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From the book "BLUE FUNNEL LEGEND, A History of the Ocean Steam Ship Company, 1865-1973"
by Malcomb FALKUS, MacMillan, 1990.
Borrowed on Interlibrary loan from East Carolina University, Greenville, NC (8-24-09)

Foreword by Nicholas BARBER, Chief Executive, Ocean Group plc
April 1990, page xi

Page 383:
Ocean Managers  & Directors, 1865-1973

Supplement to the London Gazette,  Number 34888, page 4071
of Tuesday, the 2nd of July, 1940
for Friday, 5 July, 1940
War Office, 5th July, 1940

  "The KING has been graciously pleased to approve of the
undermentioned awards for gallant and distinguished services
in action in connection with recent operations:--
The Military Cross:....

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment),
Territorial Army
The Black Watch Museum and Shop, Balhousie Castle
Hay Street, Perth, Scotland PH1 5HR
01738 638152
      FW: 87990:   2Lt David Renwick Elder, The Black Watch
     Tuesday, September 8, 2009 4:05 AM
     From: "Archives - The Museum of The Black Watch"
      Herewith a reply to your enquiry.
         >Thank you for your e-mail of 27th August.
         >Service records are not held by the relevant regiment,
but for the Second World War period are administered by the Army Personnel Centre.
You can download a form.

  >I can, however offer the following information from the material held here:-
     Elder, D R , MC. (Territorial Army Commission)
    2Lieut 28/4/1939; Lieut 1/1/1941; T/Capt 3/12/1941;
    With 2nd Battalion as Maj.
    Officers of The Black Watch Vol II p 39.
    >He was awarded the Military Cross while serving with the 4th Battalion in France in 1940.
    >The following obituary appeared in the Regimental magazine,
 The Red Hackle (June 1997 p 13)
      Died in Surrey in October 1996.
      He was studying to be a chartered accountant in Dundee when war broke out.
He joined the 4th Battalion on commissioning in 1939 and went to France with it in 1940.
He won the MC during the withdrawal from the Maginot Line.
The post that he was defending was subjected to a fierce attack by greatly superior numbers.
Thanks to his steadfastness and tactical skillthe position was held.
     He went with the 4th Battalion to Gibraltar but very shortly afterwards
he joined an elite organisation called the sea Reconnaissance Unit which was originally
trained in California and Bermuda. He was involved in the reconnaissance of the beaches
prior to the Normandy invasion and then the unit moved to Burma.
He was responsible for finding suitable crossing points over the Irrawaddy
which was full of sandbanks which changed positions during the monsoons.
For his work in Burma, mostly behind enemy lines he was mentioned in despatches.
   After the war he returned to accountancy and worked for Shell.“

England - Death Index (
Name:      David Renwick Elder
Birth Date:     4 Jan 1920
Death Registration Month/Year:     Oct 1996
Age at death (estimated):     76
Registration district:     Surrey Northern
Inferred County:     Surrey
Register number:     NSE1
District and Subdistrict:     7571E
Entry number:     32


Eric Linklater. The Highland Division (London : His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1942) 96 p.
James Borthwick. The 51st Highland Division in Africa and Sicily (Glasgow : Mackenzie, [1945]) 63 p.
J.B. Salmond. The history of the 51st Highland Division, 1939-1945 (Edinburgh : Blackwood, 1953) xii, 287 p.
 Ernest Reoch. The St. Valery story : a new account of the last stand of the 51st Highland Division in France in 1940
    (Inverness : Highland Printers, 1965) 227 p.
Roderick Grant. The 51st Highland Division at war (London : Ian Allan, 1977) 160 p.
Saul David. Churchill's sacrifice of the Highland Division, France 1940 (London : Brassey's, 1994) xii, 276 p.
Stanley Whitehouse (with George B. Bennett). Fear is the foe : a footslogger from Normandy to the Rhine (London : Hale, 1995) 188 p.
Patrick Delaforce. Monty's Highlanders : 51st Highland Division in World War Two (London : Tom Donovan Publishing, 1997) 240 p.

Wright, Bruce S.
The frogmen of Burma: the story of the Sea Reconnaissance Unit,
xv, 152 p. illus., maps (on lining papers), ports.
Publisher:Toronto, Vancouver, Clarke, Irwin [c1968]
Location:UM-Missoula - Book Shelves - Level 2
 Call Number: 940.5425 W947f   Status:Available
[Requested on Interlibrary loan - Oct. 10, 2009]

More info about author Bruce S. Wright:
New Brunswick Military Heritage Project
    Lieutenant-Commander Bruce S. Wright served with the RCN
during the Second World War, and was instrumental in forming 
and commanding the "Sea Reconnaissance Unit," termed 
"The Frogmen of Burma," serving under Admiral Lord Mountbatten
in South East Asia. On his return from military service, 
he became director of the Northeast Wildlife Station at 
the University of New Brunswick. (Photo)

More From Book titled - "Blue Funnel Legend," page 342
  "Discussions took place between John Nicholson and representatives from Shell,
who already had several LNG carriers engaged between Brunei and Japan, and
who suggested that Ocean "might be five years ahead of the demand."
But Ocean's concern not to lose one of the few possible building berths to a competitor
led to the decision in 1970 to place an order with Chantiers de L'Atlantique in France..."

Search: NESTOR and SHELL
Blue Funnel - LNG - Liquid Natural Gas tankers

    LNG Port Harcourt at Inverkip Power Station jetty,
    near to Wemyss Bay, Inverclyde
   A scanned image of the steam powered Liquefied Natural Gas tanker
  " LNG Port Harcourt" at the jetty, viewed from Finnockbog Road.
   This is a rare sight indeed; not only was Inverkip an oil fired power station
(with no need for LNG), but very few ships ever berthed there as the power station
was rarely used due to the soaring price of oil and the advent of nuclear power in the early 1970s.
 LNG Port Harcourt was built in France as "Nestor" for the Blue Funnel Line in 1976.
She was immediately mothballed in nearby Loch Striven along with her sister ship "Gastor"
until being purchased by Shell in the late 1980s and renovated for use in the Nigerian trade.
She was berthed at Inverkip for inspection and reactivation after coming out of storage in Loch Striven."
   Page 354:
      "David Elder, formerly head of "Supply Operations Economics and Programming" with Shell
joined the Board in 1971, and his experience was to prove invaluable in the restructuring necessary
to absorb Cory within Ocean."

Page 373:
   "David Elder who had joined the Board from Shell in 1971, and Nicholas Barber,
who had joined Holts in 1964...were made responsible for overseeing the integration of Cory with Ocean.
That such integration was achieved with remarkable smoothness and goodwill on both sides,
against the expectations of many in the financial world, owed much to the work of both Barber and Elder."

Online - "History of ELDER DEMPSTER" (.pdf)
British Merchant Navy Cadet Training Ships

On 1st January 1965, Alfred Holt's Ocean Steam Ship Company Limited became the sole owner of shares in the Liner Holdings
Company Limited  formerly Elder Dempster Lines Holdings Limited, and thus Elder Dempster became, in effect, a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Ocean Steam Ship Company Limited (OSSCL). One outcome of this takeover was that River House was
integrated with Alfred Holt's own training and residential establishment  Aulis.
The new complex was called Ocean Fleets Training Establishment,
and it provided staff and students alike with a unique training environment that was entirely focused
upon the needs of the OSSCL and its subsidiaries.

Page 15:
In 1989, the Ocean Group's involvement with deep-sea shipping came to an end when it sold Elder Dempster to a French
company SDV. There is no doubt that, initially, membership of the Ocean Group was a positive business benefit to Elder
Dempster and that, for example, in the early 1970s, Elder Dempster was financially sound and operationally effective. However,
as with the other 3 shipping companies in the Ocean Group, Elder Dempster eventually failed to remain an attractive business

Finally, on 8th May 2000, Elder Dempster passed into history when the company was formally wound up.
Though the company had ceased trading many years earlier, it had remained a dormant subsidiary to parent company SDV.

Jim LOWE found David Renwick ELDER, b. 1920 Lochee,  in ScotlandsPeople (no parents listed).
Looks like he may be a relative of this LOWE family in Dundee
 (with names of ELDER  ancestors as DAVID AND GEORGE, could be relatives of Kinross ELDER group):

Jim Low's webpages for Dundee, Scotland:
    Margaret, daughter of Alexander Low and Jessie Crichton,
was born at Dundee on 21 May 1855 and lived in that city all her life.
In 1903, she was a School Mistress and living at 103 Hospital Wynd, Dundee.
She married on 17 December 1903 to David Elder, Jute Mill Manager of Harefield Road, Lochee,
at Mather's Hotel, Dundee, in the United Free Church of Scotland.
He was a son of George Fyfe Elder (ID=459), Jute Mill Engineer, and Jane Clark (ID=460).
David was born about 1857.
Margaret died at Ingledene, Blackness Ave., Dundee on 21 January 1920  of Lymphedenoma (2 months).
Information was supplied to the Registrar by D. Elder, Stepson.
 LOW/ELDER genealogy:  (LOCHEE is now part of DUNDEE)
Margaret Crichton Low, #90
Birth     1855-05-21, Georges Place, Dundee, Scotland
Death    1920-01-21, Blackness Ave, Dundee, Scotland
Occupation Schoolmistress
Father   Alexander Low , #58 (1830-1896)
Mother  Jessie Crichton , #59 (1824-1891)
David Elder, #91
Birth 1857-08-30, Lochee, Scotland
OccupationJute Mill Manager
Father: George Fyfe Elder , #459
Mother: Jean (Jane) Rattray Clark , #460 (1834-)
Marriage  1903-12-17, Mathers Hotel, Dundee, Scotland

Is this the same David ELDER, maybe came back to Dundee after 1902?

Photo of wives' cemetery stone in Calcutta India - Scottish Cemetery
TITLE: "Poor wives of David Elder" (2 names, died about 3 years apart)

Large photo:

More photos in the Scottish cemetery:

"In memory of
Catherine THOMS  (d. 1899)
and Ann C. CLARK (d. 1902)
both wives of "David Elder, manager of Lower Hooghley jute mill"

Hooghly/Hoogley jute mill - map
Kolkata, Garden Reach, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

1861  (
Name:   David Elder
Age:  3
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1858
Relationship:  Son
Father's Name:  George Fyfe
Mother's Name:  Jane
Gender:  Male
Where born:  Lochee, Forfarshire
Registration Number:  282/3
Registration district:  Lochee
Civil parish:  Liff and Benvie
County:  Angus
Address:  Hairfield Road Elders Land
ED:  8
Household schedule number:  202
Line:  24
Roll:  CSSCT1861_41A
Household Members:
Name  Age
George Fyfe Elder  31  (1830 Engineer & Machinery Foreman) b. Lochee, Forfarshire
Jane Elder     26
David Elder    3
Ann Elder       2
Ann Elder     84 (Aunt)
Mary Elder    3 Mo
Helen Chalmers  16  servant
Source Citation: Parish: Liff and Benvie; ED: 8; Page:  32; Line: 24;
Roll  CSSCT1861_41A; Year: 1861.

1851 (
Name:   George Elder
Age:  21
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1830
Relationship:  Son
Father's Name:  David
Mother's Name:  Mary
Gender:  Male
Where born:  Liff, Forfarshire
Parish Number:  282
Civil parish:  Liff and Benvie
Town:  Lochee
County:  Angus
Address:  Loons Road Wellbank
Occupation:  Millwright
ED:  103
Page:  36 (click to see others on page)
Household schedule number:  153
Line:  8
Roll:  CSSCT1851_63
Household Members:
Name  Age
David Elder         65  (1786) b.  Liff, Forfarshire - Mason
Mary Elder          58
Mary Ann Elder  26
George Elder       21
Ann Elder           74
John Gow            27
Source Citation: Parish: Liff and Benvie; ED: 103; Page:  8; Line: 36; Roll  734; Year: 1851.

1841 (
Name:   George Elder
Age:  11
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1830
Gender:  Male
Where born:  Angus, Scotland
Civil parish:  Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie
County:  Angus
Address:  Lochee
Parish Number:  301
Household Members:
Name  Age
David Elder    55  (1786)  b. Angus, Scotland - Mason
Mary Elder     45
David Elder   18
George Elder  11
Anns Elder     60
Source Citation: Parish: Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie;
ED: 130; Page:  6; Line: 400; Roll  CSSCT1841_45-0601; Year: 1841.

Indexed at University of Dundee, Archives:

RE: Elder Family of Nether Dryburgh, Camperdown, Dundee
Reference and contact details: GB 0254 MS 110

Scope and Content
   "Book belonging to David Elder, used for school exercises? c.1807, accounts 1814-1834;
Elder family tree and record of succession to 8 acres of the estate of Camperdown from 1737,
compiled by David Elder Senior 1930; plan of the lands of Thomas and John Elder in Lochee 1815."

Administrative/Biographical History
   "The Elder family owned 8 acres of land, part of the Camperdown Estate in Dundee.
The land passed through at least six generations of the family, beginning with James Elder (c1737-1778)
who was infeft of the land by instrument of sasine in 1749. "

Camperdown in Dundee:
  "Camperdown Country Park, often known as just Camperdown Park, is a public park in the Camperdown area of Dundee. The park is the location of Camperdown House, a wildlife centre and many other recreational facilities. It is the largest park in Dundee, stretching to 400 acres. Over 190 species of tree are found in the park.[1]

Duncan family lived in the area,  drained Loch Balgay in the 15th century.
In 1797, after Camperdown Battle in Holland:
  "Admiral Adam Duncan was at once raised to the peerage as Viscount Duncan, of Camperdown, and Baron Duncan, of Lundie in the Shire of Perth (with which came the lands now known as Camperdown Park in Dundee)."

 Old Map showing Camperdown Home Farm and Lochee with railways

Google map - aerial of Camperdown Park and Lochee

Google Map:  Dundee - with Directions to Murroes (Letter C)
 (to view Perth  - Click map arrow to left)

 "LOCHEE" ELDER family genealogy by David Powell 

Begins with:
 David ELDER (c.1540) of Angus, Scotland [1]

Univ. of Dundee Archives page starts with names (no locations):
James ELDER (1687) of Invergowrie, Angus [1]
: . . . . . +Isabel ROB; 1710, Invergowrie, Angus [1]
: . . . . . . David ELDER (1712) of Invergowrie, Angus [1]
: . . . . . . +Elizabeth VALENTINE; 1736, Dundee, Angus [1]
: . . . . . . . Isobell ELDER (1738) of Invergowrie, Angus [1]
: . . . . . . . James ELDER (1739) of Invergowrie, Angus [1]
: . . . . . . . +?
: . . . . . . . . Elizabeth ELDER (1766) of Invergowrie, Angus [1]
Search all ROBERT ELDER names in Powell's list:

Robert ELDER (c.1630) of Dundee, Angus
Robert ELDER (c.1646) of Dundee, Angus
Robert ELDER (c.1680) of Auchterhouse, Angus 
Robert ELDER (1723) of Auchterhouse, Angus
Robert ELDER (1727) of Invergowrie, Angus
Robert ELDER (1724) of Auchterhouse, Angus
Robert ELDER (1728) of Auchterhouse, Angus
Robert ELDER (1747) of Dundee, Angus
Robert ELDER (1753) of Auchterhouse, Angus
Robert ELDER (1769) of Dundee, Angus
Robert ELDER (1770) of Tealing, Angus


"Frogmen of Burma, the Story of the Sea Reconnaissance Unit" (of WWII), by
 Lt. Commander Bruce S. Wright 
Interlibrary loan from University of Montana

Notes of mention in the book for
 David Renwick ELDER, M.C., The Black Watch,
who came from Elder family of "Lochee, Dundee, Scotland"
In the book he is called "JOCK ELDER."

In training camp on the coast with the U.S. Marine Raiders at Camp Pendleton, California.  1943

Page 29.
"Number One Section Commander was Captain Jock Elder, M.C., The Black Watch."
"Jock was a medium-sized, dark-visaged Scotsman, tough and wiry as leather. 
His Military Cross was a memento of Dunkerque, where he had had a severe baptism of fire.
  It speaks volumes about Jock that soon after the Dunkerque experience his name appeared on the list of volunteers for hazardous service.
 His well-developed boxer-type muscles made him susceptible to cramp in the water, and he had to work harder than most to acquire the frogman skills."

 Page 36.  In California
   "The United States was in the full flush of its war effort at the time
and Britain's stock there was high.  The S.R.U. offficers stayed at various Los Angeles hotels on the leaves .....
  Captain Jock Elder of the Black Watch, who had an M.C. from Dunkerque, was perhaps the star of the group.
 In Hollywood a kilt backed up by the Military Cross was a gift from the gods to every master of ceremonies in town."

24 Photo pages: Between Pages 48 and 49
48 E - Nightclubbing in Hollywood... (not named)
48 F-G - Sea Reconnaissance Unit Officers at Camp Pendleton, Calif.  All named.
  "Capt. Jock Elder, The Black Watch" (Kilt and Tam)
    Standing behind and to left of Bruce Wright
48 K - H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor with members of the
            Sea Reconnaisance Unit in Nassau
            (2nd row - Tam and shirt - Must be "Jock" Elder
              seated to right of  Duke of Windsor)
48 L-M "The Finalists,"
      at the completion of training, Nassau, Bahamas, 1944
      (Jock Elder - Seated in 2nd row, with Tam and Jacket)

Maps on Inside Front and Back covers:
  Shows the 1st Section S.R.U. with "20 Indian Div."
  Feb. 12, 1945 near Myinmu, to the west of Mandalay,
  along the Irrawaddy River, Burma
  (also with "19 Indian Div." to the north of Mandalay)

12/7/2009 - Received Xerox page requested through

Interlibrary loan from the publication:
Who's Who.  London,  A&C Black, etc.
1994 Annual,  Page 579

ELDER, David Renwick, MC 1940; CA;
b 4 Jan. 1920;
son of John Kidd Elder and Mary Kinnear Swanley;
 m 1947, Kathleen Frances Duncan;
two [sons] two [daughters]
Education:  Dundee High School.
Served 1939-46, The Black Watch (RHR) and
Sea Reconnaissance Unit (Major).
Royal Dutch Shell Group, 1948-71;
Ocean Transport & Trading Ltd, 1971-80 (Dept. Chm., 1975-80;
Chm., Ocean Inchcape, 1974-80;
Director: Letraset International Ltd, 1975;
Capital & Counties Property Ltd, 1979; Whessoe Ltd, 1980.
Recreation: golf. Clubs: Wentworth Golf (Virginia Water);
Panmure Golf (Carnoustie).

1891 Scotland census
Name:      John K Elder
Age:     9 Mo
Estimated birth year:    abt 1890
Relationship:     Son
Father's Name:     David
Mother's Name:     Ann
Gender:     Male
Where born:     Lochee, Forfarshire
Registration Number:     282/5
Registration district:     Lochee
Civil parish:     Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie
County:     Angus
Address:     11 1/2 Bank St
ED:     2
Household schedule number:     11
Line:     5
Roll:     CSSCT1891_97
Household Members:     
Name     Age
David Elder      30   (1861, Lochee)
Ann Elder         32   (1859, Dundee)
John K Elder     9 Mo
Source Citation: Parish: Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie; ED:
2; Page:  3; Line: 5; Roll  CSSCT1891_97; Year: 1891.
Name:      David Elder
Age:     40
Estimated birth year:     abt 1861
Relationship:     Head
Spouse's name :     Annie
Gender:     Male
Where born:     Lochee, Forfarshire
Registration Number:     282/5
Registration district:     Lochee
Civil parish:     Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie
County:     Angus
Address:     178 High St
Occupation:     Baker
ED:     2
Household schedule number:     250
Line:     4
Roll:     CSSCT1901_104
Household Members:   
Name     Age
David Elder     40
Annie Elder     41
John Elder        11
William Elder     5
Source Citation: Parish: Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie;
ED: 2; Page:  41; Line: 4; Roll  CSSCT1901_104; Year: 1901.
Name:      David Elder
Age:     9
Estimated birth year:     abt 1862
Relationship:     Son
Father's Name:     Alex
Mother's Name:     Agnes
Gender:     Male
Where born:     Lochee, Forfarshire
Registration Number:     282/5
Registration district:     Lochee
Civil parish:     Liff, Benvie and Lnvergowrie
Town:     Dundee
County:     Angus
Address:     32 South Road St
Occupation:     Scholar
ED:     5A
Household schedule number:     418
Line:     19
Roll:     CSSCT1871_54
Household Members:   
Name     Age
Alex Elder             53
Agnes Elder          49
Alex Elder             27
Margaret Elder     20
Andrew Elder       18
Catherine Elder    13
Thomas Elder       14
Betsy Elder            11
David Elder             9
Agnes Elder             5
Source Citation: Parish: Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie;
 ED: 5A; Page:  16; Line: 19; Roll  CSSCT1871_54; Year: 1871.

Name:      David Elder
Age:     19
Estimated birth year:     abt 1862
Relationship:     Son
Mother's Name:     Agnes
Gender:     Male
Where born:     Lochee, Forfarshire
Registration Number:     282/5
Registration district:     Lochee
Civil parish:     Liff
County:     Angus
Address:     32 South Rd
Occupation:     Baker
ED:     5
Household schedule number:     163
Line:     12
Roll:     cssct1881_89
Household Members:   
Name     Age
Agnes Elder          59
Ann Elder             32
David Elder          19
Agnes Elder          15
Betsy E Scobbie     21
Agnes Scobie           5 Months
Agnes Elder             8
Maggie Elder           5
Alexander Elder      3
Source Citation: Parish: Liff; ED: 5; Page:  26;
Line: 12; Roll  cssct1881_89; Year: 1881.