As we have learned from other pages it is difficult to pin down families to just one area (New Boston and Eliza Townships) as they moved around, married in other areas, and were often related to families in other parts of the county.

So far, we have identified the following directly related to New Boston and Eliza Townships: George and Sarah Smith of New Boston Township; Simeon P. Smith, early physician and teacher of New Boston and vicinity; William and Jane Smith living in New Boston Township in 1850; Edmund Smith family, living in Eliza Township in 1850; Frank Smith living with an Ives family in 1860 in New Boston (don't yet know his identity, age 7); Richard Smith family in New Boston Township in 1840; Henry Smith family in Eliza Township in 1870; Alice Smith with the Samuel Hauk family in New Boston in 1870, age 10 (may be the Allie Smith who married Frank Miller 10/29/1879). As time permits we will post records for other Smith families in Mercer County.

Simeon P. Smith

The History of Mercer County 1882 in the biography of Henry W. Denison tells us that his chances for obtaining an education were limited to what he could obtain from Simeon P. Smith, who taught his first school in Henry's father's kitchen (John W. Denison). In the 1850 census Simeon is found as a boarder in the home of Eleanor Denison in the Town of New Boston: Simeon P. Smith, 44, Physician, born Pennsylvania.

Teacher? Physician? An article in the Aledo Weekly Record, April 3, 1860, sheds some light: "Death of Simeon P. Smith - born in Brookfield, Vermont in 1804 graduated Castleton Medical College. Practiced in Canada East. Came to Mercer some 20 years ago and has been principly teaching in New Boston and vicinity. He had more common sense than any man we ever knew."

That he was in Mercer County early is born out by a bill presented into the estate of Isaac Willits 17th January 1846: "To tuition of children during the year 1842-3 $3.86 1/4" and signed S. P. Smith. There is a good biography of Simeon in the History of Mercer County 1882, page 81, which we will not include here as he had no descendants. When time permits we will add it to our Schools page, as it gives interesting information about early teaching methods. Of particular interest to us is that his students were excellent spellers. As any of you doing genealogy know, spelling in the 19th century is a virtual nightmare so this is a bit unusual.

Richard Smith Family, New Boston Township

In 1840 there is a Richard W(?) M(?) Smith in Township 14North Range 5 West. His household consisted of: 2 males 20-30, 2 males 15-20, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 5-10 and 1 female under 5. One of the males is engaged in farming and one in trade. Richard and family are next door to the Gad Woodruff family. We think there is a possility that the extra male in the household is Marinus Smith who married Anna Marie Woodruff on 12/8/1840. He was a tinner and might have been the male engaged in trade. There is a photo of Marinus and some history linked on the Woodruff page. We have nothing further on Richard Smith and family as they did not stay in the County.

William & Jane Smith Family, New Boston Township

In Township 14N Range 5W in 1850 we find: #376 William Smith, 54, farmer, born Va; Jane, 48, born Va; Phillip Smith, 20, farmer, born Va; Bartlett Bean, 21, farmer, born NC; Alex Ricker, 26, laborer, born Tn; Nancy Ricker, 27, born Ind; Jane Aldrich, 17, born Ill. In 1860 there is a William and Jane Smith family in Keithsburg but it is a younger family: William Smith, 48, born Va; Jane, 46, born Va; Jane, 12, born Il. Son Phillip Smith married Sarah McIntosh on 5/3/1860 in Mercer County but they are not counted in the 1860 census in Mercer County and we have nothing further on the family.

Edmund Smith of England, Eliza Township

This is probably the Edmund Smith who purchased land in Eliza Township in 1851: School land purchase, Lot8E2SE Sec 16 Township 15N Range 5W, 40 acres at .50 per acre on 3/25/1851. Edmund Smith married Catharine Fisher Boyd, widow of Miles Boyd on September 3, 1847 in Mercer County.

In 1850 we find Edmund and Catharine as a blended family in Eliza Township: T15NR5W #629 Edwin Smith, 33, farmer, born England; Catharine, 33, born Ind; Martin Boyd, 16, farmer, born Ind; Elizabeth Boyd, 14, Ind; Hamilton Boyd, 10, Ind; Lucinda Boyd, 7, Ind; Noah Smith, 6/12, Ind (?); Rachel Clark, 11, Ind; Charles Nealy, 19, laborer, born Ohio; Owen Smith, 1, Il.

There are several questions raised by this census. Miles and Catharine Boyd are listed in the 1840 census in Mercer County so we are not clear about the listing of the birth of some of the Boyd children in Indiana and especially the birth of Noath Smith in Indiana. Also we do not know the identity of the Owen Smith, age 1, born Il. He is listed at the end of the record indicating he was not child of Edwin and Catharine.

Catharine Smith is found living with son Noah in Eliza Township in 1860: Catharine Smith, 44, born Indiana; Noah Smith, age 10, born Illinois (more likely place!). We have yet to check cemetery records for Edmund Smith.

George T. Smith Family, New Boston Township

Jackie Kloppenborg has detailed information on this family. The family is found in New Boston Township in 1870, having come to Mercer County from Maine sometime before 1867. NBTP#172: George T. Smith, 51, farmer, born Massachusetts; Sarah, 44, born Maine; Horace, 16, born Maine; George Jr, 14, born Maine; Tenie, 12, born Maine; Cora, 10, born Maine; William, 8, born Maine; Nellie, 3, born Illinois.

George and Sarah had another daughter Jennie, who had married James Monroe Finch on July 4, 1870 and is not shown with the family in the 1870 census. James Monroe Finch is still shown at home with parents David and Catharine in the 1870 census in New Boston Township not far from the Smith family.

Another daughter, Mary Smith, is shown working for the William Drury family in New Boston Township: Mary Smith, 18, housekeeper, born Maine.

The family is found in New Boston Township in 1880: George T. Smith, 61, farmer, born Mass, parents born Mass; Sarah, 53, born Maine, parents born Me; William A., born Maine; Nancy M. (Nellie?), 13, born Illinois. Jackie tells us the family went to Buffalo County, Nebraska about that time. Many Mercer County families went to Buffalo County and we need to look into the history of that County to see what the attraction was. Jackie kindly sent us some photos of some of the children: William A. Smith; Cora E. Smith; Albertina (Tena) Smith, and Nellie Smith.

Henry Smith Family of Eliza Township

Henry Smith was born about 1817 in England and his wife Sarah was born about 1821 in England. They are found in Eliza Township in 1870: Henry Smith, 53, farmer, born England; Sarah, 49, Eng; George 17, born Ia; Albert, 15, Ia; Anna, 13, Ia; Ella, 10, Ia; Thomas, 6, Ia. They thus moved to Mercer County sometime after 1864 (probably just after the Civil War). We do not have too much more information on them as they were gone in 1880 (back to Iowa?).

Son George Smith married Mary Emily Pullen, daughter of Joseph and Frances Reed Pullen, on 3/8/1872 in Mercer County and they too are gone in 1880.

Daughter Anna M. Smith married Achilles Reynolds on 1/27/1875 in Mercer County. They are found in Eliza Township in 1880 with daughters Cora, born about 1876, and Emma, born about 1878.

Other Smith Families in Mercer County

When we get time we will post other records for Smiths in Mercer County to help sort the families out from those above.

George A. Smith of Mercer Township

1870 Census: #143 George A. Smith, farmer, 44, born Ohio; Eliza J. Smith, 42, born New York; James E. Smith, 19, laborer, brickyard; Jennie Smith, 17, Il; Henrietta Smith, 12, Il; Charlie Smith, 12, Il; Willie Smith, 8, Il; Mary Smith, 4, Il; Lewis Smith, 1, Il; Thomas Baxter, 28(?), retired farmer, born Pa. This family was in Sunbeam in 1860 with an additional child, Mary E. Smith, 11, born In. Since they had a daughter Mary, age 4, in 1870 it is likely that the older Mary was deceased. (see cemetery records for George and Eliza and an additional child under Aledo, page 62, below)

David F. Smith of Mercer Township

1870 Census: #153 David F. Smith, carpenter, 50, born Ohio: Catharine, 38, born NJ; Thesta, 11, Oh; Homer, 10, Oh; Katy, 8, Il; Lizzy, 6, Il; Albert, 3, Il; unnamed daughter, 1, Il. (Also see Aledo Cemetery records, page 6)

Uriah Smith of Green Township

(Triggered by a request from Stephany Smith for a Viola Cemetery lookup) Uri Smith died April 1, 1875 age 73 yr 10 mo 6 dy
Rhoda, wife of Uri Smith, died July 22, 1885 age 80 yr 9 mo 8 dy
Matilda M. Smith (Aunt Tillie) March 18, 1837-July 2, 1916
W. L. Smith Co B - 65th Ill Inf died April 2, 1885 (according to vet records); his tombstone in Viola Cemetery reads April 27, 1842-May 2, 1885.

According to the Illinois Adjutant General's Report W. L. Smith appears to be Warren L. Smith who is found in Co B, 65th Ill Inf, enlisted March 31, 1864, mustered in April 7, 1864 and mustered out July 13, 1865
There are pension papers:
Warren L. Smith B 65th Inf Ill
dependants Evan J., John Morgan
August 8, 1879 Application 302692, certificate 275832
July 28, 1894(?) App #443197 certificate 357036

The second application and the dependants make it look as though his wife Orinda married again, however she is buried next to him in Viola Cemetery: died January 26, 1882, age 34 yr 11 mo 10 dy.

There were five Warren Smiths in pension records and the second application may simply be attached to the wrong one since Warren Smith was also deceased by 1885.

The family records begin in 1850 where Warren L. Smith is found as Levi W. Smith, age 8, son of Uri and Rhoda Smith:
Litchfield, Medina, Ohio: #2146(?) Uri Smith, 49, NY. farmer; Rhoda Smith, 46, NY; Jane E., 23, NY; Susan M, 18, NY; Henry A, 15, NY; Matilda M, 13, Ohio; Ira A, 11, Ohio; Levi W, 8, Ohio; Orrin Burrill, 26, farmer, Oh; Chloe H. Burrill, 21, NY; (Chloe was daughter of Uri and Rhoda).
Would guess that Orrin Burrill might have died in Ohio or on the way to Mercer County as he is not found in 1860.

In 1860 in Green Township, Mercer County: #1160 Uriah Smith, 58, farmer, NY; Rhoda, 53, NY; Chloe Burrall, 31, NY; Henry A. Smith, 35, NY; Levi W. Smith, 18, Oh; Matilda M. Smith, 23, Oh; Mary J. Burrall, 9, Ia; Charles M. Burrall, 7, Ia; Lucius Burrall, 2, Ia;

1870 census in Mercer County, Green Township: Warren A. Smith, 28, farmer, born Oh; Orinda Smith,. 23, born Il; Arthur W. Smith, 2, Il; Charles L. Smith, 1, Il; (Warren had license to marry Orinda Morey on 8/30/1866 in Mercer County)

Next to Warren A. Smith in Green Township in 1870: #23 Uria Smith, 68, farmer, NY; Rhoda Smith, 65, NY; Matilda M. Smith, 33, Ohio; Also in 1870 in Green Township: (Mrs. Chloe [Smith] Burrill had license to marry William Terry 10/31/1868 in Mercer County). William Terry had a wife Barbara who died August 28, 1866, age 59 yr 8 mo 12 dy (buried Viola Cemetery).
#159 William Terrey, 71, farmer, NY Lolvey H. Terrey, 41, NY (actually Chloe H. Terrey); Mary J Bursill, 19, Ia; Charles W. Bursill, 17, Il; Lucius Bursill, 12, Il

In 1880 in Green Twp:
#193Warren Smith, 35, farmer, Oh, parents born NY; Orinda, 33, Il, father Pa, mother Va; Arthur, 12, Il; Charles, 11, Il; Nellie, 4, Il;
#194 Rhoda Smith, 75, NY, father VA, mother NY, partially paralyzed; Matilda Smith, 48, housekeeper, Ohio, parents NY;
#198 but next to 194: Lucius Burrill, 23, Wisc, father Oh, mother NY (Lucius Burrill had license to marry Amanda Briggs 9/22/1881 in Mercer County)

Also in 1880 in Green Township:
William Terry, 83, retired farmer, New York, parents born New York; Chloe H. Terry, 56, keeping house, New York, parents born NY; Charles Burrill, 24, stepson, Il, father Oh, mother NY; Ira Tyler, 15, nephew, Ill, father Conn, mother NY
(Charles Burrill had license to marry Mary E. Grover 10/20/1881 in Mercer County)

William Terry and Chloe H. Terry are buried in Viola Cemetery (Chloe May 13, 1829-Feb 4, 1900; William May 17, 1799-May 7, 1893).

Smith Cemetery Records in Mercer County

As time permits and as we do Smith lookups we will add the actual cemetery records here. Note: these are tombstone readings done by the DAR in the 1960's. In reading old tombstones and transcribing records errors have occurred.

Aledo Cemetery - Volume 5
Page 6
David F. Smith died July 18, 1873 age 53 yr 4 mo
Daisy, daughter of D. F. and C. Smith, died Sept 5, 1867, age 1 yr 9 mo 11 dy.
Page 8
James M. Smith 1834-1890
Mary B. Smith 1847-1914
Susa, daughter of J & M. B. Smith, 1 day (no date)
Alfred L. Smith 1867-1937
Emma F. Smith 1879-1946
Page 18
Charles A. Smith 1859-1943
Mary Smith 1859-1941
Page 20
Forest F. Smith, son of F. A. and S. A. Smith, died Oct 16, 1872, age 2 wks
Page 25
Ella Jewel Smith Sept 13, 1857-Oct 6, 1887
Page 35
Brice H. Smith 1868-1940
Lettie M. Smith 1873-1947
Charles A. Smith 1877-1922
Page 42
James A. Smith 1882-1939 Fay Shields Smith 1888-______
Walter B. Smith 1874-1947
Page 46
Edward Smith 1840-1901 Co H 88th Indiana Infantry
Anna E. Nesbitt, wife of Edward Smith 1844-1912
Sons and daughters of E. and A. E. Smith
Harry N. Smith 1867-1884
Alice Smith 1871-1878
May B. Smith 1876-1878
Page 62
George A. Smith 1826-1904 Eliza J. Smith 1827-1917
Ward, son of Geo A & E Smith died Sept 18, 1865 age 1 yr 8 mo 8 dy
Page 65
George W. Smith Nov 14, 1824-April 10, 1889
Mary A., wife of George W. Smith, June 23, 1824-Feb 2, 1899
Frank D., son of G. W. and M. A. Smith, April 7, 1857-Oct 24, 1876
Page 81
Nellie B. Smith 1884-1958
Page 82
Sylvester F. Smith 1869-1955 Dorthula Smith 1868-1936
Page 86
Elmer Smith 1891-1965
Page 91
Leslie Sue, daughter Robert and Doris Smith June 29, 1945-Feb 2, 1946
Page 93
Maude E. Smith 1870-1944
Page 112
Mary Elizabeth Smith)
J. Y. Smith )Infants (n. d.)
Page 113
William H. H. Smith 1840-1911 Co E 9th Ill Inf
Nancy E., wife of William H. H. Smith, 1841-1908
Stephen A. Smith, son of Wm. H. H. Smith, 1877-1905
Page 125
Susie M. Hyett Smith 1904-1951
George E. Hyett 1864-1926 Lizzie Hyett 1869-1956

Viola Cemetery
Volume 7
Page 93
Emma N. Walker, wife of Charles L. Smith March 8, 1872=February 27, 1917
Page 117
Charles L. Smith August 26, 1842-October 6, 1920
Julia A. Smith, wife of C. L. Smith, Nov 19, 1847-April 2, 1920
Page 119
Israel A. Smith died March 2, 1864 age 50 yr 11 mo 24 dy
Emma J., wife of I. A. Smith, died July 2, 1885 age 66 yr 11 mo 17 dy
Content E., dau of I. A. and E. J. Smith, died July 30, 1886
Libbie (on Smith lot)
Page 127
Charles L. Smith May 17, 1869-July 21, 1908
Grace F., wife of Charles L. Smith, Aug 5, 1870-April 16, 1902.