Wilson and Allied Families of Adair Co., KY / Carlis B. Wilson - 1951 Ford  

Carlis B. Wilson and his 1951 Ford.
Taken 1954, Indianapolis, Indiana.


This car is second in a series of Ford owned automobiles,
the first being a 1949 Ford.

Many trips to Kentucky was made in this jewel.

Carlis B. Wilson

My 1951 Ford Coupe,  with a V8 in block valves Engine, Ford-O-Matic Drive Transmission, customized with metallic blue and white paint, crest line trim on the doors and side panels with chrome edging , white top, trimmed out with  chrome grill, lights and bumpers etc.

This car was a real pleasure to drive, it handled well to be that early in engineering, the V8 engine had a good response for passing and climbing steep grades and run at top interstate speeds. The engine was a quick start and Idle very smooth, with a curb idle of  425 -440 R.P.M.

Engine Specifications:

V8 In Block Valves
Bore and Stroke  3 3/16 x 3 3/4
Piston Displacement Cubic Inches 239.4
Compression Ratio 6.80
Horse Power @ R.P.M. 100@3600
Maximum Torque Lbs. Ft. @ R.P.M. 187@1800
Firing order 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2.