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Wendi Michelle ALVIS

This person is presumed living.


Mary Elizabeth BENNETT

2 Dec 1848 - 19 Jan 1901

ID Number: I63736

  • RESIDENCE: Aimwell, LA
  • BIRTH: 2 Dec 1848
  • DEATH: 19 Jan 1901, near Aimwell, Louisiana
  • BURIAL: Fisher Cemetery between Manifest and Aimwell
  • RESOURCES: See: [S1037]

Family 1 : Stanley Viers ARBUTHNOT Sr.


2nd wife.




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ABT 1800 - ____

ID Number: I67057

Family 1 : Cynthia WEBSTER
  1. +Nancy Jane BOOTHE





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ABT 1670 - ____

ID Number: I19078

  • BIRTH: ABT 1670

Family 1 :
  3. +Thomas (Jefferson?) HIGGINBOTHAM


Some Clues:
Pennsylvania Lancaster County - 1729 from Chester Lancaster County Quarter Sessions; Abstracts 1729-1742- Book 1, (By G. B. Hawbaker) Page 6 - Joseph Hickenbotham (sic) - Grand Inquest held 1730. Court held in Conestoga.
Page 11 - Court held February 2, 1730/31. Price Pice and Thomas Hickenbotom (sic) for each of them to appear and give evidence against William Hughes, William Hughes Jr., and M. Hughes.
Page 59 - 1730 Court, held at Conestoga on fifth day of May in the third year of George 2nd. Persons on Grand Inquest - 17 men, one was Joseph Hickenbottom (sic)
Page 11 (LDS film 207681). May 4, 1731 - Thomas Hickenbottom (sic)
Page 46 - Court held May 4th, 1735.- Among members of Grand Inquest: Moses Higgenbothom (sic), Joseph Higgenbothom (sic), Joshua Law (sic). (This is Joshua Lowe) For the apearance of Moses …. Continued.

Page 35 - court held May 5th, 1735. Moses Hickenbothom (sic) and Joshua Law (sic) (This is Joshua Lowe) - that Hickenbothom appear and abide the judgment of the court, continued - (No further preceedings in this case was found).

Page 36 - (same Court as above) John Fleming; fornication with Margaret Hunter - Prosecutor, Joseph Growdon - Jury included Joseph Hickenbottom (sic)

Page ? - Court held November 4, 1735 - Elizabeth Baldwin to appear and prosecute Moses Higenbotem (sic)

Page 59 - Court held May 3, 1737. Daniel Stewart for assaulting and beating Peter Leman - pleads not guilty. Stewart fined 10 shillings and cost. Among jurors was Joseph Hickenbothem (sic)
Authors Note: I will include the letter from Mr. Allender Sybert (genealogy researcher) to Mr. Dean D. Higinbotham, but, only the first part, that contains information of Joseph Higginbotham and Moses Higginbotham.

Allender Sybert
7107 Sheffield Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Mr. Dean D. Higinbotham August 22, 1994
180 Mount View Place
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

Dear Mr. Higinbotham:

Thanks you very much for your check and for the additional information you sent on the Higinbotham family, including the pages from The Ascent of the Higinbotham Family by Descent by Norman L. Higinbotham, Dr. Higinbotham compiled a vast amount of information on the Higinbotham family, but, unfortunatley, did not include the critical links that would allow us to establish the ancestry of the Higginbothams of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Frederick County, Maryland. Perhaps with further research the lineage in Ireland will become more relevant.

I was especially intrigued by two of the items you sent, one being the indenture of Joseph Hembery to Joseph Higginbotham and the other being the information from the book Higginbotham Descendants of Moses and Frances (Kyle) Higginbotham by Earl and Nena Higginbotham regarding the identity of the Higginbotham immigrants to Albemarle County, Virginia, c. 1740. I located some additional information on Joseph Hembery in the hope that it may offer some clues to the Higginbotham ancestry. Joseph Hembery was an English Quaker who immigrated to Philadelphia in 1684, where he presented a certificate of removal from the Somersett Meeting at Ilchester, England. From the book Quaker arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-1750: Certificates of Removal Received at Philadelphia Monthly Meeting by Albert Cook Myers, 2nd ed., p. 9: "Hugh Durborow and Joseph Hembey (Hembray) from Somerset, Ilchester, England, dated 6 mo., 6, 1684, received 9 mo., 4, 1684". Joseph Hemey of Bucks County and Eleanor Jackman of Philadelphia were married at the Philadelphia Meeting House on 8th mo., 1, 1720 (records of Philadelphia Monthly Metting, in Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, by William Wade Hinshaw, vol. II, p. 547). The indenture dated 6 Sept 1720 by which Joseph and Elinor Hembery sold to Joseph Higginbotham his land and part of his house did not indicate what relationship, if any, existed between the Hemberys and Higginbotham, but it is possible that Higginbotham was their son-in-law, as their marriage date of 1702 made it possible for them to have had a daughter of marriage age in 1720. The will of Joseph Hembry of Makefield twp., Bucks County, Pennsylvania, made on 13 June 1721, proved 9 April 1722, left £ 10 to Samuel Coombes, £ to James Downey and £ 5 to Joseph Higginbotham. Joseph Kirkbright, Edwd. Lucas and John Thacher were maned as executors "to dispose of the remaining parts of my estate as they shall see fit". Witnesses were Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Cutifer (Bucks County Wills 1:64). Again, no relationship between Hemry and Higginbotham was stated.

Although there is as yet no proof, it seems likely that the Joseph Higginbotham, cordwinder, of Bucks County in 1720 is the same Joseph Higginbotham who was mentioned as a resident of the Conestoga settlemet in (now) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1727, and who appeared in the Quarter Sessions records of Lancaster County from 1730 through 1737. I have not found any furthur record of him in Lancaster County after 1737. Perhaps he moved away or died about that time. Moses Higginbotham also appeared in the Quarter Sessions records in 1735, and also disappeared from Lancaster County records thereafter.

At this point the information from the book Higginbotham Descendants of Moses and Frances (Kyle) Higginbotham regarding the identity of the Higginbotham immigrants to Albemarle (now Amherst) County, Virginia, c. 1740, becames relevant. As you know, the authors question whether the parents of the Virginia Higginbothams were indeed John and Frances (Riley) Higginbotham, as stated in William M. Sweeny’s book The Higginbotham Family.

They point out that Sweeny offered no documentary proof of that statement, which has been accepted and repeated in subsequent articles on the Virginia Higginbothams. They further point out that a note written in a law book owned by James Higginbotham (b. 25 Dec 1729, son of the "Widow Higginbotham" of Virginia) states that Joseph Higginbotham died April 17th 1742. They conclude that the evidence strongly suggest that Joseph Higginbotham was the Widow Higginbotham’s husband and the father of the Virginia Higginbotham family. Unfortunatley, none of the available records gives the name of the Widow Higginbotham or her husband.

All of the above leads is to the question of whether the Joseph Higginbotham found in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, records in 1720-1722, the Joseph Higginbotham found in the Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, records from 1727-1737, and the Joseph Higginbotham who died on 17 April 1742 and was presumably the husband of Widow Higginbotham of Virginia are the same person. I do not know of any evidence against that possibility. The dates of his known residence in each place do not overlap; in other words, we don’t find him mentioned in the records of one place while at the same time we find him living elsewhere. In fact, the Virginia records are apparently so sparse that we don’t even know whether his death occurred before or after the family arrived in Virginia. The eldest son Moses Higginbotham (see Higginbotham Descendants of Moses and Frances (kyle) Higginbotham, pp.11-12) and I have not seen anything to indicate the Widow Higginbotham’s husband ever lived in Virginia.

If the Joseph Higginbotham of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was the husband of Widow Higginbotham of Virginia, then it is likely that the Moses Higginbotham whom we find in the Lancaster County Quarter Sessions records in 1735 is the same Moses Higginbotham, eldest son of Widow Higginbotham, who purchased land in Virginia in 1745. Indeed, the fact that we find a Moses Higginbotham closely associated with Joseph Higginbotham both in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and in Virginia is furthur evidence that we are dealing with the same family in both locations. Even if we could prove that the Joseph and Moses Higginbotham of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, were members of the family that later settled in Virginia, it would not tell us anything about the Higginbothams of western Maryland. The only connection we have between the two families is the fact that both Joseph Higginbotham and Thomas Higginbotham (brother of Charles Higginbotham) lived in Lancaster County at the same time. What the relationship between them may have been remains unknown.
The Widow Higginbotham
Our oldest grandmother is known to us as the "WIDOW / MRS. HIGGINBOTHAM" as noted by Parson Robert Rose in his diary. She lived with her family in old Goochland County, Virginia, in the early 1740a - near the community of New Glasgow, which became a part of Albemarle County in 1744 and in 1762, was in the survey of Amherst County. You will note that we use all these county names in our discussion, and while the county names changed through the years, the family probably lived in the same general area of what is now Amherst, Virginia.

The information on our family found in the Rose diary, is with out a doubt the most authenric, where we learn these facts about our early Virginia family. The Widow Higginbotham, her daughter and several sons lived a short distance Southeast of the Parson Rose - probably in the community of New Glasgow, Old land records found in Charlottesville, Virginia, dated 1751 identify all the brothers and sisters who were living at that time. Joseph? or John? and the Widow Higginbotham had seven children:

The following is an excellent discussion of the evolution of our knowledge of this family in search of our ancestors from Brian Bauer [email protected] in response to the ancestry presented here. This is what the science of genealogy is all about:

"Her [[email protected]] message to this list nicely summarizes the standard and most widely accepted theory regarding the origins of the HIGGINBOTHAM family of Goochland/Albemarle/Amherst Counties,Virginia. I am concerned, however, that many researchers accept this theory as fact and I am merely using Josephine's message as a framework on which to hang my doubts about this theory. A few of my arguments are original. Many more, were borrowed from my mother's research. Most have been previously published by Earl H. HIGGINBOTHAM (and other researchers) although my mother and I came up with the same arguments independently. And some of the ideas are stolen outright from Earl HIGGINBOTHAM (probably the chief critic of the theory that the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs came from the Barbados)."

josephine bass wrote:

One version that John H. came from Ireland to VA early in the 18th century with 5 children: John, Moses, Aaron, James and Anne and that four others were born in VA, Benj. Joseph, Rachel and Thomas. quote
"Documentation of this tradition has been difficult to prove".

Brian Bauer Argument:
The HIGGINBOTHAM "family tradition" has always said that the parents of Moses, Joseph, Aaron, Benjamin, John, James and Rachel HIGGINBOTHAM were John HIGGINBOTHAM and Frances (Riley) and that they came from Ireland.

To the best of my knowledge, this theory was first advanced in the genealogical literature by William M. and Lenora (Higginbotham) Sweeny in a series of articles in the William and Mary Quarterly (and other genealogical periodicals) in the period 1915-1918. Again, to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever been able to produce *documentary* proof that there ever was a Frances Riley (or Reily) married to a John HIGGINBOTHAM (or to any other HIGGINBOTHAM for that matter). The name Frances Riley (or Reily) has never been found in any church record, civil record, Bible or other contemporaneous document, and exists soley in the oral traditions of our old Virginia HIGGINBOTHAM family and subsequent published genealogies based on those oral traditions.

The Sweenys' conclusions that our immigrant ancestor (? John HIGGINBOTHAM ?) came from Ireland was based on this same oral tradition and was backed up by a notation in an old family Bible belonging to Tirzah HIGGINBOTHAM) London -- daughter of John and Rachel (Banks) HIGGINBOTHAM and granddaughter of the immigrant ancestor. The notation reads:

"Tirzah London was a daughter of John Higginbotham, who came from Ireland when nine years old, with his father and mother and several other children." (NOT LIKELY AS SHE WAS BORN IN 1783-1841).

(Sweeny,W.M., "The Higginbotham Family of Virginia", William and Mary Quarterly, 1918)

It is not known who made the Bible entry, or when it was made. If Tirzah made it herself it is curious that she speaks of herself in the third person and in the past tense. Also, as Earl and Nena HIGGINBOTHAM pointed out in their book _Higginbotham; Descendents of Moses and Frances (Kyle)_ (1989), it is suprising that she would use the phrase "several other children" to refer to her uncles and aunt who lived all around her as she was growing up and whom she probably knew quite well.

The Sweenys attempted to bolster their evidence by finding the marriage record of John HIGGINBOTHAM and Frances Riley in the Irish records. On p.11 of his 1971 book _The Higginbotham Family_, William M. Sweeny makes reference to his 1918 W&MQ article. He writes:

"Since writing that article and before official Irish records were destroyed, I engaged a genealogist to search for the marriage of John Higginbotham and Frances Riley. There was no such marriage record in the Irish records."

There is no way to verify the findings of that Irish genealogist (a William Higginbotham of Dublin) because a sizable portion of the Irish records were destroyed by fire in 1922. The Sweenys eventually abandoned their theory of Irish roots in favor of English roots by way of Barbados, but they continued to hold to the belief that the immigrant ancestors were John and Frances (Riley).

josephine bass continues:

in the VA MAG of Hist, Oct 1944,
Mrs. Lillian Brown Higginbotham Kasehagen says it is most probable that the John H. who died in VA between 1741-1744 was the John H. who came from Barbadoes in 1716 and whose ancestor was Nicholas H. of Cheshire, ENG.

Brian Bauer Argument:
Here begins the second major theory proposed by the Sweenys regarding the origin of the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs, the "Barbados Connection". The Lillian Brown Higginbotham Kasehagen referred to above was the sister of Lenora (Higginbotham) Sweeny. The major pieces of evidence supporting this theory are laid out below by Josephine Bass and I will try to discuss them point by point.

"The identification is made stronger by the fact that in an old trunk belonging to Col. James Higginbotham, son of John and Frances was found an old book, dated 1662, which on the flyleaf had the signature of a Nicholas H. On another page is the entry that Joseph H d. Apr 17, 1742; most likely this Joseph was the son of Charles and Ann H. of Barbadoes and the younger brother of John the immigrant to VA."

Brian Bauer Argument:
First of all, Col. James HIGGINBOTHAM's parents may or may not have been named John and Frances. That's what this whole discussion is about. Who are the parents of this Virginia family and where did they come from?

Second, I agree that the finding of Nicholas HIGGINBOTHAM's signature in this book strengthens the case that the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs descend from the same Nicholas HIGGINBOTHAM of Cheshire, England from whom the Barbados HIGGINBOTHAM's are descended. Even those of us who doubt the Sweenys' Barbados theory agree that Nicholas is most likely the progeniter of both the Barbados HIGGINBOTHAMs and the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs. What is lacking is the proof that the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs descend from Nicholas *through* the Barbados HIGGINBOTHAMs. As Earl and Nena HIGGINBOTHAM pointed out in their book, "all of the children of Nicholas have never been identified by name."

Even more interesting is the other entry in the same book noting the death of a Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM Apr 17, 1742. Isn't it curious that this is about the same time that the father of our Virginia Family is supposed to have died. We know that the father of Moses, Joseph, Aaron, Benjamin, John, James and Rachel died between 1741-1744. We don't, however, know that his name was John. Remember, so far that is just family tradition. A comparison with the known handwriting of Col. James HIGGINBOTHAM reveals that he probably made the entry regarding the death of Joseph. Why would Col. James HIGGINBOTHAM record the death of his "Uncle Joseph" in 1742, but not the death of his "Father John" in 1741-1744? A simple explanation might be that James' father was named "Joseph", not "John" and that the Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM who died on Apr 17, 1742 *was* the father of James and the rest of the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAM family. This is, of course, pure conjecture, but then so is the Barbados theory. I know of no documentary evidence to support the statement that "most likely this Joseph was the son of Charles and Ann H. of Barbadoes and the younger brother of John the immigrant to VA."

Back to josephine bass

Nicholas H. had a son Anthony, also of Cheshire, whose son Lt. Col. John H. emigrated to the island of Barbadoes, Parish of St. Philip. his will Nov 27, 1673 - among his children was Capt. John H. who for business reasons returned to ENG.
His will proved Oct 23, 1714 and mentions son Charles and Charles children: John, Charles, Thomas, William, Joseph, Benjamin, Clever and Millicent.

Capt. John's son Charles lived in Barbadoes and his will May 20, 1734; His wife Ann's will was proved in Barbadoes
Aug 18, 1740 and named sons John, Thomas, Charles, Joseph, Cleaver, grandson John Reddan and gran-daughter Ann Reddan (Reddin).

Brian Bauer Argument:
This is a well documented line of descent from Nicholas HIGGINBOTHAM to the Barbados HIGGINBOTHAM family. I know of no serious dispute regarding any of the above. The questions begin to pop up when one makes the great leap of faith that John, the son of Charles and grandson of Capt. John, is the same John HIGGINBOTHAM that our family legend says is the father of the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs.

Again, josephine bass

"The Boston, Mass. Registry Dept. Report 29, page 238 gives this record:

"July 11 - vessels entered in the month of July 1716 Benj. Evans ye sloop Betty from Barbadoes - John Higginbotham, a Planter."

Brian Bauer Argument:
Fact and almost certainly the same John HIGGINBOTHAM mentioned above in the wills of his father, Charles and grandfather, Capt. John.

"John went first to Boston, later moving to Virginia."

Brian Bauer Argument:
Here's where that great leap of faith comes in. The statement above is pure conjecture. This statement was first made by Lillian Brown Higginbotham Kasehagen [sister of Lenora (Higginbotham) Sweeny] in her Oct, 1944 article, "Will of an Early Settler of Barbadoes" in _The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography_. There the statement was made a little less forcefully. Something along the lines of:

"It is most probable that the John Higginbotham who died in VA between 1741-1744 was the John Higginbotham who came from Barbadoes in 1716 and whose ancestor was Nicholas Higginbotham of Cheshire, ENG."

(I can't seem to lay my hands on the exact quote at the moment.)

I know of no documentation that would substantiate this claim and, yet, by the time of William Montgomery Sweeny's 1971 book _The Higginbotham Family_, the conjecture about this link had swollen into "fact":

"The John Higginbotham who went to Boston from Barbados in 1716 was the John Higginbotham who came to Virginia where he died between 1741 and 1744, leaving a widow Frances and several sons and a daughter from whom the Higginbothams and their connections in Virginia and elsewhere are descended."
(Sweeny, _The Higginbotham Family_, 1971, p.13)

This claim has been repeated and repeated from one HIGGINBOTHAM genealogy to the next until it now pervades most of the literature (and GEDCOMs) and has become "gospel".

Let me try to point out just a few of the many unanswered questions and problems raised by this theory:

The John HIGGINBOTHAM from Barbados, who landed in Boston in 1716 was from a shipping and trading family and may well have just visited Boston on family business. We have no evidence that he even remained in the mainland colonies, much less moved to Virginia. If he did stay; where was he in the 25 years between his arrival in Boston in 1716 and his supposed death in Virginia in 1741-1744? Exhaustive searches by countless HIGGINBOTHAM researchers in records of the colonies all the way from Massachusetts to Virginia have failed to turn up a trace of John HIGGINBOTHAM or his family in those intervening years.

If this or any other John HIGGINBOTHAM married a Frances Riley, when and where did this take place and what evidence do we have of it?

Why isn't the location of John as living in Boston, Virginia or elsewhere in the mainland colonies mentioned in the wills of his parents, Charles and Anne? A review of other Barbados wills of that same time period reveals that the whereabouts of non-resident family legatees was specified almost without exception. When Charles HIGGINBOTHAM's will was probated in 1734, his son John "should" have been living in the mainland colonies for 18 years, yet the will fails to make any special mention of his location.
Anne's will probated in 1740 likewise makes no special mention of her son John's location, even though he would now have been absent from Barbados for 24 years. Could that be because he did not, in fact, remain in the mainland colonies, but returned to the Barbados after completing his business in Boston?

If John HIGGINBOTHAM (son of Charles and Anne of Barbados) continued to reside in the mainland colonies after his arrival in Boston in 1716, who was the John HIGGINBOTHAM of the Parish of Christ Church, Barbados whose marriage to Susanna Walker on April 5, 1717 is recorded in the Barbados records? Of the three other HIGGINBOTHAM families living in Barbados at that time, none had a son John of the right age. John and Susanna went on to name their first son *Charles* (baptized May 11, 1718) and had four other children Millicent, Benjamin, Susannah and Elizabeth (Elizabeth baptized in 1736). All of the above are common names in the family of Charles HIGGINBOTHAM.

In 1981-82 Earl and Nena Higginbotham presented this evidence (the wills, marriage records and baptism records of the Barbados HIGGINBOTHAMs) to the late Frank Higenbottam of Canterbury, England for his evaluation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Frank Higenbottam, he was a highly respected genealogist, founder of England's Higenbottam Society, author/editor of the society's "Higenbottam Bulletin" and was considered to be the foremost authority on the HIGGINBOTHAM/HIGENBOTTAM families of England. He was already familiar with the HIGGINBOTHAM families of Barbados, but did not previously have access to the above mentioned records. After a thorough analysis of the Barbados records he reported his conclusions in his very last "Higenbottam Bulletin" dated June 1982:

"John Higginbotham, born June 10, baptized 31 July, 1695, Parish of St. Phillips, Barbados, son of Charles and Anne Higginbotham (RL 1/22 P.62), married 5 April, 1717, Christ Church, Barbados; Susanna Walker (RL 120 P.104). Legatee in his father's will 1732 and his mother's will, 1740, left 5 shillings."

In the same bulletin he responded to an inquiry from a HIGGINBOTHAM researcher whose line followed the standard "Sweeny connection" from the Barbados HIGGINBOTHAMs to the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs. He replied:

"The editor would like to point out that the first ancestor in the above pedigree, Charles Higginbotham, married 9 Aug. 1688, Parish of St. Phillips, Barbados, Ann Rawlings, not Ann Higginbotham as stated above - see "Higginbotham wills relating to Barbados.." on page 4 of the present issue of the Bulletin. Nor did his son marry Frances Reily, but Susanna Walker."

So, if The progenitors of the Virginia HIGGINBOTHAMs were not John HIGGINBOTHAM and Frances Riley, who were they and where did they come from?
Contemporaneous Virginia sources (The Diary of Robert Rose) refer to our ancestral mother only as "Mrs. Higginbotham" or "Widow Higginbotham". Our ancestral father's name is never mentioned.

Earl H. HIGGINBOTHAM has developed an interesting collection of evidence that suggests that our Virginia forefather was named Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM, not John; and that he may have come to Virginia from Lancaster County, PA.

This theory is unproven and rests on circumstantial evidence and conjecture, but it is certainly no more circumstantial than the evidence for the Sweenys' original Irish theory or their susequent Barbados theory. Bits and pieces of Earl's theory can be found scattered through various publications including:

The Higginbotham Family Newsletter, vol 11, 1984 and vol 12, 1985; Earl's own book, _Higginbotham; Descendents of Moses and Frances (Kyle)_, Earl and Nena Higginbotham, 1989; and in a contribution that he made to a recently published HIGGINBOTHAM genealogy, _HIGGINBOTHAM; Descendents of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Graves)_, Mabel LaBiche, 1996.

As I stated in a previous message to this list, it is not my intention to criticize the work of others (especially the Sweenys, to whom we all owe a great deal for their extensive work on the HIGGINBOTHAM family of Virginia). Hopefully, all of this will stimulate an interesting discussion and possibly turn up some new evidence.

"complied by the Media Research Bureau, Washington, D.C.", no date on the document:

"As early as 1680, one Richard HIGGINBOTTOM, a tailor, was living at New Haven, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth, a daughter of Thomas MUNSON of that place, and had issue of at least one child Rebecca. He removed before 1692 to Elizabethtown, but returned to Connecticut and settled at Stamford of that colony."

I did see essentially the same information at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. I believe that I found it in Clarence Almon Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700_.
one then assumes that the 1680 date is the date of the marriage of Richard Higginbottom and Elizabeth Munson. As far as Elizabethtown goes: there is no current town named that in MA, CT or RI. There is an Elizabethtown nowadays in upstate NY (well north of Albany), and there are the Elizabeth Islands off of Cape Cod. This is probably where I got the Cape Cod from. I really don't know where this Elizabethtown is located.

Scott Higinbotham -- Middlesex Community College -- Bedford, MA 01730 [email protected]

"Tuckahoes & Cohees: The Settlers & Cultures of Amherst and Nelson Counties, 1607-1807". This is copyright 1992 by Catherine Hawes Coleman Seaman, currently of Faber, Va, telephone 804-263-4334.

"The HIGGINBOTHAM" Family, by Wm. Montgomery Sweeney, 1971 by J. P. Bell Co, Lynchburg, VA.

"HIGGINBOTHAM", descendants of Moses and Frances (Kyle), by Earl & Nena Higginbotham, 1972 in TX. Out of Print.

"Higginbotham" Mabel Labiche, 200 Ryan Road, Lake Charles, LA 70611, her book is $48.00 , a hard bound 690 big pages, includes index.

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998
Subject: John Swanson's work -- the rest I have heard
To: [email protected]

On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Josephine Lindsay Bass wrote:

so this book will not include the VA line???
(this being the book in progress by John Swanson concerning Ralph Higinbotham of Fayette Co., PA and descendants)

Well, not directly. But let me quote from the _Higginbotham Family Newsletter_ of 1997 (Volume 24, page 195) that I mentioned a couple of messages ago.

"Dr. Swanson and Dean Higinbotham of Grants Pass, OR are both seeking the father of Ralph Higinbotham, who was born circa 1723; married Mary circa 1746 and died in 1780, leaving a will. Dean Higinbotham has retained a researcher in Baltimore, MD who has uncovered some interesting clues that raise the possibility that the Amherst Co., VA family and the Fayette Co., PA family share a common ancestry from Ireland."

"Captain Charles Higginbotham lived in what is now York Co., PA and Washington Co., MD between 1736 and 1750. Although he probably had no natural children, he and his wife Margaret raised his niece Lucina, daughter of Thomas Higginbotham of Lancaster Co., PA (who died before 1734) and his wife Catherine/Katrina. They also raised his nephew Ralph Higinbotham, who was the one who married Mary and died in 1780.

Ralph was the son of a third, unknown brother who died leaving two sons: Ralph and Charles. A fourth, unknown brother was the father of Mary Higginbotham (1749-1786), who married Hugh Jackson, an Irish immigrant. Either one of these brothers may have been the one identified in early records as the eldest son who remained in Ireland.
Another possibility is that the son in Ireland was a fifth brother.
These brothers had at least one sister: Mary, who married James Henthorn, another Irish immigrant."

"Finally, to tie this all together, there is the possibility of another brother: Joseph Higginbotham, who lived in what is now Lancaster Co., PA between 1727 and 1737. Could this Joseph have been the husband of 'Widow Higginbotham' and father of the brothers of Amherst Co., VA?..." at which point the discussion continues with a summary of (I believe) Earl Higginbotham's theory on Joseph Higginbotham as the progenitor of the VA Higginbothams (sorry, fingers getting tired, and the theory was well-discussed on the list a couple of years ago).

Based on this, I guess: John Swanson's upcoming genealogy _may_present _some_ evidence relating Ralph Hig to the VA line. I have heard nothing concerning the progress of Dean Higinbotham's researcher, nor do I know of the nature of any evidence backing up the claims made above.

More than this, I know not.

Scott Higinbotham

John Swanson. John has been working on the descendants of Ralph Higginbotham of Menallen Twp. PA (b. MD) for at least 25 years, if memory serves. The 1997 Higginbotham Family Newsletter (the annual newsletter out of Missouri) had a short synopsis of the Ralph Higginbotham family and a discussion of
his work at that time.

John Swanson
69 Juliette St
N Dartmouth, MA 02747-1942

**More on the Irish Higginbotham line:

the Irish branch, as a Ralph, John and Thomas had estates in Cootehill of Ireland, (Cortober, Drumheriff and
Nutfield) This is well authenticated, Family tradition speaks of three brothers in William the 3rd's army who settled in Cavan, Dublin, and Cork.

The family Seal is the "Tudor Rose". There is a silver "Coat of Arms" for the Higginbotham family. An ancient tradition still practiced by some in the area of Cheshire England, no doubt where the name originated, is the decorating of various objects with small painted roses. This is thought to have originated during "The War of the Roses" 1455-1487. The red rose of Nicholas
Higginbotham , where we find one of the old wills bearing the "Family Seal", the Tudor Rose. This is probably the same rose which adorns the Coat of Arms.

This excerpt was from page 2 of "Higginbotham Descendants of Moses and Frances (Kyle).

One branch of Higinbothams who
were considered "native" Irish (used one "G") and might be of German origin. They had a distinctly different coat of arms. I have a copy, but cannot translate the "Motto", nor one of the words in the description, which I have noted with a ?:
"Arms of HIGINBOTHAM on record in Ulster's Office.
Ermine on a cross engrailed - gules, five mullets pierced - or, in the first and fourth quarters a lion passant guardent - azure. Crest -- An arm embowed vambraced?, the hand grasping a sword all ppr, pierced through a mullet - or"
Metals are only two, or (gold), argent (silver).
Colours are - gules (red), sable (black), azure (blue), vert (green), purpue (purple). All these with the metals are known as Tinctures.
October 2004
Higginbotham gathering in Lynchburg, VA on Friday and Saturday, October 22 & 23, 2004. They will be staying at the Holiday Inn Select for $79 a night which includes a continental breakfast. Call Holiday Inn at 434-528-2500 and say your with the Higginbotham Reunion.

On Friday evening it is getting to know each other and comparing research.Earl Higginbotham, researcher and author of "The Descendants of Moses Higgginbotham" will be there.

On Saturday at 11 a.m. the group will go to the Amherst Historical Society Museum where Tom Higginbotham will present a book from 1797 that was used by George Washington Higginbotham to teach horse medicine in that area. Then they will visit the oldest known Higginbotham cemetery in the area. Also a visit to the Poplar Grove estate, built in 1773 by John Higginbotham Jr., and hopefully the Higginbotham Academy.

[S1544] [S177] [S177] [S177] [S177] [S177] [S177] [S177] [S177] [S186]

                                              |  |
                                              |  |__
|                                             |
|                                             |   __
|                                             |  |  
|                                             |__|
|                                                |
|                                                |__
|  (1670 - ....)
|                                                 __
|                                                |  
|                                              __|
|                                             |  |
|                                             |  |__
|                                             |     
                                              |   __
                                              |  |  















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Thomas Charles KIRKLEY






Maj. Alexander Gibson MORGAN II C.S.A.

2 Apr 1832 - 8 Mar 1908

ID Number: I86511

  • TITLE: Maj.
  • RESIDENCE: Fayette Co. KY
  • OCCUPATION: CSA; staff of his cousin John Hunt Morgan's 2nd KY Cavalry Regmt;
  • BIRTH: 2 Apr 1832, Lexington, Fayette Co. Kentucky
  • DEATH: 8 Mar 1908, Green Cove Springs, (Clay), Florida
  • RESOURCES: See: [S3214] [S3225]
Father: Alexander Gibson MORGAN Sr.
Mother: Ann America HIGGINS

Family 1 : Margaret Tabitha RUSSELL
  1.  Alexander Gibson MORGAN III


"After his father's death in Mexico, Alexander Gibson Morgan II returned to Lexington, Kentucky, to manage "Morgansa", the family hemp farm, until the outbreak of the Civil War. During the war he enlisted as a private and eventually attained the rank of Captain on the staff of his cousin John Hunt Morgan's Second Kentucky Cavalry Regiment. After the latter's death in 1864, he was promoted to Major and became Assistant Adjutant General under General Basil W. Duke. After the war, Morgan was instrumental in the formation of the "Morgan's Men Association," and was a charter member of Lexington's chapter of the United Confederate Veterans.

After the war, Alexander Morgan II again returned to "Morgansa" but the farm could not be saved. Severe economic pressure from the Unionists led to Morgansa's sale at the behest of its creditors. The property was later sold to developers and turned into the Joyland Amusement Park, a Lexington landmark for many years."

2 Alexander Gibson Morgan b: 26 February 1858 d: 22 January 1914 + Lizzette Hayman b: March 1863 d: 12 January 1928
2 Thomas R. Morgan b: ca. 1860
2 Charles Morgan b: ca. 1860
2 Claude M. Morgan b: ca. 1860 + Unknown Johnson
2 Ann A. Morgan b: 1 March 1856

Ann America Morgan b. 1 Mar 1856
Alexander Gibson Morgan, III b. 26 Feb 1858
Sallie Russell Morgan b. 2 Apr 1860
Thomas Russell Morgan b. 10 Nov 1862
Charles McClung Morgan b. 28 Oct 1866
Maggie Russell Morgan b. 29 Mar 1869
Jason Hawkins Morgan b. 4 Oct 1871
Calvin Cogswell Morgan b. 24 Oct 1872
Laurence H. Morgan b. 21 Jul 1874

[S3214] [S3225]

                                                         _Gideon MORGAN Sr.___+
                                                        | (1751 - 1830) m 1772
                               _Luther MORGAN __________|
                              | (1776 - ....) m 1798    |
                              |                         |_Patience COGSWELL __
                              |                           (1754 - 1797) m 1772
 _Alexander Gibson MORGAN Sr._|
| (1801 - 1847) m 1823        |
|                             |                          _Philip DOLD ________+
|                             |                         | (1743 - 1819)       
|                             |_Ann Nancy Cameron DOLD _|
|                               (1779 - ....) m 1798    |
|                                                       |_Daughter of MILLER _+
|                                                         (1740 - ....)       
|--Alexander Gibson MORGAN II C.S.A.
|  (1832 - 1908)
|                                                        _____________________
|                                                       |                     
|                              _________________________|
|                             |                         |
|                             |                         |_____________________
|                             |                                               
|_Ann America HIGGINS ________|
  (1805 - 1882) m 1823        |
                              |                          _____________________
                              |                         |                     







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Mary Madison WILLIS

18 Dec 1745 - 16 Feb 1818

ID Number: I54453

  • RESIDENCE: Spotsylvania Co. VA
  • BIRTH: 18 Dec 1745
  • DEATH: 16 Feb 1818, Coventry,Spotsylvania Co. VA
  • RESOURCES: See: [S1976] [S2170] [S2128] [S1956]
Father: John WILLIS
Mother: Elizabeth MADISON

Family 1 : William DAINGERFIELD III of Coventry
  1.  Catherine DAINGERFIELD of Coventry
  3.  William Henry DAINGERFIELD
  4. +Mary Willis "Molly" DAINGERFIELD

                                                             _Francis WILLIS "the Immigrant_+
                                                            | (1650 - ....)                 
                       _Henry "Harry" WILLIS of Willis Hill_|
                      | (1690 - 1740) m 1714                |
                      |                                     |_______________________________
 _John WILLIS ________|
| (1724 - 1780)       |
|                     |                                      _David ALEXANDER ______________
|                     |                                     | (1660 - ....)                 
|                     |_Ann ALEXANDER ______________________|
|                       (1689 - ....) m 1714                |
|                                                           |_Anne MORGAN __________________+
|                                                             (1654 - ....)                 
|--Mary Madison WILLIS 
|  (1745 - 1818)
|                                                            _John MADISON II_______________+
|                                                           | (1663 - 1717) m 1692          
|                      _Ambrose MADISON ____________________|
|                     | (1695 - 1732) m 1721                |
|                     |                                     |_Isabella Minor? TODD? ________+
|                     |                                       (1663 - 1710) m 1692          
|_Elizabeth MADISON __|
  (1725 - 1773)       |
                      |                                      _James TAYLOR II_______________+
                      |                                     | (1675 - 1730) m 1699          
                      |_Frances TAYLOR _____________________|
                        (1700 - 1761) m 1721                |
                                                            |_Martha THOMPSON ______________+
                                                              (1679 - 1762) m 1699          







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BET 1752 AND 0000 - ____

ID Number: I38532

  • RESIDENCE: Goochland Co. VA
  • BIRTH: BET 1752 AND 0000
  • RESOURCES: See: [S1376]
Father: John WOODSON
Mother: Dorothea RANDOLPH

                                                     _John WOODSON ______________________+
                                                    | (1658 - 1715) m 1679               
                       _Josiah WOODSON _____________|
                      | (1702 - ....)               |
                      |                             |_Judith TARLETON ___________________+
                      |                               (1660 - 1714) m 1679               
 _John WOODSON _______|
| (1730 - 1789) m 1751|
|                     |                              ____________________________________
|                     |                             |                                    
|                     |_Mary ROYALL ________________|
|                       (1710 - 1757)               |
|                                                   |____________________________________
|--Martha WOODSON 
|  (1752 - ....)
|                                                    _William I RANDOLPH "the immigrant"_+
|                                                   | (1651 - 1711) m 1678               
|                      _Isham RANDOLPH of Dungeness_|
|                     | (1685 - 1742) m 1718        |
|                     |                             |_Mary ISHAM ________________________+
|                     |                               (1660 - 1735) m 1678               
|_Dorothea RANDOLPH __|
  (1732 - 1794) m 1751|
                      |                              _Charles ROGERS ____________________+
                      |                             | (1660 - ....)                      
                      |_Jane ROGERS ________________|
                        (1692 - ....) m 1718        |
                                                    |_Jane LILBURN ______________________+
                                                      (1670 - ....)                      




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