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Ancestors of Nancy Ann NORMAN

Thirteenth Generation


8008. James CRANDALL married Eleanor.

8009. Eleanor.


8014. Samuel HUBBARD is printed as #4022.

8015. Tasy COOPER is printed as #4023.


8032. James BABCOCK was born about 1590 in Wavenhoe, Essex, England. He married Mary.

8033. Mary.


8040. Thomas CLARKE was born 1 Nov 1570 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England and was christened 3 Nov 1570 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. He died 29 Jul 1627 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England and was buried 30 Jul 1627 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. Thomas married Rose KERIDGE on 13 May 1600 in Saxsted, Suffolk, England.

Thomas was christened 3 Nov 1570. [Parents]

Babcock and Allied Families, by De Forest, page 38.
   The information has been copied from the family bible, in which Thomas Clarke made the entries concerning his parents and grandparents. The bible was brought to Rhode Island by his son John and the entries continued by another son, Joseph.

Some records of the Clarke family of Wasthrup/Westhrope, Co. Suffolk, EN, from the family bible (a copy of the Geneva version of 1608) brought to this country by Dr. John Clarke, and presented in Reg: Oct 1921 and Ref. 9, augmented.

The Rhode Island Historical Magazine, Vol. VII, 1886-1887, Newport, RI, The Newport Publishing Co.
The American Genealogist, Vol. XXIV, No. 2, Apr 1948, p. 72 citing Reg. 75:279.
Little Compton Families pub. by Little Compton Historical Society from Records compiled by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour, 1967.
New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey Hartford Times Queries, a. 2 Mar 1957; 22 Feb 1947.
Genealogy of One Branch of the Peckham Family of Newport and Westerly RI,  and Its Allied Families, 1957, by William P. & John E. Bentley.
160 Allied Families by John Austin, 1892.
New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almond Torrey.
The Clarke Genealogy by George Austin Morrison, 1902.

Sent to me by Mrs. Isabel T. Coburn, HC 62, Box 146, New Harbor ME 04554
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  Sources: The Clarke Families of Rhode Island by George Austin Morrison;
Colonial Families of the United States of America, Vol 4; Genealogies of Rhode Island Families, Vol. 1, page 197; Babcock and Allied Families by Louis E. De Forest; Ancestry of George P. Clarke of Newport, R.I., by G. Andrews Moriarty; C. M. Babcock; RI Families, Vol. 2; Virkus; 160 Allied Families;
NEHGR, v75, p279; Witter Family History by Edwin D. Witter Jr.

  De Forest: Thomas Clarke, born on All Saints' Day, 1 Nov. 1570; baptized two days later. When he died on 29 July 1627, he was called "of Wastrup." He was buried 30 July 1627. He married Rose Herrige, who died 19 Sept. 1627.
  C.M. Babcock: Thomas Clarke, born 1 Nov. 1570; married 13 May 1600, Rose Kerrich (or Herrige), daughter of William and Margery Kerrich of Saxsted. Five of their seven children came to America about 1637.
  RI Families: "Thomas Clarke, sone of John Clarke, borne All Saynts day, baptised the 3 November, ano dom. 1570." (Vol. 1, page 197. Bible records. This entry written by Thomas himself.) "Thomas Clarke ye father of thes childringe, departed this life the 29 of July, 1627." (Page 198, written in a different hand, which also recorded the death of Thomas' wife Rose on 19 Sept. 1627.)
  NEHGR: Thomas Clarke, of Westhorpe, Suffolk, born 1 Nov. 1570 and baptized 3 Nov. 1570. Died 29 July 1627 and was buried at Westhorpe 30 July 1627. He married at Saxsted, Suffolk, 13 May 1600, Rose Kerrich.
   Virkus: Thomas Clarke (1570-1627), married Rose Keridge, who died 1627.
  160 Families: Thomas Clarke, Bedfordshire, England, born 1 Nov. 1570 (All Saints Day), baptized 3 Nov. 1570, died 29 July 1627. He was called of "Wastrup" when he died. "He entered dates of baptisms and burials of his grandfather, father and mother, etc. (down to his own children) in his bible; and the record was continued by his son Joseph, the bible having been brought to Rhode Island by one of Thomas' children when he came to America." Under the date of 3 Feb. 1602, he records the birth of his eldest son: "Carew Clarke my son the 3d Feb. 1602, being Thursday, about fair day light; baptized the 17th Feb., Wallop's Thursday, 3d day of the new moon 1602." Perhaps his daughter Mary was identical with the Mary Clarke who was the first wife of John Peckham.
  Witter Family: Thomas Clarke, born 1 Nov. 1570, baptized 3 Nov, Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. Died 19 Sept. 1627, at Westhorpe and buried there. Married Rose Kerrich/Keridge 13 May 1600 at Saxsted, Suffolk. "Was of Bedfordshire, `of Wastrup' when died. Of his 7 children that matured, all emigrated: Carewe, Thomas, Mary, William, Joseph, Margaret, and Dr. John..." [Death date is probably a transcription error, since 19 Sept. 1627 is the day of his wife's death.]

8041. Rose KERIDGE was born 1572 in England. She died 19 Sep 1627 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England and was buried 20 Sep 1627 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England.

Rose was christened 13 Apr 1572 in Saxsted, Suffolk, England. [Parents]

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  Sources: Babcock and Allied Families by Louis E. de Forest; C. Merton Babcock; Genealogies of RI Families; Virkus; 160 Allied Families; NEHGR, v75, p279 & 301; Witter Family History by Edwin D. Witter Jr.
  Name spelled Kerrich, Keridge and Herrige.
  C.M. Babcock: Rose Kerrich (or Herrige), daughter of William and Margery Kerrich of Saxsted. (Atlas has a Saxstead, Suffolk.)
  De Forest: Rose Herrige.
  RI Families: Rose Keridge, died 19 Sept. 1627. (Vol. 1, page 198, Bible records.)
  Virkus: Rose Keridge, died 1627.
  160 Families: Rose Herrige, died 29 Sept. 1629. [Someone has written a K over the H in Herrige.]
  NEHGR: Rose Kerrich, baptized at Saxsted, Suffolk, 13 April 1572; died 19 Sept. 1627 (17 July, according to Bible record) and buried at Westhorpe 20 Sept. 1627. Daughter of William and Margery of Saxsted. Married 13 May 1600 at Saxsted.
  Witter Family: Rose Kerrich, baptized 13 April 1574, Saxsted, Suffolk, England. Died 19 Sept. 1627 at Westhorpe, Suffolk. Buried at Finningham. She had eight children. Married 13 May 1600, at Saxsted.


8044. James HUBBARD was born in England. He married Naomi COCKE. [Parents]

SWAMP YANKEE, by James Allyn, page 9.
    James and his son, Samuel had been living in Mendelsham, Sussex, before coming to Salem in 1633. They were still members of the Church of England when they landed, but seeking religious freedom of thought, had joined the Congregational Church. They were quickly disillusioned. In Salem they met Roger Williams, with whose ideals they strongly agreed.

8045. Naomi COCKE was born about 1574 in England. She died after 1610. [Parents]

  Sources: Babcock and Allied Families, by Louis E. DeForest (929.273, B114d); Potter-Richardson Memorial; A Witter Family History.
  DeForest and Memorial: Naomi Cocke.
  Witter Family: Naomi Cocke, born about 1574. Died after 1610. Had seven children.


8046. Mr. COOPER.


8056. Peter WORDEN was born 1609 in England. He died 11 Jan 1680/1681 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. Peter married Mary about 1639 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. [Parents]

THE DESCENDENTS OF EZEKIEL MAINE, by Algernon Aikin Aspinwall, pp.8.
    Peter-2 Worden, was born in England in 1609; died at Yarmouth MA 1681. Married Mary  She died 1687.

     There is no evidence of two additional children, Esther and Peter, being born to Peter II
and Mary.  At least they did not live until the death of their parents.  There is no mention
of them in the two wills

Peter Worden II married Mary__?__ before coming to America. It has been widely reported that her maiden name was Winslow or Sears. Please see discussions in Worden Past on pages 12, 15, 101 and particularily page 396. George Bolton of England reports a "most exhaustive search" and no evidence of that marriage. The Winslow genealogy does say that Keneln Winslow II "married his cousin Mercy Worden" and we cannot explain this. We do not know how close a cousin the Winslow Genealogy was referring to or if they were accurate. We do know that no proof of a marriage to a Winslow or Sears has been found for Peter II.

8057. Mary was born about 1610 in England. She died 25 Mar 1687 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts, aged 76.

      Peter II did not marry Mary Winslow or Mary Sears.  He did marry Mary, possibly in England because in his will he wrote, “I give to my son Samuel Worden all my estate in old
England, both land and other estate that came by my wife”.
    In 1972 Marjorie Schunke wrote “ I have researched that question as thoroughly as an
amateur can and I find no hint at all that Mary was either Sears or Winslow”
    In 1997 George Bolton wrote “For the sake of completeness I have recently carried out a
most exhaustive search...involving consultation with the civil and diocesan record offices
of the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, Worcestershire and Hampshire [England].... I do
not believe any such marriage took place at the time and place stated”. Carolyn Stubbs,
a Worden descendant, is presently working with a professional genealogist in this area.


8058. Joseph HOLLEY was born about 1605. He died 1647. Joseph married Rose ALLEN.

8059. Rose ALLEN was born about 1610. She died 1690/1694. [Parents]


8068. James BABCOCK Sr. is printed as #4016.

8069. Sarah BROWN is printed as #4017.


8070. Nicholas BROWN died before 27 Dec 1694 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. He married Elizabeth.

BABCOCK AND ALLIED FAMILIES, by L. E. De Forest, page 35, 36.
    Nicholas emigrated to RI, and in 1638 was admitted as an inhabitant of the Island of Aquidneck. In 1639 it is recorded that "Nicholas Browne, doth dismiss himself of the government here." On April 30, 1639, he and twenty-eight others signed the following agreement as incorporators of Portsmouth, RI.
    On February 4, 1646, he was granted twenty acres adjorning twenty acres already in his possission. He was made freeman in 1655. In 1680 he appears on the tax list, as paying six shillings, fourpence. His will was made November 16, 1694, and probated December 27, 1694. The executor was his grandson Tobias. His eldest son, Nicholas Brown, and his son Abraham Brown each received five shillings. His daughter, Jame Babcock, received ten pounds. To the daughters of his son William, Martha and Jane, he left ten pounds apiece, and to Tobias, son of his son William, he left all lands and houses in RI, all his cattle, sheep, horses, hoop, carts, plows, corn, hay, pewter, brass, iron, provision, apparel and bedding.
    The name of Nicholas' first wife is not known. His second wife was Frances, widow of George Parker. She died after 1669. It is not known which wife was the mother of his daughter.

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8071. Elizabeth.


8076. John FOSTER was born in Kingsware, England.

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8078. Ralph PARKER was born 1628 in New London, New London Co., Connecticut. He died 1683. Ralph married Susannah KEENEY.

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He was a shipmaster and land owner of Gloucester and New London.

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8079. Susannah KEENEY was born 1628 in New London, New London Co., Connecticut. She died 1662. [Parents]

2,597 Kenney Relations by R.C. Kenney. This book is on film in the Family History Library

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8080. William CLARKE was born 1570 in East Farleigh, Kent, England. He was buried 12 Jun 1610 in East Farleigh, Kent, England. William was married 10 Feb 1598/1599 in St. Andrew's, Holburn, London, England.


8088. Daniel WILCOX was born 1595/1598 in Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, England. He died 16 Oct 1651 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Daniel married Miss.

8089. Miss was born about 1568 in Lincolnshire, England.


8090. Amos THOMPSON was born in or near Orby, Lincolnshire, England. He married Carynthaphuch JACKSON on 10 Nov 1697 in Orby, Lincolnshire, England.

PARISH REGISTERS AT ORBY, LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND, FHL microfilm #504,584, cited in the article by Jane Fletcher Fisk, EDWARD WILCOX of Lincolnshire & Rhode Island, NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL REGISTER, Vol. 147, Apr 1993, page 188 & subsequent.
    Amos Thompson marryed Carynthaphuch Jackson November 10 1606.
    Susanna Thompson, the daughter of Amos Thompson, baptized September 6, 1607
    John Thompson, the sonne of Amos Thompson, laborer was bap. Dec'ber 21, 1609
    George [son of] Amos Thopson [baptized] Febrary 13th 1619/20
    George Thompson, son of Amos Thompson [buried] June 2, 1620
    Edward Wilcocke & Susan Tomson [married] May 12, 1631.

NEHGR, Apr. 1993, page 188-191.

8091. Carynthaphuch JACKSON.


8092. William HASSARD married Ellinor SACHERVELL. [Parents]

8093. Ellinor SACHERVELL. [Parents]


8132. Henry PECKHAM was born about 1570/1575 in Sonning, Berkshire, England. He died 1 Nov 1616 in East Hampnett, West Sussex, England. Henry married Elizabeth BADGER before 1594. [Parents]

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8133. Elizabeth BADGER was born in Winchester, England. [Parents]


8134. Thomas CLARKE is printed as #8040.

8135. Rose KERIDGE is printed as #8041.


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