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Posted to Moss Family Genealogy Forum taken from the book The Woodsons and their Connections pg 150 post by Julie@[email protected]


Chastain, Briant, Benoist, Clark, Conley, Dyer, HOward, Johnston, Mead, Meadors, Miller, Parker, Todd, Snell, Sublett, Tribble. family file: Updated: Thu Jun 1 2000 Contact: Linda LeBlanc EMail: [email protected]


Inlaws& Outlaws Family File: Updated: Mon Jun 17 2002. Contact: Larry [email protected] Homesite- other: GeoZay1 Updated: Sun Jun 23 2002 Contact: George Zay


Roger & Marsha (Drummond) Smith family file: Updated: Jun 30 2002. Roger Smith EMail: [email protected]


The James Family Website


Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4, Volume IV. Chapter III Washington. Col. John Washington. Volume IV Chapter III Washington. Strother


A Classification of American Wealth History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America. Chapter 2 Planter Aristocrats The Langhornes - A First Family of Virginia By Thomas Litten e3.asp.


Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War Series M: Selections from the Virginia Historical Society; Part 4: Central Piedmont Virginia


Descendants of Henry Watkins, Immigrant from ENG to VA. Henry Watkins genealogy file from Fran 7/03/02 EMail: [email protected]


Dixie Ferris, EMail: [email protected] Msg to jbass 7/5/02 Alexander McCants & Margery Gotea. Leroy Alfred Calder Journal 1914-1992 (And Related Ancestral Lines of Baxter, Beck, Chaplin, fields, Hampton, House, Kennard, Lynch, McCants, McClam, Murphrey, Nettles, Rhinehart, Rhodes, and Scott) compiled & edited by Dixie Rhinehart Calder Ferris, © 1998 (641 pages $67.50).


Northampton / Accomack Co. Va. Names Family Files; Updated: Mon Feb 11 2002 Contact: Bill Wilkins EMail: [email protected]


Don Gregory EMail: [email protected] msg to jbass 6 Jul 2002.


Andrle on family files: Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001. Contact: rebecca andrle EMail: [email protected]


Pat Stevens EMail: [email protected] Msg to jbass 06 Jul 2002 Great job, Extensive documentation, lots of Stevens info. WorldConnect at: vensp&I11.x=50&I11.y=5


United Kingdom Genealogy by Nigel Batty-Smith EMail: [email protected] tml


From: "Whitaker, Richard E" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Solomon Barrow Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002


Hearn/Paul family Updated: Wed Jan 9 2002 Family file. Contact: Judi Hearn EMail: [email protected]


Dottie Jo Marsh E-mail to [email protected] Contact for More Information


Pritchartt Family in America on family file: Updated: Mon May 19 2003. (old-Updated: Fri Jul 5 2002). Contact: Pritchartt EMail: [email protected]


Descendants of Thomas Eldridge, Sr


An Intimate Study of Thomas Eldridge, Junior and Senior By William D. Hall, M. D. Selma, Alabama posted on Eldridge-L rootsweb archives. posted by [email protected] parts 1 thru 8 on 11 Dec 1998.


Msg From: Jaydene Buhler EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: additional Holme family information Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 descendant of Johnathan Holmes.


Msg from Nora Tocus To: [email protected] Subject: William Francis Flournoy Date: 11 Jul 2002 EMail: [email protected]


Msg From: Joe Flournoy EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: William Francis Flournoy Wed, 10 Jul 2002. Descendant of William Francis Flournoy from Jasper County, Georgia.


The McCants Family History, Some Branches of the Family Tree which Took Root in Alabama Compiled by William C. Stapleton, Jr.


John Dunnam (This is a work in progress...not yet complete)


Descendant Report for John Vassall.


Pressley-Price Family Tree on Updated: Wed Jun 5 2002 Contact: Nanci Presley-Holley EMail: [email protected]


Sam Purl, descendant of Henry Carter Purl. EMail: [email protected] 7/19/02


Mary Katherine Purl Maddox, Pedigree Chart, 1 Aug 1968


Msg To: [email protected] Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 Subject: Ancestry of Robert E. Coleman, Sr. of Mobjack From: Scott Forbes EMail: [email protected] Josephine, According to the LDS records at and Georgia Fleming's genealogy pages at


The Johns Family History Association Genealogies. From Updated: Feb 1 2003 (old-Sat Apr 27 2002). Contact: Bob Newsome EMail: [email protected] Home Page: The Johns Family History Association


Mustain - Gregory family tree: Updated: Sun Jul 21 2002 Contact: george mustain EMail: [email protected] Compiled by George Mustain, Newport, NC

The Mustain and Gregory Connections Updated: Thu Jul 10 2003 Compiled by George Mustain, Newport, NC EMail: george mustain [email protected]


Searcy, Stafford and Associated Families, family tree file: Updated: Mon Oct 23 2000. Contact: Susan F. Lindberg EMail: [email protected]


Clark-Barnett-Thompson tree file: Updated: Sun Apr 7 2002 Contact: J. David Clark EMail: [email protected]


Family Tree-Loftin on Updated: Thu Jun 20 2002. Contact: Keli Shute EMail: [email protected]


Sander,Robinson,Gould,Kendall & allied families on Updated: Sat Feb 23 2002 Contact: Jerome Sander EMail: [email protected]


MScheffler on Updated: Wed Apr 17 2002. Contact: Scheffler EMail: [email protected]


The Phillips Family: Our History Our Heritage -- Shirley Phillips Friel; 1988 A Century of Wayne County Kentucky 1800-1900 -- Augusta Phillips Johnson; 1939 The Family of Moses Woodruff -- Delwood S. Jackson; 1988 The Woodruffs of North Carolina -- LaVanche Woodruff West; 1986 John Roberts Phillips An Autobiography Genealogy History -- A. G. Campbell; 1986." lineage believed by some to be Abner's, taken from an undocumented Phillips genealogy compiled about 1949.


Confederate Military Roster On Line. 8th (Baxter-Smith) Cavalry Researcher of the 4th/8th Tennessee Cavalry C.S. A. [Smith's] 19 Mar 2003 Theodore Urbanski EMail: [email protected]


Diana Gale Matthiesen EMail: [email protected] dsonMims.htm.


Pvt. Isaac Pipes Company A, 27th Louisiana Infantry Last updated on February 1st, 1998 THE PIPES FAMILY HOME PAGE Updated 04/17/2002 A Descendant Genealogy Report for Windsor Pipes, Son of John Pipes Sr.


Roberts-Davis Family Tree by Anita (Davis) Roberts EMail: [email protected]


Clardy Family Cemetery Indian Mound Road, Ware Place, SC (near Mt. Gallagher)


The Manor of Aberafan EMail: [email protected] Amy and Ronald Jenkins of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado .


Hazel Kidd Lawson, EMail: [email protected] 7/2002 snail mail pedigree chart and descendant report.


Jones Family of Prince George Co., VA family tree. Updated: Sun Jul 28 2002 Contact: Randy Jones [email protected]


Paul Watson Family File on Updated: Fri Jan 4 2002. Contact: Center EMail: [email protected]


Tree for Tyler Quinn Beach and Zachary Elijah Beach - A Work in Progress on Updated: Sun Apr 2 2000. Contact: Cynthia Eliason [email protected]


1.Bradley-Key, by Bettina Pearson Higdon. Published by The Gregath Company. 2.Key and Allied Families by Mrs. Julian C. Lane, Statesboro, Georgia; 3.Tree for Tyler Quinn Beach and Zachary Elijah Beach - on Updated: Sun Apr 2 2000. EMail: Cynthia Eliason [email protected] 4. Brad Jones [email protected] tree on 5.Brøderbund Software, Inc. Title: World Family Tree Vol. 5, Ed. 1 Publication: Release date: August 22, 1996 Page: Tree #1947.


1.Reineckles/Robertsons and other Famous People. Updated: Tue Jun 4 2002 Contact: Rob Robertson, EMail: [email protected]

2.Thompson, Bollman, Ritchie, McGuire, Jeffers and allied families Updated: Sat May 25 2002. Contact: tracy knapp EMail: [email protected]

3. rwilliamson Updated: Sat Nov 3 2001. Contact: Roger Williamson EMail: [email protected] There are some differences in all of these databases.


Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War ns/plantm4.htm


Lasley Piedmont Genealogy tm#1458


Boone White and related families on Updated: Fri Jul 12 2002. Contact: Boone White [email protected]


Ferris Entries:on Updated: Thu Apr 4 2002. Contact: William R. Ferris, Jr. [email protected]


WDC GenWeb - Descendants of William Bradshaw. Email: [email protected]


Roy family on Updated: Fri Jul 19 2002. Contact: Connie Keith, EMail: [email protected]


Miller's DataBase on Updated: Thu Nov 1 2001. Contact: Bud Miller EMail: [email protected]


A Brief History of Federal Hill.


Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexican, Indian, and Civil Wars 1894 by General Dabney Herndon Maury - USA Minister to Colombia, S.A.; Founder of the Southern Historical Society; edited, republished & (c) July 4, 1993 by Wm. Maury Morris II, [email protected] All Rights Reserved. Chapter 1 il_war_usa/D_H_Maury/DHM_01.TXT. Author of Recollections of Virginia, by Maury, Dabney Herndon, 1822-1900. Electronic Edition. © This work is the property of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.


Wendy Jones de Geofroy, Compiler June 6, 2000. EMail: [email protected]


The Sublett Family Association is a non-profit corporation established December 7, 2001:


The Cobb Family by Sandy Cobb. (Src: The preceding Cobb genealogy was obtained from the Department of Archives and History, Atlanta, and was apparently compiled by the late Lucian Lamar Knight, who established the Department and was it's first President."

Famous Georgians • Chapter 21 • The Cobbs ( Famous Georgians • Chapter 35 • The Lumpkins

History of Warren County, Georgia 1793-1974 Author: Mrs. W. F. Wilhoit and the Warren County History Committee Publication: Wilkes Publishing Company, 1976

Jacob Lumpkin and decendants


Manuscripts Department Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill SOUTHERN HISTORICAL COLLECTION #371 JACKSON AND PRINCE FAMILY PAPERS.


The Thornton Family by W. G. Stanard; William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 1. (Jul., 1896), pp. 58-60. t6530000.txt


LDS Submitter: Desiree Lynn Burrell-Rodcay (---) P. O. Box 654, Canton, IL 61520 The BURRELL-RODCAY Geneology Homepage has deleted Rawlings info because of complaint. CONTACT BY EMAIL: [email protected] 8/12/02 LDS Submission: AF97-115957 Submitter: SUE LOVELL Microfilm: NONE ROUTE 2 BOX 175 FLOYDADA TX 79235.


Hite, Hight, Family on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001. Contact: Kathy Weaver EMail: [email protected]


Cobb and Cobbs From:


The Southern Line of Howell by Ann Howell, EMail: [email protected] "" You might also like to check out these other sites: " ml" or ""


Descendants of Llywelyn Ap Hywel Fychan


Msg From: Judy Laird, EMail: [email protected] 14 Jul 2002 To: To: [email protected] Subject:Re: Penn's of Amherst Va.-Mitchell.


Crawford W. Long by Roger Thomas also see Crawford Long Photo & brief write up. Long’s great accomplishment is now celebrated every year, on the anniversary, March 30. In the U.S. it is known as "Doctor's Day."



James H. Ware.GEDCOM on Updated: Aug 26 2001. Contact: James Hardy Ware EMail: [email protected]


Genealogy of Jefferson Davis, President CSA



Research by Dr. Billy Glenn Foster, Branches and Roots and David Foster, Foster Genealogy. r.htm.


Mostly Southern Updated: Sat Aug 17 2002. Contact: Mark Freeman [email protected] Home Page: Mark and Carolyn's Genealogy


Hurst and Murray Familys of mo an ark by Joesph Lafayette Murray on Gencircles January 10, 2002.


Lineage of Cowles Mead; A short (incomplete) lineage chart for Abner Green.


Bosley on Ancestry. com Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001. Contact: Sarah Clem EMail: [email protected] A Pictorial History of the Egan-Hazlitt-Reutter-Kissel and Allied Lineage's". written by ___ Egan. This book can be found in the Owensboro Public Library, in the Kentucky Room. John Corley (1700 - 1743); See notes of Richard Corley (1653 - 1698).


From Ed Griffith (4th Great Grandson of Berry Finley-Corley-Cawley) [email protected] msg to [email protected] 17 Aug 2002. Descendants of Thomas Wright Word doc.

[S2406] World Family Tree Vol. 17, Ed. 1

Customer pedigree.


Mitzi Roberts Ancestry on, Updated: Sun Aug 11 2002. Contact: mitzi roberts, EMail: [email protected]


Descendants of Job Padget of Edgefield County, S.C. Updated: Sun Jan 30 2000. Contact: Dallas Phelps [email protected]


Jewell Kennedy EMail: [email protected] msg 6 Aug 1998 Descendants of William Horn on Wilson County MailList Descendants of Richard Horn


Michael Wilson, EMail: [email protected] msg to Sandidge-L mail list, 19 Aug 2002. Descendant of Leonard Wilson and Mary Sandidge.


Descendants of Goodman Christmas by Herbert Turner. EMail: [email protected], [email protected]


Contact: Bill Taylor [email protected] Updated: Jul 22, 2002 Title: Gaines, by Calvin E. Sutherd, 1969 Title: World Family Tree Vol. 17, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: December 11, 1997, Page: Tree #1034 Text: Date of Import: Nov 30, 1999 Title: CerdicV17P1034.FTW, Text: Date of Import: Nov 30, 1999 Title: mavery72.ged Date of Import: Mar 1, 2000 "A Compilation of Gaines Family Data with Special Emphasis of the Lineage of William and Isabella (Pendelton) Gaines" by Calvin Sutherd. Page 110. Riverside Press, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Aug 1972.


Rev.Jacques James de_la_Fontaine / Anne Elizabeth Boursiquot


The TERRELL Family of Virginia E-mail: [email protected] This page last updated on 9 Aug 2002. l


Long Island Genealogy Surname Information. EMail: [email protected] The gedcom to this file is now available as part of the "Long Island Genealogy Founding Fathers Surname Resouece CD."


create family trees Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 on Contact: Lisa Bass EMail: [email protected]


Berry Davenport Lewis Raine Nall Bewley Mcintire 17July2001 on Fri Nov 2 2001. Contact: Floyd Berry EMail: [email protected]


Pacetti, Cowart, Ball, Putnam Families on Updated: Fri Jul 13 2001 Contact: Rick Cowart EMail: [email protected]


Francis Hodges EMail: [email protected] msgs posted to mail list: [email protected]


Plymouth Colony: Its History and People 1620-1691 Part Three: Biographical Sketches Biographical Sketches Barker, Elizabeth GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES


Barfield Updated: Fri Jul 5 2002. Contact: doris sanders [email protected] [email protected]


Boyd Trees on Updated: Feb 15 2003 (old-Updated: Thu Jul 4 2002). Contact: John H. Boyd , EMail: [email protected]

(1) "Marriage Records of Berkeley County, Virginia 1781-1854," comp. by Guy L. Keesecker ( 1969) p.21. FHL #975.497 V25k.

(2) "West Virginia Estate Settlements," by Ross B. Johnston (Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimo re, 1977) p.53.

(3) "History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson an d Clarke," by J.E. Norris (1890) p.582-583. FHL book 975.59 H2m.

(4) "Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and their Descendants, A History of Frederick County Virgin ia," by T.K. Cartmell.


ASHLEY - PACE Family Updated: Tue Aug 20 2002. Contact: Jackie Ashley Pace [email protected] Home Page: PACE-ASHLEY Page dex.html?Welcome=1030411054


Coalter/Brumfield Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001. Contact: Lewis Coalter, EMail: [email protected]

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