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    the Latham Ancestry of the Descendants of William Dungan & Frances Latham



as compiled by:

Alfred Rudolph Justice in his work, Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy.







Lewis Latham, Sergeant Falconer to Charles 1


From original painting by Sir Peter Lely


A portrait of Lewis Latham, painted according to experts by Sir Peter Lely, was until recently (ca. 1920)  in possession of F. A. Holden, of Hyattsville, Md. It was brought to New England by Frances ( Latham, Dungan ) Clarke and was purchased from Mr. Holden by the late William L. Elkins, and is now in the collection of his son, the late George W. Elkins, Esq., a descendant of Lewis Latham.


The coat of arms (Or, on a chief indented azure three bezants.) which is in the upper corner, is a part of the original painting and is the same as was used by (5) Philip de Latham and the Rev. Nicholas Latham and the crest (An eagle standing on an empty cradle with wings displayed, reguardant or) clearly indicates his descent from the Lathams of Lancashire, (Astbury branch) whose heiress, Isabel Latham, daughter of Sir Thomas and Johanna (Venables) Latham, married Sir John Stanley, K. G., from whom are the Earls of Derby. The inscription on the portrait,  "The effigy of the Honorable Lewis Latham, falconer to His Majesty King Charles 1, who died at the age of 100 years," is said by the same experts, to have been put there by later hands. The painting shows him to have advanced in years, but it is unlikely that he was a centenarian; this is deemed im­probable by the known dates of the baptisms of his children, 1609 to 1619.








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