Surnames-New Boston & Eliza Townships, Mercer County, Illinois

Surnames with connections to New Boston & Eliza Townships between 1827 & 1900

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Remember me in the family tree
my name, my days, my strife;
Then I'll ride upon the wings of time
and live an endless life." -Goetsch
Someone had sent me this lovely sentiment some time ago. I have recently heard from the author, Linda Goetsch, and she has graciously given permission for it to remain posted. Be aware it is copyrighted. Linda has a great web site with much help for your family tree efforts: Enjoy!

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Dan Sywassink publishes a monthly newsletter about Eliza Township and sends it out by email. If you would like to subscribe contact us for his email. Even though our ancestors have not lived there for more than 100 years it is still interesting to see what surnames are still there and what kinds of activities go on there. He also publishes some interesting history items. He is working on a Web Site which we will link when it is available.

Jim Jones is working on a Keithsburg Web Site "Keithsburg Chronicles."

Marna Wilson has posted her families on World Family Tree:
Knox Family by Marna Wakeland Wilson
Stegall Family by Marna Wilson (Knox County)
Ruggles Family by Marna Wilson (Iowa)


Acheson/Atchison (see Delabar), Adams, Addison (Misc Fam), Agy (Misc Fam),Albee (Maine Fam), Aldrich (Misc Fam), Alexander (see Cox), Allen (Misc Fam), Allumbaugh (Misc Fam), Alyea, Anderson, Arnold (see Essley), Artz (Artz Cemetery), Ashbaugh (Misc Fam), Asp (Misc Fam), Atwater, Austin (see Woodruff), Avery (Misc Fam)


Babbit (see Albee), Bailey (Misc Fam), Baker (Misc Fam), Ballard, Baner (see Ballard), Banes/Bains (see Bates), Barlett/Bartlett, Barrett (Misc Fam), Bassett, Batchelor (see Blaisdell and Culick), Bates, Baugh (German Fam), Beach, Bean (Maine Fam), Bear, Beard, Beckett, Beeson, Belcher (Misc Families), Belden (Misc Fam), Bell, Benedict, Bennet (Misc Fam), Bergen/Bergin (Misc Fam), Bergis (see Burgess), Beverlin, Bigelow (Maine Families), Bird (Misc Fam), Bishop, Black (PenFam), Blaisdell (Maine Fam), Blake (see Miscellaneous Families), Bogart, Bond (see Isaac Willits), Bopes (see Isaac Willits), Booth, Boster, Boruff, Bowen, Bowlan (Misc Fam), Boyd, Boyle (Misc Fam), Bradrick, (temp Childs), Brady, Bras/Brass (see Bras/TraskMisc Fam), Bratton, Bridgford (see Burleigh), Briggans (see Deeds), Briggs (Maine Fam), Brockett (see DFNoble), Brown, Brun, Burdick, Burges/Burgess (GermanFam), Burleigh, Burlingam, Burnett, Burns (Misc Fam), Burrall/Burrell, Busch/Bush, Butterfield, Beyers/Byers


Calhoun, Campbell/Hartman - Misc Families, Carlson, Carlstrom (see Anderson), Carnahan (see Calhoun), Carr, Carroll, Cash (Misc. Fam), Cawkins, Cayton (see Southward), Chamberlain, Chandler (see Gordon), Chappell, Charbonneaux (Misc. Fam); Chesley, Chidester, Childs, Church, Clark, Cloke (see Fisher), Close (see McGreer), Coe (see Honeyman), Cole, Collins, Commons, Cook, Coulter, Cox, Crabbe ( temp see Kirlin), Craft, Cramer, Crapnell, Crippen (see Emerson), Crittenden (seeWheeler and LaRue), Crook (temp Vance), Cross (see Battle of Belmont), Crull (see Beard), Culick , Cunningham , Cursepeus (see German Fam), Curtis


Danford (see Mannon), Davidson (temp Wolfe), Davis, Dawson (Misc. Families), DeBaum, Decker (Misc Fam), Deeds, Delabar, Delphey - Misc Families, Dement, Denning, Dennis (see Jackson), Denison, Dewitt, Diehl (temp Jackson), Dill, Dimner, Disch (see Deeds),Ditto, Dively - Misc Fam, Dixon (see Beach and Bassett), Doak, Dodson-Misc Fam, Donnelson, Dorse - Maine Fam, Doughterty, Doughty (see Shields), Downs (see Fuller and Blaisdell), Doxsee (see Long), Drake, Dreiszigacker (GermanFam), Drew, Drury, Dryden (see Wolfe), Duffield (see Noland), Dulin (Artz Cemetery), Duncan, Dungan (see Delabar), Dunn


Eames (Maine Families), Edgar, Edwards, Eikenbary, Elliott (see Myers), Ellis, Emmons (temporarily Shields), Endicott, Emerson, Epperly (see Watson), Essley, Evans


Falls (see Noble), Fay (see Poorhouse), Fenstermacher(Penn Fam), Ferguson, Fidler (see Lloyd), Finch, Fish(Maine Fam), Fisher, Fleming, Fletcher, Foreman, Forney (German Fam), Forsyth, Foster, Fraley (see Wm Willits), Frankenfeld (see Duffield and PenFam), Franklin (see Beverlin), French/Franck (see Beverlin), Freise, Fry, Fuller, Fullerton (see Deeds), Fulton (see Atwater)


Gamble (see Burleigh), Garmer/Gaumer (Penn Families, Garard/Girard, Gerka (German Fam), Gibson (temp see Burleigh and Ballard), Gideon, Gilbert (see Gordon), Gilmore, Gingles, Glancey (also see Glancey Cemetery), Glidden (temp see Sabin), Goddard, Good, Gordon, Gore (temp Seastone), Gradke (Germ Fam), Graham, Gray, Green (temporarily Beach), Greenfield (see Deeds), Ballard and Church), Grimes (see Allen Wilson), Grinder, Gustin (see Noland)


Hadlock, Hall (see Bassett), Halstead, Hallowell (Misc. Fam), Haltman, Hampton, Hanrahan, Hanson, Harding (see Hartwig), Harman, Harrell, (Harroun - Misc Fam), Harter, Hartman/Campbell (Misc Families), Hartson, Hartwig (Germ Fam), Hartwick (temp see LaRue), Hayes, Heiser (German Fam), Hersom/Hearsum (Maine Fam), Hiers, Hilbert (Misc Fam), Hildebrand (German Fam), Hill (temp Noble), Hillman, Himes, Hindman (Artz Cemetery), Hines (see Woodward), Hinkle (See Adams), Hires, Histed, Hoagland (see Decker), Holden (Misc Fam), Hollingsworth (see Wolfe), Holmes (Main Fam), Honeyman, Hooper, Hoover, Horton (temp Part 1, also see Rader), Hubbell, Huddleston (see Deeds), Hudson (see Noble), Hum, Hunt, Hunter (see Jackson), Hurst (see Emerson), Husted, Huston


Iles(see Dennison/Ives Sampler), Ingam, Irwin (temp see DFNoble) , Ives (See Alicia Ives Web Site)


Jack (see Cunningham), (Jacka - Misc Families), Jackson, James (see Sisk), Jarvis (see Honeyman), Jay, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Julian(see James Willits), Justice (see Davis)


Kath, Keck (GermanFam), Keeler, Keig(Misc Fam), (Kellog - Misc Fam), Kelly (see Sloan), Kellums (see Tieman), Kennicutt (see Fuller), Kerch (German Fam), Kiddoo (see Vanatta Page), Kile (temp Lutz and Wade and Roberts), Kingen (See Carr/Waters), Kinnaman, Kirlin, Knapp, Knott, Knox (see Maine Fam and see Marna Wilson's web sites on Mercer Index List above), Koerk (German Fam), Kolburg (German Fam), Kruegger (see Burgess)


Laird (see Kath), Lakey (see Davis), Lambert (Artz Cemetery), Lamoraux, Landreth, Lang (German Fam), Lawrence/Larrance, LaRue/Larew, Leaming (see Poffenbarger), (Lee - Misc Fam), Leach/Leech, Leonard, LeQuat/LeQuatte, Lewis (temporarily Reuben Willits, Drury, and Finch), Libby (see Fuller), Lindriest (see Seastone), Lingafelter-Misc Families, Lloyd, Long, Looser (see Sloan), Lorimer (see Calhoun), Lowe, Lyons, Lytle, Lutz


Maddox- Misc Families, Malaby (temp Long, Mallet(Misc Fam), Mannon, Mardock, Markee (see Emerson), Marlatt, Martin (temp Sabin), Mason, Mathews (see Commons and Bates), Mathias (German Fam), Mattson, Maxfield (temporarily Prentiss), See Schools McChesney, McCloud, McCormick (temp Prouty), McCray (see Delabar), McCurdy (see Denison), McDaman (see Davis Cemetery), McDonald (see Sabin), McGreer, McKee, McNall, McNevin, McQuaid, Mead, Melton (see Bates and Brown), Mendell (see Rooth), Merrill, Merritt, Millikan/Milligan, Miller, Mills, Miner/Minor, Minnick (see Jackson), Minteer, Miracle (German Fam), (Mitchell - Misc Fam), Moberly, Moline (see Mongerson), Mongerson, Moore, Morgan, Morris (temp Bates), Morse (temp Mason), Mathews (see Deeds), Mott (see Brown), Mosby (see Myers), Moseley (see Crapnell), (Mosier - Misc Fam), Mossman, Muhlenburg, Mullen, Mumey (see Fuller), Murdock, Murfin, Murphy (see Davis), Murry/Murray (see Walker and Jackson [Amor and Nancy]), Myer(German Fam), Myers


Nadge (German Fam), Nelson, Nevius/Nevins, Newman (German Fam), Newton, Nichols (see Maine Fam), Nicholson (see Davis) Noble and D. F. Noble, Noland, Norman, Nowlin, Nyberg, see Finch


O'Dell (see Culick), Officer (see Delabar), Oldenburg (German Fam), Olin, Olson


Palmer (temp Fuller), Pate, Patterson, Pauley, Pay, Pearson/Pierson (see Burns under Misc Families), Pease (see Maine Fam), Perkins (Maine Fam), Peckman, Perry, Peters, Peterson (see Seastone), Phillips (see New Boston Ferry), Pickup, Pierce (temp Maine Fam), Pinkley, Poffenbarger, Poland (temp Beard), Pomeroy (Maine Fam), Pratt, Prentiss, Press, Prouty, Pringle, Pryne, Pullen, Pulliam (see Sloan), Purdum (see Woodward)


Rader, Randall, Randolph (see Wilson and Bogart), Ratz(German Fam), Rausch (see Deeds), Reed (temp see Miller Cemetery), Retherford (temp see Long), Reynolds, Rhodes, Rickard (see Deeds), Ricker, Rickupp(see Poffenbarger), Riggs of NY (temp Bogart), Riggs of Ky(temp Bates and Dungan), Riley (see Trusler-Misc Fam), (Temporarily see Bailey), Roberts, Robinson, Rooth, Rorabach (see Benedict), Rosier, Ruby (German fam), Rumley/Rumbly(see Isaiah Willits), Russell, Ryan (see Bear), Ryberg (see Deeds),


Sabin, (Sadler - Misc Fam), (Saltmarsh - MiscFam), Sanders/Saunders, Scheckell, Schram(see Scott), Scott, Scudder, Schamerhorn, Seastone, Seavers (German Families), Seydal, Shafer/Shaver(German Fam), Shannon(temp Levi Willits), Shaunce, Shaw, Shedd, Sheldon(see Burlingam), Sheriff, Shields, Shires(temp to schools page), Shirkey(temp Mannon), Shoemaker, Shopa (German Fam) Shores, Shotwell (see Walker), Shrader/Schrader, Signor, (Sinclair - Misc Fam), Simmons, Sims (see Beverlin), Sink, Sisk, Sloan, Smathers/Smethers (Misc Fam), Smith, Solles, Southward, Soderstrand(seeDenison and Anderson,Speer (see Davis) Sperlin (see Leech), Spitznogle, Spolader, Spry (see Burleigh), (Stafford - Misc Fam), Stannard(Burleigh), (Stanway - Misc Fam), Stark, Staunton, Sterling, Stevens/Stephens (temp Roberts), Stevenson, Stewart (see Chidester), Stineman, Stout, Stowell (see Bennet, Misc Families), Strawhacker, Strickland(Maine Fam), Strong (temp see Adams and Pryne), Stroup, Susans (GermanFam), Swafford, Swisher


Tarr(Maine Fam), Taylor, Terrill, Thirtyacre, (Thomas - Misc Fam), Thompson/Thomson, Thornton, Tieman, Tillotson, Tipton, Titherington (see Wade - Maine Fam), Tolle (German Fam), Trask (see Bras/TraskMisc Fam), Trembly (Artz Cemetery), Troy (German Fam), Trusler (Misc Fam)


Vanatta, Vance, Van Eaton - see Davis), Vernon - see Blaisdell)


Wade (Maine Fam),Wagner (see Burgess), Walker, Walters, Warman(see Emerson), Warner (see Benedict), Warrington, (Waterman - Misc Fam), Waters (see Carr), Watson, Webber (see McQuaid), Webster, Weeks/Wicks (see Pratt), Weickert (see Miller Cemetery), Weidling, Welch (Mercer County) (Welch on Woodward Family Site Index), West, Westerblow (see Mattson), Westley, Whaley, Wheeler, Wherry(see Miller Cemetery), Whisnand (see Davis)Whitaker/Whitacre (Misc Families), Whitehill (see Deeds), Wilder (see Deeds), Wiley, Willett, Williams (see Bogart), Willits Families (general), Willits detail pages: Levi Willits, Reuben Willits, Isaiah and Susannah Boon Willits (includes son Isaac Willits detail), James Willits, Isaac and Elizabeth Willits (includes son Jesse Willits detail), William Willits, Willits Families we cannot place, Wilson, , Wing (Maine Fam), Winslow, Witter (see Part 1), Wolfe, Wonn, Wood, Woodward (Mercer Families), Woodward (Index for other Woodward Families), Woodruff, Wyatt


Zimmerman (see Sloan)