What connection are these Morehouse folks of Milton Twp, Wood Co OH?
Andrew, Sylvanus (jr.), and Silas may have been brothers of Mary Morehouse?
Was SYLVANUS also the grandfather's name?
Bio in BEERS History of Wood County, Ohio (published 1897)
Page 1086
Samuel Morehouse belongs to one of the pioneer families of Wood county, and was born in Milton township, August 7, 1857.  His father, Savenus [Sylvanus] Morehouse, was born in Paulding county, Ohio, but the grandfather was a native of Pennsylvania; the former married Cynthia Fuller, and they became parents of the following named children--Leonard, a leading farmer of Milton township; Mary, wife of George Brant, of Toledo, Ohio; Silas, of Milton township; S. Jane, wife of John Finney, of Jackson township; Samuel, a farmer of Milton township; Rosina, wife of Wert Williams, of Jackson township; Anna, who died at the age of four years; and Ira, who died while
serving in the Union army as a member of Company I, 68th O.V.I.  The father, who was born July 1, 1816, died April 11, 1895, and the mother, who was born April 6, 1820, died Feburary 22, 1894.
  Our subject was reared on the old home farm, and at the age of eighteen started out to make his own living, being employed as a farm hand at $1 per day.  In 1876 he began farming with his brother Leonard, and the business relations between them still
exist.  He is a man of excellent business ability, enterprising and industrious, and the neat and thrifty appearance of his land indicates his careful supervision.
   Mr. Morehouse was married in Milton township, August 4, 1887, to Miss Annie Penterburg, a native of this locality, born December 17, 1869.  The children that grace this union are: Nellie May, born March 26, 1889; Pearl, born January 29, 1891; Earl Wayne, born January 7, 1893; and Hazel, born December 29, 1894.  Mr. Morehouse is a Republican in politics, and is deeply interested in the growth and successs of his party.  Socially, he is connected with the Odd Fellows Lodge of Milton Center.
  It will be interesting in this connection to note something more of the brother with which Mr. Morehouse is in business.  Leonard Morehouse is also a native of Milton township, his birth having occurred December 18, 1846.  He is indebted to the common schools for his educational privileges; at the age of fourteen years he began to earn his own living by working as a farm hand, a pursuit which he followed until twenty-eight years of age.  During the war he manifested his loyalty to the government by enlisting in Company I, 144th O.V.I., and continuing in the service until honorably discharged
in September, 1864.  On his return he resumed work as a farm hand, being thus emplyed until 1874, when he purchased forty acres of his presnet farm.  Now, in connection with his brother, he owns and operates 120 acres, and the two gentlemen are numbered among the leading agriculturists of the community.  His political support is also given the Republican party.  Socially he is a member of the I.O.O.F and G.A.R. Post at Weston.
Andrew Jackson Morehouse Death Certificate (b. 1815 Logan Co OH)
Mary Snyder Morehouse Death Certificate (b. PA)

Daniel Morehouse, son of David Morehouse, Barry Co MI:

Erma ROE Morehouse, dau of Louis Roe, married Leland Morehouse, son of Samuel (with obits, current names in Defiance, OH)

1842 School enumeration:

Silas, brother of Andrew and Sylvanus, Jr.:

Sylvanus, Sr. marriage record:
Found in TRUMBULL CO, OH 1808
Sylvanus MOREHOUSE married Susannah EMONS     EMMONS research

Found in Logan Co OH
1820 Census
Sylvanus MOOREHOUSE, Lake Twp.
Morehouse family in CT:
....similar names:
Samuel, Silvanus, Daniel, and Seth Morehouse, sons of Capt. Abraham late of Fairfield,
and joint heirs of Andrew Morehouse after decease of the latter's late widow Anna,
conveyed 27 Apr. 1767 to Sarah wife of Zachariah Jennings, Hannah wife of Edmund
Rowland, and Rebecca wife of Matthew Jennings.

Andrew Morehouse, 1790 Census, Pawling, Duchess Co NY

Col. Andrew Moorehouse's Tavern in Pawling, Duchess Co NY

Andrew Jackson Morehouse?       Andrew and Mary (Snyder) Cemetery photo
Using the BLM Land Grant database:
I found Andrew MOREHOUSE obtained 3 land grants in Wood Co. OH:
Land Office: Bucyrus, OH
in 1835, also 1838            Andrew's Land Grant Certificate Image for 1835
N*NE 10/ 4-N 9E No 1st PM  (Section 10, Township 4 North, range 9)
SWSE   3/ 4-N 9E No 1st PM  (Section   3,   "           "  "          "      "
S*NE 28/ 5-N 10E NO 1st PM  (Section 28,   "           5 North, range 10)

A Complete History of Methodism
Early Southwest Mississippi Territory, Adams Co, Selsertown
.....Traveling preachers...from Mississippi.. (and Louisiana)
The next morning Blackman went up to Col. Morehouse' s settlement in Prairie Mer Rouge, after
having made an appointment to preach at Bayou de Seard on his return. He was kindly treated at
Morehouse's, "though some said he was a bad man." .....

Morehouse Parish History, Morehouse County, Louisiana:

More about Andrew YOUNGS MOREHOUSE:
IN LDS Andrew Youngs MOREHOUSE, b. <1794  ?
mother: Abigail YOUNGS, b. 21 Aug. 1776?   d. 1832  ?
father: Abraham MOREHOUSE, b. 1752, S. Dover, NY, d. 16 Oct 1813
(buried MS: Seltsertown Cem ?, Adams Co. Mississippi)
            (Col Abraham MOREHOUSE who settled Prairie Mer Roughe,
             his father: Andrew MOREHOUSE, b. 7 Mar 1726, Saybrook, CT.
             his father: Thomas MOREHOUSE, b. 18 Nov. 1695, Fairfield, CT.

Another Abigail:
Abstracts of Wills Vol VII 1766-1771 (genealogyLibrary FTM)
                   From The New York Historical Society Collections,
                   this 1898 volume features abstracts of wills
                   on file in the Surrogates Office, City of New York, from 1766-1771.
Bibliographic Information: Abstracts of Wills Vol VII 1766-1771,
 The New York Historical Society, 1898.
Page 488.--In the name of God, Amen. I, ABIGAIL YOUNGS, widow of Henry Youngs, of
Orange County, Precinct of Goshen, being infirm in body. "I will that I shall be interred in a
decent manner, as my father shall think proper." All debts and funeral charges to be paid. I order
 all my movables to be sold, except a Mahogany Chest of Drawers, and my wearing appearell,
which I leave to my daughter Unus (Eunice) Youngs. I leave to my son Henry 5, when of age.
 All the rest of proceeds of sale I leave to my daughter Unus Youngs, when of age. If both of my
children die, then I leave the same to my mother, Abigail Horton, and I direct the house and lands
 left to me by my late husband to be sold, and the money paid to my honored father, Barnabas
Horton, and to my late husband's brother, Birdseye Youngs. I make my father and Archibald Little and my uncle, Silas Horton, executors. Dated, April 1, 1769.
Witnesses, Colvill Carpenter, Matthias Gilbert, James Smith. Proved, June 28, 1769.
...Col. Abraham Morehouse Timeline in Louisiana:
1809: Andrew Young[s] Morehouse arrives in Ouachita and Abraham's
            young wife, after bearing five children finds out that his first
            wife is still alive in New York.

  1813  Abraham Morehouse dies at Selzertown a small hamlet on the
            Natchez Trace at the house of his brother Reuben. He has made
            almost 100 sales from his portion of the land...

....Morehouse Parish History, Morehouse County, Louisiana

Morehouse College
Henry Lyman Morehouse (Portrait in the College Chapel)
  -- A descendant of Thomas Morehouse, Fairfield, CT
Morehouse College, private institution for men,
 located in Atlanta, Georgia. Morehouse is one of
the leading historically black colleges....
   In 1906 Atlanta Baptist College was renamed
 Morehouse College in honor of Henry Lyman
  Morehouse, a supporter of the school and a
  member of the Atlanta Baptist Home Mission

 East Avon Cemetery, Livingston County, NY.
Page 18, NY State DAR Genealogical Records Committee Report, Ser. II, V. #V600, 1990.
Henry Lyman Morehouse, 1834-1917, [son of Seth Seeley Morehouse and Emma Bently]
Sect'y of the American Baptist Home Mission Soc., 1879-1917.
Also buried there:
Lyman Morehouse, 1776-1860
   Hannah Seelye, His Wife, 1777-1853
Seth Seelye Morehouse, 1807-1859
    Emma Bentley, His wife, 1814-1891

Other genealogies:
The family is of Scotch-English origin, the name first appearing soon after the year 1000 in North
England, where it was originally Moorhouse, from having built their "houses-upon-the-moors" or
"Moorhouses" as it is still used in Scotland and Yorkshire.
Thomas Morehouse, recognized as the emigrant ancestor of most of the American Morehouse
families, was in Watertown, Massachusetts, about 1635; at Wethersfield, Connecticut, 1640; at
Stamford, Connecticut, in 1641, where he was one of the original settlers who purchased the
townsite from the Indians for one hundred bushels of corn. He came from Yorkshire, England,
with the migration of Puritans conducted by Sir Richard Saltonstall. He settled permanently at
Fairfield, Connecticut, prior to 1653 and became prominent in its development--owning the
tide-water mill and being sent as a member to the General Court (Legislature) at Hartford. He left
four sons--Samuel, Thomas, Jonathan and John--who at an early date became the heads of the
numerous branches and descendants which settled in New York, New Jersey, Ohio and the West.'
Thomas Morehouse, the first, died at Fairfield in 1658, leaving a will. It is estimated that over two hundred of his descendants served in the Revolutionary war.
Searching Rootsweb Archives for PA:
witnessing a WILL in 1763 in Cumberland Co PA
(From which Bedford Co was formed in 1771)
BEDFORD, ZOPHER [CHRISTOPHER?], late of Hanover Township, Morris
Co., Province of East New Jersey, now of Cumberland Co., PA.
24 March 1763  15 July 1763.
Wife Elizabeth.
Eldest son David.
Son Zopher.
Remainder of estate to be divided between surviving children.
Exs: wife Elizabeth, Moses Young of Hanover, Morris Co., East N.J.
Wit: Jonas Bedford, Mary Bedford, Stephen MOREHOUSE. A. 109.

Another WILL,
of JOHN MOREHOUSE, d. 1779, Bedford Co PA:
 Will proven April 12, 1779.
Exrs: Caleb ROSSELL and the widow Sarah MOREHOUSE.
Wit: Jacob EBRIGHT and Benj. WEISER.
Test. "formerly living in the Jerseys and having traveled to Bedford
Co., Pennsylvania, upon his return home was taken sick at Womelsdorff
and died." Not recorded.

Census of 1790

David Morehouse Luzerne Co PA  1 male 16+; 1 male up to 16; 2 females
(also in 1800 census)

Ancestry.com census index:
1830 Philomel MOREHOUSE - Westmoreland Co PA p. 297 Ligonier Twp
(no ELDER in that census index for Ligonier on Westmoreland census page)

1830 Census for ROBERT ELDER
        (son of Joseph Elder, Sr., in "Buzzardstown" near Ligonier, Westmoreland Co PA):
1840 Census for ROBERT ELDER in Westmoreland Co PA:

1820, 1830 Eli MOREHOUSE, Centre Co PA p. 352 Rush Twp.
1820 Benjamin MOREHOUSE, Green County PA, p.083, Greenville
1820 JOSIAH MOREHOUSE, Ontario County PA, Penfield Twp
1840 James MOREHOUSE, Huntingdon Co PA, Hollidaysburg 


Morehouse DNA project  - 7 kits - FamilyTreeDNA.com  (No DNA charts)
Moorhouse, Morehous, Morehouse
(1) To confirm that descendants in various lines from 
Pierpont Morehouse (ca 1776-after 1837) of Bradford Co., Pennsylvania, share the same Y chromosome haplotype.
(2) Assuming objective #1 is achieved, to determine whether such Y chromosome haplotype is shared by descendants of Thomas Morehouse (to Wethersfield, Connecticut, by 1640) and by other Morehouse branches in North America not yet connected to the Thomas Morehouse family.
(3) To determine whether all persons named Morehouse (including persons now living in the United Kingdom) share a common ancestry, and to determine a likely place of origin for the surname.