ELDER Coat of Arms and Crest
Elder Newsletter, Vol. 2 #2, 1994, page 11, Article by Sharon Huffman

"#4 Coat of Arms, Fairfield, County Lanark, Scotland, 1869"
        "Argent, a fess wreathed gules and vert between 2 mullets of the second in chief
         and a dolphin hautriant azure in base of the third for difference."

Argent= white or silver
Gules= red
Vert= green
Fess= Band borne in the center of the shield
mullet= star of five points

"ELDER Coat of Arms"  -- 2 stars and Dolphin with figure like the letter S (backwards).
From: Coat of Arms Store, 7607 N. WALL, Spokane, Wa. 99208
Clicking on Surname Index, picture of crest:

For the description, they wrote at the end:
" The arms were registered at Fairfield, County Lanark in 1869."


Research Haurient and Torqued:
In heraldry, haurient is said of a depiction of a fish which is in pale, with the head in chief as if rising for air.
Picture of Torqued Dolphin
In heraldry, the term torqued describes a dolphin haurient, which is twisted to form a figure like the letter S.

(In Pale = arranged vertically)

ELDER Coat of Arms - in House of Names:  (2 stars - Dolphin in "S" shape)

"Origin Displayed: Scottish
Spelling variations of this family name include: Elder, Elders, Eldar, MacNoravaich and others.
       First found in Edinburghshire the present day Scottish Council Area of Midlothian in Southeastern Scotland,
which as a former county, used to encompass the city of Edinburgh, where they were seated from very ancient times,
some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D..."

ELDER as Sept of Clan Mackintosh  motto: Touch not the cat bot a glove"

"Steamship ELDER" family of Glasgow,  had FAIRFIELD YARD in 1868:
David ELDER's son, Alexander ELDER, living in LANCASHIRE in 1901:

Notes about John ELDER and his brother Alexander ELDER in Glasgow
and Elder Dempster Company in England

More notes

“In 1868 John Dempster went into partnership with Alexander Elder,
brother of the eminent Glasgow shipbuilder, John, to act as
Liverpool agents of the British and African Steam Navigation Company
of Glasgow. The company's vessels were constructed in John Elder's Fairfield Yard, in Glasgow."

"A chevron in Heraldy means: protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful."

Elder Family Newsletter article says:
"Center [illustration] came from the book
"Genealogy and historical record of the Anderson and Elder families"
[of the Richlands of Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
who settled there in 1783] by John Calvin Elder
Publisher: New Alexandria, Pa. : The Author, 1938.
[in Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
and Augustana College Sioux Falls, SD 57197]

For online history of PAXTANG PA group, see info about:
ANDERSON and ELDER families, including "JOHN CALVIN ELDER"
in History of Westmoreland Co PA,
Vol. III, compiled by John W. Jordan in 1906, pages 533-539.
Transcribed and posted by Donna Logan

"...John Calvin Elder and family also reside on the old homestead.
Thus we see from this history that his children are the sixth
generation of the same name that have lived in succession on this
farm. So one generation passes away and another comes."
...."Robert Elder, born 1679, in Scotland, emigrated to America in
1730 and located in Paxtang township, then Lancaster, now Dauphin
county, Pennsylvania.."

References: Donna Logan's Membership List, Page 1, for EDGAR B. ELDER

96-Edgar B. Elder   - John ELDER (Margaret McHENRY); Harrison Co, VA/WV

by Gary L. Cottrill

# ID: I114
# Name: John R. ELDER
# Sex: M
# Birth: 13 APR 1760 in Ireland
# Death: 27 APR 1857 in Booth's Creek, Taylor County, VA
# Burial: Middlesville Cem, Bridgeport, WV

Father: William ELDER b: 1730 in Earsdon by North Shields, Northumberland, England

Marriage 1 Margaret MCHENRY b: ABT 1765 in Ireland
    * Married: ABT 1793 in New York

His Father: Thomas ELDER b: 1704 in Warkworth, Northumberland, England
His Father: Thomas ELDER b: 1683 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
ID: I118
Name: Thomas ELDER
 Sex: M
Birth: 1683 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Note: christening: 18 Feb 1683; St. Nicholas Parish Rec & Noncomf.
     His Father: Richard ELDER
             Mother: Isable

AllFamilyCrests for ELDER
2 stars with moon at the bottom:

Same for IRISH CRESTS page with ELDER surname

"Irish surnames, Ireland family crests
Coat of arms from Ireland and Worldwide"
The name Elder in Ireland is usually of immigrant origin having been brought
into the Province of Ulster by settlers from England, especially during the seventeenth century.
The name means 'senior'. It is in Counties Derry and Donegal that the
majority of descendants of this name can today be found. 

Nancy's notes for ELDER families in early Ballymoney, County Antrim


On Donna Logan's FamilyTrail webpages, she
posted some history of William ELDER of Maryland,
with a reference to origins in  "Lancashire England."

 Archbishop William Henry Elder High School Coat of Arms 
Cincinnati, Ohio

Has anyone researched LANCASHIRE ENGLAND for more ELDER names?
 Wikipedia background info for Lancashire:

"...non-metropolitan county of historic origin in the North West of England,
 bounded to the west by the Irish Sea.
It takes its name from the city of Lancaster and is sometimes known as the County of Lancaster.
Its county council is based in Preston, the county's administrative capital.
Lancaster, however,  is still considered to be the county town.
Commonly, Lancashire is referred to by the abbreviation Lancs,  originally used by the Royal Mail.
The population of the county is 1,449,700. People from the county are known as Lancastrians.
Liverpool, Manchester....

"The encyclopaedia of heraldry or general armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland
comprising a registry of armorial bearings from the earliest to the present time "
with a supplement by John Burke;  Bernard Burke, Sir
Type:  Book; English
Publisher: [Chilmark] : S & N Genealogy Supplies, 2003.
Edition: 3rd ed  |  4 Editions
ISBN: 1861506171 9781861506177
OCLC: 56963838 
Google Books - has Lord Provost ELDER of Edinburgh

Webpage for Rietstap's Armorial General

 From: Coat of Arms and Family Crests Store:
..."In the future, it is our intention to add ALL the pages of
Rietstap's Armorial General. [apparently in French]
For now a few of the pages are shown below.
...J.B. Rietstap, Heraldic Authority, who compiled a complete registry
of all names and arms recorded and granted to them, from the earliest
to the present time from the colleges of arms, on the Continent, and
some on the British Isles."

Google Books
"An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms Belonging to Families in Great Britain and Ireland..."
By John Woody Papworth, et. al.
Published 1874 T. Richards
1125 pages
Original from Oxford University
Digitized Nov 5, 2007
Page 775:
"ELDER, Lord Provost of Edinburgh
"Arg. a fess wreathed of five pieces gul. and vert betw. three mullets of the second."

Page 741:
Arg. a fess wreathed of five pieces gu. and vert in chief two elder leaves  of the third
and a crescent in base az."

Another version of ELDERSHAW:
Webpage picture:
  (2 yellow flower shapes , one in lower left and one in upper right, with 3 green shapes from upper left to lower right)

The name Eldershaw has undergone many spelling variations, including Aldersey, Eldersey, Aldersea, Eldersy and others.
First found in Chester, modernly known as Cheshire.
They are a family of great antiquity in that county, and held estates at Aldersey and Spurstow from about the 11th century.

In ELDER Newsletter:
#3 "Mather Blazon of Arms" -- must be  for MATHER,  another family's crest - "resent" must be "crescent".
and home:

Research notes for Isle of Skye:
Antique Elephant for Capt. Benjamin John ELDER
(2nd side: photo by Walpole's Antiques - Sept. 8, 2009) - armorial crest (hand with quill pen or palm branch?)

Compare Elder Crest from Book: "Families Named Elder in East Tennessee" - Descendants match DNA of "FRANKLIN CO PA"

Text Reference found in: "Book of Family Crests" - illustration cited as Plate 61
Published 1882 By Reeves and Turner
 indexed at

ELDER, a demi-unicorn rampant, —. p1. 43, n. 19.
— Sco ., a dexter hand holding a palm-branch, ppr. pl. 61, n. 7.
Virtute duce. ...

 Scanned page of text:
B L   1611   ELD

Found in Google Books online: vol. 1 of "The Book of Family Crests"
Plate 61 number 7  image

...."Comprising nearly EVERY FAMILY BEARING
Accompanied by Upwards of FOUR THOUSAND ENGRAVINGS..."

MOTTO index shows an entry for VIRTUTE DUCE:
  which must be for "Sir George ELDER, KCB - Knight Commander of the  Order of the Bath"
  who joined the military from ISLE OF SKYE.  He was actually born near Inverness.
- Google Books Result"
  "Virtute duce:  With virtue my guide. Elder, KCB ; Shannon ; Shand"

Also using motto of Virtute Duce:  Shannan, MacShannon
Found elsewhere:
 "the MacShannons of today are descended from the ancient family of McShenoig,
the hereditary harpers to the Clan Donald, who held the important castle at
Dunaverty Point on the south coast of Kintyre from the 13th to the 16th century...."

Currently on ISLE OF SKYE is the Clan Donald Library & Museum of the Isles,
located in Parish of Sleat near the "Sir GEORGE ELDER" and family location.

Isle of Skye links - Sir George ELDER and nephew Benjamin John Elder: