The Sarsfield Family Project VIRTUS NON VERTITUR Virtue does not Turn

  The Sarsfield
          Virtue does not Turn

An introduction to the authors

Norman and Brian Sarsfield, not yet even distant cousins (but we are working on it!), are related at present only by surname and the common desire to trace as many Sarsfields as we can, record their origins, and attempt to link them to one of the two Main Family Trees.

Norman has been engaged in Sarsfield Family research for over thirty years, while Brian has been involved for fifteen years or so.  About 10 years ago we pooled our resources and research so that between us we have amassed a considerable amount of data on Sarsfields from around the world.

We are engaged in an ongoing project to collect as much information as possible on the many Sarsfield individuals and families who became scattered world-wide before the end of the 18th century.  By then the name had spread to Spain and Portugal, Madeira, Argentina and France.  In addition to branches in many counties of Ireland, others had arisen in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.  There are also records of individuals in the West Indies, the continent of India and elsewhere. 

We have found it necessary to limit our collection of information according to the following criteria:

Firstly, to persons born prior to 1900 due to the sheer volume of data that would otherwise be produced, only a small percentage of which would be relevant to the project, and ..

Secondly, to descendants through the male line only.  While female Sarsfields are of interest to us as children of Sarsfield families, should they marry and have children, they become part of another family's descendant tree.  However, we are always happy to try to make a connection to the two Main Trees, or any of the others that we have, should we be contacted by a descendant of a female Sarsfield.
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