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Becky Bonner's Guestbook 1999 Part 2

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Very informative. I have new documentation for my line now.
Judy Poquette <[email protected]>
Renton, WA USA - Thu Dec 30 21:38:54 1999

your site just is wonderful to me
[email protected] or [email protected] <[email protected]>
oilton , ok USA - Thu Dec 23 4:24:19 1999
Hi, Becky, I happen to belong to the 2 lines that you and your mother, Josie, have pages for. They are both great, I have worked on Lindsay for ages, but don't seem to need anything on Harrison, but, someone recently asked me for Battael Harrison. In the my Harrison line there is a surname of Battaile and each generation has a Battaile Harrison in it, since Battale seemed to be so similar the query I recd. seem to think there might be a connection. Within a week after trashing the query I found a biog. of Battael Harrison, I believe it is in your archives and I would like to say that anybody interested in Battael Harrison to contact me and I will send an attachment. You and your Mom both have wonderful sites, if they were all this good I'd never get anything done. Helen Silvey [email protected]
Helen Silvey <[email protected]>
Sacramento, Ca. USA - Sun Dec 19 0:11:25 1999
Found the site very, very interesting. Thank You!
Steve Harrison <[email protected]>
West Palm Beach, FL USA - Sat Dec 18 20:22:40 1999
Cool site. New trivia question...who was the son of one president and the father of another? Russell Harrison! Learned something new today. I'm from family of Harrisons located in Wichita, KS for about the last 3-4 generations.
Russell Harrison <[email protected]>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sat Dec 18 14:34:38 1999
Nice site, Becky. As I wrote you, I am a descendant of THEOPHILUS NORWOOD.
Shirley Ann Brodmerkel <[email protected]>
Jax, FL USA - Fri Dec 17 11:01:42 1999
Just surfing and saw your page . Enjoyedit very much . Keep up the good work.
Ellen(McEvoy)Dalton <[email protected]>
Woodstock, Canada - Mon Dec 13 11:03:14 1999
my family came from ark and my gandpa's name is fred bonner don't know what else to write
mark anthony bonner <[email protected]>
san jose , ca USA - Mon Dec 13 2:20:32 1999
my family came from ark and my gandpa's name is fred bonner don't know what else to write
mark anthony bonner <[email protected]>
san jose , ca USA - Mon Dec 13 2:20:14 1999
Becky, My mother annd I love your web site. We are working on our family tree and just got LUCKY and found you. Your site has been a lot of help to us. Thanks for being here for us!!
Penny Higginbotham <[email protected]>
FL USA - Sun Dec 12 20:21:19 1999
My family is originally from Reeltown, AL.
victoria lee bonner <[email protected]>
huntsville, al USA - Tue Dec 7 12:36:37 1999
My mother's maiden name was Harrison. We're descended from Isaiah.
Deb Wake <[email protected]>
Richmond, VA USA - Sat Dec 4 7:24:08 1999
You have done a great job. Came across your site while looking for STUARTS They settled here in York county, maine ... and some of us have never left. Keep up the good work and Happy holidays.......last day of gun hunting here 'bouts was today. Regards Haven
Haven Andrews <[email protected]>
Kennebunk, me USA - Sat Nov 27 15:58:52 1999
Cool site Beckey found it absolutely wonderful, Wwe wondered if anyone could help in the precise geographical origins of our name Harrison?
Paul David Harrison <[email protected]>
Widnes, Cheshire England - Sun Nov 21 16:32:09 1999
SCOTT CONE <[email protected]>
DULUTH , GA USA - Fri Nov 19 12:42:24 1999
Thanks for all the help! What a great site! Keep up the good work!
Charlotte <[email protected]>
PA USA - Wed Nov 17 20:09:57 1999
Am just starting and need all the help I can get. It appears there is a lot of good information here! I'm looking for the Harrisons of Frederick County Md.
Doug Harrison <[email protected]>
Frederick, Md USA - Wed Nov 17 18:44:06 1999
I'm just starting geneological research, so I was very glad to find this resource. My parents were Russell Guy Harrison and Mary Elizabeth Wallace Harrison, from Charleston, West Virginia and Beckley, West Virginia, respectively. My paternal grandfather was Grover Guy Harrison and that's about all I know about Dad's side of the family. I have much more information about my Mom's side of the family. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who can provide information about the Harrisons of Charleston.
Kitty Lynne Harrison <[email protected]>
Huntington, WV USA - Mon Nov 15 10:41:22 1999
I subscribed to the list just minutes ago, and I think this is GREAT! Ted.
Ted Lee <[email protected]>
Spring Arbor, Mi USA - Fri Nov 12 20:49:51 1999
Excellent! My family are decendants of the BEARE Family of England. Dating back into the 1200's. If i can be of help with this origin lineage, please contact me.
Mark HARRISON Ridgway <[email protected]>
adelaide, sa AU - Fri Nov 12 5:04:34 1999
Your site is absolutely wonderful! You've done a great job of organizing and presenting information.
Pam <[email protected]>
Jerome, ID USA - Fri Nov 12 4:15:04 1999
Your HARRISON site is really helpful. I am looking for any information on the HARRISON line that lived in Perrysville, PA in 1860. William S. HARRISON and his wife, Nancy Forse. Any help would be greatful. Thanks
Mary Stokely McKillop <[email protected]>
El Segundo, CA USA - Mon Nov 8 22:09:54 1999
Love what I see on your pages. Found some info I didn't have. Researching the name Graves as my mother descends from Benjamin Walter Graves, son of Thomas Graves, Polly Chilton. Have other info if interested
Skip Cloud <[email protected]>
Azle, Tx USA - Sun Oct 31 20:17:19 1999
I am a descendent of Joseph Harrison and Bersheba Oglesby of the Ohio and Michigan Harrisons
Bruce Harrison <[email protected]>
Worthington, OH USA - Fri Oct 22 8:11:41 1999
Grandparents: George Earl Perry, Sr. and Katherine Brooks Perry from Kentucky or southern Indiana area. Would appreciate any information you may have on their ancestry.
Virginia Ann Perry Cox <[email protected]>
Williamsburg, VA USA - Tue Oct 19 10:24:29 1999
Attempting to find out more about where who my family are where did it all start who did we get to this point?
Harvey B. Harrison, Jr. <[email protected]>
Scranton, Ks USA - Tue Oct 19 6:42:25 1999
looking for information on LUTHER EUGENE BONNER born in february 1922. raised around thomas west virginia served in world war 2 in the chemical corps. if anyone has information concerning my father please notify me. thanks
steven eugene bonner <[email protected]>
fayetteville, nc USA - Sun Oct 17 13:44:12 1999
I have been researching my family tree in the Glasgow,(1910 onwards) and Hamilton (1890 onwards) and Paisley (1840? onwards)and before that Ireland. Any help on the Irish side would be appreciated. Thanks. Tommy Harrison.
Thomas E Harrison <[email protected]>
Glasgow, Scotland - Wed Oct 13 16:28:09 1999
I love your site! I am a decendent of the Falls and the Taylors - who can be so confusing! I found so many documented sources on your site. It helps so much when trying to verify and tie everyone together. Thank you.
Lea Seiffert <[email protected]>
Manassas, VA USA - Sun Oct 10 19:48:45 1999
I think your website is great! However I found an error in it. 24770....Jeremiah Harrison could not be the son of Samuel and Amelia. Jeremiah Harrison is my g-grandfather. He was born in 1833. I have a marriage license, census and an obit. stating this. If Samuel and Amelia had been his parents, they would have been 8 and 4 when he was born. My grandmother told my older sister that his parents were George and Charity. Jeremiah's wife and decendants in the site are correct. I tried e-mailing the contributor, but have received no answer back. I e-mail he before I did my math, asking her where she got her info. At that time I thought I might be correct, but I assure you it is not.
Sharon Thompson <[email protected]>
Manhattan, Ks. USA - Sat Oct 9 20:59:24 1999
A great big Texas "Howdy" from a descendant of Samuel Guerrant, of Robert Floyd. I would like to take this opportunity to extend an eternal debt of gratitude for all your help! I'm just putting the finishing touches on my Ancestral Program. I seriously doubt I'll ever complete it, but, at least I have a very good handle on it, now. A few weeks ago I accidently stumbled across your page & was immediately addicted. Even as a child I wondered where we came from, you've answered a lifelong question, Thank You!!!!! doubt I'll ever complete it, but at least I've got a good handle on it, thanks to you, & the Internet!
Larry Guerrant <[email protected]>
Laredo, Tx USA - Sat Oct 9 16:55:13 1999
what a wonderful guestbook. I am the grandson of Amanda E.Harrison b.apr.1861 her father was Alexander Harrison b.1822 his wife was named Elizabeth b.1825 I am new to this wonderful quest. it would be great if we were connected
Luther M. Beck <[email protected]>
Orem, UT. USA - Fri Oct 8 16:00:38 1999
Looking for info on John Hill, b. before 1760, d. 9/24/1801, Amherst co, VA and his wife, Jane, who survived. Roland Hill [email protected]
Roland Hill <[email protected]>
Vero Beach, FL USA - Tue Oct 5 9:24:05 1999
Very Intersting. Am just beginning to explore but the data appears extensive. Am working on my SAR application and find the info very helpful. Thank you.
Lawrence Harrison Dreyer (larry) <[email protected]>
Azle, Tx USA - Thu Sep 30 18:58:11 1999
Great site. Just logged on and wanted to sign in first before browsing My interest is the Perrow/Perault, Guerin/Guerrant, L'Orange, Forcey/Forsee Tribue and Watson.
Bob Watson <[email protected]>
Newport News, Va USA - Wed Sep 29 13:28:44 1999
The Harrison web site is a solid basis for good research. I enjoyed viewing it.
Paul Hilary Harrison <[email protected]>
Margate, Kent United Kingdom - Wed Sep 29 13:15:58 1999
Great site. I'm trying to find records of my g.g.grandmother maiden name, Margeret Harrison brn March 17 1825 in Kentucky. Married Curtis Nobel. Was widowed then married Capt. J.J.Jackson in Gold Beach Ore. Any leads you can provide would be great. Thanks Jim Hollenbeck
Jim Hollenbeck <[email protected]>
Boise, Id USA - Sat Sep 25 22:56:17 1999
I am still looking for the family of Diana "Ann" Harrison who married Robert Kincaid Erwin. Both came out of Ohio into IN and settled in Effingham, Effingham, Ill. ca 1840. I know her mother was named Margaret. I have a lot on this family, but still looking for Diana's line.
Court Conkwright <[email protected]>
Creve Coeur, mo USA - Sat Sep 25 19:53:42 1999
haven't looked at site yet. I am a beginning genealogist
Warren Bower <[email protected]>
Cheyenne, WY USA - Wed Aug 25 19:53:02 1999
I'm from Indianapolis,Ind ---I'm Looking for Belts,Wysong,Edwards,Smithers,Beaty,Furfeson, Underwood and Miller------also Rodgers,Adams,Cunningham,Padget,James,Avery,Varble,Crask......also Steele,Farley,Dunfee
Bill Miller <[email protected]>
St Clairsville, Oh USA - Sun Aug 22 21:15:51 1999
Just Surfing
Bill Miller <[email protected]>
St Clairsville, oh USA - Sun Aug 22 20:54:12 1999
Hi I enjoyed your site. I have just started with geneology and when my father was still alive told my brother and I that if we became interested in Family research we should look at Thomas Harrison 1606-1660 who signed the death warrent on King Charles 1st. Unfortunately I am not able to get beyond my GG/father. My name is Violet Ann Padgham (NE) Harrison born 1938 in Romford England Brothers name Ian Austin Harrison born 1936. The family immigrated to Nairobi Kenya East Africa where I lived for 30 odd years and then my children and I moved down to South Africa My fathers name is Austin Mautiau Harrison born 1906 Romford Essex England and died 1973 he married Doris Carter born 1906 died 1941 My Grandfather was Percy Edward Harrison born 1864 and he was married to Louise Gertrude Spriggs born 1865 My great great grandfather wasThomas Samuel Harrison Born 1827 at Huddersfield North of England and my gggrandmother was Martha Judd born 1837 at London England Regards Ann
ann padgham <[email protected]>
krugersdorp, South Africa - Sun Aug 22 10:07:38 1999
This is the most wonderful site I have found! And found some of my ancestors. Am related to the Benjamin Porter Harrison and wife Leeann Noland. Anyone with information regarding their daughters, Ida Mai and/or Lena Kate Rivers Harrison, please contact me. One is my grandmother! Thanks! Bettie Jo Thompson Allee [email protected]
Bettie Thompson Allee <[email protected]>
Castle Valley, UT USA - Sat Aug 21 7:43:40 1999
Your site is WONDERFUL! I found my 4gr-grandparents, Samuel and Elizabeth "Betsy" Harrison Smith, Jr. It was such a joy to be able to add all the ancestors which I found for Elizabeth. Many thanks for all the work and creativity that went into making your site so enjoyable!
Molly Graham Welch <[email protected]>
Hartman, AR USA - Fri Aug 20 21:48:05 1999
Enjoyed your site. Very well composed. And how could I not mention the beautiful music.
Theodore Edw. Harrison <[email protected]>
Spring Hill, Florida USA - Fri Aug 20 9:58:43 1999
Enjoying your site very much. I was raised in Brunswick Co. Va. on Diamond Grove Farm, the former plantation owned by James Junkin Harrison, 3rd son of James Harrison, who was the son of Benjamin Harrison(1730-1790). James Junkin Harrison was a famous horseman in his day and raced his thoroughbreds up and down the east coast. We are still trying to make the connection between Benjamin and the William Henry/Benjamin Harrison branch. Last fall, long lost relatives from AL. paid us a surprise visit and shared their branches history. We didn't know that one branch on the Harrisons had moved to Georgia and then on to Alabama. The cousins in Al. have a life-size, or should I say horse-size portrait of James J. Harrison and one of his most famous racehorses, The Virginian. They also have a copy of a letter from Benjamin Harrison(Pres.) to one of their ancestors signed, "Your Cousin, Benjamin". Would love to hear from others who may be related to the Benj. Harrison from Brunswick Co.
Lorraine Child Birch <[email protected]>
Brunswick Co., VA USA - Thu Aug 19 10:39:17 1999
Thank you for a great job. Your collection of photos look like some from the Family Bible when I was growing up. You have the same photo of my grandfather that my father had. I am James (Jim) Harrison, son of Edward Rice Harrison who was the first born son of John Harvey Harrison #114012 of Paca City, Ok. I was born in Woodville, TX - Tyler county, on Febuary 23, 1947. I see the list of children which includes my father and his siblings, but seam to be as far as it goes. If I can be of help, please let me know.
James Harrison <[email protected]>
Durham, NC USA - Wed Aug 18 14:33:43 1999
I'm searching for info on the SWARTZ family in PA. My info is limited but what I have is that Elias SWARTZ married Josephine HEFFENDRAGER, I've confirmed 3 of Elias and Josephine SWARTZ's children- William Henry b: Aug 5, 1909 in Quakertown, Bucks Co., PA; Russell b: unknown; Ella b: unknown. I'm at a stand still with this line, any help would be greatly appreciated. Dawn
Dawn <[email protected]>
USA - Mon Aug 16 11:06:30 1999
I have been trying to get started with geneology for sometime now. I am from a line of Harrison's that ends with a Jeremiah in Lebanon Co. TN. I had gotten all of my generations on computer back to him and then my computer failed. Boy was I upset. But I will get started again and get the ball rolling. There was a John Marion Harrison who lived in or new Saline Co, Ill and I'll get that inof togethr and submit it to the current info here. I also have lines that mix with the Sutton family as my mother was a Sutton. I've just got to get the urge again and get it together. My family tree I'll send asap. This is a great resource and I hope that it will open some doors for me that have been closed for many years. All you Harrison family members are certainly good examples to follow. I also hope that this org. will be able to guide me in my personal quest in effective geneological research. Thanks, Joey Harrison(817) 581-7796 [email protected] (attachments) [email protected]
Joey Harrison <[email protected]>
Watauga, TX USA - Mon Aug 16 10:18:26 1999
Well i am very glad to soo this as i have been looking into geneology for a while and would like to hear from anyone else who has relations in my part of the world. I myself have relations in Philadelpjia and newark
Martin Bonner <[email protected]>
DL Ireland - Sat Aug 14 12:53:56 1999
Looking for information re Joshua Anderson Harrison,b:9/2/1856 d: 1941 and w: Melinda Elizabeth Gunter Harrison b: 12/13/1866 d:12/23/1949. Both lived in Opp, Alabama. Both my parents were Harrisons: Louie D. Harrison, and Allie Vernelle Harrison (Burr Harrison and Grandsir Harrison) on mother's side.
Barbara Ann Harrison Hurst <[email protected]>
Lakeland, FL USA - Fri Aug 13 17:45:25 1999
I am descended from Richard Harrison b- 1764 in Maryland. He was married to Rachel Dorsey, they lived and died in Allen Co., Ky. I am interested in all of the family history! I have quite a bit on my lines and would love to compare and share info... and I really like you site!! Thanks.....
Sandy Simmons Mince <[email protected]>
Kokomo, In USA - Fri Aug 13 4:12:35 1999
I am a descendant of George Harrison of N.C. My grandfather Robert Harrison , servered in WW2 in the army, and then became a pharmacist in Sanford, N.C.He died in June of 1972 he had 2 sons Michael and Robert
Julie Denise Harrison <[email protected]>
Port Orange, Fl USA - Thu Aug 12 20:24:52 1999
Execellent site and full of information. I am a decendent of Abigail Bonner and James Freeborn Garrison. You really made my day when I found this site.
Melvin Millican <[email protected]>
Crockett , Tx USA - Tue Aug 10 20:39:12 1999
I am a descendant of Robert James Adams. He was the father of Mary Evelyn Adams b. 28 April 1892, Mary was the wife of Andrew Jasper Harrison. I have information on her side of the family. Contact me via e-mail at: [email protected]
Bobby Francis Ferguson <[email protected]>
Madill, OK USA - Sat Aug 7 19:29:00 1999
I'm a direct descendant of William Howard Hobday and Ann Ballentine (daughter of Church Ballentine and Julia Fleming). I knew that Ann's mother was Julia Fleming, but you connected me to her Father. Thanks!
Ken Hobday <[email protected]>
Powell, OH USA - Tue Aug 3 10:30:57 1999
What a great site, I just came across alot of information and it was just on the surname list! It's nice to have one place to go. We have two lines of Harrison's so your site is wonderful.
Kathleen Whelihan <[email protected]>
Cincinnati, Oh USA - Sun Aug 1 22:50:53 1999
Searching for BONNERs in Canada, Michigan. Our Daniel BONNER married (1)Alice McLinton July 28, 1827 in St Andres East Anglican Co of Argenteuil QC. He then married (2) Margaret McKenzie April 21, 1842 in Dalesville Baptist Church by Rev. John Edward, Canada. Has anyone come across these folks or any other Michigan or Canadian BONNERs? Would be will to share GedCom files.
Anita Gauld <[email protected]>
Fife Lake, MI USA - Fri Jul 30 22:45:58 1999
Your site is very refreshing. Keep up the good work! Ron
Ron Pendleton sr <[email protected]>
Clewiston , fl USA - Thu Jul 29 11:31:13 1999
Was trying to some info on my great grandfather, Jesse Lafayette Graves, b. sep 3, 1865 in Lincoln Co. Tn. Enjoyed looking through your pages.
Bennie Graves <[email protected]>
Abilene, Tx USA - Tue Jul 27 19:35:19 1999
Super Sight! Will be visiting it again since I have 18 Harrisons in my line. Need to check out some dates before I get back however. Really appreciate the letters - they are priceless.
Bette W. Cadwell <[email protected]>
New Orleans, LA USA - Sun Jul 25 15:37:09 1999
You have done a wonderful job here! I am impressed. I have spent the last few hours studying your site and I think I have found connections. Thank you. And thank you for your e-mail letters! My web site is not a genealogical one it is a business site. My Harrisons come down through Nathaniel, I believe, of Brunswick Co., VA.
Joyce Barnett <[email protected]>
Ontario, CA USA - Sun Jul 25 12:30:03 1999
Your site is very interesting and I've enjoyed reading it. My grandfather was King Almond Harrison born in KY. His father was Alvin Green Harrison born in Tenn. and his father was Henry Harrison also born in Tenn. I am at a standstill with my research. If anyone thinks this info. is releated to your search and you have anything to share with me it would be appreciated.
Becky Focht (Harrison) <[email protected]>
Algonac, MI USA - Fri Jul 23 21:05:56 1999
Your site is great and I have really enjoyed it. I haven't been able to find my Harrison line on it though. My grandfather was King Almond Harrison born in Kentucky. His father was Alvin Green Harrison born in Tenn. and his father was Henry Harrison also born in Tenn. Anyone who thinks this may also be information that is from their family and has any other info. they could pass on to me would be appreciated, I am at a standstill.
Becky Focht (Harrison) <[email protected]>
Algonac, MI USA - Fri Jul 23 21:01:30 1999
Your site is great and I have really enjoyed it. I haven't been able to find my Harrison line on it though. My grandfather was King Almond Harrison born in Kentucky. His father was Alvin Green Harrison born in Tenn. and his father was Henry Harrison also born in Tenn. Anyone who thinks this may also be information that is from there family and has any other info. they could pass on to me would be appreciated, I am at a standstill.
Becky Focht (Harrison) <[email protected]>
Algonac, MI USA - Fri Jul 23 21:01:13 1999
Your site is great and I have really enjoyed it. I haven't been able to find my Harrison line on it though. My grandfather was King Almond Harrison born in Kentucky. His father was Alvin Green Harrison born in Tenn. and his father was Henry Harrison also born in Tenn. Anyone who thinks this may also be information that is from there family and has any other info. they could pass on to me would be appreciated, I am at a standstill.
Becky Focht (Harrison) <[email protected]>
Algonac, MI USA - Fri Jul 23 21:00:46 1999
Very interesting site. I have just begun researching my Harrison ancestors, and I'm hoping there is a connection somewhere with the many names you have listed. I can trace my line back to King Harrison (Martin or Beaufort Co., NC).
James Kirkland <[email protected]>
Scotland Neck, NC USA - Tue Jul 20 22:50:40 1999
Very interesting site. I have just begun researching my Harrison ancestors, and I'm hoping there is a connection somewhere with the many names you have listed. I can trace my line back to King Harrison (Martin or Beaufort Co., NC).
James Kirkland <[email protected]>
Scotland Neck, NC USA - Tue Jul 20 22:50:31 1999
hi i'm 12 yrs. old and i was just wondering what kind of history my family has
katherine bonner <[email protected]>
Kennewick, wa USA - Tue Jul 20 11:59:10 1999
Super!!!!!!!! Looking for any information about Tilmon Jones. He was born in Georgia, migrated to Texas and on to Arizona in the early 1900's. Married Margaret Louise Sanders. Thank you.
Barbara Prestridge <[email protected]>
Thatcher, Arizona USA - Sat Jul 17 21:18:07 1999
Nice web site and the music is nice. Lookig for information on Tuttle family (English/Scottish)and Pingree family (French)history. Both may have some American Indian lineage. Some came from England to Canada to New England. Send information to "[email protected]". Thanks.
William R. Tuttle, Esq. <[email protected]>
Abington, MA USA - Fri Jul 16 23:55:06 1999
Very interesting site. My family name is Harrison and we are African American. My family came from Little Rock Arkansas. The majority of the Harrison Family lives in Stockton California and Pittsburgh, Pa. Maybe we are related, we might be since alot of wealthy white families owned many slaves during that time.
Anita G. Harrison-Woods <[email protected]>
Oakland, Ca USA - Wed Jul 14 11:18:58 1999
BETSY LINDSTROM <[email protected]>
PINE GROVE, CA ANADIR COU USA - Tue Jul 13 16:59:11 1999
BETSY LINDSTROM <[email protected]>
PINE GROVE, CA AMADOR COUNTY USA - Tue Jul 13 16:52:25 1999
Hi Cos Have met your mother as she probably told you. Great site.
Joseph W. Lindsay Hayle III Esq. FSA Scot. Clan Lindsay USA Historian <[email protected]>
Tallahassee, Fl. USA - Tue Jul 13 12:04:01 1999
I was given your site to look at, I am the wife of Thomas Harold Bonner, who is decended from the Bonners back in the 1700's. I am trying to find out if and when his family is related, to any Bonar's. I will be back and do more digging. Thanks
Lueta Bonner <[email protected]>
Section, Al. USA - Mon Jul 12 23:49:56 1999
I am trying to find out info on my father's family. His name was Paul Wilfred Harrison, born 2 Oct 1918 in Lewis County, Ky. and died 1 Nov 1990 in Portsmouth, Ohio. He was married to Helen Louis Elhoff. His father was Charles Wilfred Harrison, born 3 Dec 1890, died Oct. 1969 and is buried in Tabor Cemetary in Ribolt, Ky. he was married to Flora Darling Swearingen 19 Jan 1918. They had 5 Children: Paul, Kenneth, Carter, Mary Frances & Jane. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Sagraves <[email protected]>
Port Orange, fl USA - Tue Jul 6 9:17:24 1999
Greetings from Missouri-- You have made my day! I'm descended from Thomas, b. 1695, Foulby (is that spelled right?), Yorkshire, England, younger brother of John and Benjamine. My goal for today was to try locate the name of their father. And after a couple of hours wandering the web, I got to your Home Page and much to my delight, there it was--He was Henry. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. Mary Jane
Mary Jane Ruffolo <[email protected]>
Columbia, MO USA - Fri Jul 2 11:55:50 1999
AWESOME,is the only thing I can think of in a hurry,will be contacting you shortly via std. e-mail.
MELVILLE CLAFLIN LINDSAY <[email protected]>
ATLANTA, GA USA - Tue Jun 29 13:10:04 1999
Very Impressive!! You're doing a fine job.
Alvis Hancock <[email protected]>
Warrior, , Al USA - Sat Jun 26 19:36:47 1999
This site is priceless even though I cannot get as far back as I would like in my line of the Harrison family. I will contact you when I find the information I need. Thank you so much for your efforts.
Mildred Havrilla <MHav082542>
La Plata, MD USA - Thu Jun 24 4:38:35 1999
I am searching for my father, MY brothers and I are concerned for his welfare, and we also need med info. Here is his info Richard wayne Schneider DOB oct 16- 1936 2sons brian douglas zachary scott 1 daughter laura lea sister carmella mother hazel shelton grandmother dorthory Nelson please dad get a hold of us we love and want you!!!!! 319-381-3071 any one with info , it is very important and vital to us Thank You Sincerly Laura Schneider Moorhead.
Laura L. Schneider <[email protected]>
Blue grass , Ia USA - Mon Jun 21 23:02:34 1999
I just stopped by to take a peek at what might be a part of my family history.
Angela Marie Harrison <[email protected]>
Clearlake Oaks, CA USA - Mon Jun 21 22:30:20 1999
I found you Alvis family on the net and I was their. It was great to find all the info you have on the Alvis family, my mother was Rosa Mae Alvis my name is Ellen Jeanette Eaton Morgan. Would you like all the info on our family for your records.
Jeanette Morgan <j[email protected]>
Meadow Vista, CA USA - Sun Jun 20 23:41:38 1999
I am searching for more information about my great great great great grandfather Eli Harrison. I know he was born in Vermont on May 31, 1790 and died in Brady, Michigan on 12-22-1882. His wife was named Julia. I am having major problems finding any information because I can't figure out how to use the internet system without getting lost several times! I hope you can help! Thanks.
Arin Harrison <[email protected]>
Battle Creek, MI USA - Sat Jun 19 22:06:23 1999
My mother was a Bonner. One of 9 children.Jerry,Lewis,David,Harry Larry Bonner.The girls are Jane,Kate,Glenna and Barbara.My grampaw was named oneal(tot)Bonner. He married Lucille Shaw .From around Reform ala
Joseph A. Bracken
Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA - Sat Jun 19 3:21:15 1999
First research'd your Gendex files...when I reached your Hawes Graves s/o Joseph Graves...husband of Ann Bibb White...I realized you do not have the lineage of the Hawes Line...not sure if your interested in this line...this is Hawes is my Grt-Grt grandfather on my maternal side Thanks, K
Kathleen Clifton-Duval <[email protected]>
Silver Springs, NV USA - Tue Jun 15 0:53:04 1999
First research'd your Gendex files...when I reached your Hawes Graves s/o Joseph Graves...husband of Ann Bibb White...I realized you do not have the lineage of the Hawes Line...not sure if your interested in this line...this is Hawes is my Grt-Grt grandfather on my maternal side Thanks, K
Kathleen Clifton-Duval <[email protected]>
Silver Springs, NV USA - Tue Jun 15 0:52:26 1999
Information on BYRD was very helpful. How can I give my information to you, if you want it?
Virginia Pugh Skinner <[email protected]>
Lincolnton, Ga. USA - Sat Jun 12 12:23:22 1999
Excellent site. I am a newcomer to researching my family, and I hope to find some useful information these pages. I was born in Derby in the United Kingdom on March 15th 1943. Sorry, the email address on my previous submission was wrong!!!
Derick Harrison <[email protected]>
Leicester, U.K. - Sat Jun 12 4:40:10 1999
Excellent site. I am a newcomer to researching my family, and I hope to find some useful information these pages. I was born in Derby in the United Kingdom on March 15th 1943.
Derick Harrison <Derick [email protected]>
Leicester, U.K. - Sat Jun 12 4:36:01 1999
This is a really cool site! I am 15 and interested in my family history. This will definetly help me in my quest for my family ancestors. I want to learn what a Harrison is. Thanks for this wonderful site.
Dustin Harrison <[email protected]>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - Thu Jun 10 12:44:18 1999
i just love your site. i am lookink for harrisons in ark. my father was born in bidville ark. his brother in ken. jess or j.s.) jim) their father george) mother stacey smith and john b harrison. hope you can help me. thank you
margaret harrison stacy <[email protected]>
howe, ok USA - Thu Jun 10 12:34:54 1999
Very good. Just can't find my line! James Thomas, Jessie G. Harrison Arkansas
Jesse C. Harrison, Jr. <[email protected]>
Snyder, Tx USA - Tue Jun 8 11:25:31 1999
Hiya Cous. Nice to see so many Bonners on the web.
Tony Bonner <[email protected]>
Stockton-on Tees, England - Tue Jun 8 5:45:10 1999
Appreciate your site. I am working on my own genealogy, trying to make a link from my own family back to Peter Quin, listed on your site. I know he is my direct ancestor from talking with my cousins; his gravesite at Holmesville, MS is near my timber farm there (inherited through my father's side) and my middle name is Hilary, probably a corruption of Hillary used in his family. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were Oliver Benton Quin III, II and (I), so I have to make that intermediate connection. Once I can, your data will allow me to add some more distant lines. Thanks so much for the work involved in your site; I do appreciate it very much.
Richard Quin <[email protected]>
Washington, DC USA - Sat Jun 5 18:45:07 1999
I am researching the Lindsey(ay) & Ball families of VA. Thought I'd stop in & browse the contents.
Brenda L. Stroder <[email protected]>
Chaffee, MO USA - Sat Jun 5 12:20:38 1999
What a marvelous site! It is one of the best I've seen. It is such a pleasure to visit a site which is so well organized. My wife's mother was a Kirk descended from Elisha Kirk and Susanna Harrison. Your information about them is most interesting, and it gives us some leads. We have some information on their descendants. Let us know if you would be interested. We would be glad to share.
Michael B. Elzinga <[email protected]>
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Fri Jun 4 22:16:58 1999
James Lindsey gave me your web add looks good I am the grandson of Viola Lindsey she Married Thomas J Colburn Viola was the sister of Jasper Lindsey. I have found a lot of info on the Lindseys but not too much on the Colburns
James E Colburn <[email protected]>
Bradenton , Fl USA - Fri Jun 4 11:03:51 1999
researching Benjamin Kingman Curtis, b 12 Jan1828, Genese Co., NY. m. Sarah Lavantia Card in 1851 in Park, St. Joseph, MI. Sarah b. 1832 in Ossiana, Allegany, NY. Any help greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me with any leads. Thank you and happy hunting
Michael Jon Curtis <[email protected]>
Carson City, NV USA - Thu Jun 3 23:07:08 1999
My great great great grandmother was Elizabeth Bonner who married Isaac Cook February 14, 1811 in Hancock Georgia. I don't have any more information on Elizabeth Bonner other than who her children were. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Carol Cook Allsup
Carol Cook Allsup <[email protected]>
Muldrow, Ok USA - Thu Jun 3 20:29:25 1999
I always like coming to your site to look for relatives. Would really like to see an alphabetized index for your queries & the archived ones listed by time frames. Any idea if this can be done ,similar to the GenWeb county web pages? It would be nice to see even more Harrison related info pertaining to certain geographical & migratory routes that the different Harrison families followed. I think you have done a great job though! Just wanted to say , also that I like the music that you added. Happy Harrison Hunting!
Kathie Harrison <[email protected]>
Lincoln, NE USA - Thu Jun 3 15:56:15 1999
I am a great granddaughter of William Stegall Bonner who was a son of Rev John Bonner son of Zadock Bonner(1769). Have lots of info I can swap or share.
Teri Bonner <[email protected]>
Columbia, SC USA - Thu Jun 3 12:32:32 1999
I am a great granddaughter of William Stegall Bonner who was a son of Rev John Bonner son of Zadock Bonner(1769). Have lots of info I can swap or share.
Teri Bonner <[email protected]>
Columbia, SC USA - Thu Jun 3 12:32:17 1999
John J. Bonner was my step dad,born in Cooley Cross,Moville ,Co.Donegal,Ireland. Served in the English Merchant Marine and the British Navy during ww1 and the IRA after the ww1.
Charles Mc Grath <[email protected]>
Islip, Ny USA - Wed Jun 2 23:32:46 1999
This is my first experience trying to locate information via this guestbook although I have been into genealogy for over 30 years and have over 1600 names in my Family Tree Maker program. I am working on Alexander Coffin who traveled from Ohio to Durand Wisconsin in 1860, his son-in-law Henry Miller Culbertson who was a Captain in the army during the Civil War; also Edwin O. Baker from Lee, Oneida County NY who also moved to Wisconsin; Clarence Clauson-uncle of Clinton Clauson governor of Maine in about 1964; descedants of David Gue, Cammish family members. Am willing to share some of my information with others.
Mary Ellen <[email protected]>
Baldwin, WI USA - Wed Jun 2 11:30:34 1999
I was delighted to find your site! You do a great job and I hope to find more info about my ancestors Elizabeth Lindsey who married Joseph Hail. One of their sons, Lindsey Hail, was my ggrandfather. (I may have written to you p.c. 'crashed' recently and I lost some files.) Keep up the good work!
Jayne Voyen <[email protected]>
Summerfield, FL USA - Wed Jun 2 10:54:30 1999
Grandfather: Boyd, Great Uncle: Sterling, Father: Donald Sterling,Uncle: Robert, Uncle: William, Cousin: Robert Brother: John Boyd; from Ireland by ship in early 1700's came John Boner....trying to piece in the puzzle...
Kenneth William Bonner <[email protected]>
USA - Wed Jun 2 1:18:30 1999
Still looking for Orgin's in Ireland and Scotland of Bonners whe settled in SC in 1760's
John Bonner <[email protected]>
Dallas, TX USA - Mon May 31 19:17:14 1999
Looking for info on my great-grandfather Oliver William Bradford of Stockport, Iowa. I have a photo of him and his family in front of their house in Stockport. Also looking for his parents info.
Charles W. Bradford <[email protected]>
Springfield, OR USA - Sun May 30 17:32:41 1999
Nice site... I'm related to Warren BONNER who lived in or near either Decatur or Centralia IL and was married to Maggie BELCHER. Warren was probably born about 1860 or so. If anyone has any further info, I'd love to hear from you! Nice to find the Bonner family history information. Thanks!
Peg Hetlage <[email protected]>
CA USA - Sun May 30 16:38:49 1999
Excited about your site. I am related through my mother to Harrisons from S Alabama. Some of our family names are William, James, Theodore, and Robert. My grandmother was Florence, daughter of Warren Travis Harrison. Most of our Harrison relatives came from the following counties in AL: Butler, Wilcox, Lowndes, Conecuh, and Monroe. We believe they originated in SC with a William in late 1700s.
Tammy Harold <[email protected]>
Mobile, AL USA - Sat May 29 22:50:06 1999
My paternal grandmother was Mary Maude Harrison Belford. She and my grandfather, Hiram Irvin (?) Belford moved to New Jersey from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania sometime between 1910 and 1930's. They had 7 living children, 4 boys, 3 girls.. Irvin, Abram, William, Ruth, Fern, Bethel and Harry. I have a cousin by marriage, Kim Belford, that is working on the family geaneology, but I think most of her information regards the Belfords. It would be interesting to see if anyone out there has any infomration on my grandmother.
Judy Porter <[email protected]>
Granite Bay, Ca USA - Wed May 26 19:23:44 1999
looks like a nice site. I will be using it more in the future.
Patrick Picone <[email protected]>
Modesto, Ca USA - Mon May 24 20:56:53 1999
Looking for Bonner info. I'm also related to the Livingston of New Jersey (1776 ? ).
Robert M Bonner <[email protected]>
Villas, NJ USA - Mon May 24 16:13:55 1999
I seen this site on the news and my interest grew. I am the grandaughter of the late Joseph and Helen Bonner of Quincy township in Waynesboro Pennsylvania. My father is Dennis E. Bonner. I am amazed to find that my family origin was actually Britain. Thanks for the info. If anyone out there are familiar with "The Bonners" in Pa please contact me. Thank You...
Laurie A. (Bonner) Smith <[email protected]>
Waynesboro, PA USA - Mon May 24 5:25:42 1999
Becky, I cannot TELL you how very deeply these letters you have posted touch me! In them, I read the names of my ancestors, Bynum, Ellis, Murphree and the names of places they came from, Murfresboro, Blount County and all... You have given me a cherished window into their world and I cannot think of adequate thanks. May all good things, in abundance, be yours and your family's. Thank you!
Sylvia Stevens <[email protected]>
Livermore, CA USA - Sat May 22 21:18:26 1999
Your site is wonderful, wow! So far didn't see any connections to my Harrisons. Am searching for Christopher C Harrison (abt1814-after 1863) who married Anna/Amelia ?, supposedly in Sumner County, TN. They had (9)children: (1)Alexander G. (1837TN-1912KS), married Sarah Wells, 1867, Leavenworth County, KS; (2)Andrew J. (1839TN-?), married Mary Corwin, 1865, Leavenworth County, KS; (3) Joshua D. (1843TN-?), married Phebe Hall, 1872, Leavenworth County, KS; (4) Agnes (1844TN-1915KS), married (1)1868, Jay Tuttle, (2) John Schneider; (5) James Edward, my grandfather, (1847MO-1927KS), married 1869, Leavenworth County, KS, Alice Roseltha Robinson; (6) Maria (1848MO-?); (7) Mahala (1848MO-?); (8) Amelia (1854MO-?); (9) William Kansas (1855KS-?). Have not been able to locate Christopher C Harrison's place of birth, parentage or his place of death. Thanks for your assistance in advance, Bob
Robert 'Bob' M Smith <[email protected]>
Aurora, CO USA - Fri May 21 18:18:33 1999
My mother was a Harrison and I am trying to look up the rest of the family. She was born in Vermilion County in Illinois. My grandfather,her father was Nelson D. Harrison and my grandmother was a Stanley, Mary Catherine (Kate, Katie). His parents were William H. Harrison and Hester Ann (?) would like to know. My mother was born in Danville and her name was also Hester Ann. My ggrandfather William H. Harrison was born in Ohio (don't know where) and ggrandmother Hester Ann was born in Va. I really do enjoy your information and hope to find my ancesors some day. Thank you,
Vanrhea Sweeney <[email protected]>
Albany, Or USA - Thu May 20 0:49:20 1999
My fourth gr-grandmother was Matilda Taliaferro (1793-1875) and your sight has given me wonderful insight into my family history!
Nancy Lees Pederson <[email protected]>
Kenosha, WI USA - Wed May 19 0:33:11 1999
Harrison Reunion in Virginia.Contact Eugene Harrison at [email protected],or call 540-889-1870
Eugene Harrison <[email protected]>
Lebanon, Va USA - Sat May 15 16:01:46 1999
Harrison Reunion in Virginia.Contact Eugene Harrison at [email protected],or call 540-889-1870
Eugene Harrison <[email protected]>
Lebanon, Va USA - Sat May 15 16:00:57 1999
Harrison Reunion in Virginia.Contact Eugene Harrison at [email protected],or call 540-889-1870
Eugene Harrison <[email protected]>
Lebanon, Va USA - Sat May 15 16:00:42 1999
Hi Becky, I just love this web sight. I just started serching my grandfathers roots and I found the missing information I needed. My grandfather is Leonard Ralph Harrison Grate, Grate, Grate Grandson of Benjamin Harrison from Tolbot Co. Maryland b1740
Carole Ramsey <[email protected]>
Pasadena, MD USA - Mon May 10 7:43:19 1999
I just love this - I have been searching for so long for additions to my family tree. Found a lot of information and can send a lot of information
LOIS HARRISON GILBERT <[email protected]>
WOODVILLE, TX USA - Wed May 5 2:54:45 1999
I am looking for my brother -Ritchie.His mothers name is Barbara and our Dad was a biker [ RED] in Jamesburg N.J. ,Rolfe Harrison.Our grandmother was Mildred Harrison. His fathers name was Norman {ALSO}. Thanks for a great site! Tami {T.Lee}
Tamara Lee Harrison Peters <[email protected]>
Edgewater, Fl USA - Sat May 1 22:17:42 1999
I'm just a beginner and I can see that I have a bit to learn to enable to weed out the information I need from the wealth of information that you have provided. I may have just missed it, but I could not find any way of searching the Harrisons listed on your web site. My first genealogy project is to find where my great grandparents came from. I've been told that their names were Joseph (possibly middle name Neal) Harrison and his Wife Dora(h?) (maiden name McClintock) came from Iowa to make a new home in Garrison (Crow Wing) Minnesota where my grandmother (Elsie Martha Harrison) was born in 1893. Thanks for a terrific place to start my Harrison search!
Judy Coffman <[email protected]>
Mount Vernon, WA USA - Thu Apr 29 16:50:30 1999
Looking for info about Bass family from Bass' Choice & Fordhams from upstate New York - thanks for the help - Jeanie
Jeanie McCain <[email protected]>
USA - Wed Apr 28 0:29:47 1999
Nice site.
Venita Hale <[email protected]>
Selah, Wa USA - Sun Apr 25 16:41:59 1999
Very interesting site. Thanks.
Burr Harrison <[email protected]>
Cranston, RI USA - Tue Apr 20 20:49:59 1999
I find your website very interesting. I have been trying to trackdown my great grandfathers ancestory but I have been stuck for some time. Could use some good advice as to were I should look next. Census and pension records told me alot but don't know which way to turn. He was Hezikiah Henry Clay Harrison, born in Kentucky 1825-died September 1,1898 in New Mexico. Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
Jon David Harrison <[email protected]>
Los Angeles , CA USA - Mon Apr 19 2:08:33 1999
A comprehensive site, but I can't tie into it yet. My gggrandfather was James Harrison who married Mary Ann Crowwley 19 June, 1827 in DC. In 1850 DC census he was presumably dead. Wife Mary Ann was head of household with children Thomas, 22; William, 20, Ann C, 18; and James, 15. Thomas was a Brass moulder and was still in DC in 1880. James was a plumber in DC in 1880 Ann C married William Easby Hitchinson. She died in DC 12 Nov. 1915.
Bill Hutchinson <[email protected]>
Jacksonville Beach, FL USA - Sun Apr 18 20:13:34 1999
I am trying to find information about the Harrisons of Virginia. Any suggestions?
Caroline Reid Sillstrop Harrison <[email protected]>
Denver, CO USA - Sat Apr 17 11:28:42 1999
Great grandparents were Mary Foley and Richard Bonner, married in New Orleans about 1860 or so, she was 13 at time of marriage. Had 8 girls and 1 boy. Mary died 1948 or 49 at age 98 in Pensacola, FL.
Robert E. Fields, Jr. <[email protected]>
Pensacola, FL USA - Fri Apr 16 10:52:49 1999
I am the daughter of Henry clay Bonner 1921-1986
Ellie Mae (Bonner) Cavett <[email protected]>
Burbank, ok USA - Tue Apr 13 22:08:06 1999

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