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Alvis Genealogy, 1813-1990, by James Robert Alvis, Jr., Eleanor W. Alvis, Roberty Irby, and Helen E Wheeler, 1991

June 09, 1999 msg no.58 Alvis Family Genealogy Forum from Sandy


Southern & Western Maryland Marshall on by Michael Marshall Updated: Sun Jun 29 2003 EMail: [email protected]

Pre-1750 Charles County MD Familes: Wills, Court, Church, Land, Inventories & Accounts; Updated: Sun Sep 21 2003 by Michael Marshall. 532 964


Tharp and Related Families on Updated: Sat Apr 19 2003 by Contact: Gary L. Tharp Email: [email protected] 62476

[S2932] Index to marriages in Brown County Texas, 1880 to 1920


"Desc of F M & E J Purl " Yoist.doc" from [email protected] 30 Jun 2003

LDS Ancestral File: Submitter(s): RUBY D. LANEY Microfilm: NONE

P.O.BOX 71 LUNA,N.M. Submission: AF97-111244 USA 87824


LDS Ancestral file: Submitter(s): JOHN W. PACE 446 COMANCHE DR REXBURG ID USA 83440 Microfilm: None Submission: AF97-115556

NORMA MCCOLLOUGH 602 E MAPLE ENID OK USA 73701 Microfilm: 1394425 Submission: AF83-110626



Murdock past and present on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 by Contact: barry balow EMail: [email protected] 727


The Tenmile County and its Pioneer Families. A Genealogical History of the Upper Monongahela Valley (with surname index) by Howard L Leckey, Historian. Reprinted and published by Closson Press 1935 Sampson Drive Apollo, PA 15613 August, 1993 in cooperation with Cornerstone Genealogical Society Greene County Historical Society


Hatfield Family Updated: Sat Jun 14 2003 Contact: Everett Hatfield Email: [email protected] Hatfield Family History, by H.L. Sellards, Jr. The Hatfields, by G. Elliott Hatfield Descendants of Matthias Hatfield by Abraham Hatfield Hatfield Manuscript. (N.Y. Hist. Soc.) Hendrick's Genealogy by Charles T. Hendrick New York Dutch Church Baptisms 1 6


Anthony Sadowski - Polish Pioneer by Edward Pinkowski (Copyright 1966) EMail: [email protected] Edward Pinkowski 10212 SW 59th St. Cooper City, Florida 33328-6531


Adam Stephen House,


The History of West Virginia, Old and New Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume II


Submitter(s): JOAN NIXON SHEELY 9101-21 STEILACOOM SE OLYMPIA WA USA 98503-6108 Submission: AF91-102309


Nansemond Indian Tribal Association Tribal History, Nansemond Indian


LDS Ancestral File: Submitter(s): SCOTT P. ELLSWORTH 1505 FIRST AVENUE SAFFORD AZ USA 85546 Microfilm: NONE Submission: AF95-100033

Submitter(s): CHARLES LEE 1813 SKYLINE DR CHATTANOOGA TN USA 37421 Microfilm: NONE Submission: AF92-106577


From: [email protected] Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 To: [email protected] Subject: Dunn History. Harris County Georgia (My Wife's family).


sg From: Lynne Donnelly EMail: [email protected] To: josie bass [email protected] Subject: Re: genealogy-Hickory Hill dau of Mary Matthews Yunkes.


Msg from [email protected] To: [email protected] Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 Subject: Re: Family of Rosa Brumfield & Benjamin C. Fortenberry Albert R. Brumfield 10108 St. Paul Ave. River Ridge, La. 70123 BRUMFIELD HISTORIES, La. & Ms.


John Westbrook EMail: [email protected] msg to [email protected] 1 Jul 2003 direct descendant of Alice Wilda Carroll. Msg 12 Aug 2004 to [email protected]


Msg from LaVerne Sstepro-Perkins EMail: "lsteproperkins" John Long Family, Woodford County, Kentucky and Virginia word doc. ([email protected]) to [email protected] 15 Jul 2003.


Msg from Hildreth, EMail: [email protected] 3 Jul 2003 to [email protected] See ID #28688.


Msg From: Diana D Igo EMail: [email protected] Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 to [email protected] Subject: Arthur Whiteley I and Abraham Bing Whiteley


Msg From: Lowell Bankhead EMail: [email protected] Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 Subject: Dudley-Graves-Chambers-Bankhead To: [email protected]


Msg From: "Cherie Miller" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] 10 Jul 2003 Direct descendant of Valentine Sandidge and Mary Elizabeth Lee Sandidge.


From: "Libby Jackson" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Re: cameron family Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003


Judy Norwood Knight EMail: [email protected] descendant of Martha Hodges and Samuel Norwood. ANDREWS, BROACH, BYRD, DUTTON, KNOTTS, THREADGILL, WILLIAMSON

E-Mail from: Judy Norwood Knight, Old Darlington District Genealogy Chapter of SCGS


Newman/Harris file on EMail: [email protected] to colaborate Updated: Fri Apr 26 2002 Contact: Ruth Ann Harris Smith


Hairston Family on Updated: Tue Aug 20 2002 Contact: Edward J. Bregenzer EMail: [email protected]


Annette Womack EMail: [email protected] Womack Family in America on Updated: May 30 2000.


Michael K. Hendrix Family on Updated: Fri May 30 2003 Contact: Michael K. Hendrix EMail: [email protected] 247


LDS Ancestral File: John Lipscomb and Russell of Caswell Co. NC Submitter(s): Francis Andrews Maloney, Jr. Microfilm: 1512701 1941 KINGSTON STREET AURORA CO USA 80010-2509 Submission: AF95-000207

Thomas Lipscomb and Sarah McGehee; Joseph or John Lipscomb and Mary Kimbrough: by Salena LuWeez Ball ASHTON 286 Wymount Terrace Provo, Utah 84604 Submission Search: 1088656-1107100192352 URL: CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #22


LDS Ancestral File: Submitter(s): ARLIE JOE STILES 1115 EDGEMONT RD EMMETT ID USA 83617 Microfilm: NONE Submission: AF92-103843


Msg From: Carrie Newton Pinckard family researcher. EMail: [email protected] Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 To: [email protected] Subject: Margaret Pinckard


Msg From: Harry Strong EMail: "hmstrong" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: John Pollard Gaines (1795-1857) Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 "I am writing a magazine article about John Pollard Gaines (Governor of the Oregon Territory) and William Strong (US Supreme Court Justice for the Oregon Territory) and their sailing trip from New York around Cape Horn to Oregon in 1850."


Msg from "WARDELL, DREAMA" EMail: [email protected] To: "josie bass" [email protected] Subject: RE: henry o'neill love Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 Researcher of Dreama Love Wardell, Arlington, TX, dated March 1980, amateur genealogist, descended from the Loves.


Msg From: Deborah Johnston, EMail: [email protected] Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 Subject: Richard Augustus Peeples To: [email protected] Descendant of the Dents of Maryland.


Descendants of Perry R Sandidge: per "lilgenie42" EMail: [email protected] posted to Sandidge-L Rootsweb list on 17 Mar 2003.


Msg from Deanna Hendrix Email: [email protected] 17 Jul 2003 to [email protected] descendant of Delphia Rucker of Missouri.


Francisco & Related Families on Uated: Wed Feb 19 2003 Contact: Jim Sisco EMail: [email protected]


Msg From: "Colleen" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Taylor's Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003; descendant of Littleberry Taylor of Chesterfield, VA.


Gedcom Import Log - 07 Aug 2003 from cahilton1.GED (29 DEC 2002) Created by: EasyTree V1.0 Submitted by: Charity Hilton.


Msg from "Billye Cutchen" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: My Southern Family Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003; descended from James H. Armstrong.


Gedcom on Kathy's Family Updated: Sun Jan 6 2002 by: Marie Doorneweerd; Sources: gedcom Title: jsg9076c.FTW Noel Family Tree from France to Mercer Co., Kentucky by Jim Gayheart [email protected]

Andrea's Ancestors on Updated: Sun Aug 25 2002 by Andy Reed (info on Thomas and Lucinda Claunch).


My Family Tree on Updated: Mon Jul 14 2003 by: Shelea McLaughlin EMail: [email protected] Source: Title: wft 14 Page: 1882


Msg From: [email protected] Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 Subject: Gregory Lineage To: [email protected] great x 6 granddaughter of Mary Ward and Richard West Gregory.


UppTREE on Updated: Thu Nov 1 2001; Contact: Kristin Upp EMail: [email protected]


A genealogy of the VANDEVENDER and related families on Updated: Thu Jul 31 2003; Contact: Lee and Walt Vandevender EMail: [email protected]


The Bobbits Family EMail: [email protected] The Bobbit Book


The Family Workshop Home Page. Prepared by: Harry O. Alvis 20 Luster Dr. Batesville, AR 72501 Ph: 870-793-6683 EMail: [email protected]


The Morton Line Personal Collection of Virginia Martin Brown by her granddaughter, Carolann Bledsoe.


Coopers on Updated: Fri May 30 2003; Contact: Laura Fenimore EMail: [email protected] Sources: [Cooper10.FTW] [Cooper14.FTW]; Presley Kittredge Ewing and Mary Ellen (Williams) Ewing Publication: Ohio State Historical Library, Columbus, Ohio

"Ewings Genealogy Cognate Branches" by Presley Kittridge Ewing & Mary Ellen Ewing. Also "Ewing Genealogy" By Hon. Presley K. Ewing.


Msg From: Thomas (Tom) George Kenyon EMail: [email protected] Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 To: [email protected] Subject: Genealogy Aileen B. Purl

[S2981] 09949


Green County Marriage Book B, 1793-1836


Manuscripts Department Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill SOUTHERN HISTORICAL COLLECTION #4409 MANLY FAMILY PAPERS.


The Manly-Weise Family on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Cathy Manly Sockol EMail: [email protected]

[S2985] Family File 29/07/2003 Updated: Wed Aug 6 2003 by Contact: Lois & Dave Stephens EMail: [email protected]


Msg From: Irma (Salinas) Holtkamp EMail: [email protected] Subject: [SANDIDGE-L] Re: Thornton Gideon to T. J. Sandidge Date: 12 Aug 2003


LDS Ancestral File: Submitter: Hiram HODGES 308 Whitehall Road , Anderson, South Carolina, United States of America 29625 Submission Search: 393102-070599104355 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #3

Hiram "Jack" Jackson Hodges [email protected] Welcome=1060794325


Msg posted to msg boards by Elizabeth Hodges Edwards Date: 13 Aug 2002 Surnames: Brister, Hodges, Kyzar Email: [email protected]

Brister and Guess descendant: Jo Lancaster EMail: [email protected]


Prudence Thornton Posted by: Marie Dryden Date: July 29, 1998 EMail: [email protected]


'Mure01' Families covered: Mure of Rowallan Main sources: (1) 'The Historie and Descent of the House of Rowallan' by Sir William Mure, Knight of Rowallan. Written by 1657, Edition printed in Glasgow, 1825. (2) George Crawfurd's 'History of the Shire of Renfrew', originally published in 1710, 'Continued to the Present Period' by George Robertson, published in 1818.

Mure02 Families covered: Mure of Caldwell, Mure of Glanderston Main sources: (1) BLG1952 (Mure of Bodicote House, formerly of Caldwell). (2) George Crawfurd's 'History of the Shire of Renfrew', originally published in 1710, 'Continued to the Present Period' by George Robertson, published in 1818.

'Herries1 Families covered: Herries of Maidenpaup, Herries of Terregles Main sources: TSP (Herries), BP1934 (Herries).

(2) 'The History of Rutherglen and East Kilbride' which was 'Published with a view to promote the study of antiquity and natural history', by David Ure preacher of the gospel. Printed by David Niven, Glasgow 1793. This was updated by 'East Kilbride - The History of Parish and Village' by Thomas Eric Niven, published in 1965 in an edition of 1000 volumes by Wilson, Guthrie and Lang Limited, Glasgow.


Source: [email protected] Subject: RE: Complete Peerage correction? Stewart/Montgomery According to "Memorials of the Montgomeries" by William Fraser, Edinburgh, MDCCCLIX Vol. 1 Page 23-25 -- The Lords Montgomerie before the creation of the Earldom of Eglintoun.


Msg Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 To: Josephine Bass [email protected] From: [email protected] Subject: Coney Surname NEW ADDRESS: Lois Bungay [email protected], Kenneth Bungay EMail: [email protected]


Compton surname data base on Updated: Wed Jul 2 2003 by Contact: James H.L. Lawler EMail: [email protected]


Our Clay and Hardin Co. IL Familys Updated: Thu Feb 21 2002 Contact: Norvan L. Johnson Home Page: OUR FAMILY TREE


Jesse Macon Lawrence, Jr. Highland Oaks Ranch 5300 East McKinney Road Denton, Texas 76208 United States 940-243-5068 Fax: 940-243-0198 [email protected] /?Welcome=1060913537


The Locke Family of Virginia on Updated: Sat Aug 9 00:51:13 2003 by Contact: James Lock [email protected]


3 Stockton Lines in America Updated: Wed Jul 23 2003 Contact: Pam EMail: [email protected] tonlines&id=I36


WDC GenWeb - Descendants of William Contributor: George Elliott Tabb Jr Email: [email protected] Snodgrass

SNODGRASS LIBRARY EMail: [email protected] tml


Documents And Notes Continued Joseph Bradley; Src: The Name And Family of Boat(w)right, by Robert Guy Boatright, Cushing, OK, 1961.


James Thomas Patton Researchers of this family Bill Couch, Ronald Michael COLEMAN, Billie Sue Shanahan, Kathryn Hopkins

Cooper Family Database The most common surnames in this database (in no particular order) are : (1099), Albin(2002), Castleberry(855), Parris(288), Wyatt(319), BENNETT(379), Bryson(2171), Ensley(702), Smith(237), Redwine(1055) These WWW pages were produced on Wed Jun 04 17:25:57 2003. Bernie Cooper EMail: [email protected]


Msg Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 From: Robert (Bobby) McCants Franklin, Barbara Davis Franklin EMail: [email protected] Subject: Re: [McCants] Jeremiah McCants

Msgs on McCants board at by Author: John Adams


Cohoe-Shultz Family Gedcom on Updated: Thu Jul 17 2003; Contact: Caroline Shultz EMail: [email protected] Home Page: Cohoe Shultz Family


Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Volume IV Chapter X The Pendleton Family. Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2001. Original data: Some Prominent Virginia Families, Vol. 1-4. By Louise Pecquet du Bellet. Lynchburg, VA: J.P. Bell Company, 1907.


Lager Diebolt Rausch Laub Genealogy Page on Updated: Mon Aug 11 2003; Contact: Fred Lager EMail: [email protected] Terrill/Terrell Descendants From Early VA. Immigrants / John Terrill Wayland Jr. - [email protected]


Ancestry of Patricia Hendrix-Finch on Updated: Fri Jul 11 2003 by Contact: Patricia Finch EMail: [email protected]


Joe Sessions


John Waller (c1420-1490)

The "Waller Family"

LDS microfilm: number 1321014: Title, "Waller, A family History" by John Dickey.

The Waller Tree by Roy F. Waller on February 04, 2005


Sandifer, Waller and Taylor Home Page Updated September 5, 2000 by Merilyn Waller Taylor 21610 Meadowsweet Magnolia, Texas 77355 [email protected] /?Welcome=1061336207


Waller Scrapbook Hero or Butcher of Samar? C. W. Tazewell, (1917- ), Editor. W. S. Dawson Co. Virginia Beach VA 23462 1990

ISBN 1-878515-07-1 (Printed Version) ISBN 1-57000-057-3 (Online Version) Library of Congress Card Number 90-80405

This is Volume 7 of the Tazewell and Allied Families Scrapbooks: Anthologies on the Tazewell, Goode, Bradford, Parks, Walke, Hawkes, Waller, Littleton, Jackson, etc., Families in Virginia (9 Volumes, ISBN 1-878515-00-4, LC#90-81464). W. S. Dawson Co. a shoestring publisher


Ancestry of the Passmore Sisters of Nottingham Updated: Tue Dec 31 2002; Contact: Dwight Sipler EMail: [email protected] Src: WFT Volume 3 Tree 3263 Title: WFT Volume 2 Tree 2378 (all sources seem to be from WFT.)


Lincoln Ancestry Challenged [on Genealogy Today] 2003.

The Eugenics of PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN by James Caswell Coggins, A.M., S.T.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Founder and First President of Atlantic Christian College Wilson, North Carolina 1899 Abraham Lincoln, A Rutherford County Native (North Carolina)


Johns/Seid/Looker/Bauer Family on Updated: Thu Aug 14 2003 Contact: Larry Seid

Src: LDS and The Pioneer and the Prairie Lawyer: Boone and Lincoln Family Heritage Author: Willard Mounts Publication: Denver, Colorado, Ginwell Publishing Company, 1992


Maureen & Doug's Families on Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001; Contact: Maureen Hale EMail: [email protected]


The Cosbys of Ireland Settled in America; Decedents of Charles Cosby and Mary Loftus by Bob Cozby EMail: Bob Cozby


David E. LeLeux family tree on Ancestry. Com Updated: Wed Aug 20 2003 by Contact: David E. LeLeux EMail: [email protected]


Matthews' American Armoury and Blue Book; Matthews' American Armoury and Blue Book. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2001. Original data: John Matthews, Matthews' American Armoury and Blue Book.New York, NY: Crest publishing Company, Inc., 1907.


Baltimore Sun Article Maryland Heraldry History Of Distinguished Families and Personages. "The Lamar Lineage and Arms". A House Which Contributed Much To The Cause Of The Colonies In Their Struggle For Freedom. By Emily Emerson Lantz.


Bugg Family LDS Submitter(s): LUCY B. STEVENSON Microfilm: NONE

1954 GRAYDON AVE MONROVIA CA 91016 Submission: AF91-105284

Bacon Family: Submitter(s): JEANNETTE HOLLAND AUSTIN Microfilm: NONE 2018 LEVGARD LANE RIVERDALE GA Submission: AF90-100533 USA 30296

LINDA PHILLIPS SMITH Microfilm: NONE PO BOX 801 BRAINERD MINNESOTA Submission: AF91-103193 56401



CHARLES RICHARD LEE Microfilm: NONE 10333 BOSQUE DRIVE LAKESIDE CA Submission: AF97-111225 USA 10333 Bosq


Carter & West Families on Updated: Mon Sep 9 2002 by Contact: Craig Carter EMail: [email protected]


ABNEY's of Derbyshire: proved: *The Lords of Willesley - Co. Derby* ABNEY of Leicester, Co. Leicester, England* Message Boards 3 Oct 2002 Submitter: Robert Abney EMail: [email protected]

Roy-Powers-West-Lindauer and Related Families on Updated: Wed Apr 9 2003 by Contact: James R. Roy EMail: [email protected] Title: The Abney Family Researcher Author: R.R. Abney Jr Publication: Volume V, Issue I, January, 2001 Newsletter from "The Centralized Abney Archives" Title: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, Author: David Faris Publication: New England Historic Genealogical Society Second Edition.

Msg posted by: Jim Smith [email protected]


Charles Edwin Laffoon database in Roots Web's World Connect Project, July 2001; Jason Duncan; [clarissa reynolds.ged]; WFT Ref # 221 Vol 12.


Reynolds Family Tree on Updated: Sat Jun 28 2003 by Contact: Christopher Reynolds EMail: [email protected]


Ancestors of Linda Herring & Kenneth Schmehl on Updated: Tue Jun 17 2003 by Contact: Linda Schmehl EMail:[email protected]

[KENS.FTW] Source: James Randolph Kidd, Jr. 6124 Daleshire Drive, Richmond, VA 23234, [email protected]


"Sword Over the Gown" Bishop-General Leonidas Polk Leading Founder THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH The upcoming 150 year Sesqui-Centennial anniversaries: JULY 1, 1856 - JULY 1, 2006 Bishop Polk's Letter to the Southern Bishops sent from New Orleans, Louisiana


Bishop Leonidas Polk, the "Fighting Bishop" Bishop Polk built Trinty Episcopal Church in Cheneyville in 1853.

Death of a Bishop (Leonidas Polk) by Randy Golden exclusively for About North Georgia


Colonel Leonidas Lafayette Polk, Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans Garner, NC, USA Leonidas Lafayette Polk This is our camp namesake


KAH Genealogy on Updated: Thu Dec 12 2002 by Contact: Kathleen A. Hunt EMail: [email protected]

KAH Genealogy by Kathleen Hunt on Last Update August 24, 2002

Taylor, Foster,Shelby,Choate, Jackson by Robert L. Jackson on


OUR HERITAGE: Wyman and Wenrick (Mayflower Trail - follow ** or Charlemagne Trail) on Updated: Wed Jul 9 2003 by Contact: Marlene Wenrick EMail: [email protected]

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