MyLines: Dungan Ancestry / Genealogy


    the Dungan Ancestry of the Descendants of William Dungan & Frances Latham


  as compiled by:

Howard O. Folker, of Philadelphia; and presented before the Bucks County Historical Society, May 25, 1909; concerning Levi Dungan, son of James and Rebecca Wells Dungan, and Beaver County, Pennsylvania pioneer.










Many thanks to Irene Swindler Malmberg for providing the 91 year old copy of Howard O. Folker's presentation to the Buck's county Historical Society,  from which these pages were created. Please extend your thanks to Irene for her generous contribution to this Dungan project.


I have read that Folker's work is somewhat "embellished", and that may be. Nonetheless, he presents an interesting story and contribution to the Dungan family history. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the reader/listener to separate fact from fiction, using the documentative process.


The last page which is a continuation of the biography of Col. Warren Scott Dungan of Iowa is missing. As soon as a copy is found, it will go online.














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