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HIRAM AND LUCY (RICHARDSON) ESTES were pioneers from Newton County, Missouri who arrived in Texas by 1845 where their youngest son was born in March of that year in Cass County, close to the Red River.

They were Mercer colonists and patented land in Navarro and Hill counties.  Lucy died in either 1847 or 1849 and Hiram died before November of 1854.  Their graves unfortunately are unmarked in the Hill or Limestone  County area at the county line. They were the parents of 14 children.  Read more about HIRAM & LUCY.  

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JOSEPH H. REED AND LUCINDA (ESTES) REED were probably traveling with either his mother and brothers or Lucinda's parents Hiram and Lucy Estes.  The Reeds had also been residents of Newton County, Missouri before their arrival in Texas.  

Joseph's father was John Reed, a Newton County, Missouri judge, who died in June  1840.  Joseph and Lucinda were also Mercer colonists in the Navarro/Hill County area.  Joseph died prior to settling his land in 1846.

According to family legend Joseph died "somewhere up along the Red River"-likely in Cass or Red River County where an uncle had land.  His grave is unmarked/unlocated.  Joseph and Lucinda had one son prior to Joseph's death.  Read more about Joseph's pioneering Reed family & his son, Francis M. Reed.



Thomas and Nancy (Dill) Williams were yet another family from Newton County, Missouri.   They arrived in Texas in 1845 and appeared first on a list of Peters' colonists which was drawn up in July of that year.  

According to Thomas' obituary of 1861 it states he was born in Pasquotank County, North Carolina in 1787 but removed "at an early age" to Tennessee where He married Nancy Dill in 1815.

Thomas' grave in the Spring Hill area of Navarro County is unmarked.  Nancy lived until at least 1880 where she is found on the census living in the household of her granddaughter Nancy Evaline Williams and her husband F.M. Reed in Irene, Hill County, Texas.  

It is supposed she is buried in the Salem Irene cemetery but her grave is also not marked.  Thomas and Nancy were the parents of 8 known children.  Read more about Thomas &Nancy.





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