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Auble file on Updated: Fri Jul 11 2003; Contact: Jack Auble EMail: [email protected]


Schell/Chesnutt Ancestors by Rhonda Chesnutt on

John Billington Ancestor's by Michael Allen

Current Connections 9 22 02 by Pat Chadwick


The Paynes of Virginia Author: Payne, Brooke Publication: William Byrd Press, Richmond, Va., 1937; Publication: Harrisonburg, VA: C. J. Carrier Company [reprint], BET 1937 AND 1977.

Diaries of George Washington; Author: /Donald Jackson/, ed. Publication: Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press.

Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia; Author: John Frederick /Dorman/ Publication: Louisville, KY: General Printing Compant: The Filson Club, Inc. : Filson Club Publications, Second Series, Number Three, 1982: Page: pp. 281-2 [Citing Paynes of Virginia].

Title: Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA 1723-58 Author: compiled and published by George Harrison Sanford /King/Publication: Fredericksburg, Va. : G.H.S. King, Abt 1961

Virginia Magazine of History & Biography


My Morgan Trees, Branches, Limbs & Twigs by VPoor on EMail: [email protected]


FL-GA-SC-NC-VA-Europe by David Hunter Brown on; (also some data From Ballard-Willis Family Tree by Mark Willis Ballard on

Title: Herbert Ridgeway Collins. History and Genealogy of the Collins Family of Caroline Co., VA., 1569-1954. The Dietz Press, Richmond, VA, 1954Page: p.3

Title: History of Kent Co., England Page: v. II, p. 110.


MILLER by David G. Richardson on last updated September 25, 2003 EMail: [email protected]


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Seal/Seale and Allied Families of MS/LA by April Gill Page on updated February 11, 2003 EMAil: [email protected]

DebbieFerguson by Debbie Ferguson on (Youngblood)

Ancestors of Rena Forinash by Rena Forinash


Georgia Roots by Ms. Gerry Hill on


Genealogy of Clayton Howell Heathcock, Sr. by Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. 5235 Alhambra Valley Road Martinez, CA 94553 e-mail: [email protected]

Shackleford on Ancestors of Frank C Elsberry by Frank C Elsberry (and others) Shackelford Newsletter Page: Vol 2, No. 3, pg 40 Date: 1984 Title: Shackelford Clan Magazine Call Number: A14A66 Page: Vol 1, No. 7, pg 2,6; Vol 2, No. 12, pg 1,2,6,7 and Vol1, No. 10, pg 5 Deed Book of Halifax County, Virginia Page: Book 9, pg 409


Steve Riddle's Family Tree by Steve Riddle on updated May 10, 2003


Lewis Family by William Cook Emigration to other state from Southside Virginia by Katherine Elliott Howell Lewis will, Granville Co. NC Swepson Jeffries will, Mecklenburg, Co. VA The Lewis of Warner Hall by Sorley


Washburn - Winstead Family Tree by Robert Edwin Washburn on last pdate December 08, 2003 EMail: [email protected]

Patrick Stevens posted the following information on his website:

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LeGrande Ancestors by Thomas MebaneLe Grande on last updated August 02, 2002 Email: [email protected]


The Jeremiah Briant Family of Orange Co. VA by Charles Wittichen Anderson EMail: [email protected]

Descendants of Jeremiah Briant EMail: [email protected] t.htm.

Thomas Stobie's Relatives, their Ancestors and related families. on Updated: Fri Nov 14 2003 Contact: Thomas A. Stobie, SFO per [email protected]


Briant of Isle of Wight VA ODT8-0001.html

James Dillard Descendants by Michael Thompson on GenCircles

FL-GA-SC-NC-VA-Europe by David Hunter Brown on GenCircles


Kevin C. Evans P.O. Box 1090 Lone Star, Tx. 75668 [email protected]

Brennan, Green and Related Families by Marna Hughes on Crump info:


Compton by jhlawr on Last updated March 31, 2002 EMail: [email protected]

Charles Barton Briscoe by Paula Ramirez on Rootsweb. com 190958

Woods by David W. Scott on


Harris by Rex B.RALLS on

"The Candler Family from 1650 to 1890", call # CS71.C218.1902;


Montgomery01 Families covered: Montgomery of Arundel, Montgomery of Shrewsbury Main sources: (1) RoyalData. (2) "The Origin and History of the Montgomeries" by BG de Montgomery (1948). (3) 'Genealogy of Grahams' (see 'Graham06'). link1

Montgomery02 Families covered: Montgomery of Ardrossan, Montgomery of Eaglesham Main sources: (1) TSP (Eglinton); BP1934 (Eglinton and Winton). (2) "The Origin and History of the Montgomeries" by BG de Montgomery (1948). (3) 'Genealogy of Grahams' (see 'Graham06').

Montgomery03 Families covered: Montgomery of Brigend, Montgomery of Cockilbie, Montgomery of Eglinton, Montgomery in/of Greenfield, Montgomery of Lainshaw, Montgomery of Smithtoun Main sources: (1) "The Origin and History of the Montgomeries" by B.D. de Montgomery (1948). (2) TSP (Eglinton); BP1934 (Eglinton). mery03.htm#wint


Boyd1 Families covered: Boyd of Bonshaw, Boyd of Kilmarnock, Boyd of Penkill, Boyd of Pitcon, Boyd of Trochrigg Main sources: TSP (Kilmarnock), BE1883 (Boyd of Kilmarnock).


Kennedy01 Families covered: Kennedy of Cassillis, Kennedy of Dunure, Kennedy of Glentig, Kennedy of Girvanmains Main sources: TSP (Cassillis), BP1934 (Ailsa).


Borthwick1 Families covered: Borthwick of Borthwick, Borthwick of Colylaw, Borthwick of Johnstonburn, Borthwick of Sauchnell, Borthwick of Soltray Main sources: (1) TSP (Borthwick). (2) 'New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971' by L.G. Pine, published by Heraldry Today (ISBN 0-90045523-3).


Hay01 Families covered: Hay of Erroll, Hay of Ury Main sources: TSP (Erroll), BP1934 (Erroll).

Hay02 Families covered: Hay of Erroll, Hay of Killour Main sources: TSP (Erroll), BP1934 (Erroll)

Hay03 Families covered: Hay of Ardendraught, Hay of Artrochie, Hay of Carnmucks, Hay of Delgaty, Hay of Dronlaw, Hay of Park Main sources: BP1934 (Hay of Park), BP1999 (Hay of Park).

Hay04 Families covered: Hay of Locherworth, Hay of Tullibody, Hay of Yester Main sources: TSP (Tweeddale), BP1934 (Tweeddale).

Hay05 Families covered: Hay of Belton, Hay of Drumelzier, Hay of Lawfield, Hay of Linplum, Hay of Newhall, Hay of Nunraw, Hay of Spott, Hay of Tweeddale, Hay of Whittinghame, Hay of Yester, Hay-Newton of Newton. Main sources: TSP (Tweeddale), BP1934 (Tweeddale)

Hay06 Families covered: Hay of Haystoun, Hay of Smithfield Main sources: BP1934 (Hay of Smithfield)

Hay07 Families covered: Hay of Balhoussie, Hay of Carlisle, Hay of Kinnoull, Hay of Kirkland, Hay of Leys, Hay of Megginch, Hay of Rattray Main sources: TSP (Kinnoull), BP1934 (Kinnoull).


Livingstone01 Families covered: Livingston of Callendar, Livingston of Drumry, Livingston of Livingston, Livingston of Easter Wemyss Main sources: TSP (Linlithgow), BE1883 (Livingston of Linlithgow), TSP (Teviot), htm

Livingston02 Families covered: Livingston of Callendar, Livingston of Linlithgow Main sources: TSP (Linlithgow), TSP (Callendar), BE1883 (Linlithgow), BE1883 (Calendar).


Hepburn1 Families covered: Hepburne of Beinston, Hepburn of Bothwell, Hepburn of Hailes, Hepburn of Monkrig, Hepburne of Rollanston, Hepburn of Waughton, Hepburn of Whitsome Main sources: TSP (Bothwell), BLG1952 (Hepburn of Waughton), BE1883 (Hepburn of Bothwell).

same as source # 3183


Sinclair01 Families covered: Sinclair of Caithness, Sinclair of Orkney, Sinclair of Roslin Main sources: TSP (Orkney), BE1883 (Orkney), TSP (Caithness), BP1934 (Caithness), TSP (Sinclair), BP1934 (Sinclair).


Uncovering Stones by Ronnie Stone on last updated March 08, 2003 EMail: [email protected] Schoolfield, Robert Addison Author: Robert E. King Publication: copyright 1979 Call Number: 79-51636 Bio. Robert Addison Schoolfield Greenhill Cemetery Records Cemeteries: Henry Co. Bk 1 & 2 Death Register of Henry County, Virginia Vol 1 & 2 Author: Anne Vestal Miller Publication: Copyright 1992

Related People by Stephen C. Miller on Last Update March 16, 2002 EMail: [email protected]

Home Page of Robert A. Allen Author: Robert Allen Date: 22 Oct 1999 en-CA/GENE3-008.html

Descendents/relatives of Patrick Brogan by limulus29 on Last Update September 25, 2002 EMail: [email protected]


Descendants of JAMES PEARL - Report Updated September 5, 2000 William I. Pearl 5407 Alicante Ln. Louisville, Ky 40272 United States 502-935-5421 Fax: 502-935-8881 (old EMail: [email protected]) index.html?Welcome=1071733034


Descent from James IV, King of Scots to James Boswell by John P. Ravilious posted to [email protected] Dec 17, 2003 Sources: 1. "The Scots Peerage," Sir James Balfour Paul, ed., (9 vols). 2. "The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies," Gary Boyd Roberts, Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore, MD, 1993. 3. "Boswell Collection, Beinecke Rare Book & MSS Library," Yale University, Yale University website:


Ancestors of Myrna Griffith Waldron by Mickie Waldron on GenCircles June 19, 2001 EMail: [email protected]


Black, John 1750 VA, Descendants by Cheryll Black Obendorf


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Walker-Jones Family on by Glenn C. Jones

Diana's roots on GenCircles by diswayne

Descendants of George Maris on GenCircles by Raymond L. Maris


Bruners of Schifferstadt by Maurice Woehrle on EMail:[email protected]


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Ancestral Roots Of Sixty Colonists Who Came To New England Between 1623 And 1650 Author: Weis, Frederick Lewis Publication: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1992


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Sadler-Hinger Family by Rie_Sadler on Last Update

Sadler-Hinger Family May 11, 2003 EMail: [email protected]

Gregory Family on by Mike Gregory EMail: [email protected]

Millard Descendants by Darlene Schoepski on

Hall-Little4 by Marianne Hall Little (Jones info)

Clark Family Ky to AR by Darlene (Ranson Hathcock info)


Polk Family Group Record Posted By: Pat Chadwick 169 N. Lakeview Dr. Lake Helen, FL 32744 12/30/2003 EMail: [email protected]

The Pollock Genealogy Page,


Home01 Families covered: Home of Dunglas, Home of Ersiltoun, Home of Fast Castle (Fastcastle), Home of Home, Home of Huttonhall Main sources: TSP (Home), BP1934 (Home).


Seton01 Families covered: Seton of Meldrum, Seton of Pitmedden, Seton of Seton, Seton of Touch Main sources: (1) TSP (Seton of Winton), BP1934 (Eglinton). (2) Seton of Meldrum - BG family records, BP1934 (Seton of Pitmedden). (3) Seton of Pitmedden - BP1934 (Seton of Pitmedden). (4) Seton of Touch - BP1934 (Seton of Abercorn). (5) BP1934 (Huntly).

Seton02 Families covered: Seton of Meldrum, Seton of Pitmedden, Seton of Seton, Seton of Touch Main sources: (1) TSP (Seton of Winton), BP1934 (Eglinton). (2) Seton of Meldrum - BG family records, BP1934 (Seton of Pitmedden). (3) Seton of Pitmedden - BP1934 (Seton of Pitmedden). (4) Seton of Touch - BP1934 (Seton of Abercorn). (5) BP1934 (Huntly).

Seton03 Families covered: Seton of Dunfermline, Seton of Kingston, Seton of Seton, Seton of Winton Main sources: TSP (Winton), BP1934 (Eglinton), TSP (Dunfermline), TSP (Kingston).


BZvar01 Families covered: Counts of Bayeux, Counts of Boulogne and Lens Main sources: (1) for Bayeux - 'Mathematical'. (2) for Boulogne - GenEU (Boulogne)


Normans01 Families covered: Kings of England, Counts of Eu, Earls of Gloucester, Dukes of Normandy, Earls of Salisbury Main sources: (1) GenEU (Normandy). (2) "The Royal Bastards of Medieval England" by Chris Given-Wilson & Alice Carteris (ISBN 0-7102-0025-0). (3) For FitzGibert de Toneburge: BE1883 (Clare of Hertford & Gloucester). (4) For d'Evereux of Salisbury: BE1883 (D'Evereux of Salisbury), TCP (Salisbury)


MZmisc02 Families covered: Meschines of Chester [This page is soon to be checked fully against The Complete Peerage.] Main sources: For Meschines: BE1883 (Meschines of Chester), 'Mathematical'.


Viking01 These names were initially passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. If the dates are to be believed, there appear to be a few gaps. Main sources: 'RoyalData', 'Mathematical'.


Percy01 Families covered: Percy of Alnwick, Percy of Percy Main sources: GenEU (Brabant4), BP1934 (Northumberland) .


LDS Ancestral File (AFN: 4P73-22) Submitter(s): LINDA HALE Microfilm: 1394107 RT 1 BOX 75 WILTON CA USA 95693 Submission: AF83-022144

ROBERT NEAL BOYDSTUN Microfilm: 1394281 7117 ROSEWOOD DR BOISE ID USA 83709 Submission: AF83-064893

ROBERT G BARHAM Microfilm: NONE 214 EAST H STREET JENKS OK USA 74037 Submission: AF90-100454

CHRIS MCDANIEL Microfilm: NONE 57 E 400 N #8 PROVO UT USA 84606 Submission: AF92-102707


LDS Submission Search: 1159472-0601103212955 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #64 Pin #142491 Submitter: Neal J. Brandon SR. P.O. Box 327 Brownsburg, IN 46112


The Family of John BRISCOE and Elizabeth DUBOIS and (12th. Generation) Extend Line Note: Visitations must be used with care, and some generations need additional documentation.


Taylor, Foster,Shelby,Choate, Jackson by Robert L. Jackson on


From The Inman Compendium by Jim Williams

harper011703 by Jeffrey Wade Harper

FamTreeMaker CD162 - Genealogies of VA Families V, R-Z, The Taylor Family


Msg From: "Lisa L'Archevesque" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Swartz in Luzerne County, PA Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004; descendant of Rosannah Swartz b 1809, 3rd great grandmother.


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Msg From: "Kelsey J. Williams" [email protected] To: [email protected] January 01, 2004 Subject: An Irish Gateway via the Kings of Scotland The following descent may be of some interest to those studying gateways from the old Irish royalty to modern times. A large number of American immigrants are descended from the marriage of Robert II to Elizabeth Mure so it should have considerable interest. I welcome any comments or questions.


Comyn01Families covered: Comyn of Badenoch, Comyn of Buchan Main sources: TSP (Badenoch), TSP (Buchan), BE1883 (Cumyn of Buchan).


'Fife1' Families covered: Early Earls of Fife, Strathbogie Earls of Atholl Main sources: (1) TSP (Fife), TSP (Atholl), TCP (Fife). (2) 'Fife: Pictorial and Historical . Its People, Burghs, Castles, and Mansions' by A.H. Millar. Printed and published in 2 volumes in 1895 by A. Westwood & Son, Cupar.


BZmisc02 Families covered: Early Earls of Buchan, Barons Badlesmere, Beke of Eresby Main sources: (1) For Buchan - TSP (Buchan). (2) For Badlesmere - BE1883 (Badlesmere). (3) For Beke - BP1934 (Ancaster).


MZmisc01 Families covered: Early Earls of Menteith, Mohun of Dunster Main sources: (1) Earls of Menteith - TSP (Menteith). (2) Mohun of Dunster - BE1883 (Mohun), TCP (Mohun).


Hastings01 Families covered: Hastings of Ashill, Hastings of Bergavenny, Hastings of Pembroke Main sources: BE1883 (Hastings of Hastings, Pembroke), BP1934 & BP1999 (Hastings) nklo

Hastings02 Families covered: Hastings of Ashby de la Zouch Main sources: 'Tudor'


CZmisc02 Families covered: Cantilupe of (A)Bergavenny, Cantilupe (Cauntelo) of Cantilupe, Cantilupe of Greseley (Greasley), Cantilupe of Ilkeston Main sources: BE1883 (Cantilupe), TCP (Cauntelo), TCP (Abergavenny) 1


Braose1 Families covered: Braose of Bramber, Braose of Braose, Braose of Brecknock, Braose of Gower Main sources: BE1883 (Braose of Gower), TCP (Brewes).


Marshal01 Families covered: Marshal of Pembroke Main sources: BE1883 (Barons Marshal), BE1883 (Marshal of Pembroke), TCP (Vol X Appendix G). k1


Bigod1 Families covered: Bigod of Framlingham, Bigod of Norfolk, Bigod of Settrington, Bigod of Suffolk Main sources: (1) BE1883 (Bigod of Norfolk), TCP (Norfolk). (2) For descendants of Sir John Bigod (d 18.03.1304/5):


Plantagenet1 Families covered: Plantagenet of Cornwall, Plantagenet of England, Plantagenet of Normandy, Longespee Plantagenet of Salisbury, Plantagenet de Warenne of Surrey Main sources: (1) GenEU (Anjou2, 3), BP1934 (Kings of England). (2) For Warenne, Earl of Surrey: BE1883 (Warren of Surrey). (3) "The Royal Bastards of Medieval England" by Chris Given-Wilson & Alice Carteris (ISBN 0-7102-0025-0). (4) "Genealogical and Historical Diagrams, illustrative of The History of Scotland, England, France, and Germany from the Ninth Century to the Present Time" by William Graham (published by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh 1862). (5) For de Cornwall: BE1883 (Cornwall of Fanhope, etc) k2


MZmisc04 Families covered: Morley of Morley, Morley of Roydon, Multon of Gilsland (Gillesland), Multon of Egremont Main sources: (1) For Morley: TCP (Morley), BE1883 (Morley). (2) For Multon: TCP (Multon of Egremont), TCP (Multon of Gilsland), BE1883 (Multon of Egremont), BE1883 (Multon of Gillesland) 2

MZmisc05 Families covered: Munchensy of Edwardstone, Munchensy of Gooderstone, Munchensy of Swanscombe Main sources: TCP (Munchensy) 1


VZmisc01 Families covered: Valence of Pembroke, Vipont of Appleby, de Valoniis (or Valoines or Valognes) Main sources: (1) For Valence - TCP (Pembroke), BE1883 (Pembroke), GenEU (Lusignan2) (2) For Vipont - various web sites (3) For de Valoniis - TSP (Panmure), TSP (Comyn)


Atholl01 Families covered: House of Atholl (or Dunkeld) of Scotland, Earls of Huntingdon, Earls of Orkney Main sources: (1) TSP (Kings of Scotland), BP1934 (Kings of Scotland), TSP (Atholl). (2) "The Royal Line of Succession" by Pitkin Guides Ltd (1996 reprint). ISBN 0-85372-404-0. (3) For Glenerochie: BLG1952 (Robertson of Struan). (4) For FitzDuncan/MacWilliam: 'RoyalData', GenEU.


Grey01 Families covered: Grey of Codnor, Grey of Merton, Grey of Rotherfield, Grey of Ruthyn, Grey of Wilton Main sources: BE1883 (Grey of Codnor), BE1883 (Grey of Wilton), BP1934 (Grey de Ruthyn), BE1883 (Grey of Rotherfield).

Grey02 Families covered: Grey of Kent, Grey of Ruthyn Main sources: BP1934 (Grey de Ruthyn), BE1883 (Grey of Kent, etc).


Basset1 Families covered: Basset of Drayton, Basset of Sapcote, Basset of Welden Main sources: BE1883 (Basset - various), 'Mathematical'.


Malet1 Families covered: Malet of Curry Malet, Malet of Enmore, Malet of Eye Main sources: with support from various other web sites


Georgia's Confederate Officers Genealogy E-mail corrections to me at: [email protected]

"The South is a land that has known sorrows; it is a land that has broken the ashen crust and moistened it with tears; a land scarred and riven by the plowshare of war and billowed with the graves of her dead; but a land of legend, a land of song, a land of hallowed and heroic memories. "To that land every drop of my blood, every fiber of my being, every pulsation of my heart, is consecrated forever. I was born of her womb; I was nurtured at her breast; and when my last hour shall come, I pray GOD that I may be pillowed upon her bosom and rocked to sleep within her tender and encircling arms." -- Edward Carmack United States House of Representatives


Agor Clan -- All the Outlaws and Inlaws on Updated: Mon Jul 21 2003 Decendents of Charles Agor/MacGregor Contact: Roberta EMail: [email protected]


Msg From: "Linda Stringer" [email protected] To: "Josie Bass" [email protected] Subject: Richard Gatewood ID Number: I1803 Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003; Descendant of Waters Dunn and Sarah Gatewood.


Ancestors of Gail Andrews by Gail Andrews on

Ancestors of Bruce and Shelley Arnold by Shelley Newton Arnold


Luttrell-Thornton-Ash-Floyd by Marcine Lohman (Amelung) on

Ancestors of Clara Lorine Ricks by Stephanie Dahlem Pounds

JLeeSharp by John Lee Sharp and Mostly Southern by Mark Freeman and PAYNE FAMILY by Clifford J Ocheltreeon

World Family Tree Vol. 2, Ed. 1 Author: Broderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: November 29, 1995 Fmily Archive CD Page: Tree #3338.


Ancestors of Denise Grayson by Denise Grayson on

ison by Michael H. Ison on; James Eldon Edwards, Sr., A Genealogical History of the Descendents of Uriah and Mildred Head Edwards.


Pardridge/Partridge Family Lines by Elizabeth Edwards on

Src: The Paynes of Virginia, Author: Payne, Col. Brooke; Publication: 2nd Ed., Third printing C. J. Carrier Co., Harrisonburg VA 1998

Faulconer and More by Jamie Wood on GenCircles


Ayres/Graves families on Updated: Sun Jun 2 2002 Contact: Susanne Graves EMail: [email protected]


DICKENSON/DICKERSON/DICKINSON Families of New Kent/Hanover/Caroline/Louisa Co., Virginia by Donald Robert Dickenson [email protected] on/GENE118-0001.html on/GENE118-0012.html



Msg From: David Foster EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Sir Thomas White Date: Jan 18, 2004


Msg From: "Harry Fogler" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Likely genealogical lead for you: Cunningham Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004


Msg from From: "Dick Stoakley" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected]. Subject: Ware, William M. Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005

(Carol Stoakley [email protected] 2002-04-28\}


Gandalf's Genealogy by David Buchroder on

GEDCOM File : Ancestors Of Leigh And Dee Jackson.ged Title: GEDCOM File : Chris ged.ged Author: Robert L. Jackson of Ironton, Missouri [email protected]


Five Generations of the Higginbotham Family Kanawha Putnam and Mason Counties West Virginia; Author: Anna L. Lutz; Publication: 1981 Manuscript Page: 3. from Clarks of Otter Creek & Related Families by Fay Clark


Carolyn Porter's Family by Carolyn Porter Willis on

Ancestors of Brandon Tyler Haynes by William Clayton Haynes on

ancestors of Barbara Smith by Barbara Smith on


From Indiana Historical Bureau

George Rogers Clark - Siblings

The following is taken from Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio 1778-1783 and Life of Gen. George Rogers Clark by William Hayden English. The two volumes were published by The Bowen-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Kansas City, Missouri, in 1897. Chapter XXVI is found on pages 991 to 1019.


The Seibel family web site: EMail: [email protected]


Benington/Arras/Marple/Williamson by Katharine Williamson on EMail: [email protected] Src: Book Title: The Compendium of American Genealogy First Families of America, Vol. 6 28


Msg Query from Fred Rowe, EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Jan 2004 Ashford descendant (Alva Elgin is my GG grand uncle)


Hamilton06 Families covered: Hamilton of Airdrie, Hamilton of Cambuskeith, Hamilton of Dalserf, Hamilton of Fingalton, Hamilton of Preston, Hamilton of Sanquhar Main sources: NB. Notes were taken from sources (1) and (2), some in pencil, whilst in a Library at a time when the editor was focusing mainly on his own ancestors. Particularly for people who were not his ancestors, the majority shown above, some of those notes are not clear. (1) "Heraldry of the Hamiltons" by G. Harvey Johnston. Published by W&AK Johnston Ltd, Edinburgh, 1909. (2) "The House of Hamilton" by Lt. Col. George Hamilton, Edinburgh 1933. (3) For Hamilton of Dalzell - BP1934 (Hamilton of Dalzell). (4) BP1934 (Hamilton of Preston) usemp


Ray by Jean Ray Marshalek on

Joel Hager's Research Dec 03 by Joel Hager Edited by Arthur Meredyth Burke, The Prominent Families of the United States of America; ; Long, The Sackville Press Ltd. 32 George Street, Hanover Square, W., Originally published London, 1908,; Genealogy Section; , Tulsa

County LibraryReprinted by Genealogical Publishing co., Inc., Baltimore, 1991, reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc., by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD, 1999

ison by Michael H. Ison

From Southern Branches by Pat M Stevens IV on


olson by Chris Olson on

Msg by Katharine E. Harbury on Wash Family Genealogy Forum EMail: [email protected]


Kitter Chouinard Family by Sharon Kitter on


Draper Genealogy by Mitchell Draper on

Mulkey ancestors by Susan Selke on


jsmeda28 by jsmeda on

SOURCE NOTES: Chamberlain, Gretchen French, R. C. Todd, and Rev. David Todd, Descendents of Hugh TODD of Pennsylvania, Buford Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution, Huntington, W. VA, 1948. LDS film#0875405 item#9.

Helm, Emily Todd, "TODD Family, based on the manuscript of Emily Todd Helm", series of magazine articles in Kittochtinny Magazine, vol 1ff, 1905, p69-383 (with gaps). LDS FILM#0176612#1 (installments 1-3).

Gandalf's Genealogy by DAVID BUCHRODER on

Southern Branches by Pat M Stevens IV on

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