My Dull Family


My DULL direct line.... (the best I can figure out so far)

  1. Christopher (Stoffel) Doll/Dull

  2. a. Peter Doll/Dull

  3. a. Johann Doll/Dull

  4. a. Henry Dull

  5. a. Martin Dull

  6. Migrations

    Nora Miley (Howe) Dull

  7. a. Stephen Defriece Dull

  8. The Young Dull family A young Dull family

    Francis, Stephen (seated), Sidney, Freeman, Joy, Glenn, & Nora (seated)

    The Dull family grown upThe Family Grown-up with Nora

    July 1953, (back) Joy, Glen, Neal, Elwood (front) Francis, Sidney, Nora, Edna, & Freeman

     Freeman and Vesta DullFreeman Dull and Vesta Reynolds
  9. a. Freeman Howard Dull

  10. Vesta Reynolds 1910Vesta O. (Reynolds) Dull 1910