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Alternate Spellings - Swafford, Swaffer, Swofford, Swaford

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Contacts - Ray C. Swafford told us there is a sketch on Jeremiah Swafford in the "History of Johnson County, Iowa" that states Martha died 1832 and Jeremiah died 1844 and that they had 13 children. Kasryn Elvy is a descendant of James G. Swafford and furnished information from a biography of him. Chuck McKeown provided information on the ancestry of the Mercer County Swaffords as did Ray C. Swafford. Larry Gregg furnished information on Levi Swafford's family. Jamie Dawn Nelson Paul furnished information on the William Perry and Louisa Brown Larrance Myers family.

Jeremiah Swafford Family of Mercer County

Jeremiah Swafford of Mercer County was the son of William Swafford, who was born about 1746 in Orange County, North Carolina, and died about 1830 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Ellender Tripp. There is a list of 13 children of William and Ellender in "Swafford Family, ca 1746-1975" by Kathy Ellison, Microfilm #1548948, LDS Library. Jeremiah was their eighth child born about 1783 in Orange County (now Randolph County) North Carolina. Jeremiah died sometime before 1850 in Mercer County, Illinois. He is however in the 1840 New Boston Township census: Jeremiah Swafford 1 male 50-60, 1 20-30, 1 under 5; females 1 age 30-40 and 1 age 10-15.

Jeremiah married first to Martha Goodwin on 23 March 1803 in Randolph County, North Carolina (Marriage records of Randolph County). Martha died about 1832 in Henry County, Indiana. Jeremiah and Martha had children: John C. Swafford, born 1804, NC; Elizabeth Swafford, died before 1850 in Mercer County, Il; Nathan Swafford, born 1809 (per Chuck McKeown); William Swafford born bet 1810-1820 and died before 1850; Joseph D. Swafford, born about 1813, North Carolina and died 19 March 1844 in New Boston Township, Mercer County; James G. Swafford, born 6 Sept 1814, Wayne County, Indiana; Lewis W. Swafford, born 31 Oct 1818, Indiana; Elias Welburn Swafford, born about 1820, Indiana; Jeremiah B. Swafford, born 21 August 1821; Martha Ann Swafford, born about 1825. More on the children below.

Jeremiah married second to Mary Ann Purdue on 30 October 1835 in Henry County, Indiana (info from Chuck McKeown). Mary Ann was born about 1811 in North Carolina. They had children: Lou Ann Swafford, born about 1837, Indiana; Oliver Gaylord Swafford, born about 1839 Mercer County, Illinois; Nancy E. Swafford, born 14 August 1841, Illinois; Benjamin P. Swafford, born 3 March 1843, Mercer County, Illinois; Joel R. Swafford, died 1857 Mercer County; Thomas Swafford, born about 1848 Mercer County, Il. More on the children below.

More on the Children of Jeremiah and Martha Goodwin Swafford

John C. Swafford: John's possible birth date of 1804 comes from the 1850 census in New Boston: John C. Swafford, 46, shoemaker, born NC; Esther, 41, Oh; Jacob, laborer, 20, born In; Thurston, 25, In; Levi, 7, Il; Isaac, 5, Il. Note that there is differing age information in the 1860 New Boston census: John C. Swafford, 59, painter, NC; Esther, 52, Oh; Levi W, 18, painter, Il; Isaac L., 15, Il. John C. Swafford definitely was a shoemaker for a period of time as there is a bill from him in the Isaac Willits will in 1845 that verifies it.

A marriage is found for John Swafford and Esther Hutchinson in Henry County, Indiana on 6/4/1826. John Swafford's death date of 6 March 1863 comes from his tombstone in New Boston Cemetery (be aware however that death information is actually one of the most unreliable of any!).

Possible children of John and Esther Swafford: There is a possible daughter Swafford in the 1840 census: New Boston Township John C. Swafford - 1 male age 30-40, 1 10-15, 1 female 30-40, 1 10-15. Note there is no female in the 1850 census above. Because of the age of the female girl in 1840 though she could be a servant and not a daughter.

There is a short history of son Jacob (as Swofford) in the History of Mercer County 1882, page 99: It states he was born in Henry County, Indiana, April 5, 1829. He came to Mercer County August 10, 1837 so he was the son age 10-15 in the 1840 census. He was a common laborer for a time and then in the printing business for a time. He was married November 16, 1854 to Annie, daughter of John and Mary Shuff. They resided in New Boston for many years and had eleven children, eight of whom were living at the time of the history.
Son Thurston mentioned in the 1850 census is probably the T. C. Swafford of New Boston mentioned in the 1882 History. On page 145 it says he was a printer by trade and was principal of a brick schoolhouse built in 1849 in the year 1862-3. There is another mention of him on page 362 "T. C. Swaford, a teacher of great sucess, was afterward elected city superintendent of the schools of Monmouth." He is also mentioned in a newspaper article July 7, 1875 "Prof T. C. Swafford now residing in Oneida here he is Supt of Schools." Thurston was born about 1836 in Indiana and died 1878 in Oneida, Knox County. He married Sarah B. Clark 3 August 1854 in Mercer County. She was born about 1838 in Pennsyania. They had two children who died young and are buried in New Boston Cemetery: Willie, born 13 Feb 1856, died 28 May 1856 and V. Mary born 14 Mar 1860 and died 21 May 1860. There was a twin of Mary born 14 Mar 1860 named Dell and we have no further information on him/her?

Son Levi Swafford was born about 1843 in Mercer County and died between 1910 and 1920 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He served in the Civil War enlisting at New Boston 5 August 1862 in Co G of the 124th Infantry. This unit served in Vicksburg is evidently why it became his home. He married first to Mary A. Hine 4 June 1868 in Muscatine County, Iowa. He married second to Lucy A. Dillard about 1874 and she also died in Vicksburg between 1900 and 1910.

Elizabeth Swafford: Elizabeth Swafford was born in Ohio and died before 1850 in Mercer County. She married Jonathan Larrance 25 April 1830 in Henry County, Indiana. He was born 30 Aug 1806 in Randolph County, North Carolina, and died 26 Sep 1845 in Mercer County. (See Larrance Woodward file in links above - he was son of Peter Lorrance.) Jonathan and Elizabeth Swafford Lorrance had four children and they were living with a George Ralston in 1850. George Ralston's wife was Louisa Swafford and daughter Louisa was no doubt named for her. The children were: Louisa Brown Larrance, born about 1831, in Henry County, Indiana; Eleanor W. Larrance, born about 1833, Henry County; Noble Noah Larrance born about 1835, Henry County, and Americus Vespuci Larrance, born 22 Oct. 1842 in Iowa.

Louisa Brown Lorrance was born about 1831 in Henry County, Indiana, and died 22 Feb 1872 in Mercer County. She married William Perry Myers 13 Dec 1852 in Mercer County, son of Andrew and Mary Lloyd Myers. He was born 13 Dec 1820 near Tarlton, Pickaway Co, Ohio and died 25 Sep 1909 in Mercer County. They had children Myron Myers; Mary Orline Myers; Horace G. Myers; Grace D. Meyers; William Lloyd Myers; Lillie Myers; and Earle Larrance Myers.

Noah Noble Larrance was born about 1835 in Henry County, Indiana. He married first Amanda Alice Mannon 28 Nov 1864, daughter of Cyrus Mannon and Jane Myers. She was born 1845 in Mercer County and died 2 Mar 1869 in Mercer County. He married second to Nancy A. Noble 30 Mar 1871 in Mercer County, daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Nash Noble. She was born about 1852 in Illinois. Noah and Amanda had children Maude C. Larrance and Rose Alice Larrance. Noah and Nancy had children Harry, Joshua and William Larrance.

Americus Vespuci Larrance was born 22 Oct 1842 in Iowa and died in Mercer County. He married Rebecca Irene Drew 24 Sep 1863 in Mercer County, daughter of Harrison and Eliza Drew. She was born 25 Jan 1847 and died 15 May 1893 in New Boston Twp. They had children, Ethel Jane Larrance; Alice Pearl Larrance; and Estella Larrance.

Nathan Swafford: Nathan was born about 1809 and married Isabel Hutchinson 12 October 1829 in Henry County, Indiana (was Isabel a possible sister of Esther who married John above?).

William Swafford: William Swaffrord was born between 1810 and 1820 and died before 1850. In the 1840 census in Mercer County we find William Swafford, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30, and 1 female under 5.

Joseph D. Swafford: Joseph D. Swafford was born about 1813 in North Carolina and died 10 October 1844 in Mercer County. The Cemetery Records of Mercer County give his death date as 1841 but the History of Mercer County 1882 says he died seven months after his marriage which would make the date 1844. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery. He married Evaline C. Glancey on 19 March 1844 in Mercer County. Evaline remained a widow after the death of Joseph.

James G. Swafford: James G. Swafford was born 6 September 1814 in Wayne County, Indiana. He married (1) Nancy Barrett 3 January 1837 in Henry County, Indiana. Nancy died before 1842. James married Melissa Murst 13 December 1842 in Mercer County. James Swafford is mentioned in the will of Isaac Willits as owing a debt of $1.50 for a stove box and drawing knife in March 1843. Karyn Elvy has a biography of James G. which gave his birthdate and place. He went to Iowa City as a young man. He is not found there in 1850 but some of his brothers are. He was in Portland in 1860 and Seattle by 1876, Lowell by 1880 and Snohomish by 1883. James Swafford and Melissa Murst had a son Harry M. Swafford, born about 1849 in Illinois.

Lewis W. Swafford: Lewis was born 31 October 1818 in Indiana. The name of his first wife is unknown. He married second to a Sarah about 1847. She was born about 1822 in Ohio. Joseph apparently had a son by his first marriage, born about 1845 in Iowa, and named Joseph. Joseph and Sarah had children Homer, born about 1848 in Iowa, and Barton, who is age 1/12 in the 1850 census.

Elias Welburn Swafford: Elias was born about 1820 in Indiana. He married Ellen McMannus 27 August 1844 in Mercer County. They had children Ellen, born about 1849; James L. Born about 1854 in Oregon. James L. married a woman named Temperance, born about 1861 in Iowa and with parents born England.

Jeremiah B. Swafford: Jeremiah was born 21 August 1821. He married a woman named Lavina born about 1832 in Iowa. They had children Allen, born about 1846 and Calvert, born about 1849.

More on the Children of Jeremiah and Mary Perdue Swafford

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