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Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, Kniffin 2nd ed., 1885 Livingston Co. Bio-Alvis, Washigton, Ventress, Jackson, Clark, Baxter, Alley of Sumner, TN, Buckingham Co. VA and FL, NC.


A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, ed. 8-B, 1887 Felming Co. KY. A History of Kentucky Baptists From 1769 to 1885, Including More Than 800 Biographical Sketches, J. H. Spencer, Manuscript Revised and Corrected by Mrs. Burilla B. Spencer, In Two Volumes. Printed For the Author. 1886. Republished By Church History Research & Archives 1976 Lafayette, Tennessee. Vol. 2, pp 41-42. [Scott County]


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" Who was Catherine, the wife of Col. Cadallader Jones of Virginia" by Henry G. Taliaferro of New York; VA Gen v. 38, pp. 163-189


Dava Osborn Jones; EMail: [email protected] 1/98 Descendant of Gabriel Jackson Penn>Martin Wilson Penn, Danville, KY.


Letter: 11 Jul 1981 from Dorothy (&Lloyd) Burge w. ped chart.61234 Chikamin Dr; Bend, OR, 97702. EMail: [email protected] 1/98


Howard Palmer; EMail: [email protected] 2/98 descendant of Neil Edward Davison.


Donald Power Maxwell, Jr.,M.D. 4905 Dreyfous Avenue Metairie La, 70006-1222 USA 504-454-2324 Fax: 504-780-8094 [email protected] ml Descendant of Walser-Schilling-Maxwell.


Karen Bosze, 2/98 One ref. used A History of Two VA Fam Transplanted from County Kent, ENG" by Dr. and Mrs. William Carter Stubbs.


Pedigree Charts by Beverly Webster; EMail: [email protected] 2/98 Descendant of Moseley & Trabue-Guerrant & Cherry-Webster.


Clan Dannachaiadh Society:


Eleanor Holmes Colson EMAIL: [email protected] Gedcom 2/98 Husband is a descendant of James H. Worsham & Margaret McKneely. Eleanor H Colson, 22806 Merrymount Dr., Katy, TX 77450 United States .html 2/01 family file: Randle Families Updated: Mon Dec 2 2002 Contact: Eleanor Colson EMail: [email protected] Randle Family Genealogy Home Page

Descendants of Thomas, John, and Peter Lamar/Lamore on Updated: Sun Nov 3 2002 Contact: Eleanor Colson EMail: [email protected] Lamar Family Genealogy


"Virginia Soldiers of 1776" p. 68, 76, 77, 336, 426, and p. 427, Warrant No. 9561. (Va State Lib, Archives Dept. Cert. Allowance Exec Dept. Richmond, VA, Jun 1st, 1841.)

Source Information: Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Vol. 1 [database online]. Orem, UT:, 1997. Original data: Burgess, Louis Alexander. Virginia Soldiers of 1776. Richmond, VA: Richmond Press, 1927.

Description: Published in 1927, this important reference work identifies many military men serving from Virginia in the Revolutionary War. Information about each soldier has been compiled from documents on file in the Virginia Land Office, or from material in the Archives Dept. of the Virginia State Library. Entries often contain information about heirs, spouses, witnesses, and other people as are associated with the proceedings of probate and other legal processes.


Legacy Mag. of the Monroe Co. Al Heritage Museum. From Marie Palmer EMail: [email protected] 2/98


[email protected] (Mike Jarrell) Gedcom from Agatha Jane Feltus Jarrell. 1997


Judy Prisley; EMail: [email protected] 2/98 Descended from Richard Tayor, Jr., 6th son of Commodore Richard and Catherine Davis.


Marcia Knob EMail:[email protected] 2/98 granddaughter descendant of Geo Wash. Bowling.


William Morris Higginbotham, EMail: [email protected] 2/98 Grandson of Beverly Morris Higginbotham (1886-1968), a Higginbotham researcher from 1914 to 1961. Descendant of Absolom Higginbotham and Mary Sandidge. databases.htm

Higginbotham Family From Amherst Co., VA on Updated: Sat Dec 6 2003; Contact: William Morris Higginbotham Home Page: Higginbotham Genealogy


Monroe Co. AL marriages; email msg by Marie Palmer, [email protected]


[email protected] 2/98


Doris Edwards descendant of William Ham; Registrar of Rucker Family Society, 2017 43rd SE U-2, Grand Rapids, MI 49508. Ph: 616-455-2964. EMail: [email protected] 2/98 "The Peter Rucker, Immigrant, Home Page," at: tml


Three Hundred Years of the De Hay family in SC 1670-1970. Submitted by Estella de Hay, Moncks Corner, SC-2 Folders in SC Hist. Soc. Rec'd 2/98


Patti Leake, EMail: [email protected] 2/98 Descendant of Peter Gurerrant Jr and Mary Perrow (Perrault) "From All My Marys to Me" by Constance Jonas copyright 1982 and part of the All My Somedays project, a Living History Project sponsored by Pierce & Tacoma Cos. Public Library under a grant from the National Endowment for the Hunmantities. page has some info on Daniel and Pierre Guerrant and Magdelene Verreul.


Bill F. Meade; EMail: [email protected] 2/98 Desc of Walter Meade and Laura Cantrell.


Oscar Kraehenbuehl, EMail: [email protected] 2/98


Richard B. McAuliffe, desc of Alfred Richardson Buffin, brother of Emily Buffin m. Charles Alvis. 2/98 EMail: [email protected] 9/98


Thomas J. Jenkins, EMail: [email protected] 8/97. Jenkins History at 3 Rivers Chronicles, Vols I-V & VI-X. Includes Alexander & John McCants as jury men in 1751 in Prince Frederick Parish; A page from the Abner Brown Family Bible.

LDS Submitter Frierson data Submitter(s): Wilson, Witherspoon, Frierson, Gordon. THOMAS J.JR. JENKINS 1154 LYNBROOK ST NW PALM BAY FL USA 32907-7615




Bill McCampbell; EMail: [email protected] 8/97


Ted T. Taylor; EMail: [email protected] 2/98


Hal Charles Parker: Personal Interview 11/96 at home by Josephine Estelle Lindsay Bass; 5 page History of naval Career written by Hal Charles Parker ATC (AC) USN ( Ret).


Abner Harrison - Prof at Ole Miss, Oxford, MS.(retired 1997) no new address. For detailed Report, See Harrison Repository: h5.htm


Pike County, Mississippi, 1798-1876_ by Luke Ward Conerly, who was born in 1841. The 1909 edition was reprinted c1978 by Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC with a new preface and index in a book called Resource Records of Pike/Walthall Counties, Mississippi, 1798-1910, also including "Miscellaneous legal and family records pertaining to the areas of Pike and Walthall Counties, Mississippi" by Ernest Russ Williams (born 1934). The library description says that it includes the county histories, genealogy, and Civil War regimental histories.


Lori Bragg EMail: [email protected] 2/98 "The Final Irony and Helen Hodges' Braddock Book. Secondary sources. I've found so much in Nassau County, FL".


Jerry Morris Mounts 7770 East Mine Avenue; Terre Haute, Indiana 47803 EMail: [email protected]


Three Rivers Chronicle Vol XIX No. 1 Spring 1998, p. 24.


Edna H. Cheatham; EMail: [email protected] 1/98. Three Rivers Chronicle Vol. XIX, No. 1 Spr 1998, p. 6.


Will of Samuel Commander, dated 1733; sale of land 1736 to provide for younger children.

His will of Sept 17, 1733 was witnessed by Joseph Roper who married Mary McCantz of Williamsburgh Church (she was a dau of one of the immigrant McCants brothers).

On 1 & 2 June 1736 Samuel Commander the younger, Elizabeth Commander, Elisha Screven, and John Commander sold lands to a Josiah Smith for 1540 pounds the money to be made available for the use of Abigail, Dorothy, Frances, and Rachel, the daughters of Samuel Commander the, elder.


Larry H. Jones; EMail [email protected]; 1/98 3 Rivers Chronicle, Vol XIX, No. 1, Spr 98, p. 7.


Will of John Smith, 10 Jun 1797. Names wife Mary and Children. 3 Rivers Chronicle, Vol. XIX, No. 1, Spr 1998, pgs. 9, 10.


Caron Withers Snyder; EMail [email protected] 9/99 Word Doc. 2/98


Notes on the Ancestry of Sancha De Ayala by Nathaniel L. Taylor and Todd A. Farmerie pub. in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 152, Jan 1998, p.36 - 48.


Roper Kings gedcom, dated 7 May 97.


Sue & Tony (Skay) Abruscato; EMail [email protected] 3/98 Information on Hodges collected from Daughters of The Republic of Texas, Austin, TX. Descends from Theodore Dorsett and Mary Murphrey. Mary was the sister to Willis Murphrey who settled in Sabine Co. TX


Anna L. Lutz; EMail: [email protected] (Anna L. Lutz) 3/98 Higginbotham-List. Src: Elizabeth Willis DeHuff, published, "Thomas Higginbotham of Georgia", no date.


Edmund Flournoy of Geneva, Switzerland, owner of Manuscript. Pedigree of various branches of the name begun in 1732, Virginia. Virginia; Historical Families, John B. Broddie, 1965; Heraldica--A Registry of Virginia Families Gentry Entitled to Coat of Armor, William A. Crozier, 1965 p 52, Flournoy Henrico County, Virginia. Anna L. Lutz < [email protected]> 3/98


MaryaM5111, EMail: [email protected] Mon, 15 Dec 1997 [email protected] mail list.


1715 Barbadoes Census Record, St. Phillips parish; Church Records of baptism & burial.


Jerry Nathan Rice; EMail: [email protected] 3/98 Descendant of Philip b 1704 , son of Henry Pendleton 1683-1721. Twin Books abt Edmund Pendleton of VA. BIO identifies his gf as Philip Pendleton.


Angus P. Robinson EMail: [email protected] Descendant of Henry Clay Pendleton of GA.


Sandra LeBlanc Gilbreath; EMail: [email protected] 2/98 BENNETT- HODGES Bible record; ggdau of Mary Melvina Hodges, St Helena Parish, LA.


Christine Hodges; EMail: [email protected] 5/97 Descendant of James Eugene Hodges


Jo Ann Plunkett; EMail: [email protected] 3/98 Granddaughter of Luther Hobson Hodges and Maudie Bennie Wascoum..


Darryl Edward Coney; EMail: [email protected] 4/98 Descendant of Seth Coney and Gussie Branigan.


John David Coney; EMail: [email protected] 4/98 Descendant of David Aquilla Coney and Mary Jane Walker.


David A. Spiers, EMail: [email protected] Descendant of David Morgan & Mary Andrews. 8 Generations of Morgans in Marion Co. MS


Robert L. Latimer; EMail: [email protected] 4/98


Taliferro Times; submitted by Margaret S. Stubblefield. EMail: [email protected]. 4/9/98 Descendant of Rice Moore and Elizabeth Madison of Halifax VA.


"Stones of Charles Co. MD", a family history, Authored and Compiled by.James P. Roddy; EMail: [email protected] 4/98


Patricia Hyche; EMail [email protected] 4/98


Harry O. Alvis, #20 Luster Dr. Batesville, AR 72501


Robert Chapman, EMail: [email protected] 4/98 grandson of Pearl Winter Fultz Chapman.


Ms Lisbeth A. Sheppard; EMail: [email protected] Sources: "Turff and Twigg" by P. H. Cabell; Ship's List, "Mary and Ann" arr July 1700; "Cavaliers & Pioneers-VA"; "Huguenot Immig. to VA" by Brock; "Reg. of Huguenot Ancestors" by Chandler-Cobb (1975); "The Huguenot B. Dupuy & His Desc." by Rev. B. H. Dupuy; Probate records - Henrico Co., Nottaway Parish, Amelia Co. & Powhattan, Co. VA; "Misc Court Records 1650-1807 of Henrico Co.", Vol 1. "Genealogies of VA Families". "The Douglas Register".


Graves Family Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 2, May 1, 1998 "Kenneth V. Graves" EMail: [email protected]


Janice Bullock Williams; EMail: [email protected] 5/98


Contributor: Sandra Duncan; EMail: [email protected] WDC GenWeb Project Home Page [email protected]:// .html


"DUNAWAY_THOMAS_H" [email protected] 5/98


Ray & Sandra Hoyt; EMAIL: [email protected] 5/98 descendant of John Glover Sloan and Harriett Alabama Sloan.


Heather Cameron; EMail [email protected] 5/98


Rachael Anne Schultz; ged com; descendant of Taul, Spencer, Chevis, Minor, James Taylor IV & Hubbard. Us Dept. of Edu, Wash. DC.


Joan Mihay; EMail: [email protected] Nicholas Taliaferro Bible


Weldon Rogers; EMail: [email protected] Source: Loose papers of Caroline Co. VA State Library in Richmond; A list of all of Jane Bankhead Taliaferro's children and living issue in 1832 prepared by her exec. Benj F. Taliaferro, attorney, of Fredericksburg, VA.


Taliaferro Family History with Town's History, by Kurt Meier. Fort Thomas community N. KY area. Sent by Betty Smiddy; EMail: [email protected]


Judy Canant; EMail: [email protected] Submitted to the Taliferro Times


April Kyle BLADH gedcom; EMail: [email protected] or [email protected]. 9/00

Source: Protestant Temple Rouen, Normandie, France records information on the VEREULS, AUBERS, TEVENIN, Du FAYS, COUILARDS, and etc;


Allen Ward; EMail: [email protected] 2/98


Poplar Grove Cemetery, Amherst Co., VA Located on State Rt. 661, at Poplar Grove, formerly Higginbotham Academy; Transcribed by William Morris Higginbotham [email protected] Charleston, WV 11/28/1999. Parenthesis ( ) added for clarification. My grandfather, Beverly Morris Higginbotham (1886-1968), referred to this cemetery as the London Cemetery) This cemetery is well cared for on a beautiful farm currently owned by Craig Maddox.


Birth Certificate-Virginia Virginia birth certificate VA Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics


Census Records U.S. Census records


Tombstone Inscription


Marriage License-SC Marriage License State of South Carolina


Obituary--Mrs. A.D. Wactor Unmarked newspaper clipping unknown unknown


Obituary--Arthur D. Wactor unidentified newspaper clipping unknown unknown


Susie Email: [email protected] 5/98


David and Claudia Coney, EMail: [email protected] 2 pages Coney Family History.


Ltr, 1 Jun 1964, from David Quinn, Atlantic Ave, Nanuet, Rockland Co. NY to Mrs. Mattie L. Mattetal, P. O. Box 84, Johnson City, TN. Records taken from the Coney Bible and papers of his mother, Estelle C. LeBlanc. Ltr 12 Dec 1964 from David Quinn to Mattie.


Dekle Coney, EMail: [email protected] 8/01 Ltr, dated 14 May 1973, to Mr. Dekle Coney, 1169 Forsyth St. Macon, GA 31208 from Mrs. R. C. Upton (Marie) 406 Cedarhurst Dr, Jackson, MS 30206. Ltr, dated 17 Jul 1973, from Mr. Dekle Coney, House of Representatives, Atlanta, GA. to Mrs. Gordon Willoughby, Rt # 4, Box 52K, Sumit, MS 39666. Dekle Coney, Macon GA - 1973 Notes on Coney in VA, NC, GA & MS. 336-454-0487,OR WRITE: 5313 MONTEVISTA DR. GREENSBORO, N.C. 27407


Copy of Marriage License.


Samuel Commander of Prince George Par. Craven Co. SC manuscript; by Mrs. Beatrice B. Commander, d. 1976 in Orlando, FL Public Library, Genealogy Dept, File cabinet. Collected 5/21/98 by Josephine Lindsay Bass.


Judy Cameron EMail: [email protected]


The Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of the National Huguenot Society. Arthur Louis Finnell, registrar General, National Huguenot society, 9033 Lyndale Ave S Suite 108, Bloomington, MN 55420-3535


The National Huguenot Society, Printed by Instant Images, Inc. Vincennes, IN; donated to Orlando, FL Library by Robert B. Reed, Past Pres. of The Huguenot Society of FL - 1982.


Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of the National Huguenot Society, 4th Edition, 1995, compiled by Arthur Louis Finnell Registrar General.

Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors. The National Huguenot Society 3rd edition compiled 1983 by Vera Reeve, Certified Genealogist Registrar General. The National Huguenot Society, room 244, Hearst Hall, Washington Cathedral Close, Woodley and Wisconsin Avenues, Washington, D.C. 20016.

Ref: Whitley, Edythe Johns Rucker; History of the Rucker Family and their Descendants; Nashville, TN, 1927. The Huguenot; Pub. No. 29 1979-1981 "Naturalizations of French Refugees".


Wooten word doc from "John E. Perry" EMail: [email protected] 5/98 Wooten of Isle of Wright, VA.


Gregg Dunn, Eail: [email protected] 5/98 Rousseau family line set of manuscripts 1872-1892, written by my GG Grandfather, Sen. James Crain McGinnis. The manuscript written in 1890-93 and completed by his wife Sophia Debenham McGinnis at his death in 1893. Published in it later form in "The Kelly Book" in 1972.


George (Frank) Thompson "George Thompson" EMail: [email protected]. 3/00 Old EMail: [email protected] 6/98.or [email protected]


Judy Lucas Martin; EMail: [email protected]

[S697] 5/98


Louisiana CSA\_Jackson_Mounted LA 1st.htm 5/98

Muster Rolls Recorded From National Archives Microfilm Publications "Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers From the State of Louisiana" Microcopy-320, Rolls 1-7


Richard R. Jeter III; Email: [email protected] 6/98 Jeter Mosaic by Grater Jeter Clark.


Becky in Augusta, Ga. EMail: [email protected] 6/98 desc of Ezekial Coney of GA.

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