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McCant's Florida Battery.
1 10 PDR. Parrott. 3 6 PDRS.
William's Artillery Battalion.
September 20, 1860.
Capt. Robert P. McCants, Commanding.
1st Lieut. Thomas J. Perry.
1st Lieut. Andrew J. Neal.
2d Lieut. James C. Davis.

The Battalion crossed the Chickamauga at Alexander's Bridge early in the morning of the 19th and was posted in rear of Buckner's Corps in reserve. While at that place this Battery was detached with orders to report to Trigg's Brigade of Preston's Division. Late in the day the Battery rejoined the Battalion without having been engaged, and thereafter acted with it throughout the battle. About noon of the 20th the Battalion moved with its Division to the Brotherton House occupying several positions without becoming engaged till near 5 P.M. when it came into position on this ground under direction of Major Porter Chief of Artillery, and opened fire on the enemy, who was then beginning to withdraw under orders from the Kelly Field Line. The fire was kept up with considerable effect until Gen. Stewart's Division having advanced and closed in across the front, the Battery ceased firing. While in this position the Battery was subjected to a fire from the enemy's artillery at about 500 yards range. Casualties of the Battle: 1 man wounded.


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